So you think you can dance instructional sheet
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So you think you can dance instructional sheet

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  • 1. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE?! All of you are participating in the dance competition “So you think you can dance.” The theme of the competition is “Mitosis/Meiosis.” The objective of the competition is to perform a “chromosomal dance” that illustrates the major DNA events during mitosis/meiosis. The class has been divided into 4 groups (2 groups of mitosis, 2 groups of meiosis). Each group will do a video-recording of the “chromosomal dance” during the cell division. Rules of competition: 1) Each group may use any kind of props which will aid in the dance to illustrate the sequence, movements and phase shifting of the processes (e.g wearing bandanas of different colours to differentiate male and female chromosomes). 2) The dance steps of the “chromosomes” must relate and illustrate important characteristics about mitosis/meiosis (such as the stages, chromosomal separation, homologous chromosome, cell division) 3) Since it is a dance, music is essential! Every member in each group MUST participate and perform in the dance. 4) Upload the video onto pbwiki.
  • 2. 5) You will be judged by your peers and teacher. They will comment on the dance video based on the criteria stated in the table below in the pbwiki. 6) The final marks will be decided by peer evaluation(30%) and teacher (70%). 7) To get some ideas on how to choreograph the dance, you make refer to URL:
  • 3. Performance rubric: CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Sequence of Mitosis Performs mitosis/meiosis in Performs Mitosis/meiosis in Performs Mitosis/Meiosis with Performs Mitosis/meiosis out of (25%) correct sequence leaving out no sequence with 1-2 omissions. several omissions, but maintains sequence. important parts of the process. sequence of the phases of mitosis. Phase Shifting Shifts phases smoothly almost Shifts phases pretty well. It is Tried to do phase shifting, but it Did not attempt phase shifting. It (25%) all the time. It is very easy for the usually easy for the audience to wasn't very successful. It often was very difficult for the audience audience to tell which phase of tell which phase of was hard for the audience to tell to tell which phase of mitosis/meiosis is taking place. mitosis/meiosis is taking place. which phase of mitosis/meiosis mitosis/meiosis is taking place. is taking place. Movements Connections between phases Connections between phase and Connections between phases The phases and concepts of (25%) and concepts of mitosis/meiosis concepts of mitosis/meiosis are and concepts of mitosis/meiosis mitosis/meiosis seem very are creative, clearly expressed clearly expressed and are sometimes hard to figure disconnected and it is very and appropriate. appropriate. out. More detail or better difficult to figure out the process. transitions are needed. Creativity Excellent use of props and Good use of props and dance Little use of props and poor No props and poor choreography. (25%) dance choreography choreography choreography Comments Total (100%)