Mobile Phone Security Advisory for ParentsDear Parents,         Xinmin Secondary School allows its students to bring mobil...
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Mobile phone security advisory for parents


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Mobile phone security advisory for parents

  1. 1. Mobile Phone Security Advisory for ParentsDear Parents, Xinmin Secondary School allows its students to bring mobile phones to school for thesole purpose of facilitating communication between parents and their children who may spendlong hours in school. Please refer to our school’s mobile phone usage regulations in our schoolrules either from our school website or your child’s student handbook. While the school will make every effort to ensure the security of our students’belongings, students do misplace or lose there belongings, including mobile phones andunfortunately, mobile phones do get stolen from time to time. This advisory serves to inform ofsome additional measures you may want to take to protect your child’s mobile phone from theft. 1. It is best to only allow your child to bring a simple inexpensive phone to school. This is less likely to be stolen. 2. You may want to consider purchasing a security feature or service from companies such as These features allow you to track and locate your lost or stolen mobile phone even if the thief puts in his own SIM card. 3. Remember to ask about the impact of a “hard reset” before you purchase any security software (a hard reset returns the phone to its factory settings) 4. Some brands of mobile phones have inbuilt tracker features. 5. Report your stolen mobile phones to the Police with your IMEI No. The IMEI number will be placed in the HITS system. If the person attempts to sell the phone, he will be caught and arrested. 6. When buying a second hand mobile phone, check if it is stolen by keying in the IMEI No. into the HITS system. 7. To check a phone’s IMEI No. either check the box or warranty or key in *#06# and the 15 or 17 digit IMEI No. will appear on the phone screen. 8. To access HITS, go to, go to E-services, go to Police Matters and finally, Handphone IMEI Tracing System (HITS) 9. If you buy a stolen mobile phone, you may be charged under Section 411 of the Penal Code for “Dishonest Misappropriation of Property”. 10. To use HITS via SMS:- Send SPFHITS<space>NRIC_no<space>IMEI_no. to 74688. Please note this is for Singapore Citizens, PRs, Employment Pass/Work Permit holers only. For others, send SPFHITS<space>Identity_no<space>0<space>IMEI_no. to 74688. If the phone is cleared a “NO RECORDS FOUND” will appear. If it is a stolen phone, a “WANTED” will appear. Please note that normal SMS charges apply. Hardev Singh Sidhu ASP(V) HOD Discipline