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  • 1. Self-Paced Chemistry E-lesson Activity Sheet Topic: Atomic Structure Learning Outcomes At the end of the topic, you should be able to: (a) state the relative charges and approximate relative masses of a proton, a neutron and an electron (b) define proton (atomic) number and nucleon (mass) number 12 (c) interpret and use symbols such as 6C (d) define the term isotopes (e) deduce the numbers of protons, neutrons and electrons in atoms and ions given proton and nucleon numbers (f) describe, with the aid of diagrams, the structure of an atom as containing protons and neutrons (nucleons) in the nucleus and electrons arranged in shells (energy levels) Instructions This lesson comprises several checkpoints. You are to complete all checkpoints at your own pace. As you go through each checkpoint, you may make notes and/or put down your reflections in your Chemistry journal. Checkpoint 1: Let’s Get Started! Task: Explore and find out about the key ideas of atoms, isotopes and electronic configurations. Resources: Checkpoint 2: Interesting Stuff! Task: Here are two animated Periodic Tables for you to explore. If you do not know what that means, it’s time to check it out…. Resources: 1
  • 2. Checkpoint 3: How much do you know? Task: Here is a simple word puzzle to check your basic understanding of the atomic structure. Helping words are provided to guide you and you can check your all answers in an instant! Resource: Checkpoint 4: Have some fun! Task: Go to Jefferson Lab to play an Element Math Game! You can choose how many questions you want, how many elements to pick and how many times you want to play the game! Resource: Checkpoint 5: Enriching Moments! Task: This is an optional task but you are strongly encouraged to embark on it. Explore the following website to find out about the historical developments leading to the discovery of the atomic structure. Resource: Checkpoint 6: Evaluate your learning! Task: To assess your overall learning, complete the Key Concept Worksheet on Atomic Structure. Resource: Chemistry Concept Workbook 2