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USA TODAY International Edition 2010.12.13
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USA TODAY International Edition 2010.12.13


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. c INTERNATIONAL EDITION Sharing a Heisman winner, 1B nomadic spirit mJohnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and their wanderlust. Interviews, 5B mReview of ‘The By Peter Mountain, Sony Pictures Tourist,’ at The Tourist: Traveler, mysterious woman. NO. 1 IN THE USA Monster storm blasts Midwest mUp to 2 feet of snow, blizzard conditions paralyzes travel, 3A By Craig Ruttle, AP mVikings-Giants game moved to By Ann Heisenfelt, APRunaway choice: Auburn quarterback Cam Newton reacts during a Collapsed roof: Snow falls into the field in the Metrodome inNew York news conference after winning the Heisman Trophy award. Detroit after Metrodome collapse, 1B Minneapolis Sunday. As healthMonday, December 13, 2010Newslinen News n Money n Sports n Life Ambassador costs rise, pat-down flap mIndia complains about Mississippi air- CEO perks By Mick Bullock, AP port pat-down of Am- bassador Meera Shan- kar, left. 3A bolstered Execs keep benefits as workers’ dwindle By Gary Strauss USA TODAY Though millions of workers face rising health in- surance costs and dwindling benefits in 2011, many By Martin E. Klimek for USA TODAY CEOs will retain employer-paid medical plans and John Madden: “What we try to do is make the video game look like the real game,” he says of the Mad- health benefits worth thousands of dollars. den NFL series. Since 1989, more than 85 million copies have been sold. Hundreds of top corporate managers get medical By Alex Brandon, AP benefits and supplemental coverage far beyond‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal BOOM! Madden still what’s offered to rank-and-file employees. Benefits include “executive” physicals and reimbursementsmRepublicans, lead by Sen. John for out-of-pocket costs, deductibles and co-pay- ments, according to corporate filings.McCain, block repeal of ‘don’t ask,don’t tell’ law that prohibits gaysfrom serving in the military. 4A calls the plays “The great hypocrisy is this is going to the people best able to pay for this stuff,” says Nell Minow of the Corporate Library. “Executives should pay for this on their own or be covered by the same plan as More shop Though retired, he’s an not Madden the coach or even the announcer. It’s Madden the video game,” says Peter Moore, everyone else at the company.” Some companies are eliminating gold-plated and save NFL giant in video games who as president of EA Sports, oversees the de- velopment of sports games published by parent medical benefits to senior managers, a move that’s at the discretion of corporate directors. And the with apps By Mike Snider company Electronic Arts. “Madden, I think, ac- tually likes the fact that there’s that relevancy to new health care law could make the plans more costly in the future. But, for now, most company mRetailers USA TODAY a younger demographic.” plans — covering both rank-and-file employees as scramble to cater Since retiring, Madden, 74, has spent more well as executives receiving supplemental benefits PLEASANTON, Calif. — The last time most time brainstorming with the designers who — are grandfathered at least until 2014. to growing number football fans saw John Madden was nearly two create the most popular versions of the game, Lawyer Scott Sims, a health care specialist with of smartphone years ago when he retired from those for the Microsoft Xbox 360 corporate consultant Aon Hewitt, estimates up to shoppers, 5A, 6A eBay broadcasting NBC Sunday Night Football and retreated to his home Cover story and Sony PlayStation 3. A new edi- tion is released annually before the 50% of publicly held companies offer senior man- agers enhanced health care plans. here near San Francisco. No longer National Football League’s exhibi- Polaris Industries’ “Exec-U-Care” plan providesThree cops guilty in Katrina shooting crisscrossing the country in his Watch John tion season begins. “He is more fo- five senior execs up to $50,000 a year for health Madden Cruiser — his dislike of air Madden at cused on the game than ever,” says coverage, the snowmobile and motorcycle market- Two other New Orleans police officers acquitted travel is legendary — he lives and work with his Moore. er says in Securities and Exchange Commission fil-in man’s death in ’05 and subsequent coverup. 3A. conducts business within this 5- development team. Last Sunday, Madden huddled ings. Polaris also covers yearly Mayo Clinic exams Video at mile circle of Northern California. for more than six hours with the for CEO Scott Wine, other executives and spouses.mMoney: WikiLeaks protest use botnets But the Hall of Fame coach remains a player team of game designers working on Madden “Staying healthy is part of our culture,” spokes- An effort by supporters of WikiLeaks to take when it comes to Madden NFL, especially since NFL 12, next season’s version. It was the second woman Marlys Knutson says.down Internet retailing sites at the height of Christ- he has more time to oversee the billion-dollar annual daylong football fest with Madden and Kohls provides senior execs with up to $50,000mas shopping got a boost from hackers, 5A video game series. There’s a generation that the creative team; additional meetings and in yearly supplemental health pay, a perk needed likely only knows him as that video-game guy. for “a competitive total rewards package that sup-mSports: AL baseball rivals spend wildly “You say ‘Madden’ to a 25-year-old, and it’s Please see COVER STORY page 2A u ports retention of key talent,” the retailer says in its Yankees, Red Sox each have committed $1.2B in latest proxy statement.future salary agreements in bid to rule AL East. 1B. Cereal marketer Ralcorp gives execs up tomLife: Retirees flock to Mexican town San Miguel offers cheaper cost of living, Western High gas prices: ’Tis not the season $10,000 “per illness” for expenses not covered by its standard employee health plan. Typically, the health care costs are a small part oftrappings for boomers seeking slower pace. Story at overall compensation and less than, say, Prices at the pump on Gas prices climb use of the corporate jet. Wine’s medical bills cost Polaris $14,000 last year, while his overall compen-USA TODAY Snapshots® S DA track to hit $3 a gallon The national average price for regular gasoline is sation was $1.9 million. Del Monte CEO Richard Wolford got $22,680 for medical bills. Total com- at its highest point in more than two years. By Gary Strauss (Price per gallon) pensation: $8.9 million. Value of Nobel Prizes e USA TODAY “These are just a small piece of a larger trend. Ul- $3.50 $3.15 timately, they will go the way of the buffalo,” says hasn’t changed muchc Motorists, brace yourselves for a lump of coal this $3.00 Alden Bianchi, head of the executive compensation Adjusted for inflation and cost of living va or o of living, alue holiday season: higher-priced gasoline. $2.50 practice at law firm Mintz Levin. of original Nobel Prizes vs. today: origin l Nobel Prizes g today oday: Nationwide, a gallon of regular unleaded gas av- From 2003 to 2009, the average cost of employ- $2.00 $2.96 Note: Pri Note: Prizes awarded in izes aw d d in awa ded wa 2010 2010 eraged $2.975 on Thursday and more than $3 a gal- er-sponsored family health care premiums rose Swedi h krona; ollar Swedish krona dollar S d n ll value value on Nov. 22 v 22 22. $1.5 million 1 illi illion lon in 20 states. That’s up nearly 10 cents the past $1.50 41%, according to the Commonwealth Fund, which 1901 1901 week and 34 cents higher than December 2009, $1.00 promotes health care reform. AAA spokesman Troy Green says. Some firms are cutting back. MetLife and Seagate $1. $1.1 illion $1.1 million lion li $0.50 Benchmark crude oil opens today at $88.37 a Technology have cut executive physicals. Burger barrel. If crude crosses $90 for the first time since 0 King stopped providing senior execs and depen- 2008 and continues to rise, as many industry ex- 10/13/08 12/6/10 dents up to $100,000 a year for out-of-pocket costs. Source: Energy Information Administration perts forecast, the average price of regular unleaded But the fast food chain boosted their allowance for could hit $3.15 or higher by year’s end. By Veronica Salazar, USA TODAY discretionary perks by 25%. Gasoline is already at or near that in California, “Even if they do away with these programs, com- Connecticut, Maine, New York, Rhode Island and $1 increase in crude oil, gas prices rise about 2.5 panies will find a way to make up the costs,” says Washington. cents per gallon. Eleanor Bloxham of the Value Alliance. “It’s the psy- By Anne R. Carey and Karl Gelles, USA TODAY Slumping demand usually pushes gas prices low- Near term, few energy analysts expect crude oil chology of taking care of those at the top.” er from autumn to late February. However, the to approach the $147 a barrel record set in July strengthening global economy, weaker dollar, rising 2008, pushing U.S. prices above $4 a gallon. overall commodity prices and surging energy de- But even $3 a gallon gas will pinch some consum- International special edition mand overseas will likely continue propelling ers. “If they have to pay more for gas, they’ll have This is a special edition of USA TODAY designed prices into spring. less to spend on other things,’’ Green says. and edited for readers around the world. “A move through $90 a barrel seems very likely, The higher gas prices could be partially mitigated Additional content and late-breaking news and and then we could quickly test $100,’’ says Telvent by the tax deal, including a temporary cut in payroll sports scores can always be found at DTN senior energy analyst Darin Newsom. “You taxes, agreed to by President Obama and GOP law- could easily see a 15- to 20-cent rise (in gas prices) makers. “To offset the impact of the tax package, ¡¿H¢ApB-740214¿ (k)a the next three weeks, if not sooner.” you’d have to see a $60 rise in crude oil prices,’’ Consumers are unlikely to get a break anytime says economist Brian Bethune of IHS Global Insight. soon. “I don’t see anything that’s going to turn this “Some people are going to get zapped a bit, but it By Dave Martin, AP puppy around and send it south,’’ says Cameron depends on where you live,’’ Bethune says. “In rural Hanover industry analyst Peter Beutel. “For the areas where people drive trucks and have long next two to 12 weeks, the forecast is higher prices.” ways to go, higher gas prices tend to bite. In urban Snowbirds help Gulf recovery nience store chains. National Association of Conve- the average commuter is probably driving a much m Winter tourism is ‘vital’ after ©COPYRIGHT 2010 USA TODAY About 70% of the nation’s gas is sold at conve- areas, more people use public transportation and a division of Gannett Co., Inc. nience Stores spokesman Jeff Lenard says for every more fuel-efficient car.” disastrous summer of oil spill, 3A
  • 2. 2A · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · USA TODAY‘Madden NFL’ video game series has earned billionsContinued from 1A says. “I don’t know that you have to do that. It’s a one-point game.”teleconferences are conducted throughout the year. Click. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron USA TODAY was invited to eavesdrop, and Mad- Rodgers tosses a shovel pass. “That’s an old play,”den was as sharp as he ever was in the booth, riffing Madden says, “founded by Lee Grosscup at the Uni-rapid-fire on the play-by-play action, and delivering versity of Utah. It resurfaces regularly. It can’t be in-pointed and blunt pronouncements. “What we try tercepted, and if the guy drops it, it’s an incompleteto do is make the video game look like the real pass, not a fumble.”game,” Madden says. “Discussing while watching Click. Cincinnati Bengal Carson Palmer com-the real NFL game live, I think, is a real benefit.” mands the screen. “He’s having a weird thing,” What seems like small talk has big repercussions Madden says. “He used to be an elite quarterback.”for EA. Since John Madden Football made its debut He continues, “I don’t see how people get onin 1989, more than 85 million copies have sold, Brett Favre. He has started for 20 years. Some ofearning $3 billion-plus. Renamed Madden NFL in these guys can’t get through a practice.”1994 when EA Sports licensed NFL team names, Click. A referee appears on screen. “This guy isMadden is the top-selling sports video game fran- the worst referee in football,” Madden says. “I guar-chise and second overall only to Nintendo’s Mario antee you he will blow two calls if you watch.”games, says Anita Frazier, analyst with market White interjects, “Do you think they might gotracking firm The NPD Group. back to a developmental league?” Madden “is kind of the perfect “They have to,” Madden says.Cover video game,” says industry analyst Michael Pachter at Wedbush Securi- Keeping it realstory ties. It’s always profitable, “and no- body hates Madden. There is no Tali- When EA approached Madden in 1986 about a ban in it. There is no excessive computer game, he expected the result to be aviolence in it. The Supreme Court is not going to teaching program. He insisted on having 11 playershave to hear a case about Madden. It is . . . one of By Martin E. Klimek for USA TODAY per team on screen. “I didn’t want to be a part of itthe few games parents play with their children. You Viewer’s choice: John Madden watches games with his development team at his Goal Line Productions unless it was going to be real, you know, real foot-can be competitive without being destructive.” facility in Pleasanton, Calif. Team members include Larry Richart, center, and Anthony White, right. ball, where people would really get something out Pachter says 5 million to 6 million games are sold of it,” he says. “That was really our mission state-annually, and this year, EA Sports is releasing ver-sions on the Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as a The Madden franchise ’92 allows players to be injured. u1992: John Madden Football ers’ faces. u2002: Madden NFL 2003 of- ment and really how we have gone forward.” He’s indirectly taught generations of fans, NFLMadden Superstars game on Facebook. “To say I uJan. 9, 1977: John Madden’s ’93 introduces no-huddle offense fers online gaming. Madden players and coaches about the game. “Every playerknew that someday we were going to be on tele- Oakland Raiders beat Minnesota and clock stoppages in games. leaves Fox to join Al Michaels on plays it,” Moore says. “There is a crop of coaches,phones? Heck, I didn’t know everybody was going 32-14 in the Super Bowl. u1993: The game’s latest ver- ABC’s Monday Night Football. the Sean Paytons of the world, who will say, ‘Yeah, Ito have a telephone. We just kind of grew with the u1978: Madden, 42, retires sion is named Madden NFL ’94. It u2006: Madden and Mi- learned to love football through Madden.’ ”technology,” Madden says. after 10 seasons as the Raiders’ has real team names and logos. chaels move to NBC for Sunday The game has been profitable for Madden, too. coach with a record of 112-39-7. u1994: Madden NFL ’95 adds night games. Madden is inducted EA would not comment on his compensation, butIdeas at the ready u1979: He joins CBS. real players’ names. Madden and into the Hall of Fame. Pachter estimates that EA pays Madden $2 million u1981: Madden is teamed Summerall move to Fox Sports u2009: Madden retires. to $2.5 million annually, nowhere near his estimat- Madden has some topics in mind when the nine- with Pat Summerall on CBS’ lead to broadcast NFC games. u2010: Madden NFL 11 is ed $9.5 million a year Sunday Night Football pack-man team from EA Sports arrive Sunday at Goal football broadcasting team. u1998: Madden NFL ’99 al- available for Apple iPhones and age but much more than his pay as an NFL coach.Line Productions, a 7,000-square-foot soundstage u1989: EA creates John Mad- lows gamers to run an entire or- iPads. A Madden NFL Superstars As time runs out on the meeting, game designersand studio run by Madden’s son, Joe. There, Mad- den football game for Apple II, ganization. Facebook game is launched. note some ideas they will explore as they try toden films commercials, produces a twice-weekly Commodore 64 and DOS. u2000: Madden NFL 2001 on transform Madden’s insights into game features:radio show for Sirius Satellite Radio, and does a dai- u1991: John Madden Football PlayStation 2 simulates real play- Source: USA TODAY research uBetter integration of screen radio segment with San Francisco’s KCBS. uReplays that more clearly show how the de- Dressed in a blue windbreaker, khaki pants and Madden also gives you the full football experi- “On here are all the NFL coaches films through fense reacted in the previous shoes, Madden sets aside coffee for in- ence. For starters, he knows how to tailgate. He week 12,” he says, queuing up an interception from uAn option that would let players feel more liketroductions. Quickly, the talk turns to football and points the developers to a breakfast buffet that in- the previous week’s game between the Indianapo- Manning by calling two consecutive plays in thethe recent spate of violent hits on the field that have cludes an omelet chef handing off custom orders. lis Colts and San Diego Chargers. Earlier, Madden huddle or at the line of scrimmage.led to a number of concussions and other injuries. Also on the menu: pancakes, biscuits and sausage had commented that TV does not do “a good “If there’s three or four nuggets and gems that “These collisions are caused by these spread of- gravy, hash browns, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, enough job” of showing the defense. He’s still un- are integrated into next year’s game that come outfenses” that stretch the field with four or five wide juice, coffee and Bloody Marys. (When lunch time sure what type the Chargers are using when (safety of (the meeting), then John is paying for himself 10receivers, he says. By the time players collide, “they rolls around, the smorgasbord switches to barbe- Eric) Weddle picks off a Peyton Manning pass times over,” Moore says.have so much speed.” He speculates with EA Sports cued beef, chicken tacos and chili verde.) meant for Reggie Wayne. “(Weddle) was lurking,”art director Mike Young whether NFL stadiums hadroom to slightly widen the field, and if that might Plates filled, everyone takes seats at tavern-style tables and gawks at the video display at the other Madden says. “We used to call that ‘the lurk.’ ” Meanwhile, all eight NFL games have begun, and Corrections & Clarificationsraise or lower the number of collisions. end of the studio: 10 HDTVs, including a 120-foot a video director constantly switches the action on USA TODAY is committed to accuracy. To reach us, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones at 1-800-872-7073 or e-mail Please This give-and-take between Madden and the projection screen surrounded by nine additional the projection screen to the biggest play of the mo- indicate whether you’re responding to content online or in the newspaper.creative team is essential to revising the video 63-inch flat-panel displays, each with different NFL ment. The result: a jazzy call-and-response thatgame to keep up with the real NFL game. From broadcast feeds. Audio from the projection screen flows between Madden and the developers. Mad- The last name of Joseph diGenova, a Washington,Madden, “we get an unbelievable amount of ex- booms through an array of loudspeakers. “It’s the den delivers the kind of commentary heard in his D.C., lawyer and former U.S. attorney, was mis-pertise and knowledge on all things football,” says ultimate sports bar,” says EJ Heiser, who runs two 30 years of broadcasting. For instance, when the big spelled in Thursday’s 1A cover story.executive producer Phil Frazier, who like most of production companies with Joe Madden. screen has a commercial instead of football, a frus-the designers flew in from Orlando. (The game is After kickoff, Madden settles into a cozy leather trated Madden shouts, “Gimme anything!” A Newsline item on 1A Thursday misstated thedeveloped at EA Sports’ EA Tiburon studio in Mait- chair surrounded by the developers. Sitting next to Click. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew recommended age range for flu shots. U.S. Healthland, Fla.) “When you are sitting with the coach, Madden, assistant designer Anthony White flips Brees throws a bomb to wide receiver Robert Mea- Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recommends vaccina-that makes it that much more real.” open a laptop connected to a hard drive. chem for a touchdown. “Caught them in a blitz,” he tion for everyone 6 months and older. THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN A VOLVO. 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Offers available at participating retailers excluding Alaska; see retailer or website for details. visit us at
  • 3. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · 3A Nation Nationline Blizzard dumps 2 feet of snow on MidwestSmart on verdict: The Associated Press MINNEAPOLIS — The inflatable roof in the afternoon because temper- atures were falling and at a certain point, road salt would no longer be ef-‘Justice can be served’ of the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium col- lapsed Sunday and roads were closed fective. “We’re really urging everyone to After more than eight years of waiting, Elizabeth throughout the upper Midwest as a stay off the roads today and stay hun-Smart has finally heard the word she’s been waiting storm that dumped nearly 2 feet of kered down at home,” Pritchard said.for: guilty. A federal jury in Salt Lake City Friday snow in some areas continued to The storm had already dropped upconvicted street preacher Brian David Mitchell of crawl across the region. to 18 inches of snow in parts of north-snatching a then-14-year-old Smart from her bed in A blizzard warning was in effect for ern and central Wisconsin, he said,June 2002 at knifepoint in the dead of night and parts of eastern Iowa, southeastern and light snow continued Sundayforcing sex on her while he held her captive for nine Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois, and morning.months. For Smart, 23, the decision closes the door northern Michigan, according to the Some 420 air travelers spent theon one horrific chapter of her young life and opens National Weather Service. Surround- night in Grand Forks, N.D., after fouranother. She’ll soon leave Utah for France to com- ing areas including Chicago were un- planes were diverted from Minneapo-plete a Mormon church mission, then plans to finish der winter storm warnings. lis, where the storm had closed all buta music degree at Brigham Young University. The Metrodome’s Teflon roof col- one of that airport’s runways. After a By Kelly Humphrey, AP Mitchell, 57, could spend the final chapter of his lapsed after Minneapolis got more traction truck broke down on the onelife in a federal prison. He’ll be held in the Salt Lake than 17 inches of snow. No injuries Winter blast: Gusting winds blew snow across the Minnesota Veterans Cem- operational runway, planes circled theCounty Jail until his May 25 sentencing, which were reported. The snowfall that end- etery on Saturday at Camp Ripley, Minn. where 1,500 wreaths had just been airport until they had to head to otherSmart’s father noted Friday is also National Missing ed Saturday night was one of the five placed as a part of Wreaths Across America, a campaign to honor veterans. regional airports for fuel.Children’s Day. Defense attorneys aren’t yet certain biggest in Twin Cities history, National Some passengers stayed at the air-whether they will file an appeal for a man who Weather Service meteorologist James gan work at 4 a.m. Sunday but were more than big drifts,” Arndt said. port, others got hotel rooms.loudly sang hymns and Christmas carols in court McQuirter said. Some surrounding struggling with drifts as high as 5 feet, Although roads were open in Wis- “It was chaotic, it was crazy com-and never spoke to anyone, including his lawyers. communities got more than 21 inches Minnesota Department of Transporta- consin, state officials urged drivers to pletely. We were packed like sardines Mitchell’s federal public defender, Robert Steele of snow, he said. tion spokeswoman Rebecca Arndt stay home because blowing snow se- and we were shocked,” passengersaid he’ll now advocate for an appropriate prison Interstate 90 from Albert Lea to the said. Plow drivers also were ham- verely limited visibility. Tod Pritchard, Leah Edmondson told WDAZ.placement for Mitchell, preferably a federal prison South Dakota border and state high- pered by a large number of stalled a spokesman for Wisconsin Emergen-hospital. Steele maintains that Mitchell is mentally ways remained closed. Plows that had cars. cy Management, said travel was ex- uVikings-Giants game moved toill and noted that he also suffered a seizure in court been pulled off the roads Saturday be- “Stalled vehicles slow them up pected to become even more difficult Detroit, 1Bduring the trial. The decision ultimately rests withthe U.S. Bureau of Prisons. On Friday, Smart smiled as the verdict was read,while a bedraggled, bearded Mitchell sat at the de-fense table, singing hymns with his hands before hischest, as if in prayer. “I hope that not only is this anexample that justice can be served in America, butthat it is possible to move on after something ter-rible has happened” Smart said, after she walkedwith her mother through a crush of media. By Denis Poroy, APFire stoked by explosivesControlled burn: A ranch-style house packedwith bombmaking material burns Thursday in Es-condido, Calif., as firefighters aim to neutralize the Photos by Dave Martin, APvolatile chemicals. Crews built a 16-foot firewall toprotect the closest home a dozen feet away. Flocks of “snowbirds” fly south: A couple walk down the beach in Gulf Shores, Ala., on Nov. 8. Winter may make up for a tough summer in the region. Snowbirds help Gulf recoveryGuilty verdict in post-Katrina death In a case that could have widespread repercus-sions on how law enforcement agents deal with di-sasters, three former and current New Orleans po-lice officers were found guilty Thursday in theshooting death of a civilian and subsequent coverupduring the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.Two other officers, one no longer on the force, were By Marty Roney USA TODAY Winter tourism is ‘vital’ after for the state’s office of tourism. The state doesn’t have a beach tourism segment like Alabama or northwestacquitted. The jury of seven women and five menconvicted former officer David Warren of man- GULF SHORES, Ala. — Tourism offi- cials in the areas of the Gulf Coast hit disastrous summer of oil spill Florida, she says. Louisiana has marsh and wetlandsslaughter in the shooting death of 31-year-old Hen- hardest by spring’s BP Deepwater Ho- mostly along the coast, not the widery Glover outside a strip mall on Sept. 2, 2005. rizon oil spill say winter tourism ap- sandy beaches of Alabama, Mississip- The jury also convicted Officer Gregory McRae of pears to be normal or better as snow- pi and the Panhandle.burning Glover’s body in a car. Lt. Dwayne Scheu- birds flock to the region in numbersermann was acquitted of that charge. Lt. Travis approaching those of previous years. Northerners appearMcCabe was convicted of writing a false report on The return of those mostly olderthe shooting. Former lieutenant Robert Italiano was visitors from northern climates seek- Mary Lou McCann of Toronto is acleared of that charge. ing warmer locales is “vital” to a re- member of the board of directors of During the trial, prosecutors said Warren shot gion that banks on tourism dollars and Noah’s Ark at Panama City Beach, Fla.Glover four days after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. was battered in the summer by dwin- The group catering to snowbirds is af-When two friends and a passerby took a bleeding dling numbers of visitors, says Linda filiated with the United MethodistGlover to a makeshift police compound for help, Whitlock of the Gulf Coast Area Church. She traveled to the coast inMcRae and Scheuermann handcuffed and beat the Chamber of Commerce in Baldwin late October and plans to stay untilfriends, prosecutors said. County, Ala. April 1. McRae later drove away the car with Glover in The snowbird season heats up on “We are starting to see membersthe back seat and torched it near a river levee, they the Alabama and Florida Panhandle from Alberta, the east coast of Canadasaid. Glover’s scorched body was later found in the coasts in late December and early Jan- and Wisconsin making the trip, so theback of the car. — Rick Jervis uary, says Karen Harrell, who pub- Northerners are beginning to appear,” lishes Snowbirds Gulf Coast, a winter she says.U.S. death rate drops to record low visitor magazine. Betty and Marv Hastings of Ankeny, The U.S. death rate dropped slightly to an all-time “The season appears to be on track Beaches cleaned: Dick MacDonald visits Orange Beach, Ala., on Nov. 9. Iowa, plan to travel to Orange Beach,low in 2008, according to new government data re- to equal or even be better than last Ala., this year just as they have sinceleased Thursday. After accounting for the aging season,” she says. The snowbirds, she 2009, winter visitors generated an “Few actually swim in the Gulf of 2003.population, the number of deaths per 100,000 says, “closely followed news of the oil economic impact of about $29 mil- Mexico in winter, but they do like They direct the Iowa SnowbirdsAmericans fell from 760.2 in 2007 to 758.7 in 2008. spill” through news media and lion, he says. walking on the beach,” she says, “and Club, which has 175 to 200 members.Death rates fell significantly for six of the 15 leading friends. “Some are true part-time res- “We are predicting a slight increase for the most part, the beach cleanup “We’re looking forward to return-causes but rose significantly for six others. idents and spend up to six months of visitors this winter,” Bellinger says. efforts have been successful.” ing,” Betty Hastings says. “It’s a great Stroke dropped from third place — a spot it had here,” Harrell says. “That’s based on reservations at our Gulf Shores saw about a 33% de- area. We followed the news of the oilheld for 50 years — to fourth among the leading kill- Parts of Alabama, Louisiana and the condominiums and hotels.” cline in tourism-related income in the spill, of course. We’ve had friends goers of Americans, according to a report from the Florida Panhandle were among some Tourism also is likely to increase this summer because of the oil disaster, down on shorter trips, and they tell usNational Center for Health Statistics, part of the of the more heavily affected areas af- winter in Panama City Beach, a pop- Mayor Robert Craft says. everything is cleaned up and back toCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. ter the BP oil spill, says Ed Levine, a ular snowbird destination on the Flor- “This past summer was expected to normal.”“Chronic lower respiratory diseases,” which include scientific support coordinator for the ida Panhandle, says Dan Rowe, presi- be the beginning of the good times,” Aside from spending money, snow-asthma and emphysema, moved up to third. National Oceanic and Atmospheric dent and CEO of the Panama City he says. “Everything pointed to peo- birds will become ambassadors for — Rita Rubin Administration (NOAA). Beach Convention and Visitors Bu- ple wanting to travel again after the the region when they return home, reau. tough economic conditions of 2008 says Craft, the Gulf Shores mayor.Utility cleared in N.H. woman’s death Some areas expect increases “I do not believe that the BP oil spill and 2009. Our first-quarter totals for “It’s important that our winter visi- Virginia Tech could face fines and a loss of student will have a negative effect on our win- this year were up about 12% over tors find clean, safe beaches,” he says.aid for failing to quickly warn its campus about a Higher-than-average snowbird ter visitation,” he says. The tar balls 2009. . . . We were going into the “We’ve had a few of our businesses gogunman on the loose in the hours after two people numbers are expected in northwest that washed onshore after the spill spring and summer season with a under, but most of our stalwarts re-were killed and before the shooting rampage left 30 Florida, says Mark Bellinger, president have been cleaned up and people are great deal of momentum. Then the main.”more people dead on April 16, 2007, the Depart- and CEO of The Emerald Coast Con- returning to the beach, Rowe says. spill happened.”ment of Education said Thursday. vention and Visitors Bureau. The bu- Snowbirds, or “winter guests,” are Snowbirds are less of a tourism fac- Roney reports for the Montgomery In a letter to Virginia Tech President Charles Steg- reau covers the areas of Destin, Fort looking to get away from the snow tor in Louisiana, says Melody Alijani, (Ala.), the department said the school violated the Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island. In and ice, Harrell says. director of research and development Contributing: Marisa Kendall.Jeanne Clery Act, a federal law requiring schools togive “timely warnings” about safety threats on Ambassador singled out for pat-downcampus. The department will decide whether sanc-tions are needed. Punishments could include finesor revoking eligibility for federal student aid. Morethan a third of Tech students receive such aid. Virginia Tech disputes the findings and will ap-peal. School administrators “acted appropriately” India diplomat’s screening sparks call for apology India’s Washington Em- bassy, said the State De- which hosted the visit. Witnesses said Shankarbased on the information they had at the time, uni- By Elizabeth Crisp Saturday by a Transportation Security partment had “reached asked for a private screen-versity spokesman Larry Hincker said. USA TODAY Administration screener at Jackson- out to the ambassador and ing, but her search was Virginia Tech e-mailed a warning at 9:26 a.m. Evers International Airport. has regretted what hap- conducted in a clear box. JACKSON, Miss. — Secretary ofApril 16, two hours and two minutes after police ar- Indian Foreign Minister S.M. Krish- pened.” “The way they pat them State Hillary Rodham Clinton ex-rived at a dorm where two students had been shot. na called the pat-down “unaccept- Witnesses told the Jack- down — it was so humili- pressed concern Thursday over the — Donna Leinwand able” and said his nation would com- son (Miss.) Clarion-Ledger ating,” said Tan Tsai, a re- pat-down of India’s sari-clad ambas- plain to the U.S. government. This is that Shankar was singled search associate at MSUBy Melanie Eversley with staff and wire reports sador to the U.S. at the airport here the second time the ambassador had out of a group flying out of who was with Shankar. AP over the weekend, an incident that been singled out for a pat-down in the the airport for a thorough “Anybody who passed by Please recycle has prompted calls for an apology past three months, he said. pat-down, despite having Shankar: Given en- could see it.” from Washington. “We are going to take it up with the shown her diplomatic pa- hanced pat-down. The TSA maintainedHow ‘in-the-know’ are you? Clinton told reporters in Washing- ton that the State Department was government of United States, and I hope that things could be resolved so pers. She was told she was that it followed guidelines chosen was because she was wearing in the search of Shankar. Test your smarts with USA TODAY’s weekly looking into the incident, but didn’t that such unpleasant incidents do not a sari, a traditional Indian robe. The news quiz. Visit apologize. Ambassador Meera Shan- recur,” Krishna said. witnesses included an entourage Crisp writes for The Clarion-Ledger in this afternoon and through the weekend. kar, 60, was selected for a pat-down Virander Paul, spokesman for the from Mississippi State University, Jackson, Miss. Contributing: AP.
  • 4. 4A · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · USA TODAY WashingtonRepublicans block ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repealDefense spending bill door,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, who favored repeal. “He had a path for- ruptive to the military while the nation is engaged in two wars.held up in tax dispute ward, and he chose not to do it.” President Obama expressed disappoint- Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of theBy Gregg Zoroya and John Fritze ment that “yet another filibuster has pre- Joint Chiefs of Staff, endorse repealing theUSA TODAY vented the Senate from moving forward” law and said the military could adapt to with defense spending. the change with minor risk to fighting abil- WASHINGTON — Republicans stopped Reid agreed to back an effort by Sen. Joe attempt in the Senate on Thursday to Lieberman, I-Conn., to bring up the repeal They said the Pentagon study makes itrepeal a law that prohibits gays from serv- this month as a stand-alone bill, separate clear that troops opposed to allowing gaysing openly in the military. from defense spending. to serve openly often change their views Supporters were unable to muster the Congress is scheduled to return home with training, education and familiarity60 votes needed to move ahead with a bill for Christmas next week, so time is run- with working alongside gay troops.that would have allowed repeal, falling ning out. Other top military leaders were dividedshort in a 57-40 vote. It has been 48 years since Congress over the issue. Gen. John Amos, Marine Democrats blamed Republicans who failed to pass a military spending bill. Corps commandant, testified last week Getty Imageshad vowed to block any legislation, in- A Pentagon questionnaire issued this that half of his Marines are either in com-cluding defense spending, until a deal is year found that 70% of military members bat, recently returned from the fighting or Remembers mom: Cate Ed- By Harry Hamburg, APreached on extending an array of tax cuts who responded said allowing gays to serve preparing to deploy and this was the wards, 28, daughter of Elizabethdue to expire Jan. 1. Repeal supporters: Sen. Joe Lieberman, openly would have positive, mixed or no wrong time for such a change. The Army Edwards delivers one of three “There are a lot of people all over the I-Conn., and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine. impact on the nation’s war-fighting ability. chief of staff, Gen. George Casey, agreed, eulogies right now in our military that are However, the survey showed that up to although he said he favors eventual revo-scratching their head, thinking what in theworld has happened,” said Sen. ClaireMcCaskill, D-Mo., pointing to funding for Republicans, including Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. She expressed support for the most controversial element of the defense 60% of the troops engaged in direct com- bat in Iraq and Afghanistan say allowing gays to serve openly would have a nega- cation of the law. The Air Force chief of staff, Gen. Norton Schwartz, urged that repeal be delayed Cate Edwardsmilitary operations. Republicans blasted Senate Majority spending bill, the provision that would re- peal “don’t ask, don’t tell,” a 1993 law tive impact on their ability to fight. Advocates of retaining “don’t ask, don’t until 2012. Both the chief of naval opera- tions, Adm. Gary Roughead, and the Coast remembersLeader Harry Reid, D-Nev., for steppingaway from negotiations with a handful of signed by President Clinton. “The majority leader just closed the tell,” led by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., say abandoning the law would be too dis- Guard commandant, Adm. Robert Papp, favor lifting the ban. mom’s love By Marisol BelloFor-profit colleges USA TODAY RALEIGH, N.C. —Cate Edwardsraise concerns finally had a chance to have the last word with her mother. At funeral services for Eliza- The chairman of the Senate education committee beth Edwards, wife of formersaid Thursday he has “serious concerns” that veter- senator and presidential candi-ans and active-duty military members are being date John Edwards, Cate told aexploited by for-profit colleges. Sen. Tom Harkin, D- crowded downtown church howIowa, said the colleges use manipulative and mis- she and her younger brother andleading marketing campaigns designed to boost sister always ended conversa-profits rather than educate students. tions with their mother with “I The remarks based on a Senate report, released love you more.” Her mother al-Thursday, showing soaring enrollments at many ways had the last word in thosefor-profit colleges by students who are paying for conversations.their education with the Post-9/11 GI Bill and De- “Now I have the honor to befense Department funding. the last to say, ‘Mom, I really, real- “Given what we’ve already uncovered about the ly love you more,’ ” Cate Ed-quality of education at many for-profit schools, I wards said.have serious concerns. . . . These schools have ter- Elizabeth Edwards was re-rible, terrible dropout rates,” he said. membered Saturday afternoon — Mary Beth Marklein for her wit, her wisdom, her no- nonsense attitude and her love ofDREAM Act not a reality in the Senate shopping. She died Tuesday after The Senate moved to delay a vote Thursday on a six-year battle with cancer. Shelegislation carving out a path to legal status for for- was 61.eign-born youngsters brought to the United States Eight hundred mournersillegally. packed the Edenton Street Unit- Facing Republican objections, Democrats put ed Methodist Church for the ser-aside the DREAM Act and said they would try again vice. The church was Edwards’to advance the legislation before year’s end. Never- sanctuary when her son, Wade,theless, they’re short of the 60 votes needed to do died in a car accident in 1996. Ed-so, and critics in the Senate said they won’t change wards will be buried in a privatetheir minds in the waning days of the Democratic- burial next to Wade.controlled Congress. Dozens more supporters gath- “This is mainly a political exercise rather than a ered a block from the church for aserious attempt to deal with our broken immigra- counter protest against a contro-tion system,” said Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican versial fundamentalist churchfrom Texas. — The Associated Press from Kansas, which sent people to picket the funeral. In an emotional eulogy, Cate By Cliff Owen, AP Edwards read aloud from one in a Taking lumps: Attorney General Eric Holder opposes lawmakers’ move to block funds for civilian trials of terror detainees. series of letters Elizabeth Ed- wards wrote to her three chil- Political sparring snarls dren for the day when she would no longer with there with them. “All I needed was you to make my life complete,” Cate Edwards read from her mother’s letter. terror suspects’ trials “Where ever you are, I will al- ways have my arms wrapped around you.” Cate Edwards said her mother was always a source of wisdom, Attorney general, rorism suspects. “This is the Achilles’ Congress have threatened to withhold heel of the administration, more than funding (for civilian trials). Then there is for anything big and small. She remembered one of her mother’s the economy,” he said. the question of whether the govern- sayings: “You can always regret lawmakers at Patrick Leahy, the Senate Judiciary ment can actually get a conviction” Committee’s Democratic chairman, when evidence was “tainted” by Mo- friends, but you never regret wearing solids.” odds on strategy said the prolonged debate about what hammed’s exposure to harsh interro- to do with Mohammed and gation methods. He was Since her death, Elizabeth Ed- wards has been remembered by By Kevin Johnson his alleged accomplices has forced to undergo water- many Americans for her strength USA TODAY been clouded by “misinfor- boarding, a form of simulat- and courage in dealing with her mation.” ed drowning, 183 times. illness and her husband’s infidel- WASHINGTON — Attorney General A proponent of civilian The federal judge in Ghai- ity. She was an active campaigner Eric Holder has said “the toughest” de- trials, Leahy recently ex- lani’s trial ruled a key gov- and key adviser to John Edwards, cision of his tenure at the Justice De- pressed frustration over the ernment witness could not as he ran first for the U.S. Senate partment was that Khalid Sheikh Mo- unsettled state of the 9/11 testify because prosecutors and then twice for president, in By J. Scott Applewhite, AP hammed, accused of plotting 9/11, and prosecution. “Ask them,” learned his identity after 2004 and 2008. He was John Ker- four alleged accomplices should be the Vermont senator said, Ghailani was subjected to ry’s running mate in 2004.Guest star from afar tried in civilian court blocks from New referring to administration harsh interrogation. The memorial brought several APObamas get a sneak peek: President Obama and York City’s Ground Zero. officials. “I’m a legislator.” “It was flat wrong then political figures, including Kerryhis younger daughter, Sasha, 9, delight in the arriv- “To the extent there are political con- The White House de- Mohammed: Sus- (to try Ghailani in civilian and Vicki Kennedy, wife of lateal of Santa Claus on Wednesday at the National sequences, I’ll just have to take my ferred comment to the Jus- pect’s trial in limbo. court), and it remains Sen. Ted Kennedy. Many emo-Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. lumps,” he said in November 2009 of tice Department, where wrong now to try Khalid crats from North Carolina attend- the wave of criticism that followed his Holder said the review Sheikh Mohammed in civil- ed, including Gov. Beverly Per-Gibbs: No signs Obama is smoking announcement. process is “ongoing.” ian court,” said Sessions, due. As recently as Monday, Holder said Holder raised expecta- the Senate Judiciary Com- One of the pallbearers, Tyler President Obama apparently has not had a ciga- he still believed his decision to try Mo- tions among victims’ fam- mittee’s top Republican. Highsmith, was in the car Waderette since March, but the White House stopped hammed and his alleged accomplices ilies last month by suggest- Leahy said the federal Edwards was driving when heshort Thursday of declaring that the commander in in a New York federal court was the ing the government was courts’ “long record of suc- died. He and three other pall-chief has officially kicked the habit bedeviling mil- correct one. On Thursday, Holder an- “close” to a decision on the cess” in dealing with terror- bearers — Michael Lewis, Ellislions of Americans. nounced his opposition to a move in prosecution. ism cases has been lost Roberts and Charles Scarantino — “I have not seen or witnessed evidence of any Congress to block funding for civilian That was before a federal amid political fights. were pallbearers in Wade Ed-smoking in probably nine months,” White House trials of terrorism detainees, saying it court jury escalated the po- This year, the Justice De- wards’ funeral. AFP/Getty Imagesspokesman Robert Gibbs replied when asked at his “would set a dangerous precedent.” litical debate over terrorism partment reported that John Edwards sat in the frontregular media briefing about Obama’s habit. Nearly a year after the Obama ad- prosecutions when it ac- Ghailani: Was tried more than 400 people have pew with his children, Cate, 12- Gibbs said he thought Obama was still chewing ministration retreated from the idea of quitted Ahmed Ghailani, in civilian court. pleaded guilty or been con- year-old Emma Claire and 10-nicotine gum to help him quit. a New York trial, the question of how the first Guantanamo de- victed of terrorism-related year-old Jack, but he did not — The Associated Press and where to prosecute the most tainee to be prosecuted in civilian charges in federal courts since 9/11. speak at the service. The couple prominent terror suspects in U.S. custo- court, on all but one of more than 280 That includes defendants convicted of has been separated for about a dy has become entangled in a collision terrorism-related charges. He still faces domestic and international incidents. year, since John Edwards admit- Published by Gannett Co., Inc. Vol. 29, No. 63 (ISSN 1051-7405) of legal philosophy and political reality. up to life in prison for the conviction on U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, who ted an affair with his campaign USA TODAY The firestorm triggered by Holder’s a single conspiracy charge in connec- excluded the witness in Ghailani’s case, videographer and fathering a 7950 Jones Branch Drive decision — led by New York Mayor Mi- tion with bombings of two U.S. embas- said it wasn’t clear the testimony daughter with her. However, in McLean, VA 22108 chael Bloomberg, who complained of sies in Africa in 1998. would have been admissible in a mil- his wife’s final days, he was by Tel.: +1-703-854-3400 Fax: +1-703-854-2095 the enormous costs to secure the trials, Graham and other opponents of ci- itary prosecution. her side. International Headquarters (London): and by victims’ families, who feared re- vilian trials, including Sen. Jeff Sessions, If the administration insists on a civil- USA TODAY taliation from the terrorists — has effec- R-Ala., said more time for the admini- ian trial for Mohammed and his alleged P.O. Box 30793 tively immobilized the administration’s stration’s decision will not resolve the accomplices, Graham suggests he could London WC1A 1AZ, England terrorism prosecution strategy, law- arguments against moving Mohammed muster enough votes to block it. All general inquiries: makers and legal analysts said. into the federal court system: that the “The idea of putting KSM in civilian +44 (0) 207 559 5859 Fax: +44 (0) 207 559 5885 As a result, the suspects in the most 9/11 plotter should not get the same court blew up in their faces. He was E-Mail: deadly terrorist attacks on U.S. soil still rights as U.S. citizens in civilian court ready to plead guilty in the military tri- USA TODAY is a member of The Associated Press and Gannett await their fate — prosecution in civil- and that the government risks possible bunal,” Graham said, referring to a note News Service and subscribes to Reuters, among other news ian court, military commission or in- acquittals because key evidence ob- Mohammed passed to a military judge services. USA TODAY, its logo and associated graphics are the definite detention — nearly a decade af- tained through harsh interrogation or in 2008 expressing his desire to plead federally registered trademarks of Gannett Co., Inc. All rights are reserved. Registered as a newspaper with the Post Office in ter the assaults in 2001. detention is likely to be excluded. guilty. the United Kingdom. Registrato al Tribunale di Milano il Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who fa- “Politics is just a big part of this,” said “I have sympathy for the administra- 22/05/2000 al numero 364; digitally printed by Rotomail Italia vors military prosecution, said the ad- University of Notre Dame law professor tion on this,” Graham said. “I’d like to SpA, Cologno Monzese, Milano. ministration has “become paralyzed” Jimmy Gurule, a former assistant U.S. help them come up with a plan to clean by the question of what to do with ter- attorney general. “Some members of up this mess.”
  • 5. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · 5A Test Drive Just one word for Sonata: Sprint is the most improved company in customer satisfaction, Money Sweet Hyundai’s 2011 Sonata 2.0T is a across all industries, over the last two years. —Based on the results from the 2010 turbocharged, American Customer Satisfaction Index Hyundai dandy delight, 2011 Sonata 2.0T: The turbocharged version of Sonata. cars.usatoday.comMonday, December 13, 2010 Moneyline WikiLeaks protests use botnetsHow’s the market doing today? line whistle-blower encourages illegal activity, such loads of software designed to flood websites Track the major market indexes updated Hackers multiply attacks as leaking classified documents, he said. jumped to more than 23,000 Thursday from Twitter postings by people who say they’re part 10,163 Wednesday and 3,369 the day before. More continuously throughout the day at on popular websites of the attack accuse PayPal and others of blocking than 30% of the downloads were in the USA. free speech. “One could have thought that maybe this is an By Oren Dorell Enlisting armies of computers, as happened anti-U.S. campaign, very Europe-centric,” he said.Obama aide predicts tax deal passage USA TODAY Thursday, could cause the kind of damage that oc- “But it appears from the downloads that the biggest A senior White House adviser predicted Sunday curred during a conflict between Russia and the nation by far that participated in this campaign arethat President Barack Obama’s tax-cut deal with An effort by supporters of WikiLeaks to take former Soviet republic of Georgia in 2008 and dur- citizens of the United States.”Republicans will pass by year’s end, and a Demo- down Internet retailing sites at the height of Christ- ing Iran’s 2009 elections, said Beth Jones of Internet The growth indicates that hackers are using bot-cratic leader said the House won’t “hold this up” mas shopping got a boost Thursday from hackers security firm Sophos. Both times, hackers shut nets, illegal networks of hijacked computers thatdespite anger over some parts. A Senate vote is set who can launch thousands of unwitting computers down government computers. can be used to multiply the attack, he said. Chatfor today on legislation that would avert a Jan. 1 in- into the fray, Internet security experts say. “That’s when we’re going to see how good the traffic on Internet forums show botnet owners vol-crease in income taxes for nearly all Americans. The The attackers, who briefly disabled websites for systems are at Amazon or PayPal,” she said. unteering to join in the effort, he said.House package faces a tougher sell. Democrats MasterCard and Visa a day earlier, also focused on Internet activist Gregg Housh, who is involved Using botnets increases the risk of prosecution,have voted not to allow it to reach the floor without PayPal, which accepts payments for 8 million busi- with Anonymous, an organization working with because Internet security firms monitor them andchanges to scale back tax relief for the rich. nesses, said Tal Beery of Web security firm Imper- Operation Payback, told the Associated Press that identify users to authorities, Jones said. Obama aide David Axelrod told CNN’s State of the va. The attack is “gaining more speed and mo- the number of computers at the group’s disposal Trying to take down a website, even to register aUnion that the administration will prevail in the mentum,” Beery said. was rising rapidly, now about 30,000 strong. protest, is against the National Information Infra-House, an assessment reinforced by Maryland Rep. Attacks on PayPal slowed operations but did not Some companies threatened by online action, structure Protection Act of 1996.Chris Van Hollen, a member of the party’s leader- stop transactions or jeopardize customer informa- such as Twitter and, are considered In the Netherlands, a 16-year-old boy suspectedship.Axelrod called the deal “a tremendous win” tion, spokesman Anuj Nayar said. PayPal blocked less vulnerable because of their many defenses. of involvement in digital attacks by WikiLeaks sup-for the middle class, but acknowledged it’s a com- donations to WikiLeaks because it believes the on- Beery, who monitors hacker activity, said down- porters was arrested, the AP reported.promise with items the White House doesn’t fullyembrace. He said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “un-derstands the consequences of inaction” on theplan, and that there is urgency in passing it. “Every-one understands what it will mean to the economyif we don’t get this done,” he said. The No. 2 Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin of Illi-nois, said there was a “good cross-section” of fellowDemocratic senators who are ready to accept thedeal. He said House Democrats, who will becomethe minority party when the next Congress beginsin January, should go along because they won’t bein a position to fight for a better deal in 2011. Van Hollen told Fox News Sunday that manyHouse Democrats want to scale back a provisionthat would allow estates as large as $5 million to es-cape taxation. But he declined to say whether thatwill be a deal-breaker. Under the estate tax provi-sion, the first $5 million of a couple’s estate couldpass to heirs without taxation, and an additional $5million for the spouse. The balance would be sub-ject to a 35% tax rate.Claims fall for unemployment benefits First-time claims for jobless aid fell by 17,000 to aseasonally adjusted 421,000 in the week endedDec. 4, the Labor Department said. The four-weekaverage of claims, a less-volatile measure, fell forthe fifth-consecutive week, to 427,500. Separately, Helpers: At left, a shopper atthe Commerce Department said wholesale inven- Water Tower Place in Chicagotories rose 1.9% in October from September. uses a shopping app. Above, the Swagg app stores loyalty andZuckerberg pledges to donate wealth gift cards on phones. Photo at left by General Growth Properties Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, 26, has prom-ised to give away most of his wealth. He’s in the Shopping apps get personalcompany of Carl Icahn, 74, Barry Diller, 68, and oth-ers who have joined Giving Pledge, an effort led byMicrosoft’s Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett tocommit the country’s wealthiest people to step upcharitable donations. The group has signed 57 peo-ple and their families since June.Households’ net worth increases Retailers under pressure they’ll be using their phones for holiday shopping, and retailers are falling all over themselves to offer performance of mobile sites of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend’s 15 largest retailers as “toler- Americans’ wealth grew 2.2% in the July-Septem-ber quarter as a rebound on Wall Street aided stock to cater to smartphones applications and mobile websites to meet the de- mand. With smartphones, shoppers can compare able,” compared with the retail websites overall. Much of the interest in mobile has occurred inportfolios. Household net worth rose to nearly $55 prices, store loyalty and gift cards, make wish lists the past year — 25% of consumers say they’ll betrillion, although the value of real estate holdings By Erin Kutz and get discounts at their favorite stores. turning to their phones more than they didfell 3.7%, the Federal Reserve said. Net worth wouldhave to rise an additional 20% to hit its pre-reces- Special for USA TODAY But retailers also risk alienating custom- ers if the apps and mobile websites fail to Cover in 2009, according to a study by the Mobile Marketing Association and Luth Research.sion peak of $66 trillion. When Te-kai Shu got to the register at Best Buy on Black Friday, he didn’t pull out a rewards card or deliver. More than half of customers sur- veyed say they won’t return to a mobile story And the mobile apps centered on shopping aren’t just for fun and flash. They couldSEC OKs extension of ‘circuit breakers’ coupon to rack up extra savings. site if they’ve had a poor experience, ac- mean real savings for consumers, especially Federal regulators are extending for four months “I whipped out my smartphone . . . to make cording to a study by Gomez, Compuware’s unit those who search for better prices. Scouting loca-the curbs put in after the May 6 market plunge that sure (the cashier) credited my purchase to my Re- that studies website performance. tions where gifts are sold and comparing pricesbriefly halt trading of some stocks that make big ward Zone account,” say Shu, 29, of Bristol, Tenn. And performance expectations are high: Nearly ranked as the top two reasons consumers plan toprice swings. The Securities and Exchange Com- Shu is part of a growing group of consumers 60% of people anticipate mobile sites will run as use their phones during holiday shopping.mission approved the plan to extend the “circuit who look to their smartphones — Internet-enabled smoothly as or better than sites they visit on their Mobile phones offer shoppers the resources ofbreakers” pilot program scheduled to end today. mobile phones — to save money and stay informed computers, the Gomez study showed. Meeting theUnder the rules, trading of any Standard & Poor’s or when buying. Nearly six in 10 mobile users say challenge has been difficult. Consumers ranked the Please see COVER STORY next page uRussell 1000 stock that rises or falls 10% or more ina five-minute span is halted for five minutes.Briefly . . . In an announcement at its Louisville Assembly Stock forecasters lookingPlant, Mark Fields, Ford Motor’s president of theAmericas, said the automaker plans to hire 1,800more employees to build a new version of the Ford for market upswing aheadEscape small SUV. . . . Johnson & Johnson re-called several types of Rolaids antacids because of Optimism based on corporate close of 1233. He did not, however, rulereports of metal and wood particles in the prod- out pullbacks along the way. “We are moreucts. The products include Rolaids Extra Strength profit, interest rate outlook optimistic than we have been at this timeSoftchews, Rolaids Extra Strength plus Gas Relief in each of the last two years,” Knapp wroteSoftchews and Rolaids Multi-Symptom plus Anti- By Adam Shell in his “Outlook 2011.”Gas Softchews. USA TODAY His optimism stems from his belief that the economy will continue to improve,From Associated Press reports NEW YORK — An early peek at Wall corporate earnings will keep growing and Street stock market forecasts for 2011 the Federal Reserve will stick to its ultra-Track stocks, mutual funds online points to more upside for U.S. stocks, with easy interest rate policy. “We are optimis- Get quotes at Set strategists at major firms predicting gains tic about U.S. corporate profits,” Knapp up a free portfolio for your stocks and mutual funds. Click on “Your Portfolio.” Markets ranging from 5% to 15%. for The bullish predictions wrote. He expects S&P 500 earnings to grow at a 9% clip next year. the U.S. market next year coincide with a In the later stages of 2010, stocks have period in which individuals who invest in overcome worries about debt problems inUSA TODAY Snapshots® mutual funds have all but given up on U.S. Greece and Ireland spreading to other eu- stocks. Still haunted by two grizzly bear rozone countries, concern about the Fed’s Latest CD yields markets in the past 10 years, Main Street bold plan to boost the economy, political Average certificate of deposit investors have yanked money out of U.S. and policy uncertainty in Washington, and yields as of Wednesday: stock funds for 31 straight weeks. In that fears that China’s economy will slow as its time period, net outflows have totaled government taps the brakes on growth. This week 0.30% more than $94 billion, according to data Among the more subdued strategists is 6-month Last week 0.31% Year ago 0.52% from the Investment Company Institute. PNC’s William Stone. His fair value for the Despite the misgivings about stocks, S&P 500 in 2011 is 1310, up 6% from here. This week 0.49% major indexes such as the Dow Jones in- “We believe the theme of transition from 1-year Last week 0.51% dustrials, up 9.0% for 2010, and the Stan- rebound to expansion is appropriate for Year ago 0.83% dard & Poor’s 500, up 10.6%, have posted 2011,” he noted. This week 0.70% returns in line with long-term averages. Stone is confident the economic expan- 21⁄2-year Last week 0.71% The most bullish of the eight 2011 fore- sion will be self-sustaining, creating a posi- Year ago 1.27% casts reviewed by USA TODAY comes from tive backdrop for stocks, which he says are This week 1.50% Barclays Capital strategist Barry Knapp. positioned for better returns than cash 5-year Last week 1.52% His base case for the Standard & Poor’s and government bonds. He recommends Year ago 2.08% 500 index, a broad market gauge, is for it high-quality stocks, including dividend- Find more interest rates at: to hit 1420 by the end of 2011, which payers. He also likes international stocks,Source: USA TODAY equates to a gain of 15% from Thursday’s including those in emerging markets.
  • 6. 6A · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · USA TODAY Investing Cover story Every FridayPrep portfolio Smartphones become shopping toolswhile inflation Continued from 5A Tips for secure shopping fers coupons that can be scanned and redeemed from the smartphone.lies dormant the Web while they’re in a store and on your smartphone “It can detect when a consumer enable retailers to deliver the most comes in a store and offer specialized relevant deals. But shoppers can also Many of the mobile shopping apps incentives right on the spot,” says use them to make purchases with and sites let consumers make pur- Bob Egner, vice president of global chases directly from their smart- If you’re worried about inflation rearing its ugly their credit or debit cards, though phones. marketing at EPiServer, a softwarehead next year, you should probably worry about they could be opening themselves But users should be aware of the se- company that powers e-commercemore likely catastrophes, such as being eaten by up to identity theft, says John He- curity risks. websites.bees. Looking out a bit further — say, 2013 — in- ring, CEO and co-founder of Lookout Shoppers who complete credit card Consumers could also better pre-flation may become a worry. But not before then. Mobile Security. “The mobile device transactions on their smartphones pare themselves for big holiday shop- should ensure sites are safe to protect Still, it’s good to be prepared, and if you think has become the most personal com- themselves from identity theft. ping trips by using apps that makesoaring prices may smack your portfolio, build one puter and, with that, identity thieves Here are some tips from mobile ex- store loyalty cards virtual, as Shu did.devoted to whipping inflation eventually. are now beginning to turn their perts: Mobile app Swagg’s aim is for users Inflation is a persistent in- sights to smartphones,” he says. to “have everything, carry nothing” crease in prices, and it has Retailers have long matched ri- uTrust the source you’re buying from — in their wallets, that is, says Rocco been deader than Marley’s vals’ prices, and shoppers search ads on your phone. Mobile apps from Fabiano, president of Firethorn Hold- Apple’s App Store have gone ghost. The consumer price in fliers or on the Internet to find the through a tough screening process, ings, Qualcomm’s mobile commerce index, the government’s best offers. Now, consumers can dis- so they should be secure. “If it subsidiary. The mobile tool stores up main measure of inflation, cover competitors’ prices while in a doesn’t seem secure, don’t risk it,” to 300 loyalty and gift cards on a rose 1.2% in the 12 months store, thanks to mobile sites and says Global Bay Mobile Technol- smartphone. ended in October. Core in- apps such as PriceGrabber, which ogies CEO Sandeep Bhanote. Swagg also delivers deals straight uWhen conducting a transaction, flation — the CPI minus food more than half a million consumers look for the padlock icon some- to the mobile screen, much like Yow- and energy — was just 0.6%. have downloaded. where on the Web page. That icon za. There are more than $55,000 in Nevertheless, people are The iPhone and Android applica- means the site is SSL-encrypted, or discounts from more than 3,000By John Waggoner worried about future infla- tion is the mobile incarnation of secure. brands available through the app, Fa- tion. The main reason for PriceGrabber’s website, which at- uIf you’re worried, use your phone to biano says. Users can choose which browse but then complete the Read more concern is massive govern- tracts about 26 million shoppers transaction on your computer. types of offers they’d like to see. of John ment borrowing. The nation each month. Using the mobile app, uCheck an app’s rating before down- Shoppers could even cut shipping Waggoner’s currently owes $9.3 trillion shoppers can scan an item at a store loading, and only download apps costs on gifts and send last-minuteInvesting columns at to its creditors and is adding and see information on the best from trustworthy sources who presents through mobile-gifting have high ratings. to that amount every day. price on the product across multiple uStay current on security fixes by vices. Swagg has at least half a dozenThat borrowing will eventually weaken the value of retailers. They can try to haggle for a downloading all updates for your retailers on board for its gift cardthe dollar, they reason, which, in turn, is inflation- better deal while they’re in the store, smartphone and the apps you have. swap service, where people can sendary: A falling dollar makes imports more expensive. or buy it for less through a compet- uProtect the information stored in a gift card right to a loved one’s At the moment, however, there isn’t a handy re- itor PriceGrabber has discovered. the smartphone by setting an auto- smartphone. The app is working on lock feature that kicks in after fiveplacement currency. Problems in Greece, Ireland, The service even calculates exactly minutes of inactivity. Download an getting more retailers to participatePortugal, Spain and Italy haven’t endeared the euro how much the purchase will be app that can help track the phone if in this service. Options now might beto most investors. “It’s tough to collapse a currency when shipped directly to a consum- it’s lost or stolen. And set up fea- a bit limited.against a currency that’s in a financial crisis,” says er’s home, showing which option is tures that remotely lock the phone Mobile apps may also help shop-Richard Hoey, chief economist for BNY Mellon. the least expensive down to the last or erase all the data. pers better filter discounts and inven- Others worry about monetary policy. To keep the cent, PriceGrabber President Laura tory on big e-commerce sites. Theeconomy afloat, the Federal Reserve has been buy- Conrad says. eBay Deals app for iPhone brings us-ing Treasury securities, a strategy called quantita- “The difference in prices is pretty significant for per’s social network when she has checked into a ers daily deals and enables customized searches fortive easing. By doing so, it’s increasing the money most of the sellers we have up there,” says Conrad. particular store at the mall. The Simon app also de- bargains.available to spend and lend. And by making money “On any given day, most of these sellers could be livers specialized deal alerts and can help shoppers The mobile app has all the samecheap, companies and individuals can refinance running a special. Online retailers can change them remember where they parked. shopping and search capabilities as the website andtheir debt at lower rates. on the fly.” uGeneral Growth Properties gives consumers could also help shoppers ring in extra savings The worry: Sooner or later, banks will start lend- On Black Friday, consumers used the iPhone app access to promotions and discounts at its 150-plus through its Lott-O function, which offers exclusiveing extravagantly, fueling a huge boom in the econ- most often to search for price comparisons on elec- malls nationwide through its Club Shopping Mall chances to win extra savings.omy. As demand outstrips supply, companies will tronics, computers, cameras, appliances and toys, Guide app. GPS-based store directories help shop- Some shoppers might be wary of closing trans- the company reported. pers navigate the malls. Shoppers also can play mo- actions on their smartphone, though, and may opt LaKeitha Luster, 36, of Natchez, Miss., says she’s bile games for prizes. For instance, the app might to browse for deals on their phones but pay from Seeing positive returns always compared prices before big purchases, but display a picture of a snow globe, prompting con- their computers, says Sandeep Bhanote, CEO of Top-performing equity-income funds the past five years now she’s pulling out her smartphone to do the sumers to shake their phones for the chance to win mobile retail software provider Global Bay Mobile Total return1 task. Getting comprehensive product information a $100 mall gift card or to enter a sweepstakes for a Technologies. Fund, ticker 2010 5 years through the mobile sites can prove challenging, $500 gift card, depending on what the virtual snow Egner says brands need to pay attention to the Tilson Dividend, TILDX 17.5% 55% though, she says. “When you look at items online globe reveals. palm-size screen. “If you want to be a retailer, Nicholas Equity Income, NSEIX 18.4% 54% (particularly on a BlackBerry), I don’t normally get a uJ.C. Penney has built a mobile-compatible you’ve got to have a mobile site to be competitive,” Royce Dividend Value, RYDVX 27.6% 44% full description of what I’m interested in purchas- website and an app for the iPhone and Android he says. BB&T Equity Income Fund A, BAEIX 13.6% 38% ing,” Luster says. phones. Both provide a peek at weekly sales circu- Shu is skeptical of the security of the information Dividend Growth Rising Dividend 16.0% 38% Shopping-focused apps could help customers lars and help in finding the nearest store. It also lets on his smartphone, but he’s still loading it with re- Growth, ICRDX earn rewards and cut back on unnecessary travel shoppers create mobile wish lists, take advantage of ward cards, tracking down coupons and scanning Average equity income fund 12.1% 14% expenses to get to a store. The iPhone and Android coupons and access their store rewards account. bar codes. 1 — Dividends, gains reinvested through Wednesday. Source: Lipper app CheckPoints earns shoppers points when they uTarget’s mobile website and apps store prices His phone, he says, is “a very convenient tool” take pictures of the bar codes of items the app to help customers compare deals. The chain also of- that helps him decide “how and where we shop.”start raising prices, which, by definition, is inflation. chooses to feature. The points are redeemable for The problem with this theory, at least at the mo- gift certificates from retailers such as Sephora andment, is that no one wants to borrow because theeconomy is so weak. Factories have plenty of slackcapacity, so companies aren’t in any rush to build Neiman Marcus, plus gadgets, airline miles and charity donations. Another app, Shopkick, enters people in sweepstakes just for doing what’s known DISCOVERED: THREE KINGS SILVERnew ones. And to spark a true inflation bubble, youneed low unemployment: Prices can’t rise unless as “checking in” — alerting the app that they’ve walked into a particular store. COIN FROM THE TIME OF JESUS’S BIRTHpeople have the money to buy those things. Cur- Social-networking giant Facebook has gotten in-rently, unemployment is at 9.8%; it may take years volved in mobile check-ins with its Facebook Placesto get unemployment back below 5%. service. Shoppers could get deals for checking in Could inflation come roaring back for any of once, returning to a store or bringing friends to athese reasons? Sure. But probably not soon. store. Gap, Macy’s and American Eagle Outfitters If the nation doesn’t get a grip on its debt, or if are among those offering discounts this way.the Federal Reserve doesn’t tighten monetary pol- Some mobile apps deliver deals based on a cus-icy in time, inflation could — eventually — become a tomer’s preferences and where they are, thanks toproblem. If you want to start building an anti- location-finding technology that tracks where ainflation portfolio, consider these: customer shops and what items they check out. uDividend-paying stocks. Most companies Mobile app developer Yowza claims it has saved us-would welcome a chance to raise prices. When ers more than $5.4 million.they can, dividend-paying companies will be able to The app hunts down coupons from nearby retail-increase their dividends. ers and sends vouchers straight to shoppers’ One good place to look for dividend-paying phones, which cashiers can scan at checkout. Lanestocks is Standard & Poor’s Dividend Aristocrats. Bryant, which has offered “buy one, get one free”These companies have raised their dividends every deals through the app, is among the more than 300year for at least 25 years. You can find the full list at brands Yowza has Mobile devices can also combine tasks that con- Certified to be High-quality dividend-paying stocks are the usu- sumers have typically done only in stores or only authentic and dated betweenal hunting grounds for equity-income funds. The from their computers. “Stores are really starting to 35 BC to 5 ADtop performers are in the chart. understand that the lines between online and uGold. Investors often go for gold when they brick-and-mortar stores are blurring right now,” Imagine holding in the palm of your hand an VERY LIMITED AT THIS LOW PRICE —lose faith in paper currency. But it’s no panacea: Conrad says, pointing to retailers such as Walmart ancient silver coin minted by of one the three This special offer of ancient Silver Drachmas fromGold lost value steadily through the 1980s and that have added Wi-Fi service so customers can go kings who sent his emissaries towitness the birth the time of Christ is made possible by a major discov-1990s, while inflation marched on. If you buy now, online while shopping in a store. of the baby Jesus. Imagine owning a coin that was ery. The quantity is strictly limited and once they areyou’ll be buying close to an all-time high. Mobile smartphones also deliver online informa- touched by the people who walked among Jesus gone, there is no The most convenient way to buy gold is through tion to shoppers at traditional malls. Many big malls during his years on earth. Today, through an telling when, SPECIFICATIONSan exchange traded fund that buys the physical and department stores are hopping on board: exclusive release by you can or if, any more YEARS OF ISSUE: 35 BC — 5 ADmetal. The largest is SPDR Gold Shares (GLD). uMall operator Simon Property Group offers an own an authentic Silver Drachma, saved from will ever be COMPOSITION: SILVER DESIGN: KING AZES II ON HORSEBACK uTIPS. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, iPhone app that can automatically notify a shop- destruction and preserved for over 2,000 years! found. This coin WEIGHT: 9.65 GRAMS (APPROX.)or TIPS, increase in value along with the consumer is offered nation- DIAMETER: 15 MMprice index. Like all bonds, TIPS give you regular in- MIRACULOUS FIND GARNERSterest payments. But the government adds to the Savers’ Scoreboard WORLDWIDE ATTENTION Finding an ancient Silver Drachma coin anywhere in ally for $129.95, but while our supply lasts you can own this ancientbond’s principal according to changes in the CPI. 1 Silver “Three Kings” Drachma for just $49.95.Your interest payment is then calculated on the in- Highest CD yields this week the world is a noteworthy event. Finding one issued Additional savings are available for multiple coincreased amount. As a bonus, TIPS returns are based 6-month by one of the “Three Kings” of the Bible, a coin orders (see details).on the CPI-all items index, which includes energy, Bank, phone Yield produced by the King of Persia from 35 BC to 5 ADso they offer modest protection against oil shocks. Aurora Bank, FSB, 888-522-9295 1.11% and used throughout the life of Jesus Christ, is cause MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEEYou can buy TIPS from the government at no cost, United Americas Bank, 404-240-0101 1.10% for true excitement. Intricately A GIFT THAT Purchase your ancient Silver “Kings” Drachma for avia Treasury Direct: Colorado Federal Savings Bank, 877-484-2372 1.10% designed, it is a miniature work WILL full month risk free. You must be 100% satisfied or uReal estate. If you own a house, you’d prob- Ally Bank, 877-247-2559 1.09% of art. In ancient times the Silver BE TREASURED! simply return it within 30 days via insured mail forably welcome a whiff of inflation. Real estate tends 1-year Drachma was struck by hand, a prompt refund of the purchase do well when there is at least a modest rate of in- Colorado Federal Savings Bank, 877-484-2372 1.35% one at a time, so no two are exactly alike. This was aflation. If you want to add to your real estate hold- Sallie Mae, 877-346-2756 1.30% coin that could have easily been used to purchase the Ancient Silver “Kings” Drachma coinings, consider real estate investment trusts, which Aurora Bank, FSB, 888-522-9295 1.30% gifts presented to the Christ Child and has been his- just $49.95 each plus S&H Discover Bank, 888-204-8970 1.30%invest in commercial real estate. Two real estate 2 -year torically proven to have circulated in Jesus’ lifetime. BUY MORE AND SAVEfunds to consider: Cohen & Steers Realty (CSRSX) Stonebridge Bank, 800-807-1666or Vanguard REIT Index EFT (VNQ). 1.65% THE PARABLE OF THE LOST DRACHMA FREE ancient Biblical bronze coin from the Holy Discover Bank, 888-204-8970 1.60% Land with any order of 3 or more Drachmas! Truly horrible inflation, such as in the 1970s, isn’t Colorado Federal Savings Bank, 877-484-2372 1.60% The Silver Drachma was a coin well known to Jesus and his followers. In one of his parables Jesus says, THREE ancient Silver “Kings” Drachma coinsparticularly good for any type of investment. In- Aurora Bank, FSB, 888-522-9295 1.57% Just $44.95 each plus S&H Save $5 per coin!terest rates rise in an inflationary environment, 5-year “Or what woman, having ten drachmas, if she loseschallenging every type of investment but cash and Stonebridge Bank, 800-807-1666 2.65% one, does not light a candle and sweep the house and FIVE or MORE ancient Silver “Kings”gold. If inflation rises from low to normal — about First Internet Bank of Indiana, 888-873-3424 2.55% look diligently till she finds it? And after she has Drachma coins2% — the above investments should fare well. Sallie Mae, 877-346-2756 2.45% found it, she calls in her friends and says, Rejoice Just $39.95 each plus S&H Save $10 per coin! Discover Bank, 888-204-8970 2.45% with me, for I have found the drachma that I lost” Toll-Free 24 hours a day 1 – as of Dec. 7 Source:, North Palm Beach, Fla.John Waggoner’s column appears Fridays. E-mail: (Luke 15:8-9) Follow him at Highest taxable money fund yields 1 A PRECIOUS CHRISTMAS GIFT Promotional Code CJB127-02 Please mention this code when you call. Fund, phone Minimum investment Yield Your Silver “Kings” Drachma from the time of Christ Flex-funds Money Market/Retail, 800-325- $2,500 0.17% will arrive housed in a deluxe presentation album to-Corrections & Clarifications 3539 Harbor Money Market Fund/Instit, 800- 422- $1,000 0.16% gether with historical information detailing this coin’sUSA TODAY is committed to accuracy. To reach us, contact Standards Editor 1050 amazing journey. A signed certificate of authenticity 14101 Southcross Drive W., Dept. CJB127-02,Brent Jones at 1-800-872-7073 or e-mail Please Dreyfus MM Instr/MM Series, 800-782-6620 $50,000 0.14% guarantees the coin is from the time of Christ and is Burnsville, Minnesota 55337indicate whether you’re responding to content online or in the newspaper. PayPal Money Market Fund, 402-935-7733 $1 0.11% sure to be cherished by friends and family. TCW Money Market Fund, 800-386-3829 $2,000 0.11%A story Wednesday on who would benefit from the Timothy Plan MMF, 800-846-7526 $1,000 0.10%proposed tax changes before Congress should have Prices and availability subject to change without notice. 1 – current 7-day annualized yieldsaid the proposal calls for a one-year reduction in Source: Money Fund Report, 800-343-5413 Quantity strictly limited at this price. Orders filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Sold out orders will be promptly refunded. Note: is a Savers’ Scoreboard appears Fridays private distributor of worldwide government coin issues and is not affiliated with the United States Government. Facts and figures were deemed accurate as of SeptemberSocial Security payroll taxes. 2010. ©, 2010
  • 7. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · 7A "USA TODAY hopes to serve as a forum for better understanding Letters and unity to help make the USA truly one nation." -Allen H. Neuharth, Founder, Sept. 15, 1982 EDITOR SENIOR VICE PRESIDENTS John Hillkirk Brand Marketing: Jeffrey Wilks Circulation: Brad Jones EXECUTIVE EDITOR/CONTENT Susan Weiss Sales and Marketing: Lee Jones Finance, Administration: Myron Maslowsky EXECUTIVE EDITOR/DISTRIBUTION Chet Czarniak VICE PRESIDENTS EDITOR, EDITORIAL PAGE Business Development: Rudd Davis Brian Gallagher Consumer Media: Heather Frank Digital Development: Steve Kurtz NEWSROOM MANAGEMENT TEAM Information Technology: John Palmisano David Colton Robert Robinson Product Development, Design: Jeff Dionise Jim Henderson Carol Stevens P resident and Publisher Sports: Ross Schaufelberger Monte Lorell David Teeuwen Patty Michalski David L. Hunke Strategic Planning: Susan Motiff Production: Ken Kirkhart Today’s debate: Liu Xiaobo China’s overreaction to Nobel By Paula Bronstein, Getty Images reveals regime’s insecurity Marine female engagement team: Sgt. Sheena Adams, 25, on patrol. Because of the local Af- ghan culture, male Marines are not allowed to look at, let alone talk to, any local women. When the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in OsloFriday, the recipient was absent. Dissident journalistLiu Xiaobo is imprisoned in his native China. The win- economic powerhouse with leaders too insecure to abide even one impassioned critic who has won the world’s attention. Servicemembers deservener was represented on stage by his photo on an emp-ty chair. Initially, China attempted to bully the Nobel com- mittee in Norway into passing over Liu, 54. When that respectable pay increase Liu’s crime? He defied the Chi- didn’t work, China denouncednese government by calling for hu- awarding the prize to a “criminal,” Benedict Arnold betrayed his country. Con- paid travel, plus a regular salary. That’s a pack-man rights, political freedom and and placed Liu’s wife under house gress has betrayed U.S. soldiers. Lawmakers are age any civilian would love to have, especially inan independent judiciary. And he arrest. It called on other nations to considering giving the active duty military only today’s economy. Just as in the civilian world, ifdared to sign a manifesto, known boycott the ceremony and tried to a 1.4% pay raise (“Proposed pay raise for troops you don’t like the pay, start working on your ré-as Charter 08, setting out his block news of the honor. panned,” News, Monday). sumé and move on. Our fighting men and women have been Jeff Cogginsdreams for his countrymen. He Finally, in a ludicrous attempt to forced to use poorly armored Humvees, accept Strawberry Plains, Tenn.was sentenced last December to an overshadow the Nobel, China in- substandard medical care and go through mul-11-year term. vented its own award, the Confu- cius Peace Prize, which was given tiple deployments. Now our soldiers are being Implement draft with conditions told that a respectable pay raise is too costly. Thursday by a group sympathetic. OUR VIEW I challenge President Obama and Congress to It is quaint to see the “universal draft” con- to the communist regime to a Tai- live under the same conditions that they so easi- cept suggested as a way to help bring an end to wanese recipient with an agenda ly put upon our armed forces. Walk the walk if the war (“Implementing universal draft wouldToo many nations bow to the regime’s liking. Rest assured, you’ve got the guts. accelerate end to war,” Letters, Tuesday).to Beijing’s bullying no one will be vying for this honor Randy Maddox I, myself, do not believe in a draft or a war for anytime soon. Kansas City, Mo. that matter. I must concede, however, there is China might have allowed Liu’s Forty-six nations, including the some truth in the notion that if enough middle-wife to represent her husband — United States, are attending the If you don’t like the pay, move on class Americans come home in body bags, “Hellthe first Chinese citizen to receive a real prize ceremony. But China’s no, we won’t go!” might help bring the Iraq/Nobel — but it chose instead to arm-twisting succeeded in per- In terms of pay raises for our military, our ser- Afghanistan era to a close. Unfortunately, if akeep her under house arrest. By Odd Andersen, AFP/Getty Images suading 18 others to boycott the vicemembers deserve the very best our coun- draft were implemented, it would take months, In their petulant response to the Absent winner: The medal and di- ceremony, including Russia, Iraq, try can provide. perhaps years for protests to gain momentumprize, the Chinese are following the ploma of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo Iran, Afghanistan and several de- On the other hand, no one twisted their arms to make any difference. Meanwhile, the fighting to join, and last time I checked it was an all vol- would continue, and more innocent peopleexample of such governments as mocracies, such as the Philippines, unteer service. I was in the military during Viet- would die.Burma’s repressive military junta and Nazi Germany, Serbia and Ukraine. Their bow to China is also a testa- nam, and those were the days when a draft no- A more effective idea would be to implementwhich also prevented recipients from attending the ment to its growing economic influence. Many nations tice came to your door unless you volunteered, a draft with some important conditions: Peopleaward ceremony. Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi was un- fear offending it, which is further reason for more prin- which I did. Back then, you did what you had to who support the draft should be put on theder years-long house arrest when she was honored in cipled nations to repudiate China’s tactics. do, and no one complained about a pay raise. front lines first, regardless of age or gender; and1991 for her battle against repression. German peace No matter how successful China is economically, its My suggestion to anyone in the military who children of anyone making $500,000 or moreactivist Carl von Ossietzky was in a concentration authoritarianism tarnishes its every chance to shine on has a gripe about their pay: Get out immedi- should be drafted first. Wars based on greedcamp when he won the 1935 Nobel, and the German the world stage. The 2008 Beijing Olympics, a glowing ately. When your next assignment arrives make will not end until the ones with the most topress was forbidden to comment on it. success for venues built and medals won, were a choice. Do the math. lose, lose what means most to them. Not the best company for a country that strives to marred by heavy-handed control and censorship. In the military you get three square meals a Ian Kennedybe a 21st century superpower. China’s response to the Nobel, while no surprise, is day, clothing, free medical benefits, housing, Lebanon, Ind. From the moment the Nobel committee began con- another opportunity wasted, another sign that it is notsidering Liu, China greeted the coveted honor with confident enough to allow dissent. Ironically, its over-threats, censorship and more repression. Its reaction is reaction only enhances the honor to Liu Xiaobo andemblematic of the country’s two faces: A burgeoning spreads his fame. Football, fans will feel Holocaust survivors. That makes perfect sense, since the Nazis stole the houses and property of loss of Don Meredith so many Jews, left them homeless and changed the courses of their lives so unjustly. Don Meredith put the color in “color com- But what about Palestinians who have suf- Don’t politicize the prize mentator.” He was someone you liked to watch football with. It was also a pleasure to watch him play. Meredith was known for singing his signature song, Willie Nelson’s The Party’s Over, fered the same fate at the hands of the govern- ment of Israel? If Jews are entitled to reparations from Ger- many, why aren’t Palestinians entitled to rep-By Wang Baodong support for criminal activities in China and encourages when the outcome of a game was clear. He only arations from Israel? others to resist its laws. Such an open challenge to ju- did what came naturally to him, having great After all, fair is fair and the Jews themselves Awarding Liu Xiaobo the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize dicial sovereignty cannot be ignored. fun while sharing an innate knowledge of the have created the international legal precedent.contravenes the purpose of the prize, which is meant China is not alone in its view. More than 100 coun- game. Mike Burchto recognize individuals who promote international tries and international organizations that advocate Mel Maurer Nashvilleharmony and friendship, peace and disarmament. justice and the rule of law have expressed support for Westlake, Ohio To the contrary, this year’s choice is largely political. China’s position.Rather than promoting the intent of the prize, the award has caused un- China is changing. That is undeniable. Chinese citi- zens enjoy a growing level of well-being unheard of With cars, less is more To the troops only years ago. The country’s success over the last Regarding future cars with higher gas mileage This holiday season, many families are separat-. ease and disharmony OPPOSING VIEW three decades in achieving unparalleled economic and standards being more costly, a common-sense ed by war, some for the second or third time as in the international social progress is due in part to its political system. approach to lowering costs might help. What troops serve repeated tours in Afghanistan andChina can’t ignore community. has long Liu Xiaobo Admittedly, that system is not perfect. But it too is about making a car with no extra options unless Iraq. Now USA TODAY is providing a way for ordered? Modern cars are much improved, butan open challenge engaged in activities changing. We are ready to draw on the fine practices of they are needlessly complex, ornate and expen- those families to share video messages and for other countries as we further economic and political everyone to join the its sovereignty aimed at overthrowing reforms. China is resolute in its commitment to this sive. Perhaps a base-model car could cost the Chinese govern- $10,000 to $15,000. I bet it would sell like hot- To record a video message of yourment and political system. Zealous advocacy to im- path, but we will travel at our own pace and in our cakes. own to the troops, visitprove the well-being of one’s fellow citizens is one own way so as not to jeopardize the progress we have John Snyder tothetroops. usatoday. com.thing. Promoting the overthrow of one’s government achieved thus far and hope to achieve in the future. Knoxville, Tenn. Send your comments for print con-to accomplish such change is quite another. Liu’s activ- A peaceful, stable and growing China supports the sideration to,ities cross this line, and the Nobel Committee is wrong fundamental interests of the Chinese people and thoseto reward him for it. of the world at large. Politicizing the Nobel Peace Prize Israel owes reparations or fax 703-854-2053, by Dec. 17. Please include your name, address Respect of sovereignty and non-interference with will not support this important endeavor. Germany has just agreed to double the mon- and phone number for verification.another’s internal affairs are fundamental principles of ey it provides for the at-home care of elderlyinternational relations. The Nobel Committee’s deci- Wang Baodong is the spokesman for the Chinese Em-sion to grant the prize to Mr. Liu is tantamount to overt bassy in Washington, D.C. Even after censure, Rangel smug These comments appeared on USA TODAY’s They’re all crooks Punchlines Opinion site in response to the editorial “After Rangel censure, will House backtrack on ethics?” This censure won’t overshadow Charles Ran- (Our view, Congress debate, Dec. 3). gel’s 40 years in Congress and all the good he’s A lighter look at the news of the week done. So he’s crooked. What politician isn’t? Charles Rangel was on the — Night and Day morning talk shows acting as if he “According to the folks at Allstate insurance, the worst drivers in the is a hero of some kind. He’s a smug GOP gets slaps on wrists country are in Washington, D.C. Republicans can only turn right. Demo- criminal, which makes him an crats can only turn left. And President Obama’s weaving all over the even worse thief. What about the misdeeds of Re- place.” — AnnonUSA publicans and their punishments? — The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Democrats get censured, Repub- He got away with it licans get reprimanded. Newt Gingrich was reprimanded and now wants to “(On Sarah Palin’s Alaska), she takes you around Alaska and it’s truly a Censure is the joke of the century. And Con- run for president, and Tom DeLay was the big- wonderland. On last week’s episode, she shot and killed a reindeer. And that gress has the audacity to think the public be- gest crook in the House. He got reprimanded was her Christmas special.” lieves they did something significant. What twice. — Late Show with David Letterman Charles Rangel did was disgraceful, but the — history4 greatest atrocity of all were the deplorable, out- rageous, disgusting and reprehensible . . . Remove him from office “New York City taxi drivers have been asked to begin racially profiling their passen- members of the kangaroo court in the House gers. Drivers are being told to report anyone who looks like them.” who insulted our intelligence by issuing a cen- Rangel should be removed from office. All he — Conan sure as if that means anything. Rangel got away got was a public scolding. Whoopee. That really with everything folks. sent a message to the rest of the crooks in office. — bama23 — torimom Our commitment to accuracy To comment . . . We welcome your original responses to USA TODAY content. There are two platforms where you may share views: uFor print consideration, e-mail, fax to 703-854- uYou may also choose to join conversations taking place To report corrections or clarifications, contact online by going to or www.face- 2053 or mail to 7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22108. Letters are ed- Standards Editor Brent Jones at 1-800-872- ited for accuracy, clarity and length, and comments of 250 words or fewer 7073 or e-mail Please have the best chance of being published. Only comments that have not been Letters to the editor and articles submitted to USA TODAY indicate whether you’re responding to content submitted to other news sources and that include a verifiable name, address may be published or distributed in print, electronic or other online or in the newspaper. and day and evening phone numbers can be considered for print. forms.
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  • 9. By Howard Smith, US Presswire Navy knocks out Army againMonday, December 13, 2010 Improved Black Knights drop ninth in a row to Midshipmen, 4B Sportsline NFL movesSaturday’s resultsBasketball/NBA m7B Giants vs.Memphis 84, L.A. Clippers 83Boston 93, Charlotte 62Chicago 113, Minnesota 82 Atlanta 97, Indiana 83 Toronto 120, Detroit 116 Dallas 103, Utah 97 VikingsHouston 110, Cleveland 95Men’s top 251-Duke 84, Saint Louis 47 Miami 104, Sacramento 83 13-Tenn. 83, 3-Pittsburgh 76 to Detroit4-Kansas 76, Colo. State 55 5-Kan. State 68, Loyola (Chi.) 607-Syracuse 100, Colgate 43 8-Mich. State 77, Oakland 76 Metrodome roof collapses11-Missouri 70, Presbyterian 5516-Kentucky 81, Indiana 62 15-S. Diego St. 77, San Diego 49 18-Purdue 77, North Florida 57 under 17 inches of snowLouisville 77, 19-UNLV 69 20-Minnesota 71, Eastern Ky. 5823-Notre Dame 83, Gonzaga 79 25-Texas 101, Texas State 65 From staff and wire reportsFootball/Bowl Subdivision m4BNavy 31, Army 17 The Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants will play tonight in DetroitHockey/NHL m3B after the Metrodome’s inflated roofCarolina 2, St. Louis 1 (SO) Philadelphia 2, Boston 1 (SO) collapsed in a snowstorm thatPittsburgh 5, Buffalo 2 Toronto 3, Montreal 1Detroit 4, New Jersey 1 Atlanta 5, NY Islanders 4 dropped 17 inches on Minneapolis.Colorado 3, Washington 2 Columbus 3, NY Rangers 1 Kickoff will be at 7:20 p.m. ET.Nashville 3, Florida 0 Phoenix 5, Dallas 2 Metrodome officials told the leagueTampa Bay 5, Vancouver 4 (OT) Minnesota 3, Los Angeles 2 (OT) the roof wouldn’t be ready in time toSan Jose 2, Chicago 1 (OT) play today or Tuesday. The league had discussions with Detroit and Indian-Newton wins Heisman in landslide apolis and ultimately decided to hold the game at Ford Field. NEW YORK — The Heisman Trophy ceremony is The delay has given Vikings quar-usually filled with excitement and, in its best years, terback Brett Favre more time to healsuspense. However, Saturday’s presentation was his sprained right shoulder and see if certainly one of he can extend his NFL-record streak the more muted of 297 consecutive games started. affairs in the 76- The game originally was scheduled year history of for Sunday afternoon and already had the award. When been pushed back to tonight because Auburn quarter- of the storm that dumped 17 inches back Cam New- of snow on Minneapolis. ton’s name was No one was hurt, but the roof col- announced Sat- lapse sent the league and both teams urday night at the scrambling. Best Buy Theater The Giants’ plane was diverted to in Times Square, Kansas City on Saturday, and the team he bowed his initially planned to leave early Sunday head and smiled. morning and arrive in the Twin Cities There was no in time to play. But the roof collapsed emotional, tear- overnight, the fourth time in the filled speech, like building’s 29-year history that has the one delivered happened. By Craig Ruttle, AP last year by Ala- University of Minnesota officialsTrophy time: Newton led Au- bama’s Mark In- told the NFL that TCF Bank Stadiumburn to a 13-0 record. gram. There was was shut down for the winter and also no surprise. would take several days to prepare forNewton received 82.2% of the first-place votes (729 another game. Removing all the snow,of the 886 ballots returned), but was left off 105 figuring out how to cram 64,000 Met-ballots. He was picked first on 93.3% of ballots rodome fans into a 50,000-seat stadi-which included him. Stanford quarterback Andrew um and the fact that the Giants didn’tLuck was second, followed by Oregon running back bring any cold-weather gear withLaMichael James and Boise State quarterback Kel- them for what would have been alen Moore. Nothing has been able to stop the 6-6, brutally frigid night game all com-250-pound Newton this season. Not Southeastern bined to make that site problematic.Conference defenses, not an NCAA investigation The New Orleans Saints and Colts alsoand not Heisman Trophy voters hesitant to pick a said they were willing to help.player embroiled in a pay-for-play controversy. It will be the first Monday nightNewton passed for 2,589 yards and 28 touchdowns game ever at Ford Field and first inand rushed for 1,409 yards and 20 TDs, becoming Michigan since the Pontiac Silver-the first SEC player to throw for 2,000 yards and dome hosted one in 2000.rush for 1,000 yards in a season. He is the third By Mark J. Rebilas, US Presswire The Metrodome roof has failedplayer in major college history to throw and run for One goal: “You have to go into every season thinking that you want to win the Super Bowl,” says Rams quarterback three times before. It deflated in20 TDs in the same season. — Kelly Whiteside Sam Bradford, shown before Sunday’s game vs. the Cardinals. “If you don’t, then what are you playing for?” 1981, 1982 and 1983, each time dueUSA’s Ligety captures giant slalom to tears caused by heavy snow. The Rookie revitalizes Rams April 14, 1983, collapse forced the Ted Ligety is well on his way to a third World Cup postponement of the Twins’ gamegiant slalom title, dominating his rivals Saturday for against the California Angels, whichhis second consecutive victory in this event. The had been the only postponement.American beat Aksel Lund Svindal of Norway bymore than a second in Val d’Isere, France, for hisseventh career victory in his favorite event. Ligety Quarterback By Jarrett Bell uColts hold off Titans, 2Bwon with a combined time of 2 minutes, 26.26 sec- USA TODAYonds. Svindal was 1.05 seconds behind, and Massi-miliano Blardone of Italy was third, 1.21 back. In Bradford’s fast ST. LOUIS — Sam Bradford can At USA TODAY’s Nate Davis andSunday’s slalom, Ligety missed a gate in the secondrun and finished 25th behind winner Marcel adjustment deal with the long hours, complex defenses and challenge to help re- Sean Leahy look at the NFL playoff home stretch in today’sHirscher, who won in a combined time of 1:44.70.uWorley wins women’s giant slalom, 3B to NFL game vive one of the NFL’s most de- pressed franchises. Huddle Minute webcast at thehuddle.usatoday.comNavratilova hospitalized after climb helps put That dreaded beeper his head coach uses at practice? If Bradford doesn’t fire the foot- Martina Navratilova says she “just couldn’tbreathe” while on Africa’s highest mountain. The team in hunt Drives him crazy. Steve Spagnuolo realizes this and ball within the allotted time, he pays $15 to a charity fund. If hetennis great was released from a Nairobi hospitalSunday, three days after her fluid-filled lungs forced for playoff spot loves it. Spagnuolo, the former New York Giants defensive coordinator in beats the clock, Spagnuolo pays $5. Bradford on the clock. This washer to abandon her attempt to climb Mount Kili- his second season as St. Louis Rams Spagnuolo’s idea.manjaro. She was treated for high-altitude pulmo- coach, has been emphasizing the “Besides the fact that all the mon-nary edema. Navratilova, 54, was carried down Kili-manjaro on a stretcher Thursday night and Friday Cover story importance of getting rid of the ball quickly to his rookie quarterback. ey goes to charity, it’s probably one of the worst parts of our practice,”morning. She said she knew by Wednesday she During seven-on-seven drills, he Bradford, 23, said this week at Ramswouldn’t be able to reach the summit of the uses a timer that beeps if Bradford Park. “It’s not my favorite thing, and19,340-foot mountain in Tanzania. Navratilova said doesn’t throw within 2.7 seconds. he knows it. I think that’s why he By Ann Heisenfelt, APperforming even minor tasks was a huge effort. The To raise the stakes, they have an on- Whiteout: Snow falls onto the Met-climb was to raise money and awareness for the going wager. Please see COVER STORY next page u rodome field after the roof collapsed.Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. In surprise, Florida names Muschamp coachCompiled from staff and wire reports Bloggers Reid Cherner and Tom Weir offer a look at the weekend’s best in sports at By David Jones “This is a dream come true,” Muschamp said. “I Florida Today grew up watching the Gators and whatever otherUSA TODAY Snapshots® S DA GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Texas defensive coordinator SEC team was on television. I have great memories watching SEC football with my father on Saturdays Will Muschamp has been hired as the new head and playing football in the backyard with my two A Active NHL players football coach at the University of Florida. brothers right here in Gainesville.” w with most hat tricks h Florida announced Saturday night that the Texas He has coached in two national championship defensive coordinator has been hired to replace Ur- games as defensive coordinator at Texas (last Janu- ban Meyer as the Gators’ new head coach. He will ary’s loss to Alabama) and in 2003 while at LSU. be introduced Tuesday. “We are thrilled to have Coach Muschamp,” Fo- 19 Florida athletics director Jeremy Foley said Mus- ley said. “He is the guy we wanted.” champ was the only person offered the job and the In his five seasons as an SEC defensive coor- person targeted to replace Meyer, who surprisingly dinator, Muschamp’s defenses ranked among the 11 quit Wednesday. Muschamp, 39, comes to Florida nation’s top 10 in total defense every year, while al- 11 11 after being the coach-in-waiting at Texas since No- ways maintaining a top-15 rating in scoring defense, vember 2008 and is a Gainesville native. including three times inside the top 10. Muschamp has 12 years of experience in the Longhorns coach Mack Brown said of losing 11 11 Southeastern Conference, eight as a coach and four Muschamp: “We were planning and hoping Will as a player. Muschamp served as defensive coor- was going to be the next head coach at Texas, but 10 10 dinator at Auburn (2006-07) and LSU (2002-04; he obviously things didn’t work out that way. We re- In Inc Inc ud Includ Includ Includes games was LSU’s linebackers coach in 2001) and was a fi- spect his decision.” By Brian Bahr, Getty Images through Dec. 7 nalist for the 2007 Broyles Award as the nation’s Fired up: Will Muschamp has served as Texas de-Source: NHL By Kevin Greer and Karl Gelles, USA TODAY r A top assistant coach. uReport: Meyer resigned over health, 3B fensive coordinator for the last three seasons.
  • 10. 2B · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · USA TODAY National Football LeagueRookie Bradfordhighly criticalof his own playContinued from 1B Bradford sees it as a matter of high expectations.continues to do it.” “If you go into a season think- Bradford contends there are ing, ‘OK, we won one game lastcircumstances, such as a primary year, and if we win three this yearreceiver on a play being covered, it will be a success,’ you’re totallythat dictate a quarterback wait a wrong,” Bradford says. “You havebit longer. to go into every season thinking By Jae S. Lee, The Tennessean “I can throw a route totally that you want to win the Super Bowl. If you don’t, then what are Losing it: Kenny Britt fumbles on Cover story you playing for?” Such an outlook is one reason a hit by Dwight Freeney, left. Manning the Rams were so drawn to selecton rhythm in our progression, Bradford as the franchise’s cor-and according to the clock it’s nerstone. Physical traits — includ- helps Coltslate,” he says. “Which doesn’t ing a strong, accurate arm thatmake a lot of sense. But he’s a de- checked out after shoulder sur-fensive guy.” gery wiped out much of his sen- end skid Even so, Bradford is winning ior season — matter only so muchthe season-long wager with his when projecting whether a quar-coach. Sort of. terback will succeed in the NFL. “I tell him,” Spagnuolo says, ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, a for-“ ‘Sam, you realize that I can’t mer NFL quarterback, hardly saw By Tom Weirlose. When you’re doing well, I this coming. Dilfer always USA TODAYwin. And when you’re doing bad, thought highly of the physicalyou have to pay. So I can’t lose. skills but thought Bradford was NASHVILLE — In a game be-And I don’t mind giving money to destined to be a slow developer. tween two teams that havecharity.’ He doesn’t like that. He “I’m blown away by his pro- known nothing but misery lately,wants to have a clear winner.” gression and the improvement Peyton Manning and the Indian- This is one way to connect with he’s made since coming into the apolis Colts ended their slumpBradford, a fierce competitor and league,” Dilfer says. “He looks Thursday night with a 30-28 vic-perfectionist who won the Heis- nothing like a typical rookie. I tory that stretched the Tennesseeman Trophy two years ago while didn’t like his instincts. It almost Titans’ nose dive to six consec-starring at Oklahoma and was looked too easy (at Oklahoma).” utive defeats.drafted No. 1 overall in April. When the Rams were evaluat- Manning had an interception- It hasn’t hurt. The Rams (6-6) ing Bradford, they might have free night after throwing 11 pickshave won as many games this been more focused on how well in his previous three games andseason as they did in the previous he worked with teammates. finished 25-for-35 for 319 yards.three seasons combined and lead Bradford is accepted as a lead- “People say hang in there, but Ithe NFC West. After back-to-back er by teammates, who laud his was never out there. . . . I’ve al-road victories, they were in New work ethic. Shortly after Bradford ways hung in there,” ManningOrleans on Sunday for the next was drafted, Jackson called him said after the game. “I’ve neverbig challenge of trying to upset with a bit of advice: be yourself. left.”the defending Super Bowl cham- Jackson, the team’s most ac- Two second-quarter touch- By Gregory Shamus, Getty Imagespion Saints (9-3), who have a complished player, wanted to down strikes to Pierre Garconfive-game winning streak. ease any concerns about how the Pursuing perfection: Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, left, with Sam Bradford on Oct. 10, says of his quar- pushed Indianapolis to a 21-7 “They’re in playoff mode,” leadership needed to flow within terback, “I love him on game day, especially when he comes to the sideline all (mad) about something.” halftime lead, and Manning alsoSpagnuolo says of the Saints. “I’m the team’s chemistry. connected with Reggie Waynesure we’ll get their best punch.” “I just wanted him to know moaning a completion to wide like there were just bodies mov- back, the speed and complexity for gains of 46 and 50 yards. That the Rams are in the play- that he didn’t have to worry receiver Brandon Gibson. He in- ing 100 miles an hour in all direc- of the NFL game have required Manning reached the 4,000-off hunt themselves is nothing about that,” Jackson said. “I told tended to throw the pass to the tions, and you’re trying to sort Bradford to adjust. Each Tuesday, yard mark in passing for a fifthshort of remarkable. They were 1- him, ‘If you’re not a yeller, don’t tight end and told Spagnuolo he them out as quickly as possible. typically the players’ day off, he consecutive year and the 11th15 last season and are in a re- yell. Don’t feel like you have to do had gotten lucky on the play. This time I had a good feel for puts in a full day, beginning with time in his career.building mode. Their chances of anything out of yourself to cap- “I love him on game day, espe- what they were trying to do.” a weightlifting session and end- The Colts (7-6) halted theirmaking the postseason are ture leadership.’ ” cially when he comes to the side- Even so, each week has been ing with meetings with Spagnuo- three-game losing streak, andboosted by being in the NFL’s Says Bradford: “I knew I wasn’t line all (mad) about something,” about discovery, with defenses lo, coordinator Pat Shurmur and their next game comes vs. theweakest division. going to come in telling people Spagnuolo says. “I look at him bent to disguise and confuse. The quarterbacks coach Dick Curl, AFC South-leading Jacksonville Although Spagnuolo won’t what to do from Day One. . . . I and think, ‘That’s beautiful.’ I coverage that surprised him who gives him the game plan. Jaguars (7-5).even publicly mention the play- just focused on working hard, mean, he doesn’t like it when he most Sunday came on a play in “The toughest thing about this “Nobody likes losing three in aoffs, there is no denying the buzz and I think the guys have seen throws a completion and it was which the nose tackle floated to job is the amount of time that row,” Manning said. “That’s beencirculating throughout the com- that and respected that.” on the (receiver’s) right shoulder the flat to cover the halfback. you have to put in,” Bradford foreign territory to us.”plex for a team having something With time, Rams GM Billy De- instead of the left shoulder.” “I’ve seen teams dropping says. “It didn’t catch me off guard, Tennessee (5-8) cost itself withto play for in December. vaney also has gained a sense of ends,” he says, “but I’ve never but until I went through a game two key first-half mistakes. “I was afraid at one point that what makes Bradford tick. In the Preparing for pressure heard of anybody doing what week I didn’t think I really un- In his first game back from in-whenever it turned around I third preseason game at the New they did with the nose guard.” derstood how much of a commit- jury, Kenny Britt lost a fumble,wouldn’t be around or I would England Patriots, Bradford’s first St. Louis has been careful not He expects to get a big NFL ment it is. In college you put in a setting up Garcon’s first touch-not have a significant role,” says start, Devaney recalls an ex- to overload Bradford. He had his welcome at the Louisiana Super- lot of time, but it’s nothing com- down catch. Then an errant snaprunning back Steven Jackson, the change on the team bus. He con- first 300-yard game two Sundays dome on Sunday, as defensive co- pared to this.” on a punt gave the Colts the balllongest-tenured Ram in his sev- gratulated Bradford for handling ago at the Denver Broncos, and ordinator Gregg Williams tradi- Jackson checked on Bradford at the Titans’ 19, and Manning hitenth season. He’s fourth in the himself well against the Patriots Jackson is second in the NFL with tionally calls more blitzes than recently to gauge how he was Garcon for another score twoNFC with 985 rushing yards. starters, an effort that began with 260 carries. In an offense that lost any other coach in the league. holding up to the rigors of a long- plays later. a touchdown drive on his first se- starting receivers Mark Clayton “With me being a young quar- er NFL season. He was pleased But after going 14 quartersAiming high ries. He was taken aback by Brad- and Donnie Avery to season-end- terback, you’d expect to see a lot that the quarterback dismissed without an offensive touchdown, ford’s matter-of-fact response. ing injuries, the Rams have used a of pressures, especially early in any possibility of running into the the Titans broke through on Chris Bradford, who set an NFL rook- “He said, ‘Oh, my God. Can you short, controlled passing game. the game,” says Bradford, who so-called “rookie wall.” Johnson’s 1-yard TD run just be-ie record by throwing 169 passes believe I missed Laurent (Rob- Still, they seem to be expand- has an 81.0 passer rating and 17- “The fact that we’re in a playoff fore halftime.without an interception, is hardly inson) in the back of the end ing packages by the week, evi- to-10 touchdown-to-interception race takes care of that,” Bradford The Titans got it to 27-21 withsurprised by the Rams’ resur- zone?’ ” Devaney said. “Those denced by the use of a no-huddle ratio with 2,653 yards. “They are says. “I’ve got to give my team a 7:59 left. But after a three-and-gence. That might reflect the un- were the first words out of his attack early in Sunday’s game. going to test us, see if our protec- chance to win. There’s no time out on Tennessee’s next posses-bridled enthusiasm of a rookie mouth. That’s what makes him.” “Last week it seemed like the tions can hold up. Hopefully we for me to hit a wall.” sion, the Colts’ Adam Vinatieriwho signed a record six-year, During last Sunday’s 19-6 vic- game was moving 10 times slow- can make some plays to get them This much he knows, even tacked on his third field goal.$78 million contract with tory at the Arizona Cardinals, er than it was in Week 1,” Brad- out of some of those looks.” without the help of his coach’s The Titans scored a touchdown$50 million guaranteed, but Bradford came to the sideline be- ford says. “In Week 1 it seemed As with any rookie quarter- beeper. as time expired.
  • 11. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · 3B Update A quick read on the news of the day n Webline Newsmakers from the wide world of Web and TV sports By Kirthmon F. Dozier, Detroit Free PressWorld hockey record: More than 113,000 fansfilled Michigan Stadium on Saturday.‘Big Chill’ sets hockeyattendance record ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Michigan players didn’t By John Raoux, APknow what was more impressive: playing in Denial: Urban Meyer says healthfront of 113,411 fans outdoors or seeing their 71- had no role in his resignation.year-old coach Red Berenson clap when the at-tendance was announced as a world record. Quick question: Meyer “I actually saw him smile, and saw him clap, and Tebow in Denver?and that doesn’t happen much,” Michigan fresh-man defenseman Jon Merrill said. “(Today), I’m Urban Meyer resigned as Flori-sure the smile will go away.” da’s football coach Wednesday Michigan Stadium officially only has a capacity . . . which naturally leads toof 109,901, but Guinness Book of World Records speculation he could reuniteadjudicator Mike Janela was on site to verify the with former Gators quarterbackcrowd size for Michigan’s 5-0 win vs. Michigan Tim Tebow with the DenverState. It shatters the previous record of 77,803, Broncos.set last spring when Germans defeated the USA Tebow earned two national ti-2-1 in a domed soccer stadium at the world 1968 AP photo tle rings and the Heisman TrophyChampionships in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Towering figure: Steve Sabol says HBO’s Lombardi includes fresh footage of Vince Lombardi, shown after Super Bowl II. while playing for Meyer in Janela said Guinness counts everyone in the Gainesville. The first-round pickvenue to watch the game — the “Big Chill at the Spectator sports has not started for the Broncos.Big House” — excluding only participants and the Denver (3-9) fired coach Josh ‘Lombardi’ takes new look at legendnews media. McDaniels on Monday and will “It was amazing,” said Michigan captain Carl conduct a coaching search fol-Hagelin, a New York Rangers’ draft pick who had lowing the season. Tebow wastwo goals and an assist. “It was probably the largely considered McDaniels’loudest environment I’ve ever been in.” Steve Sabol was 23 in produced by NFL Films and next minute he’d be down here,” she pet project, though the rookie’s The hockey crowd also the Michigan Stadium 1965 when he first filmed HBO, has new snippets. It says. “When he got out of control, I ability to translate his uniquerecord, breaking the football mark of 113,090 set Vince Lombardi. They met includes footage of Lom- ran to the basement, turned the radio passing and running talents toagainst Connecticut on Sept. 4. — Kevin Allen in Green Bay, Wis., as Lom- bardi playing for Fordham on and just stayed away.” the NFL has been widely debat- bardi was bellowing about that Sabol hadn’t seen. Says Lombardi’s son Vince: “He had ed. Meyer certainly got the mostMartin defends Dunhill golf title somebody having parked And it has footage Sabol a temper he didn’t control very well. out of Tebow in college, but he’s Pablo Martin successfully defended his Al- in his spot. It was Sabol, shot in Lombardi’s base- . . . My mother was the only person never coached on the pro level.fred Dunhill Championship title, shooting a 2- who says, “It was a terrible ment the day after the who could talk back to my father and So do you think Meyer willunder 70 on Sunday for a two-shot win in Male- start.” Green Bay Packers beat the get his attention.” coach the Broncos in 2011?lane, South Africa. The Spaniard finished at 11- Sabol, now president of Dallas Cowboys in the But then Lombardi is shown in the Results through 1,814 votes atunder 277. Thorbjorn Olesen, Charl Schwart- NFL Films, went on to Online and on air famed Ice Bowl to win the film acknowledging no one should The Huddle blog:zel and Anthony Michael tied for second. work on 18 shows that in- By Michael Hiestand 1967 NFL title— Lombardi have expected him to be Everyman. O No ...................................... 76% uIben Tinning of Denmark ended her 15- cluded Lombardi footage, having a very 1960s party He says football is a game for mad- O Yes ...................................... 24%year career with a victory at the Dubai (United including one that was the first prime- with chain-smoking and highballs. Re- men and adds, “I’m the biggest mad- Sunday, the Associated PressArab Emirates) Ladies Masters on Saturday, time show on a sports figure when it calls Sabol of Lombardi when he let man of them all.” reported that Meyer walkedclinching the win with a birdie on the last hole to got a lead-in from an Ed Sullivan show his hair down: “He loved to hear a And yet, Sabol says, Lombardi is away from Florida because ofhold off Sweden’s Anna Nordqvist by two on CBS in 1967. joke, but he couldn’t tell one. It was still remembered because he didn’t health concerns.shots. . . . Champions Tour players Fred Funk But with HBO premiering Lombardi awkward to be around him then, be- try to paper over his rough edges: Meyer has a recurring burningand Kenny Perry shot a 10-under 62 in better- on Saturday, Sabol is saying enough al- cause he’d butcher a joke but no one “He’s become a symbol of human as- sensation in his chest that doc-ball play Saturday for a share of the second- ready: “I’m taking the key to the Lom- would tell him it hadn’t made sense.” piration and honor without frills or tors told him last week wouldround lead in the Shark Shootout at Naples, Fla., bardi film vault and locking it. Maybe The film also interviews Lombardi’s phoniness.” raise cardiovascular risk factors ifwith defending champions Steve Stricker and it’s partly my fault, but there’s nothing relatives, with daughter Susan saying he continued to coach, a personJerry Kelly. The 12 teams were to play a scram- more to be said.” her father was “bipolar.” Click here for a clip of Lombardi with knowledge of the situationble format Sunday. . . . The final round of the Sabol suggests this last show, co- “One minute he’d be up here; the told the AP on condition of ano-Australian PGA Championship in Coolum was nymity because Meyer’s healthpostponed until today because of heavy rain. Pe-ter Senior leads by one-stroke after nine holes. Cowher chat: ‘I’ll keep all my options open’ issues are confidential. The Gainesville Sun first re- ported the story.Villanova advances to FCS quarters Meyer said health was not the Wherever he goes, CBS’ Bill Cowher triots will have played the Thursday night, has been Wide receiver Matt Szczur rushed for three gets a question most TV analysts — New Orleans Saints in the struggling Peyton Manning reason he was walking away. Hetouchdowns, passed for one and caught another even ones who are ex-coaches — nev- Super Bowl. He sees Tom — “I’ve been very sur- said he wanted to spend moreto lead Villanova to a 42-24 win against Appa- er hear: When, and where, would you Brady and Matt Ryan as prised in the last three time with his family.lachian State on Saturday in a Football Champi- coach again? the favorites for NFL MVP. weeks by his decision- The person said Meyer, whoonship Subdivision quarterfinal at Boone, N.C. “I’m open to listen to opportuni- But he won’t predict making.” resigned last season for the sameVillanova (9-4) advanced to the semifinals to ties,” the ex-Pittsburgh Steelers coach whether Washington Red- As the Brett Favre saga reason only to withdraw his res-play Eastern Washington (11-2), which beat said in an online chat skins bust Albert Haynes- seems to be winding down ignation the next day, can resolveNorth Dakota State 38-31 Saturday. The other Thursday. “I’m very comfortable at worth will resurface in the — again! — Cowher says his chest pain with “constantsemifinal will match Georgia Southern (10-4), CBS. I’ll keep all my options open. And NFL: “I think he’s eliminat- even if Favre is healthy monitoring,” which he is doing.which held off Wofford 23-20, against Delaware I’ll only answer those questions at the ed a lot of teams. Will we enough to play Sunday, he The Gators finished 7-5 this(11-2), a 16-3 winner against New Hampshire. end of the season. I’m not going to see him again? He has a lot By Joe Kohen, Getty Images should sit: “The Vikings season and will play Penn State comment on any hypothetical situa- of damage control to make Cowher: Waiting. should play Tarvaris Jack- (7-5) in the Outback Bowl onKiller of Olympic wrestler found dead New Year’s Day. tions until the entire season is over.” up for.” son — he’s their future.” John du Pont, the chemical fortune heir who By then, at least according to Cow- The biggest NFL surprise, he saidkilled an Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler By Michael Hiestand her’s prediction, the New England Pa- before the Indianapolis Colts’ gameat his palatial estate near Philadelphia, diedThursday after being found unresponsive in his Orioles owner gave to Obama, Biden campaignsprison cell. Du Pont, 72, was found just before7 a.m. ET at the Laurel Highlands state prisonnear Somerset, Pa. He was serving a 13- to 30- Summerall back in booth for Cotton Bowl Baltimore Orioles DH Luke Scott electrified the blogosphereyear prison sentence after being found guilty but Fox, with its Jan. 7 Cotton Bowl, can this week with comments duringmentally ill in David Schultz’s death. In Janu- guarantee viewers something almost an interview with Yahoo Sportsary 1996, du Pont shot and killed Schultz, a 1984 unique: Along with CBS’ Sun Bowl, it’s that he thought President Oba-gold-medal winner who came to live and train at the only college bowl action that won’t ma was born outside the USA.the state-of-the-art Foxcatcher National Training be on ESPN/ABC — which has the oth- The comments came from anCenter that du Pont had built on his 800-acre er 33 games. employee of Orioles owner Peterproperty in Newtown Square, Pa. And it will offer someone you never Angelos, a life-long Democrat. see on TV anymore. Fox Sports Presi- USA TODAY checked the non-France’s Worley captures giant slalom dent Eric Shanks says the on-air line- partisan Center for Responsive Tessa Worley of France won the women’s up, to be formally announced today, Politics website, and it turns outWorld Cup giant slalom Sunday in St. Moritz, will include Pat Summerall on its pre- Angelos gave $2,300 each toSwitzerland. Her two-run combined time of 2 game show alongside analysts Charles Obama and Joe Biden during theminutes 10.70 seconds was one-hundredth of a Davis and John Lynch. 2008 presidential campaign.second faster than Tanja Poutiainen of Finland. Calling the Jan.7 game itself, featur- The Orioles released a state-Tina Maze of Slovenia was third, 0.31 behind. ing No. 12 LSU vs. No. 17 Texas A&M: ment Wednesday saying Scott’sAmerican Lindsey Vonn placed seventh, 1.07 Fox NFL voices Kenny Albert and Da- comments don’t reflect the or-back, and reduced Maria Riesch’s lead in the ryl Johnston. ganization’s views. Orioles presi-overall standings by 24 points. Riesch was 19th. The Cotton Bowl won’t be played in dent of baseball operations Andy Dallas’ Cotton Bowl stadium — al- MacPhail weighed in ThursdayBriefly . . . though ESPNU’s Jan. 1 TicketCity Bowl from the winter meetings in Or- Evander Holyfield, a four-time heavyweight will be — but instead will be held at By Brett Davis, US Presswire lando, according to a tweet fromboxing champion, will fight Sherman “Tank” Cowboys Stadium, site of Fox’s up- Ready for its close-up: Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, hosts the Cotton Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman.Williams, Jan. 22 at White Sulphur Springs, coming Super Bowl. The network Bowl on Jan. 7 and then the Super Bowl in February. “It’s goofy,” MacPhail is quotedW.Va. Holyfield, 48, said he will keep fighting un- plans to use the first Cotton Bowl as saying. “And we’re here intil he regains the world title. Holyfield also is played in prime time — with an 8 ET Super Bowl — having every inch of the tle game over, Shanks reiterates Fox’s Disney World.”scheduled to face Denmark’s Brian Nielsen, 45, kickoff — as a sort of Super Bowl dress first covered.” interest: “It’s an event that fits with — Stephen Borellion March 5 in Copenhagen. rehearsal, using the same pregame set uFox, P.S. With ESPN’s exclusive our big-event strategy.” and Catalina Camia for both games. Says Shanks, “We’ll be negotiating period for the new Pacif-Compiled from staff and wire reports using some new camera angles on the ic-10 (soon to be Pac-12) conference ti- By Michael Hiestand dailypitch.usatoday.comPanthers GM Tallon reuses winning plan from ChicagoBy Kevin Allen NHL us. But overall the effort has been phe- One of the important pieces for Tallon The major question for Tallon as theUSA TODAY nomenal.” is David Booth, who is leading the team season progresses is what to do about fold. But there are a lot of similarities.” Of the seven Eastern Conference in scoring after coming back from last goalie Tomas Vokoun, who will be an un- SUNRISE, Fla. — General manager Dale The Panthers have missed the playoffs teams out of a playoff spot, Florida is the season’s severe concussion caused by a restricted free agent this summer.Tallon’s mission with the Florida Pan- the last 10 seasons, but the Blackhawks only one with a positive goal differential. blindside hit by the Philadelphia Flyers’ The Panthers did talk to Vokoun aboutthers is the same one he had with the had missed the playoffs nine out of 10 “Our power play has let us down, and we Mike Richards. Booth’s numbers aren’t an extension. “But (Vokoun and hisChicago Blackhawks, except he’s doing it seasons before Tallon guided them to the have lost a lot of one-goal games,” Tallon where they were before the hit. agent) don’t want to get into it at thisin better weather. postseason in 2008-09. said. “Our even-strength play is really “He is getting there,” Tallon said. “I time,” Tallon said. “And that is fine.” As soon as Tallon started to retool the “I’m just trying to change the culture,” solid, and penalty killing is pretty good.” thought it would take 20 to 25 games. I A top Florida prospect is goalie JacobPanthers roster last summer, he could Tallon said. The Panthers are lacking the differ- think the last four or five you can see it Markstrom, who might or might not besee he’d be following the building blue- Tallon said he felt like he was making ence-making center Tallon had with the coming. . . . Instead of getting one good ready next fall. Vokoun has a no-tradeprint he used when he took over the progress. “Out of 25 games, I think we Blackhawks in Jonathan Toews. game out of four or five, we are starting clause, but would Tallon consider askingstruggling Blackhawks in 2005. have played 21 where we have been “But I’m happy with the attitude,” Tal- to see two out of three.” him to waive at it the deadline? “De- “It’s really not a lot different,” Tallon close to or equal to or as good as the op- lon said. “Everyone has really been ac- Added Tallon: “(Concussions) take pends on where we are at in the stand-said. “To me we have a few more assets position,” Tallon said. “But we have some cepting and responsive of what I’m try- time. There is the mental and physical ings,” Tallon said. “If we are in the hunt,here, a few more younger players in the circumstances, old habits that have hurt ing to bring in here.” aspect of it that you’re dealing with.” probably not.”
  • 12. 4B · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · USA TODAY The 111th Army-Navy game “The Cadets on the field Saturday represent what is best about “I’m very proud of the student-athletes who proudly represent our armed forces and our country. They represent yet another the Naval Academy and our entire Navy and Marine Corps in generation of Americans who believe so much in the values and this game. Beyond the football field, these players, like their fel- ideals this country stands for that they are willing to put their low midshipmen and cadets, will serve and sacrifice together lives on the line to secure them.” for our nation. The teams may line up on opposites sides Satur- — Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Chief of Staff of the Army day, but they will serve shoulder to shoulder in the years ahead. This great rivalry represents the best of sportsmanship and the best of America.” U.S. Army U.S. Navy — Adm. Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval OperationsNavy topples Army for ninth time in a rowFrom staff and wire reports Ricky Dobbs sat in a small room deepinside Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Next for Army, Navy seniorsField and recalled a team meeting from One of the many ways the Army-Navy game differs from other major-college contests canearlier this season. Navy had just lost to be seen in where the senior players will be headed next. Graduates from the service acad- emies must honor a commitment. Here are assignments for the Army and Navy seniors:Air Force, the Commander-in-Chief’sTrophy was slipping away, and the sea- West Point assignments Annapolis assignmentsson was on the verge of doing the same. Player Service assignment Player Service assignment “We had some very high expectationsfor ourselves and maybe they got the Mark Allen Field artillery Jeff Battipaglia Marine Corps groundbest of us,” the senior quarterback said. Stephen Anderson Infantry Shane Bothel Naval Flight Officer“We had that meeting and just said, ‘We Jacob Bohn Field artillery Donnie Bowers Marine Corps groundhave a lot of football to play and we need Chip Bowden Field artillery Joe Buckley Submarinesto start having fun.’ ” L.B. Brown Air defense artillery Chase Burge Surface warfare Nothing is more fun than beatingArmy. Dobbs threw the longest touch- Jonathan Bulls Field artillery Andre Byrd Surface warfare Matt Campbell Field artillery engineering duty officerdown pass in the 111-year history of thestoried rivalry, Wyatt Middleton had the Donnie Dixon Field artillery J.J. Cosh Marine Corps groundlongest fumble return in Navy history, Kingsley Ehie Air defense artillery Kyle Delahooke Marine Corps groundand the Midshipmen extended their Emerson Follett Armor Ricky Dobbs Surface warfarewinning streak against the Black Knights Kevin Edwards Surface warfare Mike Gann Field artilleryto nine with a 31-17 victory Saturday. Trey Grissom Marine Corps ground Dobbs passed for 186 yards and two Tom Hagan Aviationtouchdowns for Navy (9-3), one of 24 Marcus Hilton Field artillery Jerry Hauburger Surface warfareseniors to never lose to their rivals from Carson Homme Infantry Greg Jones Surface warfareWest Point. The happy-go-lucky quar- Jason Johnson Infantry Clayton Lydick Surface warfareterback turned the ball over four times Emmett Merchant Marine Corps ground Josh McNary Field artillery— three fumbles and an interception in Wyatt Middleton Surface warfarethe end zone — but also ran for a team- Pat Mealy Air defense artillery engineering duty officerhigh 54 yards. Anees Merzi Field artillery Matt Molloy Surface warfare “Those turnovers drive you crazy,” Todd Miller InfantryNavy coach Ken Niumatalolo said, “but Vince Murray Marine Corps pilot Zach Peterson Field artillerythat’s Ricky.” Mike Schupp Surface warfare Seth Reed Field artillery Trent Steelman threw for 128 yards Tyler Simmons Marine Corps groundand two scores for Army (6-6), but it Donovan Travis Air defense artillery Mike Sweeney Marine Corps groundwas his fumble late in the first half that Jordan Trimble Signal Corps John Charles White Navy pilotput the Black Knights in a hole too deep Mike Welch Air defense artillery Jason Wright Marine Corps pilotto escape. Sean Westphal Engineers They already trailed 17-7 with first- By Chris Maddaloni, Army Times Billy Yarborough Marine Corps groundand-goal at the Navy 3 when Steelman Game of big plays: Navy’s John Howell hauls in a 77-yard touchdown pass in the Sources: U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Military Academywas stood up on a quarterback keeper. first quarter Saturday, the longest in the history of the rivalry.The ball squirted from his hands andright to Middleton, who turned around special when you open West Point’s and astronauts Alan Shepard, Wally Schirra, If Navy can win its final game, the in 1930 and 1931, although the conteststo see nobody in a black jersey between the first two names listed are Robert E. Jim Irwin, Jim Lovell, Charlie Duke and class will be the first in academy history were not considered bowl games. Theyhim and the goal line. The 98-yard re- Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. William McCool and ex-Dallas Cowboys to win 10 games in consecutive seasons were instead Depression-era fundraisersturn made it 24-7 at halftime, silencing Other famous names on the page in quarterback Roger Staubach. and the second service academy class for the needy. The academy teams hadthe gray-clad Cadets standing in their Army’s guide include John J. Pershing, with 10 or more wins in consecutive stopped meeting each other in 1928 be-customary corner of the stadium. Douglas MacArthur, George S. Patton, Domination: With one game remain- years (Air Force won 10 in 1997 and 12 cause of disagreements over eligibility Middleton, a senior, was named the Omar N. Bradley, Dwight D. Eisenhower, ing, Navy’s senior class has a 35-17 ca- in 1998). If the class reaches 36 victories, rules, but President Hoover ordered thegame’s MVP. Norman Schwarzkopf, astronauts Frank reer record. It has won three Command- it would tie the record for most by a class teams to play for charity in ‘30 and ‘31. Borman, Buzz Aldrin and Ed White and er-in-Chief trophies (2007-09), will at the Naval Academy, currently held by Army won the two contests 6-0 andTop-notch grads: Just about every Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. participate in four bowl games, won a the class of 1909. 17-7. The academies soon resumed play-football media guide has a page listing Distinguished Naval Academy grads bowl game and became the third class in ing each other in the regular season.“distinguished graduates” from the include Jimmy Carter, John McCain, school history to beat Notre Dame three Not quite a bowl: Army and Navyschool, but there’s something a little James Webb, Chester Nimitz, Ross Perot, times. played each other in postseason games Contributing: Andy GardinerFelton up Low-budget surprises doto speed their best to stay in hunt By Jorge L. Ortiz Baseballwith USA TODAY LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — In the shadow of the $100 million-plus sign- pitchers, including Edinson Volquez, Homer Bailey, Mike Leake, Travis Wood and flamethrowing lefty Aroldis Chap-Knicks ings that dominated attention at the winter meetings, two of last season’s up- starts were working on a deal that would send shortstop Jason Bartlett from the man. The club’s most difficult offseason de- cision might be whether to keep Chap- man in the bullpen, where he registeredBy Jeff Zillgitt Tampa Bay Rays to the San Diego Padres a 2.03 ERA in 15 appearances last sea-USA TODAY for two pitchers in their mid-20s with son, or to return him to the rotation. limited major league résumés. That’s the classic good problem to have. For his last two seasons with the Char- Neither team reported a rush of sea- “It’s an easier sell I think for me goinglotte Bobcats, point guard Raymond Fel- son-ticket buyers when news of the forward than it was the last couple yearston played in one of the NBA’s slowest- trade — yet to be completed — leaked on what is at the end of the rainbow;paced offenses. out. there wasn’t even a rainbow visible,” Being the good subordinate, Felton did The thrill of highly successful, largely Baker Charlotte coach Larry Brown instruct- improbable seasons has given way to The Padres and Rays know all about ed. But when the New York market realities for the Padres, Rays, Cin- tough sells. NBA Knicks signed him as a free cinnati Reds and, to a lesser extent, Texas The Rays, who drew 1.86 million fans agent in July, Felton was elat- Rangers, all of whom thrived despite — 22nd in the majors — despite winninged, knowing he was going back to his budget restrictions in 2010. The latter their second division crown in threeroots in coach Mike D’Antoni’s up-tem- three won their divisions, and San Diego years, went into the offseason with 15po offense. made a spirited run that ended on the fi- free agents and little chance of keeping “That’s always been my game, even in nal day. most of them. The Rays’ payroll, whichhigh school and college,” Felton says. “It However, none of them has pulled off started last season at $72 million, mightwasn’t anything unusual to me. It was a splashy offseason move to bolster its shrink to the $50 million range. Besidesjust getting back into that mode.” roster. their free agent stars, the Rays stand to Making sure he is not lost in the Great The Rays and Padres have mostly lose several major components of a bull-Point Guard Debate of 2010-11, Felton is made news for the players they have pen that led the American League with aaveraging career highs in points (18.3), lost. Tampa Bay waved goodbye to Bart- 3.33 ERA.assists (8.4), steals (2.1), rebounds (3.8) lett, free agents Carl Crawford and Carlos “If we can get some kind of a bullpenand shooting percentage (46.2%). “He’s a Pena, and closer Rafael Soriano is soon to back together, that would make all thereally good point guard. Always has By Nicole Sweet, US Presswire follow. difference in the world,” Tampa Baybeen,” D’Antoni says. “He’s just got a lot In the zone: Against the Raptors, Knicks guard Raymond Felton, center, had 28 San Diego was forced to trade fran- manager Joe Maddon said. “That wouldof confidence now.” points and 11 assists for his 10th double-double this season. chise cornerstone Adrian Gonzalez for a put us back in the 90-win area, I believe. New York City loves point guards — package of prospects rather than losing It certainly comes down to the bullpen.”grade school, high school, college, pro, vering to Stoudemire. The Knicks have optimism, something him as a free agent after next season, and The Bartlett trade is a step toward re-doesn’t matter. Knicks fans have one Felton watched video of Nash, but it missing of late at Madison Square Gar- the Padres also saw shortstop Miguel Te- building the bullpen. In addition, Tampathey appreciate. still took time for him to figure out when den. They haven’t been to the playoffs in jada leave to sign with the San Francisco Bay has a surplus of top-quality starters Felton has helped the Knicks to a 15-9 and where Stoudemire wanted the ball. six seasons and haven’t had a winning Giants. — David Price, Matt Garza, Jamesrecord, including 12-1 in the last 13 The Bobcats also averaged about 93 pos- mark in nine. “I’m loving it,” Felton says. The Rangers, buoyed by a new owner- Shields, Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann,games as they have risen to sixth in the sessions the last two seasons and the “Just the fact we’re winning. That makes ship group and a $3 billion TV contract, with top prospect Jeremy HellicksonEastern Conference. The Knicks have Knicks 98.2. the game so much fun.” are fervently pursuing ace left-handed waiting in the wings — which the clubwon seven in a row. In Wednesday’s win Five extra possessions might not seem pitcher Cliff Lee but facing stiff competi- might parlay into a new closer or offen-against the Toronto Raptors, Felton’s like much, but it does require a faster Heat make it eight: Dwyane Wade’s tion from the New York Yankees, who sive help.three-pointer with 2.7 seconds left gave pace, often beginning with Stoudemire fourth-quarter dunk highlighted his 36- rarely come in second in these duels. Like the Rays, the Padres are countingNew York a 113-110 victory. setting a screen on Felton’s defender at point night and led the Miami Heat to The Reds, who claimed their first Na- on their young arms — headed by Mat Felton had 28 points and 11 assists the top of the key. their season-best eighth consecutive tional League Central title since 1995, Latos and Clayton Richard — to at leastagainst the Raptors, his 10th double- “I thought at first maybe his pace win, 104-83 against the host Sacramen- have remained idle except for retaining keep them relevant next season.double this season, tied for fourth best wasn’t good enough, wasn’t fast to Kings on Saturday. two of their own free agents in catcher Padres general manager Jed Hoyeramong guards entering Thursday. enough,” D’Antoni says of Felton. “We Two weeks after having a team meet- Ramon Hernandez and utility player Mi- said he intended to retain closer Heath The Knicks’ hot streak coincides with sped that up. He’s settling into what he’s ing in Dallas following their fourth loss in guel Castro. Bell, whose 47 saves ranked second inFelton’s ever-increasing comfort level comfortable with.” five games, the Heat are finally clicking “We are not the kind of team or mar- the majors, and emphasized the Gon-with forward Amar’e Stoudemire. Felton Felton might not be as deft as Nash the way people expected when they ket that probably has the finances to zalez swap did not mark the beginningis putting up All-Star numbers, and Stou- with the ball on the pick-and-roll, but he added LeBron James and Chris Bosh last participate and heavily bid in the free of a fire sale.demire is playing at an MVP level — 26.1 is effective. Felton is quick to point out he summer. agent market,” manager Dusty Baker It’s hard to imagine the Padres repris-points, 9.1 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.9 is not Nash and wants to do it his way. James scored 25 and Bosh added 14 said, in words that could be echoed by ing their inspiring run in 2011, but Hoyerblocked shots a game. “It was just developing that chemistry points and a season-high 17 rebounds as the Rays and Padres. said that was not necessarily their plan. After an adjustment period, the pick- with Amar’e,” Felton says. “He’s the best the Heat broke open a close game in the Cincinnati, with a youthful roster and “We obviously had a great season, andand-roll — the trademark play in D’Anto- finisher in the league at that position. third quarter to complete a perfect four- a projected payroll of about $75 million I think the word last year was ‘improb-ni’s offense — has flourished with Felton He’s got great hands. He can shoot the game road trip. Miami has won every for next season, can afford to stand pat. able,’ ” Hoyer said.and Stoudemire. For years, the Phoenix outside jumper. He’s definitely known game during the streak by double digits. The Reds bring back most of the line- “What I want to do is build a team thatSuns’ pick-and-roll was nearly unstop- for dunking on people. He’s got great up that led the NL in runs scored in addi- has a probable chance every year of be-pable with point guard Steve Nash deli- body control going to the basket.” Contributing: Wire reports tion to a staff loaded with talented young ing very good.”
  • 13. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · 5B Life A WAVE OF HOPE FOR OUR STUDENTS There is hope after tragedy, but only with your help. Hurricane Katrina devastated historically black + colleges along the Gulf Coast. Students were displaced, schools were ravaged, and dreams were washed away. SECTION B Former Presidents Bush and Clinton have partnered with the United Negro College Fund to rebuild campuses and replenish scholarships. mPeople mTelevision mMovies mMusic mTravelMonday, December 13, 2010 TO HELP, VISIT WWW.UNCF.ORG/WAVEOFHOPE OR CALL 1-800-313-0151. By Peter Mountain, Sony PicturesTwo actors who see eye to eye: Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie co-star in The Tourist, which hits theaters today, as an American traveler and the mysterious woman he meets in Europe. Depp, Jolie J Stories by Anthony Breznican, USA TODAY ohnny Depp and Angelina Jolie may be liv- with Jolie playing a mysterious woman who draws ing tourist destinations. him into her dangerous world. Whenever they appear in public, a As the film’s producer Graham King (The De- crowd gathers — a big one — which is parted) says, they connect with people “whether news to no one, except perhaps director it’s Venice, Calif., or Venice, Italy.” are the real Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, who “To be successful in this business, you’ve got to found himself trying to film a scene with have chemistry with the audience,” King says. them at a Venice train station before an au- Part of the reason may be their wandering per- dience of hundreds, maybe thou- sonalities — a nomadic tendency sands, of spectators. “Why is it we go so crazy about ac- Cover story that may lend each of them a cross- cultural familiarity. Each has a re- attractions tors?” he says. “What is it that makes bellious spirit, a defiance and indi- 70,000 people stand around a train station while viduality, all virtues that aren’t restricted to any we’re shooting a little scene there, shouting ‘An- border. gie!’ and ‘Johnny!’ at the top of their lungs?” “Here we have people who will not let them- Seventy thousand? The filmmaker laughs. selves be defined by anyone except themselves,” “That’s what it felt like. It felt like being at a rock says von Donnersmarck, an Oscar winner for the concert.” German drama The Lives of Others. “(As actors) ‘Tourist’ stars’ roaming lifestyles and The two stars of The Tourist, opening today, are among only a handful of actors who count these they have the ability to make that spirit visible.” USA TODAY talked with both Depp and Jolie free spirits make them global icons days as global figures. Depp is the titular tourist, about wanderlust, war zones and going incognito. The actors discuss their nomadic ways, 6B m Review of ‘The Tourist,’ at At Movies WEEKLY FEATURES Life on Vacation 10 Great Places U.S. See the royal sides of London at expats New movies, at eee1⁄2 The Fighter flock ee The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to San ee The Tempest Miguel New on DVD, at eeee Restrepo Boomers Courtesy of Coldwell Banker Jamaica Realty eee½ Inception retire to ee½ Shrek Forever After By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY Come to Jamaica And for sports fans: Volume 1 charming A hot market for second homes; visit of ESPN’s 30 for 30 Gift Set Mexican Mirren: A woman Today’s town in a man’s role puzzles, 7B Today in the sky at Read the Mirren interview at uCheck flights 24/7 at uHotel hotsheet, travel tips and more. By Jayne Clark, USA TODAY
  • 14. 6B · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · USA TODAY Cover story By Peter Mountain, Columbia PicturesFans flock to him: Johnny Depp in The Tourist — but what you don’t see on-screen is the crowd of bystanders trying to glimpse him on the set. So while filming in Venice, Italy, the actor did his sightseeing at night.Johnny Depp Angelina JolieThe observer Family reflects world tourist’s passionhas now become BUDAPEST, HUNGARY the kids and bring teachers and go A sk Angelina Jolie where for like two months.” she is from and she an- Among the places she has been, swers simply: “No- Jolie says, “I do have a few favorites,the observed where.” “I grew up in L.A. and New York, but I was always want- for different reasons, mainly be- cause of my children or some spe- cial memory. And I do love the des- ing to travel. I was always fascinat- ert. My dream is to cross theContinued from 5B ed with Asia and Africa, and the Sahara. It’s something I’ve always deserts, the Sahara. . . . I’ve always wanted to do. But I have a very bigO ne of Johnny Depp’s and went to the Philippines.” felt at home out in the world some- family now and that takes 28 days. favorite things to do That was in 1986, when the where,” she says, sitting in her trail- If I brought them, that would be a is go people-watch- then-22-year-old had a small er on the outskirts of Budapest on big caravan,” she says with a laugh. ing, which is incon- role in Oliver Stone’s Oscar-win- the set of a war drama she has “And if I can’t bring them, then I’m venient because a fa- ning Platoon. written and is directing. The setting away from them for too long. Sovorite activity of many people is “When I went to the Philip- is light-years away from the streets right now, that dream is on hold.”Johnny Depp-watching. pines, I had a wide array of of Paris and Venice in which her Part of this passion for other “There was a strange mo- emotions. We landed on March new movie, The Tourist, takes place. lands and cultures is reflected inment, and I don’t quite know 5, 1986, and (Ferdinand) Mar- “My kids asked me the other her family. “It’s part of the wonder-when it happened, but for an cos, the president of the Philip- night, ‘What’s your favorite ful things that come when youactor, like a journalist in a way, pines, had been ousted just pri- place?’ ” she says, smiling. “We adopt a child from other countries,the initial ingredient to the gig is or to that. There was a huge were having the ‘What’s your fa- that country enters your home,”to observe the situation you’re revolution. Corazon Aquino had vorite country?’ talk. . . . Mine is she says. “They’re quite proud ofin, to observe people,” Depp taken office, there were tanks in always wherever I haven’t been.” their countries, their languages.says. the streets, insurgents, bombs. As a goodwill ambassador for the They know they’re American and “I’m still fascinated watching It was really wild. And for a kid United Nations, in addition to her Cambodian, and they’re encour-people. But at a certain point, of 22 or something, it was like, location shooting around the aged to know where they’re from.”the coin flipped and I became ‘What?’ world, and experiences adopting Though the adopted childrenthe one being observed. It sort “It was disconcerting, to say children from Africa and Asia, Jolie, have their native homelands asof puts a damper on me being the least. And then of course, 35, has been most places. part of their identity, she says, thethe observer.” Oliver had us all driven into the “China,” she says. “I haven’t family’s biological children also When he visits a place, he jungle, where we dug our own explored China. take pride in exotic roots.says, “I still get the opportunity holes and lived for like three “Brad, when we first got togeth- “And even Viv and Knox (theto at least soak up as much of weeks.” er years ago, we talked about Chi- twins, her youngest) were born inthe place and culture as possible Part of Depp’s personality is na, and he was convinced he was France, so they have something.and hang about and learn about being able to find the exotic in banned because of Seven Years in And Shiloh’s a little confused be-it.” Tibet,” the 1997 movie about an cause she knows she was born in Mostly that in-volves trying to go “Anywhere I’ve been on Austrian explorer who befriends the Dalai Lama during China’s take- Africa, though she’s not African,” Jolie says. “In some ways she is, butunnoticed. Cover of location, I always find over of the country in the late in other ways she’s not.”darkness helps. 1940s and early ’50s. Jolie and ac- In Budapest, Jolie and her family In The Tourist, something fascinating tor Brad Pitt, partners since they tried to explore the city, even asDepp plays anAmerican who or great about it.” met on the set of 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith, have six children. they became the focus of attention from paparazzi. “It’s beautiful here,travels to Europe to — Johnny Depp “So then (China) kind of went off especially at night, when the lightsmend his broken our radar for a while,” Jolie says. come on and you drive through theheart. There he meets a beauti- places that might seem any- “But I’ve been checking into it and I bridges,” she says. “And the peopleful woman (Jolie) who leads thing but. “The first time you don’t think he is (banned). I’ve are so nice.”him into a web of intrigue. walk into a London pub and or- spent some time working with dif- One of her favorite things is to “When I was in Venice der a pint, the atmosphere in ferent refugee issues, so there was see the world from the air. She and(shooting The Tourist), I couldn’t those places, that culture, pub just a question of making sure our Pitt got their pilot licenses, and thenecessarily go around town in culture, hasn’t changed in a permits for China are OK.” confessed “adrenaline junkie” saysthe daytime. But come 10 thousand years.” Work may end up taking her it’s a chance for her to exploreo’clock at night, when the ma- One of his favorite locations there after all. “I’m hoping we get without being watched back.jority of people are off the was the American Southwest, to go for Kung Fu Panda,” she says “I’ve always loved the air,” shestreets, I could walk freely, say, which he fell for while making a of the upcoming DreamWorks Ani- says. “I fortunately don’t have anybetween the hours of 10 p.m. small film called Arizona Dream mation sequel, in which she voices fear of heights. A part of (the ap-and 2 a.m. I’d get my Venice fill in 1993. Master Tigress. “We’ll go in and peal) is I don’t have a lot of privacyand then go back to the hotel “I spent nine months on loca- stay a few days. But the thing for on the Earth.and go to work.” tion in Douglas, Ariz., which is me is really getting to spend time “So up in the air, I’m all by By Peter Mountain, Sony Pictures The actor, 47, was born in this border town next to Nogal- there. We really need to pack up myself, and I’m quite free.”Kentucky and lived there until es, Mexico. It’s a tiny little town, Backdrop of Venice and Paris: Angelina Jolie stars as Elise,about age 8, when his family but couldn’t have been happier a woman on the prowl for Johnny Depp, in The Tourist.moved to South Florida. But, there. It was a fascinating, fasci-like Jolie, he doesn’t have oneplace he considers home. nating little place. “Then you go up through “My kids asked me the other night, “We’re kind of all over the these really cool little towns like ‘What’s your favorite place?’ Weplace. I live wherever the loca- Bisbee, Ariz., and then over totion for the film demands. We Tucson, Flagstaff and Phoenix. were having the ‘what’s-your-spend time in Los Angeles whenwe can, and as much time in Anywhere I’ve been on location, I always find something fasci- favorite-country?’ talk. . . . Mine isFrance as much as possible, nating or great about it.” always wherever I haven’t been.”where we have a place down in This conversation is happen- — Angelina Joliethe south,” says Depp, who has ing by phone; Depp is in Paris,two children with French ac- where the December weathertress Vanessa Paradis. has been dusting the streets “In the last year, I’ve spent with snow. He plans to sneaktime in L.A., Venice, a couple out at night to enjoy some of hismonths in Hawaii, some time in favorite parts of the city.Puerto Rico, four months in “I’m still like a little kid withLondon,” he says with a laugh. that stuff,” he says. “Just being Sponsor your favorite classroom“It’s been a real nomadic ride here in Paris, wandering streetsthis year.” and going into cafés frequented with USA TODAY! The circus-like existence is by the biggest heroes of my life:“something I’ve always loved,” Charles Baudelaire, James Joyce, For more information contact:he adds. Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Debby Dodge, Director, “I’ve been doing it, boy, very The list goes on and on . . . Education Programsconsistently now for 20-some- “You just do what you can to 703-854-5917 | ddodge@usatoday.comthing years. It’s still as fascinat- blend in to not bring attention www.usatodayeducation.coming as the first time I left the U.S. to yourself.”
  • 15. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · 7BAcross the USA Florida: Tallahassee — The state’s tage center for marketing locally made goods. capita rate of its volunteers of any U.S. metropolitan area. Officials with the Ohio: Hopedale — Anyone in Harrison stricter ordinance takes effect Jan. 1. Vi- olators face $500 fines.News from every state Clemency Board has posthumously group say 15 volunteers from Missoula Hills City school district who is behind pardoned singer Jim Morrison of The Louisiana: Baton Rouge — State and are serving at posts around the world. on a lunch bill will get cheese sand- Utah: Salt Lake City — Federal regula- Doors for his 40-year-old conviction on federal wildlife agents are looking for That’s a rate of 13.81 volunteers per wiches until the bill is settled, said Su- tors say testing Chevron did after a JuneAlabama: Gasden — A man charged indecent exposure and profanity whoever killed two bald eagles near the 100,000 residents. Montana has pro- perintendent George Ash. The district, pipeline leak was the apparent cause ofwith burning a “V” into the forehead of a charges. Outgoing Gov. Crist requested Plaquemines Parish community of duced a total of 1,292 Peace Corps vol- which is facing a $225,000 deficit, has a second oil spill. The Department of17-year-old claimed he is a vampire and the pardon. Crist expressed doubts that Phoenix. Department of Wildlife and unteers. “basically been giving away lunches” to Transportation said Chevron failed tohad worked at a Halloween haunted Morrison exposed himself during a Fisheries Capt. Steve McManus students and adults. One teacher had a purge water used for a pressure test af-house after writing on his job applica- rowdy March 1, 1969, concert in Miami. wouldn’t comment on how the eagles Nebraska: Lincoln — The state Liquor $88 tab, he said. The move will not af- ter June’s spill of about 800 barrels oftion that he enjoyed scaring people, po- Morrison was appealing the conviction were killed, but both apparently were Control Commission voted to bar the fect low-income students. crude. That water collected inside alice said. Evan Francis Brown, 20, of Al- when he died in 1971. killed the same way. He said they’re at a sale of caffeinated alcoholic energy valve that split open Dec. 1 during abertville is charged with felony assault. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lab. drinks after Dec. 15. The Food and Drug Oklahoma: Oklahoma City — A law- freeze, leaking about 500 barrels of oil. Georgia: Albany — Police are investi- Administration has said the alcohol-caf- yer for a death row inmate is appealing aAlaska: Anchorage — Police say a kid- gating the shooting death of a 13-year- Maine: Westbrook — It sure looked feine combination has led to alcohol federal court decision allowing the state Vermont: Richmond — Teachers atnapping apparently arose from a disput- old girl by her 15-year-old brother at like a shuttered strip club was open for poisoning, car accidents and assaults. to use a different anesthetic for execu- nine schools in Bolton, Huntington, Jer-ed drug deal. A woman in her 20s was their home. The girl died from a gun- business with lights and disco ball flash- tions. Prison officials plan to switch to icho, Richmond and Underhill haveabducted last week by two men, held shot wound to the neck. The Albany ing and music blaring. Dreamers Caba- Nevada: Las Vegas — The U.S. Depart- pentobarbital because of a shortage of reached a tentative contract agreementovernight and escaped the next day Herald reports that authorities say the ret said it wasn’t defying the city’s deci- ment of Labor has fined a supermarket the sedative normally used. Lawyer with the school district. In 2006, districtfrom a van as she was being moved. Sgt. boy accidentally shot his sister with a ri- sion to close the business. Adam $63,000 for failing to pay overtime to Timothy Payne, who represents Jeffrey teachers went on strike for six days.Ken McCoy told KTUU the woman did fle that was in the house. Police are not Goodwin told police that plumbers 119 employees. Officials said the Kwong Matthews, said pentobarbital doesn’tnot know the men and was not sexually releasing any other details. were there early Sunday for an emer- Yet Lung Co. failed to combine hours meet standards set by state law. Virginia: Richmond — A former Uni-assaulted. gency repair. He said four women were employees worked at various opera- versity of Virginia student who admit- Hawaii: Honolulu — The Big Island there serving coffee to the workers. tions when determining time worked in Oregon: Portland — A grand jury ting bludgeoning his father with a bowl-Arizona: Tombstone — The owner of continues to lead the state in the pover- a week. It said the company owed em- found no criminal wrongdoing in a po- ing pin has been sentenced in HenricoSix Gun City Restaurant and Bar, Mike ty rate. The Hawaii Tribune-Herald re- Maryland: Frederick — Police and ployees nearly $170,000 in back wages lice shooting that ended in the death of County Circuit Court to four years inCarrafa, is vowing to rebuild the busi- ported that, according to Census Bureau fire officials are looking for whoever for unpaid overtime. Craig Boehler in a fire. The investigation prison. Relatives testified that Alanness that was destroyed by fire. Fire- figures, nearly 15% of Big Island resi- splashed about two gallons of gasoline found Boehler was shot three times by Chang feared for his life after he wasfighters battled intense smoke and dents lived in poverty last year. State- in the hall of an apartment building on New Hampshire: Portsmouth — an officer and once by his stepfather confronted by his abusive father follow-flames that ate through the restaurant. wide, the figure is 10%. Almost 19% of Heather Ridge Drive. Assistant State Fire State transportation officials said the during a domestic disturbance but the ing an argument last January.Six Gun City owner vowed to rebuild. Big Island children ages 5 to 17 lived in Marshal Marc McNeal said residents Memorial Bridge between Portsmouth gunshots were not fatal. The 46-year- poverty vs. 13% statewide. were briefly displaced Wednesday and Kittery, Maine, may need to be old died of smoke inhalation. The cause Washington: Bremerton — The air-Arkansas: Little Rock — Police are while authorities removed the gas- closed to traffic permanently after an in- of the fire hasn’t been determined. craft carrier USS Nimitz is again going tolooking for a man who robbed a down- Idaho: Moscow — The University of soaked carpet and ventilated the build- spection last week. The bridge is sched- call Puget Sound home. The carrier ar-town bank. Authorities say the man Idaho Bookstore has joined a growing ing. He estimated damage at $1,500. uled to be replaced; demolition begins Pennsylvania: Bensalem — A bomb rived Thursday from San Diego to beginwalked into an Arvest bank about 9:30 number of campus retailers offering in 18 months. squad disarmed an explosive package a year of maintenance work at Pugeta.m. Thursday and handed a teller a textbook rentals to help students cut Massachusetts: Boston — Roderick left outside an M&T Bank in what au- Sound Naval Shipyard. It will then benote saying he was robbing the bank costs. It offered more than 300 textbook Ireland has won confirmation as the New Jersey: Trenton — Rapid devel- thorities say was an attempted robbery. based at Naval Station Everett to replaceand was armed. The teller gave the man titles for rent this semester, and about first black chief justice in the nearly opment is killing the state’s waterways Bensalem Public Safety Director Fred the USS Abraham Lincoln. The Nimitzan undisclosed amount of money and 1,300 copies were rented. If a book 320-year history of the state’s Supreme by dumping tons of fertilizer, pesticides Harran said the package held two live was based at Bremerton from 1987 tohe left. There were no reports of inju- costs $100 new and $75 used, it could Judicial Court. He said one of his goals is and other pollutants into rivers, bays pipe bombs rigged to a cellphone. He 1997.ries. cost about $45 to rent the used copy for making the system more user-friendly and the Atlantic Ocean, the state’s lead- said they likely would not have done the semester. and responsive to citizens’ needs. Ire- ing environmental groups say. They are much damage. West Virginia: Martinsburg — AnCalifornia: Los Angeles — The state land, 65, was appointed to the court in asking the state to limit the amount of Eastern West Virginia Regional Airporthas agreed to settle a lawsuit by enforc- Illinois: Bloomington — Miller Park 1997 by former governor William Weld. nitrogen in fertilizer, reduce storm wa- Rhode Island: South Kingstown — Authority official says the agency hasing a state law that bans school fees for Zoo hosts breakfast with Santa and the ter runoff into drains, and upgrade wa- A father who campaigned for tougher agreed to buy 22 hangars for $500,000textbooks, cheerleader outfits and oth- reindeer on Saturday. People can have Michigan: Lansing — Sunday morn- ter treatment plants. laws after his son was killed in May by a at Shepherd Field. Chairman Richarder items. The settlement needs approval breakfast with the reindeer, watch ing liquor sales should begin in some lo- repeat traffic offender has pleaded no Wachtel says the authority is buying thefrom a Los Angeles judge, and new laws them perform or decorate with their cations Dec. 19 after the end of a state- New Mexico: Albuquerque — An- contest to drunken driving. Richard 4-acre property because it allows ac-must be enacted so parents can chal- droppings: The zoo offers “magical rein- wide ban on alcohol sales from 2 a.m. to other piece of Australia found its way to “Robin” Foote entered the plea, which is cess to the airport from outside itslenge fees and receive reimbursements. deer gems” made from droppings that noon on Sundays. The law, passed in BioPark Zoo when Otto, a nearly 2-year- an alternative to a guilty plea, on Thurs- grounds, creating a security concern. have been sanitized in an autoclave ma- November, allows Sunday alcohol sales old Tasmanian wombat, arrived Thurs- day in District Court. His license was re-Colorado: Denver — Schools in the chine, dehydrated and painted. starting at 7 a.m. Local governments day. Zoo officials said Otto and two adult voked for three months. Foote said he Wisconsin: Madison — A state pro-state are getting their first report cards have until Dec. 15 to notify the state if wombats that arrived last week are the took responsibility for his actions. gram that shames delinquent taxpayersunder new performance standards ap- Indiana: Indianapolis — Though all they want to continue banning Sunday only Tasmanian wombats in North into paying up collected more thanproved by lawmakers last year: 111 dis- the economic signals are warning him morning sales. America. It took years of planning and South Carolina: Conway — A Horry $108 million as of the end of October.tricts were rated as accredited or higher. to work a 9-to-5 job, Mike Ferrell is about $60,000 to acquire the three or- County woman has been sentenced to The “Website of Shame,” launched inOnly 14 got a higher rating of accredited opening a doughnut factory. “I’m ready Minnesota: Minnetonka — State ag- phaned wombats. 30 years in prison for conspiring with 2006, lists names and addresses of peo-with distinction. to fire it up and make doughnuts and get ricultural officials confiscated hundreds her lover to kill her husband. Sherry En- ple delinquent on state taxes. Names are ’em out to people,” Ferrell, 45, said. of gallons of milk delivered to a house in New York: New York — The Center of gel, 54, was sentenced after pleading removed from the site when peopleConnecticut: Hartford — A new Soon, the building and other inspections Minnetonka this week. The action is the Olfactory Art, dedicated to scent as an guilty to accessory before the fact of vol- have paid or made arrangements to re-type of gas station is opening in Bridge- will be done, and Virginia Kay’s dough- latest in a crackdown on unpasteurized art form, is now open at the Museum of untary manslaughter. Prosecutors say solve the debt.port, selling liquefied natural gas for nuts will open. milk. The state has made repeated ef- Arts and Design. It’s a “sensory-orien- Frederik Engel, 53, was strangled with atrucks and cars to reduce polluting forts to stop Michael and Roger Hart- tated museum” where patrons can shoelace in 2008. Wyoming: Cheyenne — Officials ap-fumes while also potentially saving Iowa: Clinton — The city’s Rules and mann from selling raw milk in the Twin touch and feel many of the objects, mu- proved selling more than 2 square milesmoney. Bill Malone, owner of Enviro Ex- Regulations Committee is considering a Cities area and other locations. seum director Holly Hotchner says. The South Dakota: Milbank — A woman of land within Grand Teton Nationalpress, which transports waste to land- proposal to declare its properties weap- museum has hired Chandler Burr, for- pleaded guilty to embezzling more than Park to the federal government for $107fills and transfer stations, is opening the on-free zones. Police Chief Brian Guy Mississippi: Gluckstadt — Madison mer fragrance critic of The New York $34,000 from the local VFW club while million. Wyoming has owned the pris-LNG station today at his company near says it’s about protecting both the pub- County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge said Times, as its first curator of olfactory art. working as a bartender. Lori Ann Rich- tine land in Jackson Hole since state-Interstate 95. lic and city employees. City Attorney someone has returned five gray slate ardt, 46, told the judge she used the hood. The state leases the land for graz- Jeffrey Farwell says he believes the city stones that are a tribute to a volunteer North Carolina: Claremont — The money to support a gambling habit. De- ing, bringing in little money comparedDelaware: Lewes — Archaeologists has legal precedent to enact a weapon firefighter killed in the line of duty. The unexplained death of Zahra Baker, a 10- fense attorney George Boos said Rich- with what it could get by investing thehoping to identify a wrecked ship found ban for all buildings it owns, occupies or stones were part of a memorial to Adam year-old disabled girl, is weighing on the ardt plans to repay the money but “it proceeds from selling the the Roosevelt Inlet turned to a hospi- leases. Weisenberger, who died in 2002. The minds of students at River Bend Middle will take a substantial amount of time.”tal’s X-ray machines. In the hopes that stones were stolen in November from School and leading them to collect toys She could face up to 10 years in prison. U.S. territory: Puerto Rico — Thean inside look at artifacts would aid in Kansas: Kingman — Fire Chief Steve the site of the new fire station being for their underprivileged peers. They Puerto Rico Air National Guard helpedidentification, radiology staff at Beebe Drosselmeyer said a fire Thursday de- built that will be named in his honor. have collected more than 800 stuffed Tennessee: Nashville — The lives of airlift an 840-pound male manateeMedical Center X-rayed several items. stroyed Jeri’s Kitchen, a gathering spot animals in memory of Zahra. Police say 303 victims of impaired drivers were from Tampa to San Juan. ConservationThe ship, discovered in 2004, is estimat- for the community. The cause and dollar Missouri: St. Louis — The father of a Zahra was killed and her body dismem- remembered with luminarias on a large officials said the sea cow suffered minored to have sunk between 1772 and loss have not been determined. Dros- 15-year-old girl is suing the owners of bered. No one has been charged. granite map of the state at the Bicenten- injuries in a boat strike and has a “float-1780. selmeyer says nothing from the interior The Darkness haunted house, alleging nial Mall. Kim Ledford of Cleveland ability condition” and needs to be con- is salvageable. The state fire marshal is that artificial fog and scents in the at- North Dakota: Lidgerwood — Ele- came to honor her son Dustin, who was tained in shallow water. The CaribbeanD.C.: One of the National Zoo’s seven assisting with the investigation. traction led to the asthmatic girl’s mentary students are again attending killed in a head-on crash in July 2009. Stranding Network said the manateenew lion cubs is taking the name of a death. Brittney Holmes of Belleville, Ill., classes at Lidgerwood School, which will serve as a surrogate to orphanedcharacter in The Chronicles of Narnia Kentucky: Vanceburg — A former visited the house on Halloween 2009 was heavily damaged by fire Nov. 9. The Texas: Dallas — The City Council voted manatees in series. Two young actors from hotel is being turned over to a group and died last month after spending gym, locker rooms and concessions to expand its anti-panhandling ordi-the film out today, The Chronicles of Nar- that supports Appalachian communi- more than a year in a vegetative state. area should be ready by Monday. Offi- nance, creating four around-the-clock From wire reportsnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, vis- ties. The Vanceburg City Council ap- She had suffered from asthma since age cials don’t yet know when the high “solicitation-free” zones in the down-ited the zoo Thursday for a peek at the proved donating Carter House Hotel to 4. Her mother has also filed suit. school wing will reopen. A stove in a town business district, Deep Ellum, Up-cubs. Georgie Henley and Skandar the Center for Appalachian Philanthropy classroom sparked the fire. Students town and Victory Park. The city already Get news updated 24 hoursKeynes announced one of the male cubs to be used as a bed and breakfast, com- Montana: Missoula — The Peace were sent elsewhere for classes during bans panhandling at night, along streets a day, 7 days a week. Visit uswill be named Aslan. munity conference center and a heri- Corps says the city has the highest per- cleanup. and at ATMs and parking meters. The at ; SURE-FOOTED Crossword Edited by Timothy Parker Get USA TODAY Crosswords on your mobile phone. Visit today! By Gary Cooper ACROSS 1 Source of misery 5 A gallon’s 16 9 Food, shelter and clothing 14 Coffin holder 15 City where Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded 16 Certainly no Einstein Aluminum product 17 Ladd of Westerns 18 Julia of “Addams Family Values” 19 Like cereal in milk, after a time Impolite 20 Flatfish dish 23 Put a spell on Blackjack card favorites 24 Fez adornment 25 One who goes marching in, in song Item over there 27 “___-ho!” 30 Front line? 12/13 Greek org. 33 Lacking brightness 36 Miner’s major problem Yelp of pain 38 Tranquility 39 One of TV’s Bunkers Friday’s Puzzle Answer 41 Giant Mel in the baseball Hall of F O R K Notion Fame 12/13 42 Dramatic poker bet A D O E For fear that 43 Coin in Cancun R O A D 44 Expels, as a tenant 7 A follower, sometimes 52 Penned up, as pigs Get USA TODAY Quick Cross on E R R S 12/10 46 Young fellow 8 Prima donna’s times to shine 54 Rommel known as the Desert Fox your mobile phone. Visit today! 47 Worked at lacemaking 9 FirstgenerationJapanese-Americans 55 Public commotion 49 ___ kebab 10 Shogun’s Tokyo 56 Hurled 51 Borrowed funds 11 “Behind the ___” (in a bad 57 Resistance units Get USA TODAY Sudoku Fusion on your mobile phone. Visit today! 53 Utter, biblically position) 58 It’s got ewe covered? 57 Come up short 12 Venetian leader 60 Prefix for “dollar” Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box DIFFICULTY 59 St. Louis landmark 13 River of Hades 61 Take table orders contains the numbers 1 through 9 (no repeats). 1 3 4 RATING: 62 Marvin Gardens buy 64 Currency of China 21 Share knowledge 22 Homophone for “lane” 63 Prophetic gift 8 6 7 1 3 4 2 5 Complete the 65 Nightstand water vessel 66 Antlered beast 26 Coward with a pen 28 City in the Ukraine Friday’s Puzzle Answer 5 3 2 3 5 6 2 4 grid so that every row, column and 2 4 6 3 1 3x2 box contains 67 City on a same-named lake 29 Sasquatch’s cousins 6 1 5 3 the numbers 1 68 Low card in pinochle 31 Largest continent through 6 ( n o 69 Was an awful night watchman 32 Tear up 2 6 5 repeats). 70 Ellipsis parts 33 Pt. of NYPD 3 5 8 9 34 Sneaking suspicion, e.g. 2 1 4 12/13 6 1 8 3 9 7 2 71 All over again 35 December door decoration 9 8 1 4 DOWN 37 Uneasy desire 1 8 3 2 6 5 7 9 4 Friday’s Puzzle Answer 12/10 1 Toward the stern 40 Dorothy’s basketful 4 6 9 8 3 7 1 2 5 2 5 7 4 9 1 3 6 8 5 6 4 2 3 1 2 Protozoan pushers 3 Cures 42 Test mineralogically 44 “Show Boat” writer Ferber 3 7 9 2 9 3 1 2 5 6 3 5 7 8 4 9 2 4 8 7 6 1 3 6 1 2 2 1 5 4 4 5 6 3 4 One of wine’s Gallo brothers 5 Flower part 45 Aromatic teas 48 Aerie newborn 6 4 1 8 6 7 4 4 2 1 9 2 1 6 3 5 8 3 5 9 7 4 5 3 1 6 2 1 4 6 3 2 5 6 Letters on a jet 50 Doglike nocturnal mammal (Var.) 7 4 1 2 8 5 9 8 7 4 2 6 1 3 12/13 2 3 5 6 1 4 12/10 7 3 1 6 5 8 9 4 2 Answers: Call 1-900-988-8300, 99 cents a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-320-4280. ©Wiggles 3D Incorporated 12/13 Rearrange the words to complete the quote. ALWAYS GREAT IS LOVE MIRACLES WHERE Novelist Willa Cather talks about the power of love. “_______ there ____ _______ ____ there are _______ __________.” Friday’s Answer: “The market is not an invention 12/10 of capitalism. It has existed for centuries. It is an invention of civilization.” - Mikhail Gorbachev
  • 16. 8B · MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2010 · USA TODAYWeather °Fahrenheit Below10 10s °Fahrenheit 10 20 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Latest hurricane and °Celsius -12 -7 -1 4 10 16 21 27 32 38 severe storm news at Temperatures and forecasts provided by Forecast legend c cloudy i ice s sun sh showers t t-storms The Weather Channel® pc partly cloudy r rain sf snow flurries sn snow AP photo Russia Finland Norway Sweden Helsinki Kazakhstan Ulan Bator 15/11pc -9/-27s Oslo 10/6pc Almaty Vladivostok Mongolia Iceland Bergen St. Petersburg 31/13s Urumqi 7/-13pc Reykjavik Beijing 35/30sn 17/16c 15/5s N. Korea 40/39c Uzbek. Kyrgyz. 32/9s Estonia Pyongyang Aberdeen Stockholm Russia Goteborg 24/7pc Europe 37/34pc Scotland Edinburgh 17/11s 23/19pc Riga Latvia Turkmen. Kabul 59/29s Tajik. Asia China Xian 40/20s Seoul 32/14pc S. Korea Japan Tokyo Belfast 36/30pc 15/14c Afghanistan Osaka Islamabad Lhasa 60/48r 36/31pc Newcastle 57/42sh Denmark Copenhagen Lithuania Iran 69/38s 44/20pc Changsha Shanghai Galway 38/31c Kathmandu 25/22s Minsk 48/35sh 49/40sh 40/30pc Northern 18/18c 64/39s Ireland Manchester Pakistan Ireland New Delhi 37/30pc Nepal Dhaka Guangzhou Shannon Dublin Hamburg 69/48s 78/62s Taipei Hanoi 68/59sh 41/30pc 38/32pc Birmingham 31/28pc Karachi 71/64sh 37/29pc Amsterdam Berlin Warsaw Belarus Calcutta 74/66sh Germany 82/52s Burma Hong Kong 38/29sh 30/25sn 28/12sn 78/58s Taiwan Wales Laos 74/66pc Neth. Poland England Mumbai Rangoon Da Nang Manila Brussels Bonn India London 87/69s 86/67pc Thailand 81/71t 90/76t 32/27s 30/21pc 38/32pc Krakow Bangkok Vietnam Cambodia Guam Belgium 26/15sn 87/76t Hagatna Paris Prague Ukraine Ho Chi Minh City 33/26pc Phnom Penh 86/78sh Le Havre Lux. Frankfurt 22/18sn Czech Rep. 90/73t 88/76s Philippines 33/31s 28/23sn Munich Bratislava Slovakia Vienna 30/24pc Sri Lanka Malaysia 23/14sn 28/23pc Zurich Maldives 26/16sn Salzburg Hungary Balikpapan Singapore 89/76t 26/15sn Austria Budapest Switzerland 88/77t 32/21pc Romania Bordeaux Venice Papua 43/27pc 42/25s New Lyon Milan Slovenia Indonesia Guinea Croatia Jakarta 38/26s 40/19s 88/77t France Marseille Florence Port Moresby Belgrade Santiago de Compostela 47/32pc 49/29s Bosnia 35/26c 89/78t 53/40c Serbia Italy Bulgaria Mont. Skopje Cairns Madrid Rome Sofia 38/21sn 36/22sn 88/76t 59/43pc Ajaccio 53/37s Dubrovnik Mauritius Broome Portugal 59/37s 44/31pc Tirana Macedonia 91/84pc Alice Springs Spain Barcelona 49/28sh 97/65s Lisbon 57/42pc Naples Albania 60/53pc 52/38sh Brisbane Cagliari 77/71t 58/44pc Greece Perth Valencia Palma 81/57s Australia 63/47c 58/39c Palermo Sydney Seville Faro 63/49pc 60/51pc 78/67s 63/53pc Athens 60/41sh Australia Melbourne Canberra Algiers Tunis 80/56s 77/54s 66/51sh 64/51c Rabat 66/51sh Tunisia Morocco Algeria 2010 Amsterdam Auckland Bangkok Beijing Berlin Brussels Cairo Copenhagen Dublin Florence Frankfurt Hong Kong• Afternoon showers • Cloudy with rain • Isolated storms • Sunshine 32/9 • Light snow • More sun than • Abundant sunshine • Few clouds 25/22 • Mix of sun and • Abundant sunshine • Few afternoon • Mix of sun and38/29 73/61 87/76 • Wednesday: Sunny developing in the clouds 32/27 67/49 • Tuesday: Partly clouds 38/32 49/29 snow showers clouds 74/66• Tuesday: Late-day • Wednesday: • Wednesday: Sunny 28/9 afternoon 30/25 • Tuesday: Partly • Tuesday: Mostly cloudy 24/22 • Tuesday: Partly • Tuesday: Mostly 28/23 • Wednesday:snow showers Mostly sunny 72/61 86/75 • Thursday: Sunny • Tuesday: Late-day cloudy 30/24 sunny 68/49 • Wednesday: Partly cloudy 37/32 sunny 36/25 • Tuesday: Partly Showers 67/5033/27 • Thursday: Cloudy • Thursday: 34/14 light snow 32/26 • Wednesday: Partly • Wednesday: Partly cloudy 24/20 • Wednesday: • Wednesday: cloudy 29/23 • Thursday: Showers• Wednesday: Partly 72/60 Scattered storms • Friday: Sunny • Wednesday: Light cloudy 30/24 cloudy 71/51 • Thursday: Snow Late-day fog 38/34 Mostly sunny 38/24 • Wednesday: Partly 55/49cloudy 34/27 • Friday: Partly 85/72 39/17 snow 30/20 • Thursday: Light • Thursday: Sunny 31/20 • Thursday: Light • Thursday: Sunny cloudy 28/23 • Friday: Sunny• Thursday: Rain cloudy 71/63 • Friday: Scattered • Thursday: Light snow 33/27 72/53 rain 36/27 38/24 • Thursday: Light 61/4936/29 showers 85/72 snow 24/20 snow 30/24 Jakarta Jerusalem Johannesburg London Los Angeles Madrid Manila Mexico City Milan Moscow Munich New York• Showers and • Periods of heavy • Cloudy with rain • Partly cloudy • Mix of sun and • Partly cloudy • Scattered storms • Times of sun and • Abundant sunshine • Chance of few snow • Light snow in the • Considerablestorms late 88/77 rain 51/43 76/62 38/32 clouds 76/50 59/43 possible 90/76 clouds 68/35 40/19 showers 26/19 morning 23/14 cloudiness 44/25• Wednesday: • Tuesday: Partly • Tuesday: Scattered • Tuesday: Partly • Tuesday: Mostly • Tuesday: Partly • Wednesday: • Tuesday: Sunny • Tuesday: Sunny • Tuesday: Snow • Tuesday: Light • Tuesday: CloudyScattered storms cloudy 57/41 storms 80/60 cloudy 39/33 sunny 69/48 cloudy 53/30 Scattered storms 72/38 35/20 showers 21/16 snow 21/14 27/2286/77 • Wednesday: Partly • Wednesday: • Wednesday: • Wednesday: Partly • Wednesday: Sunny 88/76 • Wednesday: Sunny • Wednesday: Partly • Wednesday: Snow • Wednesday: Light • Wednesday: Partly• Thursday: Scattered cloudy 61/41 Scattered storms Morning rain, snow cloudy 65/48 47/28 • Thursday: Scattered 73/38 cloudy 35/20 showers 19/14 snow 22/17 cloudy 28/25storms 87/77 • Thursday: Sunny 71/59 37/32 • Thursday: Partly • Thursday: Sunny storms 90/77 • Thursday: Sunny • Thursday: Mostly • Thursday: Scattered • Thursday: Light • Thursday: Partly• Friday: Scattered 63/43 • Thursday: Showers • Thursday: Rain, cloudy 62/47 45/27 • Friday: Scattered 74/38 sunny 35/20 snow showers 17/5 snow 22/17 cloudy 34/29storms 86/77 69/59 snow 38/30 storms 86/77 Paris Rio de Janeiro Rome Seoul Shanghai St. Petersburg Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tokyo Vienna Zurich• Times of sun and • Showers and • Sunshine 53/37 • Partly cloudy • Morning showers • Mostly cloudy • Partly cloudy • Mostly sunny • Windy with • Cloudy with rain • Windy with times • Morning lightclouds 33/26 storms late 88/76 • Tuesday: Partly 32/14 49/40 17/16 23/19 78/67 showers at times 60/48 of sun and clouds snow 26/16• Tuesday: Partly • Tuesday: Scattered cloudy 47/34 • Wednesday: Partly • Wednesday: • Tuesday: Snow • Tuesday: Partly • Wednesday: Partly 71/64 • Wednesday: 28/23 • Tuesday: Partlycloudy 34/28 storms 80/75 • Wednesday: Sunny cloudy 27/13 Showers 42/30 showers 19/17 cloudy 25/22 cloudy, windy 85/66 • Wednesday: Mostly sunny 54/42 • Tuesday: Light cloudy 25/16• Wednesday: • Wednesday: 44/33 • Thursday: Mostly • Thursday: Partly • Wednesday: Snow • Wednesday: • Thursday: Showers 68/58 • Thursday: Cloudy snow, windy 26/24 • Wednesday: LightMorning snow Scattered storms • Thursday: Partly sunny 32/13 cloudy 39/29 showers 18/13 Late-day fog 23/14 Scattered showers • Thursday: Showers, 48/41 • Wednesday: Light snow 24/16showers 31/28 82/75 cloudy 43/33 • Friday: Partly • Friday: Sunny • Thursday: • Thursday: Light 86/70 windy 61/54 • Friday: Mostly snow 26/21 • Thursday: Partly• Thursday: Light • Thursday: cloudy 39/20 44/29 Scattered snow snow 20/14 • Friday: Scattered • Friday: Showers sunny 50/41 • Thursday: Scattered cloudy 25/18snow 34/28 Scattered storms showers 16/12 showers 74/69 61/54 snow showers 25/19 86/76 USA Monday Tuesday Monday TuesdayWorldweather Sofia 36/22sn 32/20s Buenos Aires, Argentina 83/64s 89/66s St. Petersburg 17/16c 19/17snCalgary 37/22s 41/19pcEurope Monday Tuesday Strasbourg 29/23pc 30/23pcCancun, Mexico 68/50pc 69/55pc Tallinn 20/19pc 22/20c Caracas, Venezuela 80/60t 80/61tAberdeen 37/34pc 41/35sh Seattle Tirana 49/28sh 48/30s Cozumel, Mexico 67/58pc 67/62pcAjaccio 59/37s 48/31sn 51/45sh Valencia 63/47c 60/39shFort-de-France 84/75sh 84/75sh Toronto BostonAthens 60/41sh 56/43pc 16/12sn Venice 42/25s 35/26s Halifax, Nova Scotia 50/46sh 46/40r Portland Minneapolis-St. Paul 51/28rBarcelona 57/42pc 53/36s Vienna 28/23pc 26/24snLima, Peru 72/64pc 71/64pc 53/45sh 4/-10pcBelfast 36/31pc 37/31c Vilnius 13/12c 17/10snMontreal 40/17sn 19/12snBelgrade 35/26c 31/23sn New York Warsaw 28/12sn 17/6sn Nassau, Bahamas 66/54sh 67/60pc 44/25cBergen 35/30sn 34/27sn Chicago Philipsburg, St. Maarten 82/77pc 82/75shBern 32/20sn 26/20pc Asia/Oceania Tuesday Wednesday Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 80/58s 78/58s 15/4pcBilbao 47/38c 43/37pc Adelaide 83/64pc 68/64pc Punta Arenas, Chile 47/40pc 51/42pc WashingtonBirmingham 37/29pc 38/30pc Denver Alice Springs 97/65s 99/69s Quebec 38/25sn 26/16sn St. Louis 36/24pcBonn 30/21pc 28/19pc 64/34s Bali 88/78t 87/78c Quito, Ecuador 65/49sh 65/50sh San Francisco 19/12sBordeaux 43/27pc 40/29s Broome 91/84pc 91/84c San Jose, Costa Rica 71/54t 73/55sh 57/52cBratislava 30/24pc 28/24sn Cairns 88/76t 86/76t Santo Domingo 86/66t 84/65shBucharest 40/28c 33/23sn Calcutta 78/58s 77/56s Sao Paulo, Brazil 81/66t 74/67rCadiz 65/52pc 64/50s Los Angeles Changde 47/35pc 37/30sn Toronto 16/12sn 20/13snCaen 35/28s 40/30pc 76/50pc Changsha 48/35sh 36/24sn Vancouver 47/43sh 44/38r DallasCagliari 58/44pc 54/37sh Christchurch 71/55s 67/55pc Winnipeg 4/2pc 11/7pc 57/37sCardiff 37/27pc 39/29pcDresden 23/20sn 28/23sn Da Nang Darwin 81/71t 87/77t 80/71t 88/76t Africa,Dubrovnik 44/31pc 41/31pc New OrleansDusseldorf 33/25sn 30/24pc Dhaka 78/62s 79/62s MiddeEast Monday Tuesday Houston 47/32s Miami 59/38sEdinburgh 36/30pc 38/31pc Guangzhou 68/59sh 61/44sh Abidjan, Ivory Coast 89/75pc 89/76s 63/35sFaro, Portugal 63/53pc 64/51c Hagatna, Guam 86/78sh 86/78sh Abu Dhabi 84/66s 77/61sGeneva 38/18s 33/19s Hanoi 74/66sh 73/52sh Accra, Ghana 91/75s 92/76sGenoa 54/37s 44/36s Ho Chi Minh City 90/73t 87/72t Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 72/54s 69/52pcGlasgowGoteborg 37/30s 17/11s 38/31pc 17/12pc Hobart Karachi 70/52pc 82/52s 68/57sh 82/52s Alexandria, Egypt Algiers, Algeria 69/49pc 66/51sh 71/49pc 62/45c USA forecastHamburg 31/28pc 30/26c Katmandu 64/39s 70/41s Amman, Jordan 52/43r 60/43pc Monday Tuesday Monday Tuesday Monday TuesdayHelsinki 15/11pc 15/12pc Kuala Lumpur 89/74t 87/74t Ankara, Turkey 32/21c 36/16sn Albany, N.Y. 41/16sh 21/13sn Fargo, N.D. 7/1sn 14/10c Philadelphia 38/24c 28/22pcInnsbruck 25/11sn 23/13c Kyoto 54/42sh 46/37sh Baghdad 62/44pc 65/43s Albuquerque 61/32s 62/36s Fort Myers, Fla. 59/33pc 59/38s Phoenix 82/51s 80/51sKiev 27/17pc 27/18pc Lhasa 44/20pc 43/13s Bahrain 79/64s 69/62pc Allentown, Pa. 36/20c 25/19pc Grand Rapids, Mich. 17/11sn 23/9sn Pittsburgh 22/14sn 21/13snKrakow 26/15sn 17/2sn Macau 70/64c 65/51sh Beirut 64/59t 66/59sh Anchorage 12/8s 7/4s Greensboro, N.C. 30/16sf 32/15s Portland, Maine 50/29r 36/25pcLas Palmas 68/60pc 70/61pc Mumbai 87/69s 87/71s Cape Town, South Africa78/62s 82/62s Atlanta 29/16pc 36/21s Hartford, Conn. 48/23sh 28/17pc Portland, Ore. 53/45sh 46/39rLe Havre 33/31s 38/35sh Nanchang 51/41sh 42/33sn Casablanca, Morocco 68/52sh 70/54s Atlantic City 39/23c 29/20pc Honolulu 81/70pc 80/71pc Providence, R.I. 51/25r 31/19pcLisbon 60/53pc 61/46c New Delhi 69/48s 71/48s Damascus, Syria 59/34sh 62/33pc Austin, Texas 64/33s 73/50pc Houston 59/38s 70/58pc Raleigh, N.C. 36/18pc 34/16sLucerne 29/18sn 25/18pc Noumea 83/77c 83/77sh Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 90/74s 91/74s Baltimore 35/22pc 30/20pc Huntsville, Ala. 26/15pc 35/23s Rapid City, S.D. 47/27i 47/29pcLuxembourg 25/20s 25/19pc Osaka 57/42sh 47/37pc Harare, Zimbabwe 82/64t 80/63t Baton Rouge, La. 47/23s 55/39s Indianapolis 15/6sn 22/12pc Reno, Nev. 61/40pc 49/28pcLyon 38/26s 32/25s Pago Pago 85/78sh 85/77pc Istanbul, Turkey 45/42c 45/42sh Billings, Mont. 45/34c 44/30c Jackson, Miss. 41/21s 49/29s Richmond 39/19pc 34/18pcMalaga 66/52c 68/50s Perth 81/57s 89/60s Kabul, Afghanistan 59/29pc 59/29s Birmingham, Ala. 30/17pc 39/26s Jacksonville, Fla. 45/18pc 47/24s Rochester, N.Y. 25/11sn 18/14snManchester 37/30pc 38/31pc Phnom Penh 88/76s 86/75t Kinshasa, Congo 87/70t 88/72t Boise, Idaho 47/41sh 43/26sh Kansas City, Mo. 26/17c 36/25c Sacramento 66/49c 58/40shMarseille 47/32pc 41/29s Pyongyang 24/7pc 20/7pc Kuwait 72/43pc 69/38s Boston 51/28r 34/23pc Knoxville, Tenn. 23/12sn 29/15pc Saint Louis 19/12s 27/21pcMilan 40/19s 35/20s Rangoon 86/67pc 85/67s Lagos, Nigeria 91/71s 91/72s Buffalo 21/12sn 19/15sn Las Vegas 68/46s 68/47pc Salt Lake City 49/39pc 45/31cMinsk 18/18c 21/15sn Sapporo 35/22sn 23/16sn Luanda, Angola 84/75t 87/76t Cedar Rapids, Iowa 7/-2s 14/9s Little Rock 38/21s 45/30s San Antonio 64/40s 72/51sMonte Carlo 52/38s 44/37pc Singapore 88/77t 86/76t Lusaka, Zambia 78/67t 80/66t Charleston, S.C. 40/22pc 41/21s Louisville 21/13sn 28/18s San Diego 73/52pc 66/52pcNaples 52/38sh 44/34sh Suva, Fiji 86/74sh 83/75t Luxor, Egypt 70/48s 74/46s Charlotte, N.C. 32/17pc 33/17s Memphis 31/21s 38/28pc San Francisco 57/52c 55/46shNice 53/35s 47/34pc Tianjin 30/15s 27/15s Mecca, Saudi Arabia 90/67s 94/67s Cheyenne, Wyo. 54/32pc 53/35pc Miami 63/35s 58/43s San Juan, P.R. 84/73pc 82/72tOslo 10/6pc 19/7pc Vladivostok 7/-13pc 7/-18pc Mombasa, Kenya 87/77s 89/76s Chicago 15/4pc 16/7s Milwaukee 16/7pc 15/9s Sarasota, Fla. 55/33pc 55/35sPalermo 60/51pc 57/47pc Wellington 67/59sh 66/59pc Nairobi, Kenya 79/58s 79/57s Cincinnati 20/9sn 22/13sf Minneapolis 4/-10pc 13/5pc Savannah, Ga. 41/20pc 44/21sPalma 58/39c 53/36pc Wuhan 47/34pc 38/26sn Nicosia, Cyprus 67/53pc 70/54r Cleveland 21/15sn 20/14sn Mobile, Ala. 44/22s 51/33s Seattle 51/45sh 45/39rPrague 22/18sn 27/19sn Yokohama 60/50r 55/44s Rabat, Morocco 66/51sh 69/51s Colorado Springs 63/34s 62/37pc Myrtle Beach, S.C. 42/20pc 38/18pc Shreveport, La. 47/28s 56/46sReims 31/25pc 32/24pc Tangier, Morocco 63/53pc 64/54pc Columbia, S.C. 38/19pc 39/19s Nashville 22/11sf 30/19s Spokane, Wash. 40/37sh 39/28shReykjavik 40/39c 43/35sh Americas Monday Tuesday Tbilisi, Georgia 48/33sh 44/33pc Columbus, Ohio 17/8sn 20/8pc New Orleans 47/32s 54/42s Syracuse, N.Y. 33/13sn 19/14snRiga 15/14c 22/17sn Acapulco, Mexico 87/67s 85/70s Tehran, Iran 52/43r 48/36s Concord, N.H. 45/23r 30/16c Norfolk, Va. 38/25pc 33/24pc Tampa 50/34pc 53/37sSalzburg 26/15sn 22/17sn Belize 77/57sh 75/59pc Tel Aviv, Israel 63/47r 69/47pc Dallas-Ft. Worth 57/37s 65/49s Oklahoma City 48/27s 55/38s Topeka, Kan. 29/15i 40/25cSantiago de Compostela 53/40c 45/33c Bermuda 72/63r 65/58sh Tombouctou, Mali 87/54s 87/57s Daytona Beach, Fla. 50/23pc 50/30s Omaha 20/14sn 29/20c Tucson 83/46s 81/46sSarajevo 28/19c 22/17c Bogota, Colombia 67/49sh 65/49sh Tripoli, Libya 70/47c 71/49s Denver 64/34s 64/38pc Orlando 52/27pc 52/32s Tulsa 38/20s 50/36sSeville 63/49pc 65/46c Brasilia, Brazil 83/68t 78/67t Tunis, Tunisia 64/51c 61/46pc Detroit 15/9sn 20/10pc Palm Springs, Calif. 83/53s 80/50s Washington 36/24pc 31/23pcSkopje 38/21sn 34/21s Bridgetown, Barbados 84/77sh 85/76sh Zanzibar 88/75s 89/75s El Paso 67/39s 70/45s Pensacola, Fla. 45/26pc 48/33s Wichita 37/19s 45/28pc See. Touch. Share. USA TODAY’s signature photos, interactive polls, stories, sports scores and customized weather forecasts are now specially formatted for your iPhone® and iPod® touch. Read stories online or Download it for FREE offline, then share them with your friends.