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  • 1. c INTERNATIONAL EDITION Portman’s . COLLEGE FOOTBALL plunge toChampionship dark side mPsychological weekend thriller stretches actress physically and mentally, 5B mBlack Swan, Niko Tavernise, Fox Searchlight Portman: Ballerina teeters from sanity. eeee review, 6B Jones: NO. 1 IN THE USA Sooners QB mAuburn and Oregon all but assured a BCS NFL Rivalry title game, 1, 2, 3B mSee how WEEK 13 Steelers showdown By Kevin C. Cox, each coach QB: Faced mIt’s December, and every the Ravens Getty Images voted at yesterday. game counts, especially in Newton: Tigers QB this tight field, 1B By Tim Heitman, US Presswire Ben Roethlisberger. Photo by US Presswire Millions The BoomerMonday, December 6, 2010Newslinen News n Money n Sports n Life of families divide Stretched overCriminal probe atArlington Cemetery 19 years, some feel a disconnect missingmEight urns of remains found in onegrave. ‘Most likely not a mistake,’ 3A House votes safety net to censure Steve Morley Born 1959 Fewer people are Rep. Rangel “We were at buying life insurance mN.Y. Democrat the tail end of punished for By Sandra Block ethics violations, everything.” USA TODAY including failure to The percentage of U.S. households with life insur- pay taxes, 4A ance coverage is at its lowest in 50 years, leaving By Jack Gruber, USA TODAY millions of families without a safety net, industry experts say. Going down Only 44% of households have an individual life in- surance policy, and 30% have no individual or em- the career ployer-provided life insurance, according to a recent survey by LIMRA, an industry-sponsored group. ladder Some 11 million households with children younger than 18 — viewed as families with the greatest mEconomy forced need for coverage — have no life insurance. many, like former By Susan Tusa, Detroit Free Press The drop in insurance coverage comes at a time executive Greg when premiums for term life insurance are signifi- Wendy Thomson cantly lower than they were a decade ago. For ex- Corkett, to take Born 1950 ample, a 35-year-old lowlier jobs, 5A healthy man can pur- By Eileen Blass, USA TODAY “They just did not chase a $500,000, 20- Families year term policy for about coveredmMoney: November gives retailers hope know what to do $25 a month, according to Percentage of Sales performed better than analysts predicted, with all of us.” ING, a financial institution that sells life insurance. husband-wife families with kidsbringing hopes of merry holiday season. 5A. Behind the decline: under 18 who have uT he economic life insurance.mSports: Tiger’s ‘good ball-striking day’ By Mei-Chun Jau for USA TODAY downturn. More than 90% Woods atop Chevron World Challenge leader- 40% of families said they 77%board. Story at By Haya El Nasser birth explosion began and five years haven’t purchased life in- surance because theymLife: 10 places to celebrate Repeal Day USA TODAY before it officially waned. have other financial pri- “We were at the tail end of every- Prohibition ended Dec. 5, 1933. At Steve Morley can rattle off the cul- thing,” says Morley, a software engi- orities. tural milestones of the Baby Boom generation with ease. Identifying SENI R neer who lives in McKinney, Texas. Merchandisers and TV shows aimed At the same time, 40% of families with children MOMENT with them, however, proves more for an older audience when he was under age 18 said they 2004 20101 elusive. growing up, he recalls, “marketing to would have immediate 1 – through June John F. Kennedy’s assassination? people who were 10 years older trouble paying expenses Source: LIMRA “I was 4, although it is one of the BOOMERS TURN 65 than me. When the show thirty- if the primary breadwin- By Julie Snider, USA TODAY earliest memories that I have.” USA TODAY and CBS News something came on (in 1987), that ner died. The Summer of Love, in 1967? “I was aimed at older people. . . . Hon- uProcrastination. was 8.” are exploring the aging of an iconic generation and estly, I’ve never felt like a Baby Unlike auto and mortgage uWays to make The assassinations of Martin Lu- the impact on the nation. Boomer.” insurance — which are insurance more ther King Jr. and Sen. Robert Kenne- Call it a generation gap within the typically mandatory for affordable. Tips dy? “Turned 9 that summer.” Cover story same generation. home and car owners — at Woodstock, in 1969? “Barely The Baby Boom stretched over 19 life insurance is a volun- aware when it happened.” See a photo calendar years, from 1946 through tary purchase, says Butch By Frédéric Castél gallery of Britton, chief executive of ING’s US life insurance di- The Vietnam War? “Saigon fell be- Boomers 1964 — enough time for the first andSee Paris like a Parisian fore I got my driver’s license.” Morley is a late Boomer, born in reflecting on their generation at boomers last Boomers to have lived through vision. That causes people to put off buying it, he says. Please see COVER STORY page 2A u Procrastination can backfire, because young,mRent an apartment, shop like a local 1959 — 13 years after the postwar healthy people can usually get the least expensiveand avoid overpriced tourist traps. premiums, says Amy Danise, managing editor forStory at “A lot of people really overlook theUSA TODAY Snapshots® S DA Bill puts healthier lunch on menu whole need (for insurance) until they have a health condition, and then life insurance prices are out of reach for them,” she says. uFewer insurance agents. Nearly 80% of fam- What o footb W pro foo ball fans Also, more schoolchildren to be ings in the government’s efforts to ensure that school food is free of E. coli O157:H7, salmonella ilies don’t have a personal life insurance agent or like l abou the game ut t e eligible for free, discounted meals and other contaminants. It also found that 23,000 broker, according to LIMRA. The decline in premi- children were sickened by food they ums for term life insurance has made it more diffi- By Peter Eisler ate at school from 1998 through 2007 cult for agents who sell the policies to make enough USA TODAY and that about 26,000 schools failed to money to cover their expense, Britton says. Competit n Competit on Co pet tion t and rivalries ries ies i s 57% meet requirements for cafeteria in- In 2010, there were 184,873 “affiliated agents”— WASHINGTON — A bill that would spections. insurance agents who primarily or exclusively sell Athletic display disp di pl pla 32% % improve the safety and nutritional “It is unconscionable that food that one insurance company’s products — down from value of food served at schools — and is known to be tainted could ever be more than 246,000 two decades ago, according to Watchingng g LIMRA. And life insurance agents who have stayed with friends ends nds 26% 26% expand the number of children eligi- fed to our children in school cafete- ble to get free and reduced-price rias,” says Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D- in the business are increasingly selling permanent Strategy, intellec- gy, ntell , ntell llec life insurance to affluent families. Permanent life in- tual components component pone pon pon n ne nen 24% 4% 4 meals — now awaits President Obama’s signature. N.Y. “This legislation marks a major step in the right The legislation, approved Thursday by the House direction.” surance has a savings component and doesn’t ex- Fans, pire, but it is more expensive than term insurance. excitement enn 18% 8% of Representatives and previously approved by the The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 ex- Senate, directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture pands the Child Nutrition Act, first passed in 1966. Insurance companies are adopting several strate- to set new nutrition standards for all food served in It commits an additional $4.5 billion to child nutri- gies to reach out to middle-income families who Source: Har is Interactive survey of 2,620 adults Sept. 14-20 arr ar is rr r ve of 2 620 e 2 schools — in lunchrooms and in vending machines. tion programs over the next 10 years — spending don’t have a life insurance agent. By Anne R. Carey and Karl Gelles, USA TODAY It also alters rules for federally subsidized school that is offset by cuts in other USDA programs. MetLife is aggressively marketing its group life in- lunch and breakfast programs so that an estimated The federal government spends about $16 billion surance policies to employers, says Todd Katz, exec- International special edition 115,000 more low-income students will qualify for a year on child nutrition programs. Schools are re- utive vice president of insurance products. Employ- free or discounted meals. imbursed $2.68 for each lunch; the USDA also do- ees can typically buy the policies through payroll This is a special edition of USA TODAY designed Today, 62% of the 31 million students who eat nates millions of pounds of ground beef and other deduction, sometimes at a lower cost than an indi- and edited for readers around the world. vidual policy. MetLife is also investing heavily in Additional content and late-breaking news and school food qualify. commodities for use in those meals. Under the bill “The legislation marks a new day for how we passed Thursday, participating schools must serve programs that allow customers to buy insurance sports scores can always be found at policies online or by phone, Katz says. ¡¿H¢ApB-740214¿ (e)o think about school meals and other child nutrition food that meets the new USDA nutrition standards. programs,” says Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., who Among key provisions, the legislation: In addition, websites such as al- chairs the House education committee. “This will uProvides a 6-cent increase in the meal reim- low consumers to shop for insurance online. allow us to get rid of the junk food in our schools.” bursement rate for schools that meet new USDA But despite the growth of such sites, most insur- The bill also includes provisions to better train nutrition standards for cafeteria food. ance is still purchased “face to face from a live per- school cafeteria workers and more quickly alert uCommits $40 million for farm-to-school pro- son at the kitchen table,” says Byron Udell, chief ex- schools that may have received food that is being grams, championed by first lady Michelle Obama. ecutive of AccuQuote. ©COPYRIGHT 2010 USA TODAY And with fewer agents knocking on doors, he a division of Gannett Co., Inc. recalled because of contamination concerns. A USA Such programs encourage schools to buy produce TODAY investigation last year showed shortcom- from local farms and to establish school gardens. says, “there’s less of it getting bought.”
  • 2. 2A · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAYTalking ’bout a generation gap in same generationContinued from 1A last month. The impact of her generation was clear to her earlydrastically different experiences. on because of its sheer size. “Someone coming of age in “They just did not know what1950 lives through JFK, the soar- to do with all of us,” says Thom-ing rhetoric of Martin Luther son, a retired management con-King, the Mickey Mouse Club and sultant who grew up in Birming- Leave It to Beaver,” ham, Mich.Cover says Steven Gillon, resident historian “I remember having classes in the cafeteria and gym. . . . Theystory of the History Channel and au- were building schools like mad. When I went away to college, I thor of Boomer Na- had a tiny (dormitory) room thattion. “After 1960, their memories By Susan Tusa, Detroit Free Press was meant for two in the ’20sare Watergate and oil embargo.” “I was always just squished”: Wendy Thomson, and there were three of us. I was Yet, they have been lumped 60, was among the early Baby Boomers. always just squished.”into one demographic behemoth But she has been able to send(77 million) that has guided mar- her sons to college and to retireketing decisions, transformed early, something that will be ahistory and politics and reshaped “I am a struggle for her sister-in-law,entertainment sensibilities formore than six decades. Venti, half-caff who was born in 1962. “Her whole experience was As the nation marks the 65th Boomer.” just so different from mine,”birthday of the first Boomers be- By Mei-Chun Jau for USA TODAY Thomson says.ginning next month, the millions Michele Kimbrough “Saigon fell before I got my driver’s license”: Steve Morley, a software engineer of “She is far away from retire-born at the tail end of the genera- Born 1964 McKinney, Texas, spends Thanksgiving with his wife, Lynda, 19-year-old son, Andrew, ment and she is now stuck. Thetion are feeling a disconnect. and 16-year-old daughter, Sarah. market crashed, housing values “I don’t see myself as the typ- crashed.”ical Boomer,” says Anthony Fer- but because it built a bridge to a the 1960s; Hispanics are 13%. lish at home, compared with 22% His brother talked about the Older Boomers redefineddaise, born in 1962. His older sis- dramatically different America, uEducation. The share of of the younger ones. Summer of Love — the event that American culture in what Gillonter is 64, at the front end of his says William Frey, demographer women with a high school diplo- Gillon says the Boomer gener- defined the hippie countercul- calls “a cultural earthquake.”generation and worlds apart in at the Brookings Institution. “The ma or less education dropped ation is so deeply rooted in the ture movement when as many as “They created a world signifi-experiences. Boomers are the transition be- from 43% among older Boomers American experience, from TV 100,000 people gathered in San cantly different than the one their Ferdaise, a nurse who lives in tween old and new,” he says. to 38% among the younger ones. shows and advertising to politics Francisco — and attending small parents created,” he says, makingPhoenix, makes his point in mu- That transition also occurred The opposite is true among men, and race relations, that immi- concerts where The Doors and the differences between youngsical terms: “She saw The Doors within the generation. a potential fallout of rising im- grants who did not grow up here Janis Joplin performed. Another and old Boomers seem minor byin concert. I saw The Clash.” Michele Kimbrough migration: 38% of can’t be viewed as true Boomers. brother, who had conscientious- comparison. of Chicago was born older male Boomers “Being a Boomer is being part objector status during the Viet- Adds Gillon, himself a BoomerBridging the old and the new during the last year of had no postsecond- of a unique and historical experi- nam War and was exempted born in 1956, “We have inherited the boom, in 1964. ary education, com- ence . . . a shared generation ex- from military service, spoke at an a world that Boomers have The beginning and end of ageneration are marked by a rise Her parents are Baby Boomers. SENI R pared with 44% of those born later. perience of people who grew up in America,” he says. “You have anti-war event. “The people who are born made.”and fall in the number of births. “It’s entirely subjective, but “I don’t really relate myself to the Boomer MOMENT uMarriage. More late Boomers have to remember Captain Kangaroo.” The difference between older post-’59, they don’t have the same sense of being the children Corrections & Clarificationsmost people agree on the begin- generation,” says Kim- BOOMERS TURN 65 not married. Ten per- and younger Boomers is heavily of that generation,” McMorrowning (1946) and ending dates brough, a former non- This series also will be cent of older male influenced by the Vietnam War. says. “I’ve been an observer. Nev- USA TODAY is committed to accuracy. To reach us, contact Standards Editor Brent Jones at(1964) of the Baby Boom genera- profit executive work- on boomers.usatoday- Boomers and 8% of “If you were born by 1950, you er felt a part of it.” 1-800-872-7073 or e-mail accuracy@usatoday- .com. Please indicate whether you’re respond-tion, and if you look at it de- ing on a doctorate in .com and cbsnew- older female Boom- had to confront Vietnam in some Frey says later Boomers “got ing to content online or in the newspaper.mographically, that makes natural medicine. “I For more cov- ers have not married way,” Gillon says. “It was like a gi- the short end of the stick.” Thesense,” says demographer Cheryl am a Venti, half-caff erage, watch CBS’ The — but among young- ant mountain that stood in their first in their generation were re- In some Thursday editions, aRussell, editorial director at New Boomer,” she jokes, Early Show, 7-9 a.m. ET er Boomers, 16% of pathway.” bellious and grew up in a pros- photo caption accompanying aStrategist Publications, a publish- using popular coffee men and 12% of He calls the younger end of the perous time. Younger ones “en- cover story on LeBron James mis-er of reference books. house terms. “I can call myself a women haven’t been to the altar. generation “shadow Boomers,” a tered the workforce when things identified the man selling T- In 1945, there were fewer than flower child and still navigate uMilitary service. About group that straddles two genera- were pretty bad,” he says, in an shirts. His name is Derrick Tatum.3 million births in the USA. The successfully through this new 71% of early male Boomers never tions (Boomers and Generation era marked by gas shortages andfigure hit 3.4 million in 1946, culture of hip-hop madness.” served in the military compared X), and relates to both yet feels as President Nixon’s resignation.topped 4 million in 1954 and Census numbers show the with 87% of late Boomers. The if it belongs in neither. “For some, when they first gotpeaked at 4.3 million in 1957. The changes in America’s profile from military draft ended in 1973, long “From my perspective, I’ve their driver’s license they werenumber of annual births stayed one end of the Boomer genera- before late Boomers reached 18. been following the parade,” says sitting in gas lines,” says Robertabove 4 million through 1964 be- tion to the other: The numbers fluctuate every Greg McMorrow, born in 1961. Lang, sociologist at the Universityfore slipping to 3.8 million in uRace and ethnicity. Seven- year, as Boomers die and Boom- He and eight siblings were of Nevada-Las Vegas. “It wasn’t1965. That put the end of the Ba- ty-six percent of early Boomers er-age immigrants move here. born during the Baby Boom. like ‘fun fun fun till her daddyby Boom at the close of 1964. are non-Hispanic whites, com- Younger Boomers are more “My oldest sister was born in takes her T-bird away,’ ” he says, About 37 million people now pared with 68% of those born lat- likely to be immigrants — 17% vs. ’47, and one younger brother was referring to The Beach Boys’in the USA were born in the first er. Blacks are the largest minority 13% of older Boomers — and born in ’63,” says McMorrow, a 1964 hit Fun, Fun, Fun.half of the Baby Boom, and about among older Boomers but are nearly half of the young immi- small-business owner in San40 million in the second. outnumbered by Hispanics grant Boomers arrived here after Jose. “The ’60s and protest stuff Contrasting experiences The generation is significant among younger Boomers. Blacks 1990. Only 15% of older Boomers was something that my oldernot only because of its numbers make up 12% of Boomers born in speak a language other than Eng- brother and sister were a part of.” Wendy Thomson turned 60 Conquer Cancer This Holiday Season View and purchase our collection of holiday cards, candles, and ornaments PHOTO CARDS COURTESY OF
  • 3. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · 3A Nation Nationline Army launches cemetery probeDeath to be ‘relief’ for 8 urns found nality involved,” Chris Grey of the Army’s Criminal Investi- the urns, which were matched to crematoriums marked, improperly marked or mislabeled on cemetery The worker, Tim Langow- ski, 51, of Frederick, Md., toldhome-invasion killer in single grave gation Command said of the latest controversy at the na- across the country. They tracked numbers found on maps. Other problems in- cluded urns that were USA TODAY that he took Kathryn Condon, who over- A Connecticut man sentenced to death Thursdayin the killings of a woman and her two daughters at Arlington tion’s renowned military burial ground. the tags to individual dece- dents. Their efforts continue dumped in a landfill area, as well as multiple graves buried sees Army cemetaries, to an area of the cemetery used assaid his execution will be “a welcome relief.” Steven Three sets of remains have on four urns without tags, under a single headstone. a dump site for vegetationHayes made his first public comments about the By Oren Dorell been identified, and the cem- Grey said. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D- and soil, where he found twocase before being formally sentenced by New USA TODAY etery has notified family The criminal investigation, Mo., chair of a subcommittee urns while on the job in 2005.Haven Superior Court Judge Jon Blue. “I am deeply members, cemetery spokes- the fourth in recent years at on contracting oversight, ap- One of the urns containedsorry for what I have done and the pain I have Army investigators woman Kaitlin Horst said. Arlington, comes as the cem- pointed a panel to study ashes and two mementos: acaused,” said Hayes, adding he was after money for launched a criminal probe af- One of the sets has been re- etery continues to sort out problems at Arlington. The letter and a photograph of adrugs. “I am tormented and have nightmares about ter eight urns were found in a buried. “discrepancies” between its panel projected that up to girl in a blue and white cheer-what happened in that house.” single grave marked “un- A forensic anthropologist records and its graves. No 6,600 of more than 300,000 leader outfit. Both urns were William Petit, a physician who was severely beat- known” at Arlington National from Hawaii helped investi- charges have yet been filed in graves could be unmarked or turned in to cemetery work-en with a baseball bat during the attack on his fam- Cemetery in Virginia. gators determine that a any of the investigations. The improperly labeled. ers at the time.ily, told the court he had considered suicide many “When there’s eight sets of fourth set was unidentifiable, Army Inspector General re- The latest discovery came News of the investigationtimes since the deaths of his wife, Jennifer Hawke- human remains in one grave, Grey said. ported in June that a survey after a tip provided to WTOP put him at ease.Petit, and their daughters, Hayley, 17, and Michaela, it’s most likely not a mistake, Investigators used forensic of three of Arlington’s 70 sec- Radio in Washington by an “That tells me they’re look-11. Petit, who fought back tears, said he struggles so we have to look into techniques to decipher initials tions found 211 such discrep- employee of Lane Construc- ing into it and doing the rightwith nightmares and flashbacks. whether there is any crimi- on tags connected to some of ancies — graves that were un- tion, Horst said. thing,” Langowski said. Hayes sexually assaulted and strangled JenniferHawke-Petit. Authorities say he and co-defendant Calif. killing is real whodunitJoshua Komisarjevsky tied her daughters to theirbeds, poured gasoline on or around them and setfire to their Cheshire home in 2007. Komisarjevskygoes on trial next year.Unabomber’s land for sale in Montana HELENA, Mont. — A 1.4-acre parcel of land inwestern Montana that was once owned by Un- The hit-man-styleabomber Ted Kaczynski is on the market for$69,500. slaying of publicist The listing offers potential buyers a chance toown a piece of “infamous U.S. history” and says the Ronni Chasen hasforested land “is obviously very secluded.” It’s listed elements of aby John Pistelak Realty of Lincoln. The Lincoln-area property, which had been listed Hollywood filmat $154,500, does not have electricity or runningwater. Kaczynski was critical of technology. By William M. Welch The property does not include Kaczynski’s cabin, USA TODAY By Nick Ut, APwhich is on display at the Newseum in Washington. Kaczynski is serving a life sentence for killing LOS ANGELES — The latest film- Died behind wheel: Ronni Chasen’sthree people and injuring 23 during a nationwide noir style mystery to grip Tinseltown damaged car gets towed Nov 16.bombing spree between 1978 and 1995. has produced a second body, but the plotline is still unfolding known. Residents of the Harvey A man known only as Harold pulled Apartments knew him as Harold. out a gun and shot himself to death in They said he was an ex-con, who had the lobby of a cheap Hollywood once lived there and been evicted but apartment building Wednesday eve- returned recently asking if police ning as he was approached by gum- were looking for him, The Los Angeles shoes from the Beverly Hills Police Times reported. Department, Los Angeles police say. “He told me several times, ‘If it ever Beverly Hills cops say they wanted came back down to me going to pris- to talk to the man about the hit-man- on, I would die first,’ ” resident Bran- style murder of a publicist to the stars, don Harrison told the paper. Ronni Chasen, on Nov. 16. Chasen, who is driving this plot, Chasen’s death, in a rain of carefully was the queen of air-kisses, one of targeted bullets to the chest while be- those Hollywood fixtures whose By William Wilson Lewis III, The Press-Enterprise, via AP hind the wheel of her black Mercedes, brassy hustle seemed to epitomize was the opening scene in a real life- the big personalities behind the bigGolf course obstacle and-death drama that seems to be screen. She called people “darling,”Fore! Flight instructor Richard Hammerschlag, 63, following a Hollywood formula: A hugged them and smooched the airwalks away from his two-seater plane that crash- high flier brought to a grisly end, with as large jewelry swung around herlanded in a sand trap at a Southern California golf no obvious suspects and few visible neck.course, sending one person to the hospital with clues. Her abrasive New York accentminor injuries. No one on the ground was injured. It’s a story that has, as they say in didn’t hold back her ability to the film business, generated great schmooze at myriad social functionsSearch for missing Mich. boys halted buzz. where business is conducted in Holly- The victim’s decades of elbow-rub- wood. She was not one of the indus- Volunteers searching for three Michigan brothers bing with movie stars has been an ir- try’s most powerful figures. But shemissing for nearly a week have been asked to sus- resistible draw. She was killed while represented a niche of composers andpend their searches after today. Morenci Police driving home late at night from a par- songwriters, such as Hans ZimmerChief Larry Weeks said law enforcement officials ty after the premiere of the movie and Diane Warren, and musicianswill continue following up on tips but want time to Burlesque, starring, as she surely such as Sophie B. Hawkins, who had By Kevork Djansezian, Getty Imagesre-examine their efforts. would have wanted noted, Cher and chops and talent, if not top billing. “Those men and women that have actually done Christina Aguilera. Officers still investigating: A “person of interest” in the shooting death of Just days before she was gunnedthe searching have been tireless,” said Kathye Her- Chasen, 64, had a deal to promote publicist Ronni Chasen killed himself Wednesday at these apartments. down, she was e-mailing reporters torera, a friend of the family. “We would not want a the soundtrack for an Oscar. tout Michael Douglas’ work in Walltragedy because volunteers are too tired.” So far not much more is known Street: Money Never Sleeps, for award Tanya Skelton reported her sons — Andrew, 9; Al- about either death, but this much is consideration.exander, 7; and Tanner, 5 — missing Nov. 26 when clear: Somebody wanted Chasen While cops publicly bemoan thetheir father, John Skelton, didn’t return them after a dead, and they had pretty good aim. lack of clues, any audience can see lotsThanksgiving visit. John Skelton is facing three The cops, predictably, aren’t talking. of potential leads. Police seized Cha-counts of parental kidnapping and is being held in a “There are no further details avail- sen’s computers and searched it forToledo, Ohio, jail in lieu of $3 million bond. able at this time,” Beverly Hills Sgt. signs of any enemies. Shan Davis said Thursday. Gil Carrillo, a retired investigatorStolen painting surfaces before auction Police in Los Angeles, where the with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s An Edgar Degas painting that was stolen 37 years second death occurred, are dismiss- Department, who reviewed a prelim-ago and recently rediscovered before an auction in ing questions about the case. inary coroner’s report for a Fox TVNew York will be returned to the French govern- Beverly Hills is a rich and tony, but station that obtained it, said the killerment, U.S. officials said Thursday. tiny and separate, city surrounded by squeezed off multiple rounds in an U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch and James Hayes, Los Angeles. Los Angeles cops out- impressively tight formation thathead of the New York office of Immigration and number Beverly Hills cops almost 100 would befit a professional hit. “It’s aCustoms Enforcement, announced that a Manhat- to 1, but they are dealt out of the Cha- good shot group,” he told KTTV.tan seller, who didn’t know it was stolen, had sen case, except for the suicide on At the Harvey Apartments, a 1930sagreed to turn over the painting, Laundry Woman their turf, Los Angeles police spokes- art deco-style building on Santa Mon-With Toothache, without a forfeiture proceeding. man Richard French says. ica Boulevard, with the second body Sotheby’s had given the small oil portrait of a “We were called in because some- still on the floor, Los Angeles Policeyoung woman holding her jaw an estimated value one killed themselves in front of Bev- Capt. Kevin McClure delivered a Joeof $350,000 to $450,000. erly Hills police in our jurisdiction,” Friday-just-the-facts recap for the TV said French, who professed little pro- cameras.Also . . . fessional interest in either death. Taking up the story after the Bever- uBUFFALO, N.Y. — Police in western New York “It was pretty obvious what hap- By Timothy Norris, Getty Images ly Hills cops moved in, McClure said:have charged 33 people so far in an investigation pened. There shouldn’t be any sur- With the stars: Publicist Ronni Chasen, second from right, attends a party “They attempted to talk to the sus-that shows a new kind of supplier in the illicit drug prises,” he said. Jan. 11, 2009, with actors, from left, Jeff Sanderson, Freida Pinto and Dev Patel. pect. When they did the suspect pro-trade. They say medical patients, including many You don’t have to be a critic to duced a handgun. And there was awho rely on Medicaid for prescriptions, have be- know there are always surprises in a gun and the bullet that he used to kill to the two deaths, said Lt. Fred Corral, self-inflicted gunshot at that point income a popular way to get drugs like OxyContin to good script. himself match the weapon that end- watch commander for the Los Ange- time.”the street. The big question that the autopsy ed Ronni Chasen’s life. les coroner’s office. The patients see a doctor, or several doctors, and of Harold and the search of his death “No information is being given out” The dead man was described as a Contributing: Anthony Breznican income away with prescriptions they sell to a dealer scene should reveal is whether his on that score or anything else related black male in his 40s, address un- Los Angeles and the Associated Pressfor as much as $1,000. uLAS VEGAS — Six people,including two teenagers, have been indicted in the Court, jail overload puts justice in doubtpummeling death of Las Vegas high school teacherTimothy VanDerbosch, 50, who prosecutors saywas attacked because he dressed nicely.By Anne Willette with staff and wire reports By Keith Matheny The California Supreme Court in no-man’s land,” County Commission- non-violent misdemeanors to treat- USA TODAY October upheld the dismissal of 18 er John Wiley Price said. ment programs, says Vanita Gupta, Please recycle criminal cases in Riverside County, in- uIn North Carolina, the continu- deputy legal director for the Ameri- Courtrooms and jails have become cluding two felonies, because there ance rate in cases involving child can Civil Liberties Union. crowded to the bursting point, allow- weren’t enough judges to hear them. abuse and neglect or termination of New York and New Jersey reduced Published by Gannett Co., Inc. ing justice to languish in many loca- The ruling upheld the dismissal of parental rights topped 40% in nearly a their prison populations 20% and 19% Vol. 29, No. 58 (ISSN 1051-7405) tions, legal experts and many working more than 250 other misdemeanor quarter of the state’s 100 counties, respectively from 1999 to 2009 in USA TODAY in the judicial system say. and felony cases also on appeal. says Lana Dial, court improvement part through such programs, Gupta 7950 Jones Branch Drive “There’s a huge crunch in the judi- Chief Justice Ronald George, in a 7-0 program manager for North Carolina said. South Carolina in June ended McLean, VA 22108 cial system because of a lack of re- opinion, called it “a circumstance fair- Administrative Office of the Courts. mandatory minimum sentences for Tel.: +1-703-854-3400 Fax: +1-703-854-2095 sources,” said Margie Paris, dean of ly attributable to the fault or neglect of A 2009 study by Seattle University first-offense simple narcotics posses- International Headquarters (London): the University of Oregon School of the state.” law professor Robert Boruchowitz, in sion, and expanded the use of proba- USA TODAY Law. “The speed with which we’re Riverside County Chief Assistant conjunction with the National Associ- tion, house arrest and work-release P.O. Box 30793 moving cases along and the quality of District Attorney Bill Mitchell ex- ation of Criminal Defense Lawyers, programs. London WC1A 1AZ, England justice is really being compromised.” pressed outrage. found the explosive growth of misde- The Pew Charitable Trusts, a public All general inquiries: +44 (0) 207 559 5859 Paris and others cited three com- “The failure of the state to provide meanor cases burdening courts. policy non-profit, estimates South Fax: +44 (0) 207 559 5885 mon problems: adequate resources . . . has led to Researchers observed two defense Carolina’s reforms will reduce the E-Mail: uTougher law enforcement with- criminal defendants being rewarded attorneys in Washington state advis- need to build and operate new prison USA TODAY is a member of The Associated Press and Gannett out expansion of jail and court infra- with dismissal,” he said. ing 132 defendants on an arraignment space over the next five years, saving News Service and subscribes to Reuters, among other news structure; Elsewhere: calendar in under four hours. Most up to $175 million in construction services. USA TODAY, its logo and associated graphics are the federally registered trademarks of Gannett Co., Inc. All rights uFailure to improve court proce- uIn Texas, the Dallas County crim- raised no objections, resulting in find- costs and more than $66 million in are reserved. Registered as a newspaper with the Post Office in dures over many years; inal justice department in July found ings of guilt, the study found. operating expenses. the United Kingdom. Registrato al Tribunale di Milano il uOverworked judges, prosecutors 423 felony cases — 10% of all felony Several states are working on ways 22/05/2000 al numero 364; digitally printed by Rotomail Italia Matheny reports for The Desert Sun in SpA, Cologno Monzese, Milano. and defense attorneys continually cases — had no future court dates to improve their justice systems postponing hearings. scheduled, leaving inmates “sitting in through reforms such as diverting Palm Springs, Calif.
  • 4. 4A · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAY WashingtonHouse censure deals blow toN.Y.’s Rangel for misconductDemocrat insists gel, a Korean War veteran who rose from high school dropout to chairman of the es,” she said. Rangel and his allies plead for leniencyhe’s not corrupt, House Ways and Means Committee. Censure is the most serious punish- Thursday, asking for a less severe written reprimand, and arguing that censurepenalty is political ment, short of expulsion, that Congress can impose. Rangel now joins 22 others should be imposed only in cases when intentional corruption is proved. in U.S. history who have been censured The last lawmakers censured — Rep.By Fredreka Schouten by the House for wrongdoing ranging Gerry Studds of Massachusetts and Rep.USA TODAY from supporting the Confederacy during Daniel Crane of Illinois in 1983 — were the Civil War to accepting bribes. punished for sexual relationships with WASHINGTON — The U.S. House of The House scolded Rangel for a pat- House pages.Representatives voted overwhelmingly tern of misconduct stretching back years One Republican, New York Rep. PeterThursday to censure once-powerful — including failing to pay taxes for 17 King, joined the half-dozen lawmakersNew York Rep. Charles Rangel for mul- years on rental income from his Car- pleading for mercy. “If expulsion is thetiple ethical misdeeds — the first time in ibbean vacation villa and soliciting dona- equivalent of the death penalty, censurenearly three decades that House mem- tions for a center being built in his honor is . . . a life sentence,” King said. Thebers have publicly rebuked a colleague. from companies with business before House, however, rejected a measure to The 333-79 vote dealt Rangel the most his tax-writing committee. reduce the punishment.devastating blow of a congressional ca- The House ethics committee also con- The censure vote leaves a permanentreer spanning 40 years. cluded that Rangel failed to disclose to stain on Rangel’s reputation, but does Rangel, 80, stood silently in the front Congress more than $500,000 in assets not strip him of any legislative powersof the chamber as House Speaker Nancy and income and improperly housed a nor reduce his $174,000 annual salary.Pelosi somberly read the censure resolu- campaign office in a rent-stabilized He lost the chairmanship of the tax-tion. But he fought the punishment to apartment. writing committee earlier this year inthe end, insisting he was not corrupt and Rangel has paid nearly $15,000 in connection with a separate ethics case.never sought to enrich himself. back taxes as part of his punishment. At a news conference following the “I know in my heart that I’m not going Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., who chairs vote, a defiant Rangel said the censureto be judged by this Congress, but I’m the ethics panel, said it was “painful” to action was motivated by politics andgoing to be judged by my life,” the Dem- discipline a colleague, but she said Ran- would not diminish his stature. “Charlieocratic congressman said in a brief re- gel “violated the public trust.” Rangel is Charlie Rangel,” he said. “I By Jack Gruber, USA TODAYsponse from the House floor. “It brought discredit to the House wasn’t always a chairman.” “Compared to where I have been, I when this member with great responsi- Ethical misdeeds: Rep. Charles Rangel was found to have misused his position. “Ihaven’t had a bad day since,” added Ran- bility for tax policy did not pay his tax- Contributing: John Fritze know in my heart that I’m not going to be judged by this Congress,” he says.Senate Republicans blast Pentagon study of ‘don’t ask’By Gregg Zoroya veyed felt that allowing gays to serve seph Lieberman, an independent fromUSA TODAY openly will have a positive, mixed or no Connecticut. effect on military readiness. It also found Republicans have argued that war- WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans that between 40% and 60% of Marines time is the wrong time for a significantdrew up several lines of attack Thursday and troops who engage in direct combat social-policy change. “You have nearlyagainst allowing gays to serve openly in had negative views about serving with half of those who have been deployedthe military, and anticipated getting help troops who are openly gay. who say that it would be negative,” saidFriday from the testimony of chiefs of Mullen and Defense Secretary Robert Sen. John Thune, R-S.D. “Combat-readi-staff for the military services who may Gates, who also supports a repeal, said it ness and effectiveness is really the bot-harbor similar concerns. would be wrong to poll troops on chang- tom-line issue.” Led by Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Re- ing a national policy. McCain noted that 12% of survey re-publicans on the Senate Armed Services “Are you going to ask them if they spondents said they would not want toCommittee criticized a newly released want 15-month tours? Are you going to stay in the military absent the law.Pentagon study that found that gay ask them if they want to be part of the “You think it’s a good idea to replacetroops could serve openly in the military surge in Iraq?” he asked. 264,000 troops across the force at a timewithout impairing the nation’s war- Democrats on the committee praised of war?” McCain asked.fighting ability. the Pentagon study and said allowing Gates said that given time, education By Jack Gruber, USA TODAY Republicans said that a questionnaire Americans to serve in uniform regard- and training, troops tended to moderatefor the study failed to ask troops wheth- Lines drawn: Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., right, confers with Senate Armed Services less of their sexual orientation was on their views on the they believed the “don’t ask, don’t Committee colleague and chairman Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., on Thursday. par with desegregating the military in Republicans said they were eager totell” law, which bars gays from serving the 1950s and increasing the number of hear Friday from the chiefs of staff for theopenly, should be repealed by Congress. time and effort and money, a bit of an Joint Chiefs of Staff, who advocates a re- women in the service. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps, “That (omission) to me makes this unrealistic situation,” McCain told Adm. peal. “We’re on the front lines of a turning all of whom have expressed concernswhole exercise here, that took so much Michael Mullen, the chairman of the The study found that 70% of those sur- point in American history,” says Sen. Jo- about repeal. Small cap stocks are best for all times. BUNK! A trade deficit is bad for markets. BUNK! Stocks can’t rise on high unemployment. BUNK! NOW A NATIONAL BESTSELLER! Many investors think they are safest following widely accepted Wall Street wisdom—but much of Wall Street wisdom isn’t so wise. In fact, it can be mostly bunk. In DEBUNKERY: Learn It, Do It, and Profit From It—Seeing Through Wall Street’s Money-Killing Myths, legendary money manager KEN FISHER outlines the 50 most common—and costly— mistakes most investors make. Visit Available wherever books are sold. Wiley and the Wiley logo are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • 5. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · 5A Managing Your Money Making life insurance affordable “Sprint ranks #1in Small Money Think life insurance is too expensive? There are several steps you can take to make it less expensive, Business Wireless Value” —2010 ATLANTIC-ACM Business Connectivity Report such as buying a policy when you’re young, money.usatoday.comMonday, December 6, 2010 By Sam Ward, USA TODAY Moneyline Retail salesHow’s the market doing today? Track the major market indexes updated continuously throughout the day at deliver money.usatoday.comLabor shortage seen despite jobless rate reason to BOSTON — Despite high unemployment in theregion, experts see a labor shortage looming inNew England. Alicia Sasser Modestino, author of a Federal Re- celebrateserve study, said the population has declinedsteadily in Massachusetts and other New England November reboundstates over recent decades and baby boomers aregetting set to retire in coming years. brings hope for holidays She says the shortfall could be as many as780,000 skilled workers by 2018, especially for jobs By Jayne O’Donnelllike surgical assistants, preschool teachers, lab tech- USA TODAYnicians, legal secretaries and office administrators. Retailers got an early gift Thursday with newsCanned chicken salad products recalled that their November retail sales had better-than- About 72,000 pounds of Bumble Bee brand expected increases, which boosted retailers’ stockscanned chicken salad products distributed nation- and buoyed hopes that it may be a merry holidaywide because they might contain pieces of hard season after all.plastic. Consumers have reported finding the for-eign material; no injuries have been reported. Re- Retailing to Analysts expected November sales show an increase, because perfor-called were 8.2-ounce packages of Bumble Bee mance was being compared with a particularly badLunch on the Run Chicken Salad Complete Lunch November 2009. But the size of the increase —Kit with a best-by date of 08/11 and 3.5-ounce 5.8%, according to the International Council ofpackages of Bumble Bee Chicken Salad with Crack- Shopping Centers — was much better than analysts’ers with a best-by date of 02/12. The products were predictions of a 3% or 4% jump from a year ago.manufactured by the Suter Company Inc. of Syca- Some stores that had strong November 2009more, Ill. Details: Call 815-895-9186. sales were able to top those numbers, an even more impressive feat, says John Long, a retail strategist atSales of previously owned homes rise consulting firm Kurt The National Association of Realtors said its index Salmon Associates.of sales agreements for previously occupied homes These stores include Sales changesrose 10.4% in October. Contract signings were 18.3% Old Navy, Kohl’s, How November retail salesabove June’s index — which was the lowest since Nordstrom, Victoria’s at stores open at least athe group began tracking signed contracts in 2001. Secret and off-price year comparelast year. same month with theThey remain 20.5% below the October 2009 level, stores including TJX, % changethe highest point since May 2006, before the home By Eileen Blass, USA TODAY parent company of T.J. Abercrombie & Fitch 122market collapse. . . . Foreclosure sales fell 25% in Downsized: After his layoff, Greg Corkett, 52, of Huntington, N.Y., has gone from working on $500 Maxx and Marshalls. J.C. Penney 19.2the July-September quarter from the April-June pe- million mortgage-backed securities deals at HSBC a couple of years ago to $400,000 mortgages now. “That’s real sus- Costco 19.0riod and tumbled 31% from the third quarter last tained year-over-year Kohl’s 16.1 Executives slip downyear, foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac said. growth,” Long says. Macy’s 1 6.1 “It’s really showing Ross Stores 16.0Claims for jobless benefits increase these retailers are not Neiman Marcus 15.5 New claims for unemployment aid rose last getting necessarily Target 15.5week by a seasonally adjusted 26,000, to 436,000, back to where they Saks 15.3the Labor Department said. The four-week movingaverage of claims, which smoothes volatility, fell to431,000 last week, a two-year low.Google vows to move faster on copyrights the corporate ladder were but growing be- Nordstrom yond.” Some of the big los- Gap ers of the last holiday TJX BJ’s season are clearly re- Bon-Ton 15.1 15.0 14.0 13.0 12.9 Google said it will respond to complaints aboutpirated material posted on its YouTube video site Economy has forced they can afford that $450,000 Colonial. “It’s an awful lot of work for, frankly, a small bounding, and some American Eagle of the big winners, at Aéropostale unch. 21.0and other services within 24 hours. The tech giantdidn’t specify what its average response time is many into taking jobs fraction of what I used to make,” Corkett, 52, says. least in November, Source: AP were down. Teen re-now, but many copyright holders have gripedabout Google taking too long to remove content a few rungs lower With the job market growing modestly again this year, Corkett is among many Americans who tailer Abercrombie & Fitch saw a 22% increase in sales over Novemberposted illegally. . . . Google has acknowledged it have taken jobs a rung or more below the ones 2009, when sales were down 17%. Aéropostale wastrespassed when it took a photo of a Pittsburgh- By Paul Davidson they lost in the recession. Unlike the unemployed down 1% after a 7% increase in November last year.area house for its Street View service, but will pay USA TODAY marketing director who’s manning the cash reg- Luxury retailers Neiman Marcus and Saks both hadonly $1 in damages to a couple who sued. U.S. Dis- ister at Walmart or the construction worker who sales gains of more than 5% last month comparedtrict Magistrate Judge Cathy Bissoon signed off on a As a chief operating officer for HSBC, one of the turned to truck driving, these workers are still in with big declines last November.consent judgment, a mutually agreed-upon verdict. world’s largest financial services firms, Greg Cor- their fields, but lower on the career ladder. The economic forecasting firm IHS Global Insight kett worked in the rarefied echelons of It may be, for example, a former chief predicted a 4.5% retail sales increase for this holidayPepsiCo looks to Russia for $3.8B deal PepsiCo is buying a majority stake in Wimm-Bill- banking. But when the subprime mortgage Cover financial officer who’s now a deputy fi- nance director. A regional sales manager season in early October when it sounded overly op- timistic.Dann Foods for $3.8 billion, a deal that will make itthe biggest food and beverage company in Russia. meltdown sparked a financial crisis in late 2008, Corkett lost his job overseeing story turned sales representative. Or a lawyer making do as a paralegal. The National Retail Federation is sticking with its prediction of a 2.3% sales increase for the holidayThe deal is Pepsi’s largest international acquisition, the global markets division, which They represent a less visible casualty of season, but IHS economist Chris Christopher saidand gives it dominant position in the Russian mar- bought residential mortgages and handled stock, a brutal economic downturn. Government offi- November’s sales, coupled with other economic in-ket. PepsiCo said the deal will make Russia its sec- bond and foreign currency trades. cials lament the 14.8 million unemployed Ameri- dicators, are “hardening our position.”ond-largest market behind the U.S. Today, he toils at the low end of the housing- cans and the 12 million who are working part “Consumer confidence and spending have in- loan food chain as a mortgage broker in Great time or grew so discouraged that they stopped creased due to gains in the stock market, goodDiller, Malone reduce business ties Neck, N.Y. His annual pay has plunged to about looking for jobs; together, they make up the offi- news on the employment front and price dis- Barry Diller and John Malone are cutting more $95,000 from $400,000 or so. On a typical day, cial 17% underemployment rate. counting, despite higher gasoline prices and a poorbusiness ties as Malone’s Liberty Media sheds its instead of ensuring that the purchase of a $500 Yet millions more have taken jobs that don’t outlook on the housing front,” Christopher stake in Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp. Diller is million package of mortgages will be profitable, “This is good news for many retailers, who havealso stepping down as CEO of IAC, though he will Corkett is helping a young couple decide whether Please see COVER STORY next page u been taking a beating for a couple of years.”stay on as chairman and likely increase his owner-ship stake. His replacement as CEO is Greg Blatt,who has been with IAC since 2003. Liberty Mediagave up its 60% voting stake in IAC for $220 millionin cash and IAC’s Evite and businesses, Don’t Track tech is simplewhich are small but profitable.Briefly . . . But advertisers aren’t specific consumers must be compelled to obey consumers’ wishes. William Reilly, co-chair of a presidential panel in- expected to easily bow Testifying at a congressional hearingvestigating the BP oil spill, says the disaster cannot to consumers’ wishes Thursday, David Vladeck, director of thebe blamed solely on BP. He pointed to three compa- FTC’s consumer protection bureau, sug-nies: well operator BP, rig owner Transocean and By Byron Acohido gested that online advertisers are notcement contractor Halliburton, saying they all USA TODAY about to do that voluntarily. He testifiedmade questionable decisions that contributed to that it would take “legislation or potential-the blowout. . . . The Treasury Department says it Do Not Track is simpler and more pow- ly . . . robust, enforceable self-regulation.”has received another $1.8 billion from the sale of erful than Do Not Call. Unlike Do Not Call, Do Not Track doesn’tstock in General Motors. Treasury said the reve- That’s what experts say about the require maintenance of a registry of users.nue brought the total amount the government has mechanism that the Federal Trade Com- It simply instructs every online advertiserearned from GM stock to $13.5 billion. The govern- mission wants to make available to con- not to track you. The technology is so sim-ment put $49.5 billion into GM as part of its bailout. sumers to enable them to stop ple that users of the Firefox Web advertisers from tracking Technology browser have been able to use aFrom Associated Press reports them online. Do Not Track mechanism since The FTC’s Do Not Track proposal is simi- July 2009. It could certainly be added toUSA TODAY Snapshots® lar to the national Do Not Call registry, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apple’s Safa- which allows you to enter your phone ri and Google’s Chrome browsers, says number on a list; telemarketers are then Mayer. Latest CD yields barred from calling you. Do Not Track can also be easily adapted Average certificate of deposit Do Not Track works by inserting one line to smartphones, tablet PCs and other mo- yields as of Wednesday: of instruction into the communication that bile devices, says Peter Eckersley, senior This week 0.31% takes place between your Web browser staff technologist for the non-profit Elec- 6-month Last week 0.31% and websites. It simply asks the advertis- tronic Frontier Foundation. “The technol- Year ago 0.53% ers on every site you visit not to track you, ogy is both technically very simple and says Jonathan Mayer, a Stanford University very generalizable,” he says. This week 0.51% 0.51% computer science graduate student, Consumer advocates pushing for Con- 1-year Last week whose research the FTC reviewed in mak- gress to mandate a Do Not Track mecha- Year ago 0.83% ing its proposal. “Our aim was to make Do nism predict that it will be as popular as This week 0.71% Not Track completely transparent to the the Do Not Call registry, which has more 21⁄2-year Last week 0.70% user,” says Mayer. “They flip one switch, than 200 million phone numbers. Year ago 1.28% and all advertising networks and tracking “Online tracking is inherently offensive This week 1.52% services won’t track them.” to people,” says Beth Givens, director of 5-year Last week 1.52% The catch: The burgeoning industry of Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a non-profit Year ago 2.17% advertising networks and online tracking advocacy group. “The notion that there Find more interest rates at: services that have devised dozens of so- are electronic eyeballs following you asSource: USA TODAY phisticated ways to identify and profile you surf the Web frankly bothers people.”
  • 6. 6A · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAYHighly skilled personnel sometimes forced to settleContinued from 5A work for six months . . . you’re have to be painful or permanent. out of the game.” Career coach Robert Meier, CEOfully utilize their skills and expe- New reality: At HSBC, He still wants to advance, not- of the Job Clinic in Tampa, saysrience, staffing agency officials Greg Corkett frequently ing he’s siphoning $3,000 a it’s better to take a lower-leveland economists estimate. That’s dined at nice restau- month from his savings to meet job than to create an even biggeran entire generation of workers rants on the company expenses and had to discontinue hole in your résumé by holdingwho have downshifted their ca- tab and traveled to his kids’ piano lessons. But he has out for a better position. Then, hereers. Many will never reclaim London and Hong Kong. downsized his expectations and says, workers can advance “bytheir former status or salary. Now, he often skips would be content to become a delivering multiples of the value “Job losses during recessions lunch or orders take- senior project manager who re- of your salary.” Manpower’s Pe-such as this one can lead to very out from the local deli. ports to the CIO. rez advises clients to take com-large earnings losses that persist How to get there? “My No. 1 munity college classes to hone By Eileen Blass, over 15, 20 years,” USA TODAY objective at work is to surpass new skills.Cover says Till von Wach- ter, a professor of whatever they want,” he says. For example, Sebastian says, Susan Casias, who lost her job in February as regional managerstory labor economics at Columbia Univer- he has generated reports that showed executives they weren’t for a recycling company, is al- ready on the verge of reclaiming sity. tracking certain loans. “Either I’ll her former status. In September, A 2009 study led by von Wach- See the latest jobs be very good at what I do, some- she took a job as a sales repre-ter found that nearly two dec- forecast for more than body’s going to recognize it and sentative for Digitex, a Houstonades after workers lost their jobs 350 metro areas and I’ll get promoted here,” or he’ll be supplier of printers and the early 1980s recession, their all 50 states at hired at another firm. Her $30,000 salary is about a fifth were still an average Other managers who had dele- of her former compensation, but20% or so lower than those of gated tasks to underlings before she’ll soon be earning $20,000 asimilar employees who weren’t the recession are now doing the month in commissions.laid off. After a decade, only 25% legwork themselves. When Paul Plus, she says, “I’m alreadyhad regained their former pay. Konigstein was chief financial of- mentoring some of the newLosses were steeper for workers workers at low cost. He enjoys educating home A new perspective ficer of the New York Hall of Sci- kids.”over 50. At HSBC, Corkett’s days were a buyers: “The big reward is help- ence, a hands-on science and Her boss, Rocco Chiovitti, says Jorge Perez, senior vice presi- whirlwind: meetings with fellow ing people own their home.” Mike Sebastian, 52, of Dallas technology center, he had a staff he plans to promote her to man-dent-North America for staffing executives, writing reports, bi- Yet Corkett says, “I don’t feel had an equally dizzying fall. As of six who helped him prepare ager early next year. “She’s verycompany Manpower, says about weekly trips to London. I’m being challenged as much. chief information officer for a budgets and manage grants. supportive to me. She under-30% of the workers his firm After he lost his job in the The hardest part is dumbing $500 million construction com- After he was laid off early this stands (things) from a manage-places are taking jobs for which depths of the financial crisis, Cor- down. I’ve lived in a very sophis- pany, he was responsible for en- year, he took a 25% pay cut to be- ment point of view.”they’re overqualified, compared kett spent a year seeking some- ticated, very complicated world. suring that employees had the come director of grants manage-with about 10% in normal eco- thing comparable. He sent out Now, I have to make things sim- bandwidth and security protec- ment for New Leaders for New Hiring the overqualifiednomic times. about 200 applications, but the ple.” tion they needed to manage pro- Schools, which trains future prin- financial services industry was Then there’s the loss of status. jects such as construction of the cipals. He reports to the chief fi- Jodi Chavez, senior vice presi-What’s behind the situation decimated. Finally, he got the His opinion was “sought out and new Dallas Cowboys stadium. nancial officer, and when fund- dent for executive recruiting firm mortgage-broker job at Silver Fin respected” by HSBC colleagues. After he was laid off in 2008, he raising discrepancies arise, he Parker & Lynch, says many com- There are myriad reasons for Capital through a friend. “Obvi- Now, his advice on how his boss struggled for more than a year to sharpens his pencil. panies are taking advantage ofthe trend. Most obvious: More of ously, I needed to pay some bills can expand his business or run it find a similar high-paying job. “You have to list all the trans- the soft job market to snare tal-the unemployed are seeking still- somehow,” he says. more efficiently is not as eagerly But many firms cut CIOs in the actions you recorded, put them ented workers at a lower pricescarce jobs. And those out of He viewed the gig as a way to embraced. “He tells me very po- downturn, assigning their duties side by side and figure out where and then promote them whenwork six months or longer are at “beef up the weakest part of my litely, ‘Greg, just focus.’ ” to chief financial officers. they don’t match,” says Konig- the economy improves. That’s ata disadvantage compared with résumé.” Corkett had lost out on Corkett, who lives in a $1 mil- Now, as a senior business ana- stein, 47. “It feels comfortable, least partly offsetting the long-those recently laid off, says John a position as head of mortgage lion home with his wife and lyst for a mortgage servicing but there’s also some sadness. standing tendency of employersChallenger, CEO of outplacement banking for a midsize bank, part- daughter in Huntington, N.Y., also company, he pulls mortgage- You feel like you’re regressing.” to balk at hiring overqualifiedfirm Challenger Gray & Christ- ly because he had no experience has scaled back his lifestyle. He lending data from computers at Such attention to the nitty- candidates for fear they’ll jump tomas. originating loans. and his wife have stopped taking the request of managers and is a gritty doesn’t leave much time a higher-paying position when Many on the sidelines for ex- The transformation has been vacations, rarely go out to dinner liaison between executives who for the kind of strategic planning the job market surges.tended periods lose their skills, head-spinning. Corkett previous- and have replaced theater out- need software upgrades and in- that many rising managers This year, Hoag health care sys-Perez says, making them less ly helped buy mortgages and ings with movie rentals. formation-technology workers. thrived on. tem in Orange County, Calif.,marketable. Lots of companies, cobble them into securities for He believes he’s in an “interim His annual pay plunged from When she oversaw investment hired 1,400 employees to staff ameanwhile, cut management lay- sale to equally savvy investors, situation” that will benefit him $160,000 to $70,000, and he giant Charles Schwab’s nation- new hospital it opened in Irvine.ers in the recession, sometimes providing funding for thousands “when I get back to the executive traded a big corner office for a cu- wide call center, Maria Parrish of After sifting through thousandsincorporating higher-level duties of anonymous home buyers level.” bicle. Phoenix dreamed up ways to im- of applications, it recruited for-in lower-level jobs. across the country. He also en- At the same time, he adds, “I “When you’re in a worker-bee prove customer service. As a low- mer charge nurses as staff nurses, For many, the descent in stat- sured that the firm had the staff could absolutely see myself” at position, it’s just not as fulfilling,” er-level manager at a law firm’s and vice presidents of accountingure is like a trip back in time, as and technology to execute the the brokerage long-term if the he says. “As CIO, it’s your job to tech-support center, the 45-year- or human resources as midlevelexecutives who conceived big- deals and still turn a profit. job market doesn’t perk up. He know why you do things. In this old is monitoring calls, checking managers.picture strategies must once Now, he’s a scrappy commis- thinks he could earn as much as role, it’s your job to know how to time cards and fretting over “It gives us skills at levels youagain immerse themselves in sion-based salesman, painstak- $200,000 a year as a broker, do things.” who’s late or sick. “I had forgot- wouldn’t normally have,” saysmessy details. But the experience ingly shepherding each family though he likely would have to Sebastian, who’s been CIO for ten how tedious it is.” Jan Blue, Hoag’s vice president ofcan also cultivate new skills that through a home purchase. He sell his house to make ends meet. several top companies, would human resources. “If veteranmay propel them back to their generates leads, presents applica- “I would hope at some point I like a similar role again. But he The perils of idleness workers have valuable experi-former perches. tions to banks and explains to would get the opportunity to says that could be difficult as ence and they’re a good employ- Many employers, meanwhile, buyers what they can or can’t af- move into some type of manage- technology changes so rapidly in Some experts say a tumble ee, more than likely they’ll findare snatching highly qualified ford based on their income. ment role” at Silver Fin. his industry. “When you’re out of down the career ladder doesn’t their way” to higher levels.
  • 7. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · 7A "USA TODAY hopes to serve as a forum for better understanding Letters and unity to help make the USA truly one nation." -Allen H. Neuharth, Founder, Sept. 15, 1982 EDITOR SENIOR VICE PRESIDENTS John Hillkirk Brand Marketing: Jeffrey Wilks Circulation: Brad Jones EXECUTIVE EDITOR/CONTENT Susan Weiss Sales and Marketing: Lee Jones Finance, Administration: Myron Maslowsky EXECUTIVE EDITOR/DISTRIBUTION Chet Czarniak VICE PRESIDENTS EDITOR, EDITORIAL PAGE Business Development: Rudd Davis Brian Gallagher Consumer Media: Heather Frank Digital Development: Steve Kurtz NEWSROOM MANAGEMENT TEAM Information Technology: John Palmisano David Colton Robert Robinson Product Development, Design: Jeff Dionise Jim Henderson Carol Stevens P resident and Publisher Sports: Ross Schaufelberger Monte Lorell David Teeuwen Patty Michalski David L. Hunke Strategic Planning: Susan Motiff Production: Ken Kirkhart Today’s debate: Congress After Rangel censure, will By Joe Raedle, Getty Images House backtrack on ethics? Proposal: Plan would stop pay hikes for federal employees set for this January and next. If the term “congressional ethics” was to be any-thing more than an oxymoronic punch line on late- Before freezing federal pay,night TV, Thursday was the day to prove it. The Houseof Representatives rose to the occasion, voting 333-79 try cutting other expensesto censure veteran Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., one ofits most powerful and popular members. With our economy in a weak state and an Enough rhetoric. It’s time for action that we But the humiliating rebuke occurred only after a enormous deficit, why is it that Washington can understand and believe in.battle showing that too many members, including thinks of freezing federal payrolls before cutting Dick WatersRangel himself, seem indifferent to people’s expecta- other expenses (“Obama’s freeze won’t stop all Dallastions that their elected representatives will adhere to a raises for federal workers,” News, Wednesday)?standard of conduct higher than “don’t get caught in The U.S. Postal Service is constantly losing President finally listening money and it still offers service six days a week.the act of stealing.” Before the censure vote, a dis- Those who insist on Saturday delivery should Though the financial impact of the federalturbing 146 of Rangel’s colleagues supported a lesser be charged $10 every week. See how many will wage freeze might be negligible, it is nice to see sanction, reprimand. still want service then. the president finally launch an initiative that Beyond the Beltway,. OUR VIEW The federal government offers flood insur- suggests he is listening (“Obama: Freeze federal either sanction proba- ance to people who insist on living on a flood salaries,” News, Tuesday).Keep independent bly sounded like weak C-SPAN plain. This costs taxpayers millions if not billions That said, I find comments by National Trea- punishment. Neither of dollars on property that would be better suit- sury Employees Union President Colleen Kelleywatchdog office requires expulsion Man in the well: Rep. Charles Rangel listens Thurs- ed as park land. comical. To suggest a CEO consult employees from Congress or even day night to his Censure on the House floor. Tax incentives are offered to encourage peo- before freezing salaries shows a lack of un-loss of pay or pension. But since 1789, just 22 law- ple to have more children with no limits. Lim- derstanding. A CEO is accountable for makingmakers have been censured, and it was clear from the That so many lawmakers disagreed with Rangel’s iting these deductions to five should save mil- difficult decisions for the overall good.80-year-old Rangel’s last-ditch plea for leniency that punishment says a lot about what’s wrong with Con- lions in tax dollars and millions more on Alan Dickhe was shaken by the prospect of such a stain on his gress, where too many members believe they are en- government assistance programs. Chagrin Falls, Ohiolegacy. After being elected 40 years ago as a reformer, titled to enjoy the same lifestyle as the corporate lob- Any of these suggestions should cut our def-the decorated Korean War veteran will now be re- byists whose company they keep. icit if only our politicians were brave enough to Cut congressional paymembered as another arrogant pol who thought he That attitude shows why the independent Office of follow through on some of them.was above the rules. It’s a sad epitaph to a long career. Congressional Ethics (OCE) needs to remain alive and Kennith Osborne So President Obama wants a two-year pay Johnson City, Tenn. freeze for federal workers? That’s a good start. Despite his claims that he was being held to some active. The panel was created by the Democrat-con- He should also push to eliminate pay increasesunusually tough standard, Rangel has no one but him- trolled House in 2008 to give some spine to the in-self to blame for his fate. The House ethics committee stitution’s moribund ethics committee. Time for tough action for Congress. If Congress doesn’t have the annu- al budget done 60 days before the start of therecommended censure after finding that the former The ethics office, which looks into misconduct and My thanks to President Obama for proposing new fiscal year, how about stopping the mem-Ways and Means Committee chairman failed to dis- recommends action to the ethics committee, has gar- a freeze in federal salaries. bers’ pay entirely?close hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal as- nered many enemies because it actively investigates Now, it’s time for Congress and the White If I don’t have my office’s annual budget donesets, violated New York City rules by using a rent- members and its findings become public. Public- House to take the next step. before my deadline, I guarantee you I will notcontrolled apartment to house a campaign office, and interest advocates worry that it might be dismantled All federally elected officials, if they truly hold my job long. Why should they?sought big contributions from people and companies or defanged in the new Republican-led Congress. In- want to lead and be seen as leaders, should take Congress operates as it does because there iswith business before the panel. coming House speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who op- a 10% reduction in pay each year for the dura- no accountability, other than the next election Perhaps most inexcusably, Rangel failed to pay taxes posed OCE’s creation, could clear up that perception tion of their term in office; reduce their re- cycle, which is too far off. Put some teeth in theon income from a Caribbean rental villa for 17 years. with a few words. But the most his spokesman says is spective office budgets by 15% for the same pe- rules. If lawmakers can’t handle their responsi-That alone warranted censure for a man who chaired that “no decision has been made at this point.” riod of time; and donate 25% of their existing bilities, then cut their pay and send them home.the committee that writes the nation’s tax laws, and it The House proved Thursday that it’s capable of pun- campaign contributions to a debt reduction Rafe Semmesundercut his protestations that he didn’t personally ishing one of its own. This doesn’t mean, however, that fund. Savannah, Ga.gain from his misconduct. it’s time to take the independent cop off the beat. A redundant failure After years, envying unique because they, too, are veterans. In the five years since our program has been a stammer-free life operational, not a single suicide has been re- corded among New Jersey National GuardBy Jan Baran House rules, “guilty” solely because it did not respond As a life-long stutterer, I empathize with the members who have returned to the state and to an OCE request. people featured in the story “A constant strug- been the focus of this care. Our methods, devel- Two important lessons came out of the OCE experi- gle to get the words out” (Life, Monday). oped in conjunction with the New Jersey De- The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) was a ment. First, it’s unwise for the House to delegate its I’m coming up on my 78th birthday, and from partment of Military and Veterans Affairs, areworthwhile experiment that failed. my earliest memories I stuttered. I have im- own responsibilities. The OCE is a redundant govern- now being studied by officials in other states While some argue that it increased transparency, proved, but Derek Wood speaks for all the stut- ment office, an unfortunate phenomenon in Washing- and Washington, D.C., as a potential model forthe panel, in fact, more often failed to disclose or only terers I’ve met who have a hard time speaking programs to help citizen soldiers across theselectively disclosed its actions. None of its proceed- ton. Like other redundant agencies, the panel sought their own name when making phone calls. I country.ings was public. It received complaints but dismissed to justify its existence with investigations that were don’t envy wealth, big-time jobs or stations in Christopher Kosseff; presidentthem without explanation or public notice. When its unnecessary or, in rare cases, resulted in a referral to life. But I do wish that I could have grown up University Behavioral HealthCareactivities did become public, they unnecessarily be- the House ethics committee, which undertook its own without having to sort through the alphabet Piscataway, N.J. smirched the reputa- investigation. By and large, the committee dismissed searching for words that begin with letters that. tions of members who most OCE referrals. The committee is the proper place I can say without stammering. It is frustrating, OPPOSING VIEW for ethics investigations, and lawmakers should not be but my wife and family have helped me gain ultimately were subjected to multiple ethics investigations, especially confidence. When I look at people who haveEthics office serves cleared of any wrong- when they have not violated ethics rules. real physical ailments, my problem is tiny. To the troops doing by the Houseno useful purpose ethics committee. Second, the investigation of Rep. Charles Rangel, D- Gene Pepper This holiday season, many families are separat- OCE launched into N.Y., this Congress’ major ethics proceeding, proves La Canada, Calif. ed by war, some for the second or third time asinquiries on its own without presuming innocence or that the House ethics committee is active and fully troops serve repeated tours in Afghanistan andprotecting the identities of those it scrutinized. Insome cases, it sent out dozens of “requests” for infor- functional. The matter predated the OCE’s creation and was handled by the House ethics committee. After Soldiers and suicide Iraq. Now USA TODAY is providing a way for those families to share video messages and formation to private organizations without informing a thorough investigation, a subcommittee held a pub- The tragedy of citizen soldiers who take their everyone to join the conversation. lic hearing and found that the congressman violated own lives is an area that New Jersey has beenthem why it was doing so. If a member was the subject ethics rules 11 times. The full committee recom- addressing for several years. When National To record a video message of yourof an inquiry, the OCE was inconsistent: Sometimes it mended that he be censured by the House. OCE was Guard members from this state return from own to the troops, visitidentified the member, sometimes it didn’t. military deployments, each one is seen by a tothetroops. usatoday. com. When entities received requests, they were often neither involved nor necessary. It is time to return ethics to the ethics committee. mental health counselor (“Civilian soldier sui- Send your comments for print con-told that they didn’t have to cooperate, but if they cides alarming,” News, Nov. 26). sideration to,didn’t, the OCE might make that fact public with a In addition, the University of Medicine and or fax 703-854-2053, by Dec. 17.“negative inference.” Thus an arm of the government Jan Baran is a Washington lawyer who specializes in Dentistry of New Jersey operates a 24-hour Please include your name, addresswould call a private entity, which isn’t subject to government ethics law. help line. Veterans and their families have free and phone number for verification. access to trained counselors whose expertise is Punchlines A lighter look at the news of the week Despite TSA efforts, travelers no safer These comments appeared on USA TODAY’s ology. By focusing so intently on past plots, “Tonight at the White House, President Obama is going to hold a ceremony to cele- Opinion site in response to the editorial “Don’t screeners are likely to miss the next one. Air brate the first night of Hanukkah. In response, Republicans said, ‘It’s even privatize, don’t unionize,” (Our view, TSA debate, travel cannot be made completely safe, no mat- Nov. 24). ter what measures the TSA may worse than we thought. He’s a Jewish Muslim.’ ” adopt. All of this inconvenient — Conan USA TODAY’s assertion that nonsense is aimed more at alle- the Transportation Security Ad- viating insecurity than actually “At a world meeting in Cancun (Mexico) on climate change, experts ministration is “far better than reducing risk. said we must all drastically cut back on our lifestyle. You know, that would (the private security) it re- —expat1 have carried much more weight if they hadn’t made the announcement placed” is laughable. The concept from Cancun. What, all the hotel rooms were booked in Newark?” of “pre-9/11 insecurity” pre- A privilege, not a right sumes that the current system is — The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a vast improvement. Despite having to remove Flying is a privilege, not a right. shoes, unpack bags, limit liquid items and These people who are so offended should “The government is really trying hard to get a handle on spending. The federal debt choose between a privacy-infringing scan or a have to fly a special airline where they can “die commission is proposing raising the retirement age to 69. In other words, they want junk-touching pat-down, air travelers are no with dignity” when an unscreened bomber de- Brett Favre to play two more years.” safer than before these measures. Each of the stroys their plane. Leave the safe flying to the security measures is a reactionary response rest of us. — Conan rather than an anticipation of the next method- —ttc Our commitment to accuracy To comment . . . We welcome your original responses to USA TODAY content. There are two platforms where you may share views: uFor print consideration, e-mail, fax to 703-854- uYou may also choose to join conversations taking place To report corrections or clarifications, contact online by going to or www.face- 2053 or mail to 7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22108. Letters are ed- Standards Editor Brent Jones at 1-800-872- ited for accuracy, clarity and length, and comments of 250 words or fewer 7073 or e-mail Please have the best chance of being published. Only comments that have not been Letters to the editor and articles submitted to USA TODAY indicate whether you’re responding to content submitted to other news sources and that include a verifiable name, address may be published or distributed in print, electronic or other online or in the newspaper. and day and evening phone numbers can be considered for print. forms.
  • 8. 8A · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAY Odds of a child becoming a professional golfer: 1 in 140,000 Odds of a child being diagnosed with autism: 1 in 150 Some signs to look for: No big smiles or other joyful No babbling by No words by expressions by 6 months. 12 months. 16 months. To learn more of the signs of autism, visit
  • 9. Queen of the hill U.S. superstar Lind- sey Vonn, the three-time defend- ing World Cup champion, finished second in the downhill by .10 seconds Saturday at Lake Louise, Al- By Alexis Boichard/Agence Zoom, Getty ImagesMonday, December 6, 2010 berta, 3B Schuss boom bah! Lindsey Vonn was oh-so-close Saturday. Sportsline Oregon, No. 2 Auburn do their part in BCS chaseSaturday’s results By Eddie Timanus Auburn, which had 10 first- of the season and hope one ofBasketball/NBA m4B USA TODAY place votes a week ago, gar- the two ranked ahead ofMiami 89, Atlanta 77 Chicago 119, Houston 116 (OT) nered 24 after a dominant 56- them slipped. It didn’t hap-Milwaukee 96, Orlando 85 Philadelphia 109, Charlotte 91 Say this for the much-ma- 17 win vs. South Carolina in pen, but the Horned Frogs,Minnesota 129, Cleveland 95 Dallas 105, Sacramento 103 ligned Bowl Championship the SEC championship game. who held on to one No. 1 voteMen’s Top 25 Series. At least the two top The top two teams are all but in the poll, should still get a1-Duke 82, Butler 70 3-Pittsburgh 87, Rider 68 finishers can now settle any assured of a date in the BCS nice reward with a trip to the6-Mich. State 74, Bowl. Green 39 7-Syracuse 65, N.C. State 59 arguments on the field. championship game in Glen- Rose Bowl.North Caro. 75, 11-Kentucky 73 13-Minnesota 71, Cornell 66 For the record, Oregon re- dale, Ariz., on Jan. 10. The fi- Other conference resolu-14-Georgetown 68, Utah St. 51 15-Memphis 77, W. Kentucky 61 tained the No. 1 spot in the fi- nal BCS standings were to be tions led to minor changes in18-Purdue 66, Alabama 47 19-San Diego St. 83, Wich. St. 69 nal USA TODAY college foot- officially released later Sun- the rankings. Oklahoma was a21-Illinois 73, 24-Gonzaga 61 22-Wash. 108, Texas Tech 79 ball coaches poll of the day. The coaches poll is one field goal better than Nebras-23-UNLV 82, Nevada 70 25-BYU 78, Hawaii 57 regular season. The Ducks, component of the BCS rank- ka in a 23-20 Big 12 finale andFootball/Football Bowl Subdivision m3B who won their finale 37-20 at ings along with the Harris In- climbed into an eighth-place1-Oregon 37, Oregon State 20 2-Auburn 56, South Carolina 17 rival Oregon State, staved off a teractive poll and an average tie with Arkansas. ACC cham-9-Oklahoma 23, 13-Nebraska 20 10-Boise State 50, Utah State 14 strong challenge from Au- of six computer formulas. pion Virginia Tech held steady11-Va. Tech 44, Flor. State 33 17-Nevada 35, La. Tech 17 burn. Oregon had 34 first- Third-ranked TCU, already at No. 11. Connecticut locked24-West Va. 35, Rutgers 14 25-Central Fla. 17, SMU 7 place votes, 10 more than the in the clubhouse at 12-0, up the Big East’s automatic By Mike Zarrilli, Getty ImagesHockey/NHL Tigers, and finished with 13 could do little more than BCS bid but finished just out- Doing it all: Cam Newton threw for a career-best 335 yardsToronto 3, Boston 2, SO Buffalo 1, Ottawa 0, SO more total poll points. watch on the final weekend side the top 25. and accounted for six TDs in Auburn’s SEC title game victory.Florida 2, Phoenix 1, SO Philadelphia 5, New Jersey 3Montreal 3, San Jose 1 Atlanta 3, Washington 1Pittsburgh 7, Columbus 2 Tampa Bay 6, Colorado 5Nashville 5, Carolina 2 Dallas 4, Minnesota 3 (OT)Edmonton 2, St. Louis 1 (OT) Los Angeles 3, Detroit 2 (OT)Report: Jeter to remain with Yankees Derek Jeter is keeping his pinstripes, just like ev-eryone expected all along. The iconic shortstop andthe New York Yankees reached a preliminary agree- ment Saturday on a three-year, $51 million contract with an $8 mil- lion player option for 2014, the Associated Press reported, citing a person familiar with the negotiations. The per- son spoke on condition of anonymity because no announcement had been made. While talks moved slowly, there was The (Phoenix) Arizona Republic little doubt that the Yan-Jeter: Yankees short- kees captain would re-stop is staying put. main in the Bronx. New York also is working tofinalize a two-year, $30 million deal with closerMariano Rivera and is awaiting a decision by left-hander Andy Pettitte, who told the team he wasleaning toward retirement.uBerkman to Cardinals, Santo dies, 4BWoods closes in on first win of year Tiger Woods is a round away from ending hisworst year with a familiar finish. Woods regainedcontrol with three consecutive birdies early in hisround, then finished with a shot that covered theflag for a tap-in birdie Saturday that gave him a 4-under 68 in the Chevron World Challenge at Thou-sand Oaks, Calif. It was the first time all year thatWoods has posted four consecutive rounds in the60s, dating to his final-round 65 in Australia. Whatmattered was keeping his four-shot lead over U.S.Open winner Graeme McDowell (69). No one elsewas within eight shots of the lead, and Woods hasnever lost a tournament that he has led by at leastthree shots going into the final round. Woods, whohas gone more than a year without winning, was at17-under 199.uOgilvy wins in Australia, 2B By Jason O. Watson, US PresswireSerbia captures first Davis Cup final Well worth the wet: Oregon coach Chip Kelly, center, gets a postgame shower after his unbeaten and top-ranked Ducks defeated Oregon State on Saturday. Serbia won its first Davis Cup tennis title Sunday,rallying for a 3-2 victory against France when ViktorTroicki beat Michael Llodra 6-2, 6-2, 6-3 in the finalsingles match in Belgrade. Troicki dropped to thecourt in jubilation after the win and his teammatesfell into each other’s arms. Novak Djokovic had tiedthe best-of-five-series 2-2 by beating Gael Monfils No. 1 Ducks don’t waste a second6-2, 6-2, 6-4 in the first reverse singles match.France was trying to win its 10th Davis Cup. Warp-speed offense has Saturday highlightsTeam: Roethlisberger aggravated injury Oregon near title berth Conference title games that will de- Varying reports surfaced Thursday about the na- cide Bowl Championship Series spots:ture of a foot injury for Ben Roethlisberger. But the By Kelly WhitesidePittsburgh Steelers quarterback practiced on a lim- Southeastern USA TODAYited basis for a Sunday night AFC North showdown No. 2 Auburn 56,at the Baltimore Ravens. The Pittsburgh Post-Ga- EUGENE, Ore. — Everything about Oregon moves at No. 16 South Carolina 17zette reported he had broken the fifth metatarsal a fast tempo. Scoring drives. Quick snaps. Staff meet- Atlantic Coastbone on the outside of his right foot. The newspa- ings. Coach Chip Kelly’s mouth.per’s website said it was a previous break that was The Ducks, always in a rush to get somewhere, also No. 11 Virginia Tech 44,re-injured last Sunday at the Buffalo Bills. Steelers have found success by standing still, staying in No. 20 Florida State 33spokesman Dave Lockett said on the team websitethere was no new break and that the injury was an Cover the moment. “Win the day” is their mantra. Ducks fans are dreaming about the school’s Big 12 No. 9 Oklahoma 23,aggravation of an old injury. “I will give it my all (inBaltimore),” Roethlisberger said. His backup is By- story first national championship in football. Ore- gon, ranked No. 1 in the USA TODAY Coaches No. 13 Nebraska 20ron Leftwich. — Gary Mihoces Poll, beat rival Oregon State 37-20 on Sat- urday, meaning the Ducks will play for the Bowl By Jonathan Ferrey, Getty ImagesCompiled by Mark Hayes from staff, wire reports Championship Series title on Jan. 10 in Glendale, Ariz. A quacking good time: Oregon’s mascot enjoys the “Coach, I’ll see you in Glendale!” a fan shouted moment after Saturday’s Civil War victory. Sean Leahy and Nate Davis argue over when Kelly stopped for gas the other day. At Complete fi- the NFL Week 13 games on which they disagree in a webcast at Please see COVER STORY next page u uWeekend roundup, 3B nal regular-seaon USA TODAY Coaches Poll and BCS rankings thehuddle.usatoday.comUSA TODAY Snapshots® S DA Pro sports team December in NFL: Close races, big games owners worth By Gary Mihoces USA TODAY in their divisions. That’s the most ever that closely bunched at this stage of the final Sunday of the regular season, Jan. 2, will be a division game. to the resurgent Dallas Cowboys. “We have to capitalize on all our NFL 16 $1 billion or more an NFL season. The Philadelphia Eagles got games and win out to put us in a good NBA 10 0 December has begun as the NFL uFor the first time, all eight divi- Week 12 started with a 34-24 come- situation for the playoffs,” said Eagles NHL 8 calendar strikes 12. sions have at least two teams tied or from-behind victory Thursday night running back LeSean McCoy, who It’s the 12th month of the year. within a game of first in their divi- against the visiting Houston Texans. rushed for 44 yards, caught eight M MLB 5 Teams are heading into their 12th sions. Michael Vick passed for 302 yards passes for 86 yards and scored two games. Those include tonight’s show- In an effort to increase the potential and two touchdowns and ran for the TDs. “This is a mind-set. We needed down of 9-2 leaders in the AFC East that games down the stretch are go-ahead score early in the fourth this win, coming off a tough loss last (New York Jets at New England Patri- packed with postseason ramifica- quarter. week. This gets us back on track.” ots). Jets coach Rex Ryan on facing the tions, the NFL put emphasis this sea- The victory gave the Eagles (8-4) a The loss dropped Houston (5-7) Source: Patriots: “The only way it would be son on loading the late schedule with half-game lead over the New York Gi- into last place in the AFC South. The ww better is if it was the last game of the division games. ants in the NFC East while solidifying Texans have lost five of six, and their year. This is huge.” In the final three weeks of the reg- their playoff résumé in the tightly once-promising prospects for a first- It’s tight all over. Entering Week 12: ular season, there will be 28 intra- packed conference. Three of their fi- ever postseason trip dimmed. uNineteen of the 32 teams are ei- division games, up from 15 in the nal four games come vs. divisional By Kevin Greer and Sam Ward, USA TODAY r A A ther in first place or one game behind same period last season. Every game foes, beginning with a Week 14 visit Contributing: Nate Davis in Philadelphia
  • 10. 2B · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAY Cover story Update A quick read on the news of the dayHurry-up Ducks prep for title game Ogilvy back on courseContinued from 1B “That’s going to be a really tough with victory in Sydneyview for you because we’re playing Geoff Ogilvy won the Australian Open on Sunday for hisin Corvallis,” Kelly responded second professional victory in his home country, closing with aabout Saturday’s game, without 3-under 69 for a four-stroke victory.missing a beat. Ogilvy had a 19-under 269 total at The Lakes in Sydney. The So far, the view from Eugene has 2006 U.S. Open champion won the 2008 Australian PGA for hisbeen a perfect 12-0. The Ducks en- only other professional victory Down Under.tered the weekend first in the na- “I played really well every day,” said Ogilvy, who openedtion in scoring offense (50.5) and with rounds of 68, 65 and 67. “Today was probably the day Itotal offense (541.7). Sophomore struggled most with my game. But all I had to do was not messrunning back LaMichael James, up, really.”who leads the nation in rushing He slumped after winning the PGA(154.8) and scoring (12.0), is ex- Tour’s season-opening event at Kapa-pected to be a Heisman Trophy fi- lua.nalist. “I won the first week and then Also standing still amid this fre- played relatively horrible golf all year,”netic pace is much of the coaching Ogilvy said. “I didn’t enjoy golf as muchstaff. Four assistants plus the this year because of how I was playing.strength coach have been at Ore- But anytime you win an Australiangon for more than 20 years, span- Open you’ll look back and think you’vening the tenures of three head had a great year. APcoaches. No other major-college "This is the 90-year-old trophy. Thisstaff — not even Joe Paterno’s at is the real jewel.” Ogilvy: Says “IPenn State (three assistants for Alistair Presnell (67) and Matt played really well.”more than 20 years) — can match Jones (68) tied for second. Greg Nor-such continuity. That staff also is man (72) and 2009 winner Adam Scott (71) finished 16the reason Kelly decided to come strokes behind Oregon four years ago as offen- uSouth Korea’s Amy Yang shot a 1-over 73 on Saturday tosive coordinator. take a one-stroke lead over Sweden’s Maria Hjorth with one When former coach Mike Bel- round left in the season-ending LPGA Tour Championship.lotti called Kelly, then the offensive Yang had a 6-under 210 total at Grand Cypress Golf Club in Or-coordinator at New Hampshire, lando. Hjorth shot a 71. . . . Top-ranked Lee Westwood shotbefore the 2007 season, Kelly says, a 1-under 71 on Saturday to take a five-stroke lead over fellow By Joe Nicholson, US Presswire“I must not have sounded very in- Englishman Ross Fisher and South Africa’s Tim Clark in theterested.” Pitching in: Oregon running back LaMichael James, right, rushed for 134 yards and two touchdowns in Sat- Nedbank Golf Challenge at Sun City, South Africa. Westwood Bellotti told him, “Why don’t urday’s 37-20 victory against Oregon State. The Ducks finished the regular season 12-0. had a 13-under 203 total on the Gary Player Country Clubyou just come out here like a course. . . . Rikard Karlberg of Sweden shot a 2-under 70recruit taking an official visit and James still can’t believe it. “If we fast as they play, they are condi- best dresser, not a GQ guy.” Sunday to win the Indian Open in New Delhi after overnightsee if you’re interested?” score only 21 points, everyone is tioned to handle the tempo. In the Before the biggest game in pro- leader Baek Seuk-hyun of South Korea faltered on the final Kelly did just that. looking at us really weird,” he says. fourth quarter, they have out- gram history, the office atmos- day. Karlberg’s 11-under total of 277 put him two shots clear “I always felt that the big time is Defensive coordinator Nick scored teams 101-14. phere is just as informal. Kelly of Baek, who only managed a final-round 73.where you’re at, as long as you’re Aliotti, who has spent 20 seasons The Ducks offense is college might blast his supersonic soundhappy. So many people in college as an assistant, remembers walk- football’s version of Twitter: rapid system just for fun. At this mo- Lochte third in short course meetfootball, they’re just miserable. ing off the field that icy day in and to the point. They average 80 ment, Kelly’s favorite song, Circle of Ryan Lochte came up short yet again at the U.S. shortWhen I came here, I said to myself, 1983, feeling like . . . a zero. plays a game in 26 minutes, 6 sec- Life from The Lion King, is bouncing course championships at Columbus, Ohio. But Michael Alex-‘I’m not going to get caught up “It was a feeling of nothing,” onds. Even more improbable, they off the walls. androv set another American record Saturday night. Lochtewith the facilities because it’s Aliotti says. “It was zero, zero, ze- have 24 touchdown drives of less “As Chip always says, he takes has been training through the meet as he prepares for theabout the people and the relation- ro.” than a minute. his job seriously but not himself. world championships in Dubai that begin Dec. 15. He finishedships.’ These guys have been at the Practices are held in the morn- We all go with that flow a little bit,” third in the 200 backstroke, behind Markus Rogan’s 1:40.11.same place for a long time, and I Even meetings are fast ing and are less than two hours, says Greatwood, his voice rising The Olympic gold medalist also scratched from the prelims ofkept asking myself, ‘What’s the about an hour shorter than a typ- over the music. the 100 free. Lochte won the 200 IM on Thursday, but none ofreason for that?’ It’s not normal in Fast forward to today and the ical college practice. The daily Case in point: When Oregon’s his five events since. Alexandrov set the record in the 200college football. That is what really pace of the Ducks’ no-huddle, 4:30 p.m. staff meeting lasts five play clock malfunctioned last breaststroke by a hundredth of a second over the previousswayed my decision in coming warp-speed spread offense. As minutes. “You better be in there by week against Arizona, Kelly could mark, winning in” soon as the referee spots the ball, 4:25 because it could be over,” be heard over the headset, telling The core of the Ducks’ staff took it’s snapped. While defenders still Greatwood says. At other schools, the official, “Maybe it’s just a fuse. Two stabbed before USC-UCLA gameshape after Rich Brooks arrived in are trying to identify the forma- that meeting could be an hour or My cousin is in the stands and he’s A fight among dozens of fans in a parking lot before the1977. At that point, Oregon had tion, quarterback Darron Thomas more. an electrician. He could probably Southern California-UCLA football game left two men withhad one winning season in the pre- already is on the move. fix it.” stab wounds and two police officers with minor injuries, au-vious 12. When Brooks handed off Plays are relayed by quirky plac- Assistants embrace change Says Greatwood, “We’re in a thorities said. Three men were arrested after about 40 fans ofthe job in 1995 to Bellotti, then the ards held on the sideline. Images lockdown, drag-out with Arizona, both schools fought in a grassy part of Brookside Golf Courseoffensive coordinator, the Ducks have included the Burger King When Kelly, 47, took over as and he’s quipping with the offi- that the stadium uses for event parking, Pasadena police Cmdr.had just won their first undisputed character, ESPN anchors, a map of head coach before last season, the cials.” Darryl Qualls said. One person was stabbed in the cheek andPacific-10 title and received their New Hampshire and the gopher staff quickly embraced these Kelly’s quick, sarcastic wit has the other was stabbed in the back during the melee somefirst Rose Bowl invitation in four from the movie Caddyshack. Im- changes. made his halftime interviews with three hours before Saturday’s game, Qualls said. Both weredecades. ages indicate formations and snap “They had to learn how to coach sideline reporters must-see TV. Ask taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital. He described their State-of-the-art athletic facilities counts. All have meanings and as- a different style,” Kelly says. “Now him an obvious question and brace condition as stable. Arturo Cisneros, 44, was arrested on sus-followed, partially funded by alum sociations. Burger King fast food = at practice, they don’t have time to for his answer. Each word runs into picion of attempted murder, police said. Steven Radu, 27, andPhil Knight, co-founder and chair- fast play. ESPN anchors = big, high- talk to guys between plays. . . . To the next without a breath. “He’s Joshua Elder, 23, were arrested for investigation of assault onman of Nike. light play. be receptive to new ideas, that the perfect coach for this offense,” a police officer. They were being held in Pasadena City Jail. USC “It really is truly amazing,” says “It’s just another way to play says a lot.” James says. “He talks fast and he later beat the Bruins 28-14. Police said the school rivalry andoffensive line coach Steve Great- faster,” Kelly says. “Some kids are The change also was smooth be- calls plays fast. Most of the time, tailgate party drinking were major factors.wood, in his 25th season as an as- better visual learners than audio cause of the lack of egos. I’m kind of like, ‘What did he justsistant. “I have to pinch myself learners.” “When I took over, I was the say?’ ” Briefly . . .sometimes. I enrolled here in 1976 To slow the pace, some oppo- youngest guy here in the shortest Thomas has become so accus- Nonito Donaire stopped Wladimir Sidorenko at 1:48 ofand we won more games this sea- nents have resorted to faking in- amount of time here, but all those tomed to Kelly’s rapid-fire speech, the fourth round Saturday night at Anaheim, Calif., to win theson than I won my entire three juries. In the Arizona State game, guys were fantastic,” Kelly says. the quarterback says, “Now when I interim WBA bantamweight title. In the co-feature, Humber-seasons as a starting offensive there was so much flopping, Kelly With a record of 22-3 in two sea- talk to people, they say I talk fast, to Soto defeated Urbano Antillon by unanimous decision inguard.” likened it to World Cup soccer. A sons, Kelly has been rewarded too.” a thrilling give-and-take fight to retain his WBC lightweight ti- Last week, running backs coach California defensive assistant was with a six-year contract that guar- They’ve also adopted his mes- tle. . . . Michael Handler, Johnson County (Kan.) deputy cor-Gary Campbell told his tailbacks suspended for a game by the antees $20.5 million. With Satur- sage. Heisman finalists will be oner, told The Kansas City Star that Spring Hill, Kan., footballthe story of the infamous “Toilet school after admitting to instruct- day’s victory, he secures nearly named Monday, but James says he player Nathan Stiles, 17, died from a re-bleed of a subduralBowl” game against Oregon State ing a player to feign an injury. Ore- $4.3 million in bonuses and future isn’t thinking about the award. “It’s hematoma sustained in a game earlier in the season. A sub-in 1983 that ended 0-0, the last gon State (5-7) needed one more contract guarantees. None of not on my mind,” he says. “I’m dural hematoma is bleeding between layers of tissue betweenscoreless college football game. win to be bowl-eligible, and coach which is reflected in his wardrobe thinking about right now. I’m living the brain and the skull. Handler said that injury was healing “They couldn’t believe it,” Mike Riley said before the game or personality. in the moment.” when Stiles’ head hit the ground after a tackle in a gameCampbell says, given this current that dives wouldn’t be part of the “You would think he’s some guy In other words, win the day. Oct. 28. Stiles died the next hangs half a hundred on op- Beavers’ plan. off the street half the time,” Great- “We really do believe that,” heponents. Because the Ducks practice as wood says. “He’s not exactly the says. Compiled by Mark Hayes from staff, wire reports A WAVE OF HOPE FOR OUR STUDENTS There is hope after tragedy, but only with your help. Hurricane Katrina devastated historically black colleges along the Gulf Coast. Students were displaced, schools were ravaged, and dreams were washed away. Former Presidents Bush and Clinton have partnered with the United Negro College Fund to rebuild campuses and replenish scholarships. TO HELP, VISIT WWW.UNCF.ORG/WAVEOFHOPE OR CALL 1-800-313-0151.
  • 11. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · 3B Olympic sportsVonn schusses after goal of (maybe) 15 titlesU.S. star says toppingthose 11 is real goalBy Vicki MichaelisUSA TODAY Lindsey Vonn would like to set the recordstraight. After last February becoming the first U.S.woman to win Olympic downhill gold, she is notgunning for another historic achievement — a rec-ord number of World Cup victories — as was re-ported just before this season began. “All I said was that every year I try to improveupon what I’ve done,” she says. “Last year, I had 11World Cup wins, and this year I would like to try toget 12. (The reporter) said, ‘Is it possible to breakthe record (of 14, set by Switzerland’s VreniSchneider in 1988-89)?’ I said, ‘Yes, it’s possible.’But that’s not my goal.” Whatever the final number, victory No. 1 willhave to wait after a second-place finish behind Ger-many’s Maria Reisch on Saturday at Lake Louise, Al-berta, where Vonn had won seven downhill races.Riesch posted a winning time of 1 minute, 29.60seconds, beating Vonn by a margin of 0.10. Domin-ique Gisin of Switzerland was third. Although Lake Louise is the fourth World Cup ofthe season, it was the first to feature the speedevents, at which Vonn excels. All of her World Cupvictories last season, which led to her third consec-utive World Cup overall title, were in either thedownhill or the super-G. That fact, while impressive, is what drove her totry new things in the offseason. She worked on hersprint speed and explosiveness — at times along-side track and field athletes at the Olympic Training By Bill Halliwell, AFP/Getty ImagesCenter in Chula Vista, Calif. — in an effort to improveher results in technical events. Lasering Lake Louise: Lindsey Vonn, who worked on her agility after a record 11 World Cup wins last season followed by Olympic gold, finished second in “To win another overall title, I have to be more Saturday’s downhill, recovering from a bump that sent her flying sideways. “I never questioned whether I would keep working hard,” Vonn said.consistent in slalom and also in giant slalom,” Vonnsays. “Last year, I just simply didn’t make enough Because it’s difficult to simulate the icy, water- World Cup overall title, Maria Riesch, who in addi- Riesch leads the overall standings. Vonn enteredpoints in those two events. While I hope I can do it injected World Cup slalom courses in training, Vonn tion to being the best women’s racer on the tech- the weekend 11th, with the chance to climb thisagain, it’s not likely that I can win as many races in didn’t get to properly test her new setup before the nical side also is one of Vonn’s best friends. Vonn week in the two downhills and a super-G.downhill and super-G as I did last year.” racing season began, says Alex Hoedlmoser, head visited Riesch — the winner over Vonn on Saturday “I never questioned whether I would keep work- The payoff thus far has been mixed. She has two U.S. women’s ski coach. by .10 seconds — in Germany last summer, and ing hard or if I would keep skiing” after winningtop-10 results in slalom, with an 18th and a DNF in “She just needed to get used to it. And last year they trained at the same time in New Zealand. Olympic gold, Vonn says. “I have a long-term plan togiant slalom. was not enough time,” he says. “We never really compare goals or talk about be in ski racing for a long time to come. I was pre- One of her slalom results, a sixth place in Levi, Now, even though she had to meet the demands wanting to beat one another,” Vonn says. “We want pared to start working out hard — maybe a little bitFinland, was particularly heartening because she of her sponsors and the celebrity circuit, she’s had to talk about normal things — how tired we are or later than normal — but I was still prepared to workwas able to recover from a mistake during the final enough time to adjust to her equipment — and she how exciting an event was.” out hard and get ready for another rather than go off course. “I’ve never really took the time to work as hard as ever in the offsea- Vonn knows that Riesch has extra incentive to do “This season is just as important as last season forbeen able to make a recovery move like that be- son. “It’s easy to get sidetracked and go to all those well because this year’s world championships will me.”fore,” she says. “I think that is directly related to red-carpet events and feel like a superstar and for- be in Riesch’s hometown, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. uAt Beaver Creek, Colo., Georg Streitberger ofhow strong and agile I am. I’ve always struggled get about training. How she approached the whole “I think this is pretty much the best career high- Austria captured a World Cup super-G race Sat-with my agility.” thing was really impressive,” Hoedlmoser says. light you can get,” Riesch told reporters before a urday when Bode Miller and three other top Amer- Slalom success has not completely eluded Vonn, Knowing top skiers such as Switzerland’s Lara race in Aspen last week. “I didn’t prepare different icans skied off the course. Streitberger finished the26. She had two World Cup slalom victories and six Gut and Austria’s Nicole Hosp would be returning because of this, but I try to (get) good results in demanding Birds of Prey run in 1 minute, 17.18 sec-top-four finishes in the 2008-09 season. from injuries helped Vonn focus, she says. World Cup and get some self-confidence and, hope- onds, edging Adrien Theaux of France by 0.11 sec- But before last season, she changed equipment. Vonn also is in touch with her main rival for the fully, have a strong world championships.” onds. Didier Cuche of Switzerland was third. College footballCoaches behaving badly is an issue againPelini, Stoops incidentsget attention, Web hitsBy Jack CareyUSA TODAY College football coaches are often in the spot-light, but that light has shone harshly in some casesthis season. A year after three coaches lost their jobs becauseof behavioral issues, coaching conduct is again inthe news. Nebraska coach Bo Pelini was caught on televi-sion two weeks ago dressing down quarterback An earful: Ari-Taylor Martinez and disagreeing with officials in a zona coachgame the Cornhuskers lost at Texas A&M. Mike Stoops Arizona coach Mike Stoops was seen to be visibly vents his dis-angry the day after Thanksgiving about a penalty pleasure to anwhen safety Adam Hall was called for a personal official about afoul in the second quarter on a play that was called personal-foula helmet-to-helmet hit. penalty called Video of both instances quickly made it to the In- against one ofternet, where thousands who didn’t watch the his players dur-games live had access to the outbursts. ing a loss to Pelini’s actions were followed the next day by media reports, which turned out to be in-accurate, that Martinez had quit the team. Pelini, whose outbursts drew the concern of Ne-braska Chancellor Harvey Perlman, apologized. Pe-lini said last week that when coaches see contro- By Steve Dykes, Getty Imagesversial calls go against their teams, “you’ve got totry to channel your emotions and channel thingsthe right way. during or after last season over issues involving Nebraska or Arizona games in question, said he uCalifornia assistant Tosh Lupoi was suspended “That’s part of the deal.” treatment of players, it’s obvious there can be seri- doesn’t believe there is any more attention paid by by the school for last week’s game against Washing- Stoops said that can sometimes be difficult in the ous consequences for stepping over the line, says television to coaches on the sidelines than there ton after admitting he told a player to fake an injuryheat of the moment. Grant Teaff, executive director of the American was five years ago. in an attempt to slow Oregon’s offense during a “I think we’re all built in a different way,” he said. Football Coaches Association. But, he noted, coaches “have to be aware they Nov. 13 game.“(With) the intensity that you put into it and the fo- “I think all of us have a concern about the image could be on at any time.” uTCU coach Gary Patterson was seen on TV be-cus, I think a lot of different coaches see things a lot we project because . . . you have an opportunity to “Covering coaches is part of our normal, every- rating team physician Sam Haraldson for not allow-differently or see things that go on maybe more impact young people’s lives,” Teaff said. day package, whether he’s super-animated or not. ing running back Ed Wesley to return to play againstclearly. Sometimes that can hurt you more than it He said coaches must be more mindful that very We always look for a coach.” Southern Methodist on Sept. 24. Patterson and Ha-can help you because you see everything that’s go- little is going to go unnoticed. There have been other sideline incidents with raldson later said there was a miscommunication,ing on. You can tell when something’s not right, “The media, TV in particular, cover not only plays coaches in 2010: and Patterson said he was unaware Wesley failed awhether it be offense, defense or sometimes even on the field but things on the sidelines, and there uDuring a timeout in overtime Oct. 30, Georgia concussion test.with the officiating.” are many, many games a week that are on, so defensive coordinator Todd Grantham gave Florida The AFCA’s Teaff says he believes many coaches Stoops was not penalized, leading Oregon State there’s probably more exposure to the public about kicker Chas Henry the choke sign. Georgia coach are “taking notes” after seeing what TV cameras cancoach Mike Riley to jokingly say this week that he things on the sidelines. Mark Richt later said the gesture was wrong. Gran- display.would “have to ask Mike what his secret is.” Riley “A lot of times it’s not exactly what it looks like. tham said he regretted it. “It’s a great lesson for young coaches that theredrew a penalty the week before for throwing his . . . Some coaches are very intense, some not so uAlabama coach Nick Saban was shown during are guidelines for behavior that coaches have toheadphones. much but get their points across in other ways.” the Mississippi State game Nov. 13 yelling at back- abide by, or there are consequences,” Teaff says. But after Texas Tech’s Mike Leach, Kansas’ Mark Harold Bryant, vice president of production for up quarterback A.J. McCarron and punctuating it “And if it’s not handled, the consequences usuallyMangino and South Florida’s Jim Leavitt were fired CBS Sports, whose network did not broadcast the with a hard slap to McCarron’s backside. catch up with you.”Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, UConn capture conference title game winsFrom staff and wire reports Roundup points down to edge No. 13 Nebraska Bowl on Jan. 3. uKellen Moore threw three touch- 23-20 in the Big 12 championship, earn- uUnranked Connecticut got by South down passes, ran for another and No. 10 Besides Oregon-Oregon State and Au- ficial Sunday night when the BCS awards ing a spot in the Fiesta Bowl, set for Florida 19-16 on Dave Teggart’s 52-yard Boise State bounced back from a lossburn-South Carolina, there were other spots in the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Fi- Jan. 1 at the same stadium where Ore- field goal with 17 seconds left to win a that ended its BCS hopes, beating Utahgames with postseason implications Sat- esta Bowls along with the national gon and Auburn will meet in the BCS ti- share of the Big East title and the State 50-14 Saturday in its Western Ath-urday. championship game. tle game. league’s BCS slot. The Huskies made the letic Conference farewell. No. 3 TCU watched it all from home Going into Saturday, the top two uTyrod Taylor threw for three touch- BCS despite having a four-loss season. The victory gave the Broncos (11-1, 7-1but got no help and got left out — the teams were flipped in the BCS standings, downs and ran for another as No. 11 Vir- Stanford, Arkansas and Ohio State, all WAC) a share of the conference title withway some team does almost every year with Auburn at No. 1 and Oregon ranked ginia Tech beat No. 20 Florida State 44- idle Saturday, are among the top choices Nevada and Hawaii. Nevada beat Louisi-in a sport that refuses to adopt a playoff. No. 2. 33 in the Atlantic Coast Conference title for at-large spots in postseason bowl ana Tech 35-17. Hawaii defeated UNLV The title game pairing will become of- uNo. 9 Oklahoma rallied from 17 game, securing a berth in the Orange games. 59-21.
  • 12. 4B · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAY National Basketball AssociationA spurned city finally gets chance to vent CLEVELAND — Fate detests this place. It must. The poor people of Clevelandcan’t even have a good hatefest. Theycame Thursday to unleash their anger atLeBron James. He scored 38 points. The entire Cava-liers starting lineup scored 28. They came to heap scorn upon theMiami Heat, who led by 38 and won118-90. Commentary By Mike Lopresti They came to cheer the Cavalierswhom James left behind. The Cavaliers folded. About the onlyaccomplishment the home team couldclaim was knocking off James’ head-band. They came feeling bad, and left feelingworse. How much more Cleveland canyou get? The game that began with such an an-gry bang ended in whimper. The tablewith poster paper sat by the portal tosection 133. “Free signs,” promised a placard. Thepeople of Cleveland could stop, and withmarker in hand, vent in print. “Queen James. Now we know the realyou.” By Tony Dejak, AP “LeBum.” Can you hear me now? “It takes a special player and person to respond to this scrutiny,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said of LeBron James. “Liar, Baby, Jerk.” “Did your talents make it to South how they have come to terms with theirBeach?” anguish. “At least Art Modell likes you.” Nothing ugly happened. Except on the “Traitors don’t leave legacies.” court, of course. James furnished a re- “Play like it’s Game 5.” minder of what they used to witness, James — who shot 3-for-14 and was with an extraordinary performance. “Itlater accused of quitting in Game 5 of the takes a special player and person,” Spoel-Eastern Conference semifinals last spring stra said, “to respond to this scrutiny.”— had come home. Yes, James knows how to play. He just When the Heat took the floor to warm doesn’t know how to leave, for had theup, the people of Cleveland booed. They manner of his exit not set new lows inchanted an improper noun. In row 26 of class and sensitivity, some of this couldsection 100, eight young men stood up, have been avoided.each wearing a white shirt with one “Nothing personal with these fans. Itblack letter: B-E-T-R-A-Y-E-D. won’t be, ever,” James said, missing the Other shirts: Quitness. The Lyin’ King. point, because it became personal the The people of Cleveland roared and second he sat down with ESPN that Julywaved towels when the scoreboard day.showed owner Dan Gilbert, who has not It was snowy and gray with temper-let go of any of this. Oh, how they roared. atures below freezing Thursday in Cleve- Before tipoff, James rubbed talcum By David Richard, AP land. What’s the fuss about a guy movingpowder on his hands and threw it high Heating up: James sizzled after half- to Florida for the winter — with a betterinto the air, as he did so many times as a time, scoring 24 of his 38 points in the team? But there is a way to say goodbye.Cav. The people of Cleveland howled. third quarter to douse the Cavaliers. Could he say he was sorry before heOh, how they howled. left this time? “I don’t want to apologize,” “Once the smoke clears,” Miami coach Even the man in the White House was he said. “My intentions were never toErik Spoelstra had said, “this will be- curious. Someone asked President Oba- By Gregory Shamus, Getty Images hurt anyone. . . . Decisions I make, I livecome what it always does — a basketball What’s your sign? Cleveland fans hold up signs taunting Akron native James dur- ma his thoughts. Came the answer from with.”game.” ing the Heat’s 118-90 win. Some of the T-shirts on display: Quitness and Lyin’ King. The Very Top: “It’s going to be brutal.” And later, “I’ll just continue the great- Early on, the boos and chants were Which it was. For Cleveland. ness for myself in Miami.”unrelenting. But James kept scoring and had to be the biggest sports moment of banners. The basketball-speaking world A depressing situation, when a city’s Might be best to stop right there. Thethe lead kept building. The crowd’s ven- the year for Cleveland — and isn’t that gathered around Cleveland to ponder moment in the sun is a measure not of people of Cleveland have had their nightom lost its vigor, as if its batteries were the unkindest cut of all? other issues. its team, but its civility. The people of of fury. Time for everyone to move on.dying. Some cities draw attention for victory How much do they hurt? How badly Cleveland took center stage on TV Just look at all the TV cameras. This parades and the raising of championship will they act? Thursday, so the public at large could see Mike Lopresti also writes for GannettIn hostile environment, James gives Heat a big joltBy Jeff Zillgitt between James and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, the personally.USA TODAY Heat (12-8) have won three in a row. “I have to maintain my focus no matter what’s Spoelstra spoke to the team of what was impor- said or done during that game,” he said. CLEVELAND — Who would have figured the only tant: coming together. James dominated, especially in the third quarter,thing the Miami Heat needed to kick-start their sea- “We are a family, and we’ll take care of our two scoring 24 points on 10-for-12 shooting. At oneson was a visit to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers? brothers,” Spoelstra said of James and former Cava- point the Heat had an 88-50 lead, their largest of Instead of fearing this game, facing and conquer- liers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas. “And you do that the season, and the final ended up as Cleveland’sing his former team is what forward LeBron James collectively by making ourselves feel normal and biggest loss.needed to perhaps get Miami’s season turned doing this together. Also on James’ final stat sheet: zero turnovers. Hearound. “The second thing is this is an extreme environ- entered leading the league in turnovers; it was his James made his first shot and didn’t stop making ment here tonight. There’s no way around that. We first game without one.shots until late in the third quarter. By then, he had want to stay in the moment as much as possible.” It was also a night for Ilgauskas, who spent thea season-high 38 points, with eight assists and five They were in the moment. Guard Dwyane Wade first 12 seasons of his NBA career with the Cavaliersrebounds, and the Heat were on their way to a had 22 points, nine rebounds and nine assists, for- and is that team’s all-time leader in games played.commanding 118-90 victory Thursday. ward James Jones had 18 points off the bench (five He followed James to Miami in the offseason. His “I’m very exhausted,” James said of his emo- three-pointers) and forward Chris Bosh had 15 reception was much warmer than that for James,tional return. “I didn’t get much sleep last night. I points. who was booed and jeered.didn’t get much sleep today. I’m glad we played But James was the centerpiece, leading up to and The Heat visit the Toronto Raptors on Feb. 16 andwell as a team.” during one of the most hyped games of the season. hope to do the same for Bosh, who left Toronto for James didn’t even need to play in the fourth The game started with boos for James and cheers Miami.quarter. for Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. But the night end- “We know we haven’t played up to par against By Tony Dejak, AP Nearly a week after a players-only meeting fol- ed belonging to James. plus-.500 teams,” James said. “We’re going to try to Wow: The Heat’s LeBron James returned to Cleve-lowing a loss to the Dallas Mavericks, and a confab James said he didn’t take anything the fans said keep this momentum going.” land and outscored Cavaliers starters 38-28. Major League BaseballCubs, baseball mourn Cards lure Berkmanpassing of legend Santo back to NL Central From staff and wire reports Gonzalez to Boston? All-StarFrom wire reports Gold Glove award five times. slugger Adrian Gonzalez was in Santo was widely regarded as one of the Lance Berkman is headed back Boston on Saturday to take a Ron Santo’s love for the Chicago Cubs best players never to gain induction into the to the National League Central, physical needed to complete astretched from his days as a standout third Hall of Fame. The quiet sadness with which joining a team he knows really trade from the San Diego Padresbaseman who one season even jumped and he met the news year after year that he well. to the Red Sox, the Associatedclicked his heels to celebrate victories to the hadn’t been inducted helped cement his rela- The former Houston Press reported, citing two peopletwo decades he spent unabashedly pulling for tionship with the fans. Notes Astros slugger agreed familiar with the situation.his team as a broadcaster. Santo never got to see his beloved Cubs to a one-year, $8 mil- Gonzalez, a three-time All-Star As much as his passion for the Cubbies win a World Series, something they haven’t lion contract with St. Louis on and two-time Gold Glove Award-soothed their long-suffering fans, his play and done since 1908, and their last appearance Saturday, solidifying the Cardi- winning first baseman, hit .298work in the broadcast booth helped him, too, came in 1945, when Santo was 5. Yet he once nals’ roster ahead of the upcom- with 31 homers and 101 RBI lastthrough tough times and serious ailments, in- said his association with the team probably ing winter meetings. season.cluding a bout with diabetes that cost him prolonged his life. The 34-year-old first base- The Padres will receive three ofboth legs below the knees. He called the “If I hadn’t had this when my troubles man-outfielder is a five-time NL Boston’s top prospects, plus aCubs, simply, his therapy. started, I don’t know if I would have sur- All-Star with the Astros and last player to be determined. The Santo, who had finished his 21st season vived,” he said in September 2003. “I really year batted .248 with Houston prospects are right-hander Caseybroadcasting the Cubs in September, died mean that. It’s therapy.” By Charles Rex Arbogast, AP and the New York Yankees, fin- Kelly, first baseman Anthony Riz-Thursday in Arizona from complications of Santo was diagnosed with juvenile diabe- Remembering No. 10: Cubs fan Marvin Pe- ishing with 14 homers and 58 zo and outfielder Reymond Fuen-bladder cancer, according to the team and tes when he was 18. But he kept it from the rez Sr. outside of Wrigley Field on Friday. RBI. Berkman was traded to the tes. Red Sox GM Theo Epstein Pa-WGN Radio. He was 70. team until he made his first All-Star game in Yankees on July 31 and helped dres GM Jed Hoyer could not be “Ron was an inspiration to everyone as his 1963, and fans didn’t know about his diabe- ceive the news on the phone in 2003 thanks them win the wild card. reached for was defined by overcoming obstacles. It is tes for years after that. He spent 14 years with to TV cameras he allowed inside his house The Cardinals have an opening uThursday, the Chicago Whitea sad day for all of Chicago and everyone in the Cubs and his final season across town when he thought he would be getting in. in right field after using a combi- Sox signed free agent sluggerthe sports world,” said Chicago Blackhawks with the White Sox. He hit .300 or better four In 2003, he was honored by the Cubs, who nation of younger players there Adam Dunn to a four-year,President John McDonough, who spent 24 times, had the best on-base percentage in the retired his No. 10, hoisting it up the left-field last season, but Mozeliak said $56 million contract. Dunnyears in the Cubs organization as a marketing National League in 1964 and 1966 and led foul pole, just below Banks’ No. 14. Saturday that Matt Holliday has would share first base and DHguru and later as president. the league in walks four times. “This flag hanging down the left-field line volunteered to move to right if it with Paul Konerko if the White A nine-time all-star in his 15-year career, Santo’s disappointment with being passed means more to me than the Hall of Fame,” would help the team. That could Sox can re-sign him. Dunn has hitSanto hit .277 with 2,254 hits, 342 home runs over for induction into the Hall of Fame was Santo told the cheering crowd at Wrigley put Berkman in left field, a more at least 38 homers in seven con-and 1,331 runs batted in. He also won the well known to viewers, who watched him re- Field when his number was retired. familiar position for him. secutive seasons.
  • 13. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · 5B Life We’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, but we will help save your life. + When you help the American Red Cross, you help America. B There is a place where a complete stranger will reach out to help make everything okay. That place is called America, where we look out for each other. And with your financial contribution, we can help keep it that way. Call 1-800-RED CROSS or visit mPeople mTelevision mMovies mMusic mTravel HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE A week of great gifts Read past gift guide stories at TODAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY Last Friday Toys, high-tech Video games Celeb-worthy gear Holiday books Wrap up some to traditional by age group to give and get for everyone DVD favorites At Live life as Parisians do In the City of Light, our roving journaliste savors local flavors Luxembourg Gardens by Kitty Bean Yancey, USA TODAYAt You go, showgirls Burlesque’s Dita Von Teese rates film stars Catherine Zeta-Jones in the musical Chicago by Miramax WEEKLY FEATURES Celebrity Heat Index Our weekly list tracks pop culture’s movers and shakers. No. 1 this week ? Who is shian: Kim Karda photo- is Reality star on the t graphed ou alle Berry’s H town with bry. Au ex, Gabriel list at See the full .com. life.usatoday es tty Imag an by Ge Kardashi Life on Vacation By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY As herself: Natalie Portman is generating Oscar talk for Black Swan, but, she says, “the day I start working in order to get attention is the day I stop being an artist.” By Cheryl Gerber, AP Portman’s bold new moves Escape to New Orleans Second homes for party lovers; visit New at . . . Jim Carrey goes bonkers in e½ I Love You Phillip Morris; review, Stretching out in ‘Black raised beauty in her film debut at age 13 as a precocious companion to a hit man in 1994’s The Professional. Or en- As Nina: Portman . . . and on DVD Swan,’ an Oscar is in reach joyed her as a waifish pathological liar who enchants a depressed Zach Braff explores her dark Platinum pick The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. in 2004’s Garden State. Or been capti- side as Plus: Knight and Day, Going the Distance By Susan Wloszczyna vated by her baby-doll stripper’s se- a troubled and Sorcerer Nicolas Cage’s Apprentice USA TODAY duction of Clive Owen in Closer, also ballerina. from 2004 and the source of her lone 10 Great Places TORONTO — Welcome to the re- Oscar nomination. Raise a bar glass to Repeal Day; get your fill at Natalie Portman birth of Natalie Portman. The 29-year-old actress obliterates But you have never seen her dominate a Cover Today’s puzzles, 7B was asked: What gives you her prim and proper on-screen image once and for all while spreading her movie so authoritative- ly as this. story confidence? wings as a driven ballerina who pre- Portman sweats, To see the video, cariously pirouettes between art and vomits, hallucinates and nervously visit voices madness in the delirious psychosexu- claws at her skin until it’s raw and al thriller Black Swan. bleeding. She passionately kisses sul- Physically, emotionally and mental- try rival Mila Kunis and viciously bites ly, Portman’s considerable faculties the lip of predatory artistic director are stretched to their limit as her shel- Vincent Cassel. That’s on top of doing tered Nina nails Swan Lake’s virtuous at least 90% of her own dance moves White Swan yet struggles to summon after training for a year before shoot- To read about Portman’s comic the earthy abandon necessary to pull ing began. turn in two 2011 off the deceptive Black Swan in the As a result, the onetime child star — Today in the sky at films, visit life film, opening Friday, directed by Dar- who has described herself in college ren Aronofsky (The Wrestler). as “a boring Goody Two-Shoes” — gi- uCheck flights 24/7 at You might have first taken notice of uHotel hotsheet, travel tips and more. the dainty Israeli-born, Long Island- Please see COVER STORY next page u By Niko Tavernise, Fox Searchlight
  • 14. 6B · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAY MoviesMeet Carla Gugino, fanboy favoriteThe former model also is “I think it’s her willingness to go all out for her roles,” says Jenna Busch of the blog column Girl Meets Lightsaber, dedicated to all things pop Pretty, handy with a gun: Carla Guginoa serious, in-demand star culture. “We geeks just want someone who gets as excited about genre material as we do. Carla seems is polishing her action-star to do that for every role.” credentials By Scott Bowles Snyder says he bumped into Gugino at a comic- opposite USA TODAY book event and recognized her from the pulp film Dwayne Sin City (which she chose over The Pacifier because Johnson in LOS ANGELES — Carla Gugino runs a hand of her fondness for director Robert Rodriguez). He Faster, in through a mop of brown curls, crosses bare feet offered her a role for his comic-book adaptation of theaters now. and lets out a sigh that seems to dissolve her slight- Watchmen on the spot. ly into her living room sofa. “I admit I was a little starstruck,” he says. “She “I know it sounds strange, but Los Angeles feels has this fanboy cred that’s hard to explain. I wasn’t quiet to me,” Gugino says, relaxing after returning going to make her read; I just know I wanted her in from her other home in New York. “I love that city, my movie.” but it’s non-stop. I need a change of A lot of directors do. With her retro style and pace, or I go a little crazy.” deep voice, Gugino expected roles to come later in“I still get Change hasn’t been much of an is- sue for the actress, 39, who co-stars her career. “I knew people thought I was older than I was,” she says. “So I hoped to hit my stride aroundexcited about in the Dwayne Johnson action film now. I’d like to think I have.” Faster. It opened Nov. 24. Still, Gugino is hardly the iconic comic-bookall kinds of Since leaving modeling to pursue damsel. She’s well aware of how Hollywood treats acting full time in 1988, Gugino has women as they eclipse 40. One of her first film rolesmovies. There cruised through 66 film and televi- came in 1993, as Robert De Niro’s daughter in Thisare great sion roles, from Entourage’s wily power broker Amanda Daniels to Spy Boy’s Life. Fifteen years later , she was cast as his lov- er in Righteous Kill.directors doing Kids trilogy family matriarch Ingrid “I don’t think that would happen to a lot of actors Cortez to Robert De Niro’s sultry lov- in this industry,” says Gugino, who was a teenageall kinds of er in Righteous Kill. fashion model and remains a devoted stage actress.genres.” But if Gugino is making a name for herself, it’s as geek goddess. “When most 40-year-old actors get a girlfriend in the movies, she’s 28. It doesn’t work in reverse.” Consider her fanboy résumé: Sin City, Watchmen Gugino catches herself sounding angry. “I can’t and Zack Snyder’s upcoming femme fatale project, complain about all the work that’s coming,” which Sucker Punch, in March. will include the comedy Girl Walks Into a Bar with The Sarasota, Fla., native would seem an unlikely longtime boyfriend Sebastian Gutierrez in Decem- candidate for nerd queen. Her home, a few blocks ber and Mr. Popper’s Penguins in August with Jim from the Kodak Theatre, site of the Oscars, brims Carrey. with broken-in furniture, colorful pillows, antique Don’t bother trying to find a through-line to Gu- rugs and the occasional script. Not a comic book gino’s career, though. She gave up long ago. to be found. “I don’t know if there’s an overarching goal. I still Gugino, though, treats most roles as if they were get excited about all kinds of movies. There are Shakespeare, colleagues say. And the hours she logs great directors doing all kinds of genres. I don’t at comic-book gatherings and sci-fi conventions do think of one as arty or nerdy. not go unnoticed among fans. One smitten blogger “I guess that’s why they let me hopscotch declared her the “Icon of Comic-Con.” around. That’s what I really love to do.” By Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY Cover storyPortman poured heart and soul into ‘Black Swan’Continued from 5B a friend than a stranger. But Dar-ves what many astonished criticshave declared the bravura per- A pas de ren kept us isolated. We were both training, and he made sure we were there at different times.formance of her already-impres-sive career. The last time Portman messed deux of We barely saw each other during the shoot. It was weird.” When asked if it’s true that shewith the expectations of her fanswas back in 2006, when shewent hard-core gangsta with a thrill, fear and Kunis requested a bottle of tequila to share beforehand, as Aronofsky has suggested in an in-foul-mouthed rap in a Saturday terview, Portman laughs. “DarrenNight Live video. Recalling the re- To induce a state of dread and reveals too much. It’s funny. Weaction to that clip, she says: “It mesmerize with beauty is a didn’t even get drunk. We did itmakes it almost worth it to have rare, paradoxical achievement. to keep the nerves away.”this sort of persona of being put- Like the most macabre night-together and conservative. To be mares, Black Swan plunges The director made her do itable to subvert it and have people headlong into the dark shocked by something they Writer/director Darren Aronof- She signed on to do Black Swanrarely see every day.” sky fashions a terrifying tale that originally because of Aronofsky, But on this day, the familiar juxtaposes the grace of a dance the architect behind MickeyNatalie materializes once more. film against a twisted horror Rourke’s comeback in 2008’s TheThe Harvard-educated actress is backdrop. At the center of this Wrestler. “I respect Darren’sas perfectly calm and confident dreamlike story is Natalie Port- work so much,” she ever in a flattering black-and- man’s exquisite performance of The director’s blunt way ofwhite frock by Dior, a label she a troubled ballerina who communicating proved to bejust happens to represent. The evolves from timid to seriously beneficial.color scheme even coordinates unhinged. “Darren doesn’t really have awith her feathery film costumes. It’s a psychological thriller filter,” she says. “He says what heShe smiles often and is exceed- that pays homage to a 1948 bal- means. It is pretty great. He al-ingly polite, but there is never a let classic, Michael Powell’s The ways tells you how it is. We aredoubt of who is in charge of the Red Shoes, but is also unnerving- similarly disciplined. He worksinterview — and it isn’t the per- ly modern, drenched in sexual- his ass off, and so do I.”son asking the questions. ity. Portman portrays the ago- Aronofsky, who refers to his From the time Black Swan nized ballerina Nina Sayers so star as “a beautiful creature” inwowed festival crowds in early convincingly that we forget we Black Swan, admires how Port-fall, her ascendency into the best- are watching someone act. man was put through the wring-actress Academy Award race has Her immersion in the role is er yet had the maturity to not al-been a given. But Portman sen- the stuff Oscars are made of. She low Nina’s traumatic meltdownsibly tempers any excitement she communicates Nina’s emotional to seep into her own life.might feel over the possibility of fragility with an aching vulner- “She worked really hard phys-earning such a trophy. ability. Aronofsky and cinema- ically and mentally. But you “It’s obviously a great feeling,” tographer Matthew Libatique know, she’s a real professional. Ishe says about the glowing re- match her prowess, abetting Ni- saw it with Ellen Burstyn,” thesponse. “But you have to main- na’s teetering sanity with a By Niko Tavernise, Fox Searchlight veteran actress who was Oscar-tain your own belief in your work camera that pirouettes, lurches way rides or at daily dance ses- of Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, A dancer unhinged: nominated for her crazed diet-pillregardless of the reaction to it. and lunges, mirroring her tor- sions overseen by the ballet which starred Mickey Rourke. Natalie Portman stars as the addict in 2000’s Requiem for aThe truth is, the day I start work- ment. company’s lecherous director, But each centers on a memora- troubled Nina, and Vincent Dream. After an especially har-ing in order to get attention is the Nina yearns to dance the Thomas (Vincent Cassel), Nina is bly self-destructive character. Cassel plays Thomas, the direc- rowing scene, “I’d say ‘Cut,’ andday I stop being an artist.” Swan Queen in Swan Lake, with profoundly isolated. Despite the Black Swan’s menacing visual tor of her ballet company. Ellen would say ‘OK’ and head its duality of light and dark. Aro- childhood haven she often re- flourishes also recall Aronof- over to the craft service area.”She waited 10 years for role nofsky uses lighting in ways that treats to, Nina is never safe. No sky’s Pi (1998) and Requiem for a In Portman’s case, “I’ve never accentuate the dark corners in one offers comfort, no one ap- Dream (2000). Black Swan seen a young actor with that Portman also says she wasn’t her shaky psyche. The ballet pears trustworthy. Like a painter, he dabs the eeee out of four same ability. So even though itlooking to deliberately alter the studio and back- Thematically, scenery with haunting, quasi- was really hard and she was inpublic’s perception of her. After stage corridors are Movie review the film tackles ar- subliminal details. Eyes peer out Stars: Natalie Portman, Mila every shot, Natalie still was ableall, “you are always looking for shadowy, while her tistic perfection. of a childlike drawing and quick- Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Barbara to meter herself.” By Claudia Puig Hershey, Winona Rydersomething that pushes you.” bedroom is pink and Nina is instructed ly shift left and right. Paintings Director: Darren Aronofsky As for her next feat, Portman Perhaps. But there had to be white, appropriate for a little to lose herself in the role. “The bleed and laugh at Nina. Distributor: Fox Searchlight undergoes a change of pace withsome reason why she kept cling- girl. Nina is infantilized by her only person standing in your By the end, the audience will Rating: R for strong sexual a genre she has barely exploreding to the hope of doing Black mother (a superb Barbara Her- way is you,” Thomas tells her. be left to wonder what was real content, disturbing violent im- in the past — comedy. Next yearSwan for almost 10 years after shey) and drawn out of her sol- “Forget her.” And she does, in a and what was a figment of Ni- ages, language and some drug will bring the racy romance No useAronofsky first spoke to her itary existence by fellow dancer primal way. na’s imagination. Running time: 1 hour, Strings Attached with Ashtonabout the part, patiently waiting Lily (a terrific Mila Kunis), Awash in tulle, toe shoes and Aronofsky ensures no one will 48 minutes Kutcher and the sword-and-sor-as the script took shape and whose motives are ambiguous. repression, Black Swan would regard Swan Lake the same way Opens today in select cities cery spoof Your Highness.funding was found. Whether on her lonely sub- seem to be the mirror opposite again. She also will add to her geek “Well,” she says, “it is true that cred as Jane Foster, an astrophys-this is probably the longest gesta- icist and the love interest of thetion period I’ve ever had. That is a each from their already-slim was required when she hit her is a very good match.” title comic-book hero in nextsign of something substantive.” frames), ballet lessons and condi- head during a fight scene. Soft- The chatter on the Internet for summer’s Thor. Though 29 is at the high end of tioning for their roles as a team of ening any blows was Black Swan’s the past year, however, after Her primary reason for joiningbelievably portraying a prima coaches and teachers put them French choreographer Benjamin script details were leaked has ze- the cast: Shakespearean whizballerina, Portman is glad for the through their paces. Millepied, 33, a principal dancer roed in on the steamy sex scene Kenneth Branagh directs. “It isdelay. Portman studied dance from at New York City Ballet who also she shares with Kunis, who has magic,” she assures. “Physically, it would have been age 4 until she was 12, and mus- partners in the film with Port- said of the attention: “It’s two Still, souvenirs of Black Swaneasier to be a little bit younger. cle memory came in handy. But, man and struck up a relationship girls making out, and guys have a linger, and not only the shapelierBut it’s definitely better in terms she says, “my training was not as with her off the set. The mere thing for that. It’s silly, but I can behind that Portman says she ac-of the emotional side of it. It was serious as I thought it was at all. I mention of his name triggers an see why people care. Natalie is quired from her workouts. “Ihelpful to have that time to allow had to start from scratch.” She automatic response: “I never talk like every guy’s dream. She’s a have so many leotards, tights andmy ideas and feelings about the toiled mightily to perfect her about my private life.” nerd’s idea of heaven.” All the shoes. So much ballet stuff I’llproject to simmer.” arms, her stance and the way she But Aronofsky will. “I asked more so ever since she was never use again.” She wonders When talking to the press, held her head to emulate actual them the other day if I get credit Queen Amidala in the three Star aloud about a charity auction,both she and Kunis — a close pal ballerinas, even going en pointe for that,” he says. “They said, ‘You Wars prequels. then reconsiders: “Not that theyin real life — revel in detailing for brief periods. USA TODAY get credit.’ He is amazing. He is a Portman says it helped that would want my smelly shoes.”how they underwent extensive She also suffered injuries, in- Aronofsky: He “doesn’t really serious guy who is doing very se- she and Kunis are close, but she Just call it the sweet smell ofweight loss (about 20 pounds cluding a bruised rib, and an MRI have a filter,” Portman says. rious things with his life. I think it also observes: “It’s harder to kiss success.
  • 15. USA TODAY · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · 7BAcross the USA $13 at the store and forged his signature on a $25 purchase at a liquor store. died of multiple blunt force injuries and asphyxia, Jefferson County Deputy Cor- have completed the purchase of vast swaths of western Montana land from Stratotankers. The base, which has been home to about 50 tankers, is beginning miles south of the city’s jetties. All four people ended up in the water.News from every state oner Jim Wesley says. Plum Creek Timber. It was the last part an unmanned aerial vehicle mission. Florida: Miami — The mother of a of a three-phase deal involving more Utah: Salt Lake City — A second oil child who was kicked out of his kinder- Louisiana: Baton Rouge — Agricul- than 310,000 acres and costing $510 Ohio: Cleveland — A tenth of an inch leak in six months here has Chevron onAlabama: Anniston — A woman has garten class after the teacher held a vote ture Commissioner Mike Strain reminds million. This phase included about of snow is all it took to break the city’s the defensive and the mayor calling for abeen jailed on $10,000 bond after being among students about his disruptive farmers they have until Dec. 9 to apply 69,000 acres in the Swan Valley, Mill second-longest streak of days without pipeline to be shut down indefinitely.charged with stealing more than 200 behavior has reached a settlement with for federal help for crop losses from last Creek and Seeley Lake areas. measurable white on the ground. About 100 barrels of crude leaked latebooks from the public library. Police St. Lucie County education officials. Fed- year’s soggy weather. Fifty-four parish- Wednesday’s snowfall followed 251 Wednesday from a pipeline valve aboutsaid Regina Smith, 42, used wigs and eral court documents show the county es were among 953 counties in 34 Nebraska: Lincoln — An impostor snowless days. In records back to 1893, 500 feet from the scene of a larger oilother methods to slip books out of the school board and teachers union agreed states where disasters were declared. has been calling food establishments on the only longer stretch was 267 days in spill in June that fouled Red Butte Creek.library. She faces felony theft charges. to pay the $350,000 settlement to Me- Up to $550 million in U.S. funds is avail- the pretext of investigating complaints. 1946. The National Weather Service This spill stopped short of the creek. lissa Barton and her son, Alex. able for producers of rice, upland cotton, Establishments in Omaha, Bellevue, said more snow could fall this week.Alaska: Fairbanks — A temperature soybeans and sweet potatoes. Hastings, Kearney and Tobias have re- Vermont: Montpelier — America’sinversion has pushed pollution to un- Georgia: Atlanta — Kevin Riley has ported the phone calls. Similar calls Oklahoma: Granite — A man serving Promise Alliance reports the state hashealthy levels. The Fairbanks Daily been named editor of The Atlanta Jour- Maine: Hampden — A teen who per- have been reported in Iowa and Wash- 30 years in prison for the murder of a eliminated all of its high school “dro-News-Miner reported the levels harm- nal-Constitution, succeeding Julia Wal- formed CPR on his mother after she was ington state. According to the state De- sheriff was moved to solitary confine- pout factories.” That translates to 604ful airborne particles prompted officials lace, who was promoted to senior vice knocked unconscious by an electric partment of Agriculture, the caller asks ment in a different prison after he used a more state students graduating fromto ask North Star Borough residents to president for Cox Media Group, the shock may have saved her life, police for an employee’s cellphone number. smuggled-in cellphone to post pictures high school, the third-greatest improve-avoid exercise and stop burning wood company announced Thursday. Riley, said. Gidget Walsh, 45, was using a jig- and comments on Facebook. The pho- ment in the nation. A dropout factory isand coal when possible. The National editor in chief of the Dayton Daily News saw to make Christmas ornaments Nevada: Reno — Washoe County tos posted by Justin Lee Walker, 32, defined as a high school where fewerWeather Service said the inversion is in Ohio, will start his new job on Jan. 3. Wednesday when a loose connection School District police say one student were removed from the site. Walker than 60% of students who started asexpected to weaken soon. between two power cords may have has been arrested and another is being pleaded no contest in 2006 in the shoot- freshmen are there four years later. Hawaii: Honolulu — The state plans came into contact with the metal chair questioned after an arson fire early ing death of Sheriff Dwight Woodrell.Arizona: Phoenix — Nurses lined up two public hearings this week on a pro- she was sitting on, police said. Thursday at Elizabeth Lenz Elementary Virginia: Arlington — Kim Hought-outside John C. Lincoln Hospital to pro- posal to build the world’s largest tele- School. A multipurpose room that Oregon: Portland — New cheeses on, owner of a Shirlington doggie daytest the possible shutdown of its birth- scope on Mauna Kea. Thirty Meter Tele- Maryland: Hagerstown — Washing- serves as the cafeteria and auditorium will be developed thanks to an care business, has filed a federal lawsuiting center. KTVK-TV says the hospital is- scope managers are seeking a permit to ton County Commissioners on Tuesday sustained up to $75,000 in damage. The $860,000 donation to Oregon State Uni- after the county ordered her to cover upsued a statement that said continued begin construction next year. Some Ha- approved a new dog licensing fee school is closed until today. versity. Paul Arbuthnot, the retired a 1,000-square-foot mural of frolickingcuts to the state’s Medicaid program waiians oppose the telescope, saying it schedule with the option of a lifetime li- president of Sunshine Dairy Food, and puppies on the side of her business fac-would cause a projected loss for the would defile Mauna Kea’s sacred sum- cense. The schedule, which takes effect, New Hampshire: Durham — More his wife donated the money to create a ing an Arlington dog park. The countybirthing center of $2.2 million next mit. Supporters say it would advance Jan. 1, keeps the one-year license fee at than 100 types of poinsettias are on dis- dairy center in the College of Agricultur- says the mural is a commercial sign sub-year.” About two-thirds of birthing cen- science and provide jobs. $5 but introduces options for a two- play at the University of New Hamp- al Sciences and to support the work of ject to regulation.ter patients are covered by the program. year license for $9; three years, $13; or shire through Saturday as part of the an- Professor Lisbeth Goddik. Goddik plans Idaho: Coeur d’Alene — A baby sitter a license for the lifetime of the dog, $25. nual Poinsettia Trials program. Similar to invite international cheesemakers. Washington: Olympia — HigherArkansas: Little Rock — Gov. Beebe, accused of killing a 3-year-old boy will trials across the country help growers taxes on candy, gum and bottled watera Democrat, has ordered the reinstate- face a lesser charge of involuntary man- Massachusetts: Boston — General evaluate regional differences of varie- Pennsylvania: Fort Indiantown have ended. The voter-approved Initia-ment of cost-of-living adjustments, ca- slaughter rather than murder. The ac- Manager Rich Davey says the MBTA’s ties. This year, UNH researchers are Gap — Police say a shooting death in an tive 1107 repealed tax increases passedreer-service recognitions and merit pay tions of Amanda Skogen, 26, had “in- average weekday ridership in October studying controlled release fertilizers. area open to hunters at the National by the Legislature this year. The Depart-for state employees. He says he made credibly grievous” consequences but topped 1.3 million for the first time in Guard facility here was a suicide. The ment of Revenue notified retailers thatthe decision after seeing state revenue did not amount to murder, the judge two years. Ridership on the Red, Orange New Jersey: Trenton — The state is 60-year-old Lebanon man found in his Wednesday was the last day to collectincreases. The cost-of-living adjust- ruled. Prosecutors say Skogen shoved and Blue subway lines averaged more preparing for its first black bear hunt in vehicle shot in the head wasn’t a regis- the higher taxes. Also, bottlers no longerments are already in the budget and will Cohen Johnson after he wet his pants, than 532,000 per weekday, the highest five years, but animal activists on Thurs- tered hunter, Guard spokeswoman Joan pay an excise tax on carbonated drinks.not require any budget increases. causing him to fall and hit his head. in four years. The nearly 1% boost over day asked the courts to block it. State of- Nissley says. the previous October comes after rider- ficials say the six-day hunt is needed to West Virginia: Parkersburg —California: Los Angeles — Three Illinois: Springfield — The Legislature ship fell every month last year. thin the bear population, estimated at Rhode Island: Providence — May- Wood County is acquiring five flood-men have been ordered to pay $23.1 approved a bill to cut pension benefits 3,400, up from an estimated 500 in the or-elect Angel Taveras has chosen for- prone homes in Happy Valley and plansmillion in restitution for a 2007 bonfire for police officers and firefighters hired Michigan: White River Township — 1990s. A similar court challenge suc- mer state police colonel Steven Pare, to demolish them. The small neighbor-that destroyed 53 homes in Malibu. The after Jan. 1. Those retiring at 50 would Meinert Park on Lake Michigan is more ceeded in 2007. The state expects 7,000 known for his straightforward style, as hood in Parkersburg has been repeated-men were ordered to pay $15.6 million lose 30% in benefits. They would have to than doubling. Muskegon County has hunters to acquire permits by today. the city’s new public safety commis- ly flooded by the Little Kanawha 11 homeowners and $7.5 million to work to age 55 for full benefits. Current acquired 95 acres of land to be added to sioner, The Providence Journal reported. The county got $1.2 million in federalthe state for fighting the Corral Canyon employees would not be affected. The the park’s 88 acres. The project was New Mexico: Albuquerque — The Pare aided Taveras through his cam- funding. Property owners’ participationfire that injured five firefighters and bill also requires cities to catch up on paid for by a $400,000 grant from the state Environment Department has re- paign and his transition team. is voluntary.forced thousands to evacuate. underfunded retirement plans. It now Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund newed the hazardous waste permit for heads to Democratic Gov. Quinn’s desk. and more than $150,000 raised by the the federal government’s nuclear waste South Carolina: Columbia — Wisconsin: Brookfield — Two couchColorado: Silverthorne — Friends Land Conservancy of West Michigan. repository east of Carlsbad. The new Southeast Renewable Energy says it will potatoes hope to wedge their way ontoand family are holding a memorial ser- Indiana: Richmond — Wayne County permit for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant build a biomass energy plant in Kershaw the Snuggie’s sofa with a line of comfortvice for Stephanie Roller Bruner, 41. Her prosecutors have filed a felony charge of Minnesota: Minneapolis — Scoot- takes effect Dec. 31. The repository was County. Local and state economic devel- wear called the adult onesie. Tyler Gal-body was found late last week in the attempted theft against Angela Boyd, ers, Segways, all-terrain vehicles, shot- excavated in salt beds 2,150 feet below opment officials said the 15-megawatt ganski and Dave Hibler sell fleece, foot-Blue River near her home. Autopsy re- 38, over a collection taken up for her last guns and luxury watches are among the desert surface. It contains waste plant will be fueled with timber residue. less onesies with hoods called the “For-sults haven’t been revealed. The mother month at New Life Ministries Church of Denny Hecker’s belongings that a bank- such as gloves, tools, dried sludge and The $50 million investment is expected ever Lazy” out of Hibler’s parents’of three was laid off from her job as an the Nazarene. Boyd said she needed ruptcy court judge ordered auctioned other debris contaminated, largely by to create 20 jobs in the next five years. basement. The 25-year-old best friendsengineering technician in October and money to bury her raped and murdered off this month. Hecker, who once plutonium, during weapons work. released a long-form commercial that’sfiled for divorce Nov. 1. 15-year-old daughter; her daughter, owned 26 car dealerships and other South Dakota: Deadwood — The almost a carbon copy of Snuggie ads. however, is alive and well in Iowa. Boyd businesses, is in jail awaiting sentencing New York: New York — A new multi- Days of ’76 Rodeo was honored for aConnecticut: Hartford — A newspa- is being treated for a drug addiction. for bankruptcy fraud and defrauding media installation is offering new ways seventh straight year by the Profession- Wyoming: Cheyenne — Six peopleper is encouraging the public to interact Chrysler Financial of nearly $14 million. to see and interpret Leonardo da Vinci’s al Rodeo Cowboys Association. PRCA were sentenced to a combined 63 yearswith reporters inside a new office that Iowa: Des Moines — Iowa prisons The Last Supper. The exhibit, opening tot contestants voted the 2010 rodeo as in prison for involvement in a drug traf-includes a newsroom cafe. The Register could soon be stocking prison-made Mississippi: Greenville — A judge at Manhattan’s Park Avenue Armory, re- Outdoor Rodeo of the Year in the medi- ficking ring that bought methamphet-Citizen in Torrington says the office will toilet paper. Prisons in Anamosa and dismissed charges against Police Chief produces the 15th-century painting um-size division. It was honored in the amine in Colorado. Police Sgt. Rob Dafoealso have a meeting room and a media Mitchellville are testing a single-ply tis- Charles Patterson, who was suspended with a 40-minute sound-and-light small division for four years before re- said Joe Morales, 43, drove to Com-lab with workspaces for people interest- sue processed at a Missouri prison. “Our after being accused of threatening three show. Leonardo’s Last Supper: A Vision, ceiving the designation in the medium- merce City, Colo., to buy meth, then solded in contributing blogs. challenge is to seek out new things that women. Judge Eddie Lucaenback said by British film director Peter Greena- size bracket for three consecutive years. it here, where the street value is higher. we can do, and, well, toilet tissue is a there was no credible evidence. Patter- way, runs through Jan. 6. Morales was sentenced to 22 years.Delaware: Wilmington — State po- high-consumption item,” said Roger son was suspended without pay in Sep- Tennessee: Clarksville — No chargeslice are looking for a woman in a blue Baysden of Iowa Prison Industries. tember after Kela Miller, Ne’Cura Swil- North Carolina: Raleigh — State will be filed against Matthew Arrington, U.S. territory: Virgin Islands — Re-veil who they said tried to rob a Kohl’s ley and Kiara Richardson signed high school students will have to take 27, who broke the recently restored ducing violent crime and improving thestore in North Wilmington. Police said Kansas: Dodge City — A statue that affidavits that he threatened them. two U.S. history courses, starting in World War I “Doughboy” statue. He battered economy will be top priorities,that after the woman picked a watch to has watched over downtown for more 2012. Education officials have approved says he knocked on the soldier’s bronze Gov. deJongh, a Democrat, said. He saidpurchase, she opened her purse and than 30 years will return by Christmas. Missouri: Kansas City — The gay a curriculum that will expand study of rifle to see if it was real last week and the territory has recorded 60 murdersdisplayed what appeared to be a hand- The life-size bronze sculpture of a long- partner of a State Highway Patrol troop- U.S. history from one year to two to en- the statue’s marble hand broke off. City this year, six more than for all of 2009.gun. When the clerk tried to call for horn, known as El Capitan, was knocked er killed in the line of duty is suing for sure more material is covered. The deci- spokeswoman Christie Hill told The Leaf He said police will work with federalhelp, the suspect fled empty-handed. off its pedestal by a car in October. Ed benefits denied him because the men sion comes months after criticism of a Chronicle the city will pay for repairs agencies to stem the flow of illegal guns. Schweppe, owner of Ad Astra Bronze, a are prohibited from marrying. The plan that would have limited U.S. histo- and may install video surveillance. His administration may implement aus-D.C.: A store worker has been charged Lawrence foundry, said El Capitan will American Civil Liberties Union filed the ry study from 1877 to the present. terity measures to ease a fiscal crunch.with credit card fraud after accusations be shipped back Wednesday. suit in Cole County Circuit Court. Cpl. Texas: Galveston — The Coast Guardthat she stole Mayor-elect Vincent Dennis Engelhard was hit and killed by a North Dakota: Grand Forks — The rescued three shrimpers from the Gulf From wire reportsGray’s credit card. Surveillance video Kentucky: Louisville — Elevator re- vehicle on Christmas Day, 2009, while last tanker assigned to the Air Force of Mexico and searched for a fourth af-shows CVS cashier Tamika Garris, 22, pairman William Motley has died after he investigated an accident. base here is slated to make its final de- ter their commercial boat sank. Thepicking up Gray’s wallet after he left it on being pinned in an elevator shaft at Sts. parture Saturday, ending a 50-year mis- Coast Guard received the mayday call Get news updated 24 hours athe store counter. Court documents say Mary & Elizabeth Hospital. The 69-year- Montana: Billings — The Nature Con- sion for the base. A ceremony today will around 3 a.m. The crew of the Mario Ar- day, 7 days a week. Visit us onshe used his card to buy cigarettes for old became trapped Wednesday and servancy and the Trust for Public Lands recognize the mission of the KC-135 turo II reported it was sinking about 10 the Web at ; BLACK AS COAL Crossword Edited by Timothy Parker Get USA TODAY Crosswords on your mobile phone. Visit today! By Karla Robinson ACROSS 1 Cloister leader 6 Hanging or dimpled piece 10 Blunted sword 14 Zeus turned her to stone 15 Part of the brain 16 Source of inside information? 17 A 747 has four Power plant fuel 19 Roll call reply 20 Tolkien henchmen 21 Suffer the effects of a haymaker Military branch 22 Lacking light 23 Be a catalyst for Horse director? 25 Mystical teachings developed by rabbis (Var.) German city 28 Bigoted, in a way 31 Mecca trekker (Var.) 12/6 Atkins no-no 34 Sack out briefly 35 London subway Nabisco sandwich cookie 36 Duet by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney Friday’s Puzzle Answer 40 Partner of Andy, in classic radio A F A R Dictator Idi 41 Burning anger 42 Geometry calculation N I N E 12/6 (Loretta [?) Redgrave] 43 Staff member E V A N 47 Wesley of “Money Train” 10 Show participant 51 Venue for vows Get USA TODAY Quick Cross on W E L T 12/3 48 Ruby of song 11 Early 52 Acquiescent answers your mobile phone. Visit today! 53 Common article 12 Canal site 54 Buck naked 54 Subjectivity 13 It has a focused pupil 55 Bird worshipped in ancient Egypt 56 Ceramic piece 18 Cheshire Cat’s countenance 57 It goes with vigor Get USA TODAY Sudoku Fusion on your mobile phone. Visit today! 57 Roman two-by-four? 22 Structure for hydroelectric 58 Tax-deferment plan, for short 59 Some expensive furs power 59 Soulful Cooke Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box DIFFICULTY 61 It might land on Broadway 24 Drops from the sky 60 Golfing trophy, often contains the numbers 1 through 9 (no repeats). 4 1 3 RATING: 62 Seed coat 63 Carpi connectors 25 Military cap 26 Muammar al-Qaddafi’s land 4 2 3 1 6 3 2 6 4 Complete the 64 King of the beasts’ crowning glory 27 Server’s coup 29 Word with “strength” or “city” Friday’s Puzzle Answer 1 8 2 7 4 5 4 3 2 grid so that every row, column and 5 2 6 3x2 box contains 65 Recruit’s fare 30 Bummed 1 5 the numbers 1 66 Bartletts and Boscs, e.g. 31 Defender of Castle Grayskull through 6 ( n o 32 Annulment of slavery 2 4 3 1 repeats). DOWN 33 Singer baker 3 8 2 5 1 Relative of 66-Across 37 Sounds from a tiny dog 5 1 2 6 5 1 3 4 8 9 12/6 2 Coffin stands 38 “___ you kidding?” 8 9 7 4 3 Ruin by clumsiness 39 Weather indicator 3 6 4 5 9 2 1 7 8 Friday’s Puzzle Answer 12/3 4 Extremely upscale? 40 Paragon of stubbornness 5 8 2 3 7 1 9 6 4 9 1 7 6 4 8 3 2 5 6 5 1 4 3 2 5 Score for Nadia Comaneci 6 Ambulance chaser’s prize 44 Refuse to fold 45 Suddenly quits running 2 6 8 7 9 4 1 3 2 8 6 5 3 9 5 6 4 1 7 2 2 4 4 1 3 5 6 2 5 6 1 3 7 Improve, as skills 8 First victim of sibling rivalry 46 River to The Wash 49 Embezzled, e.g. 8 5 7 9 6 1 6 2 2 5 5 9 4 7 1 3 7 6 8 4 9 8 3 1 3 6 2 5 1 4 5 3 4 1 2 6 9 “Moines” lead-in 50 Supreme Ross 5 6 3 9 4 4 1 7 3 6 8 1 9 8 2 5 4 2 7 3 5 9 6 1 2 6 3 4 5 12/6 12/3 Answers: Call 1-900-988-8300, 99 cents a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-320-4280. ©Wiggles 3D Incorporated 12/6 Rearrange the words to complete the quote. ABLE ARE IS IT KNOW PROOF SOMETHING TEACH Greek philosopher Aristotle talks about understanding ideas. “The _______ that you ____ __________ ____ that you ____ ____ to _______ ____.” Friday’s Answer: “The value of marriage is not that 12/3 adults produce children, but that children produce adults.” - Peter De Vries
  • 16. 8B · MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2010 · USA TODAYWeather °Fahrenheit Below10 10s °Fahrenheit 10 20 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Latest hurricane and °Celsius -12 -7 -1 4 10 16 21 27 32 38 severe storm news at Temperatures and forecasts provided by Forecast legend c cloudy i ice s sun sh showers t t-storms The Weather Channel® pc partly cloudy r rain sf snow flurries sn snow AP photo Russia Finland Norway Sweden Helsinki Kazakhstan Ulan Bator 24/23sn 20/-11c Oslo 15/9s Almaty Vladivostok Mongolia Iceland Bergen St. Petersburg 37/20s Urumqi 20/-3s Reykjavik Beijing 30/27sf 22/21sn 28/19s N. Korea 25/25s Uzbek. Kyrgyz. 43/23s Estonia Pyongyang Aberdeen Stockholm Russia Goteborg 37/21s Europe 35/27pc Scotland Edinburgh 26/16sn 27/17sn Riga Latvia Turkmen. Kabul 51/19s Tajik. Asia China Xian 47/25s Seoul 41/23s S. Korea Japan Tokyo Belfast 33/20sn 33/25sn Afghanistan Osaka Islamabad Lhasa 56/47sh 35/28sh Newcastle 53/40sh Denmark Copenhagen Lithuania Iran 69/40s 54/18s Changsha Shanghai Galway 37/29sn Kathmandu 35/30pc Minsk 56/37pc 50/37s 39/26sn Northern 26/21sn 68/44s Ireland Manchester Pakistan Ireland New Delhi 29/25c Nepal Dhaka Guangzhou Shannon Dublin Hamburg 73/51s 83/70c Taipei Hanoi 68/54pc 40/22c 35/29sn Birmingham 32/24s Karachi 63/58sh 25/19pc Amsterdam Berlin Warsaw Belarus Calcutta 66/57sh Germany 83/52s Burma Hong Kong 35/26pc 34/24sn 31/19sn 81/66sh Taiwan Wales Laos 70/59s Neth. Poland England Mumbai Rangoon Da Nang Manila Brussels Bonn India London 87/74s 91/74pc Thailand 76/68t 88/77t 33/26c 35/26c 26/22pc Krakow Bangkok Vietnam Cambodia Guam Belgium 34/22sn 87/75t Hagatna Paris Prague Ukraine Ho Chi Minh City 36/30sn Phnom Penh 86/78sh Le Havre Lux. Frankfurt 31/27sn Czech Rep. 90/72t 87/77t Philippines 37/32c 35/34sn Munich Bratislava Slovakia Vienna 33/29c Sri Lanka Malaysia 36/35sn 27/24c Zurich Maldives 43/40sn Salzburg Hungary Balikpapan Singapore 88/74t 36/35sn Austria Budapest Switzerland 88/77t 41/39sh Romania Bordeaux Venice Papua 56/46r 44/44sh New Lyon Milan Slovenia Indonesia Guinea Croatia Jakarta 49/48r 37/36sn 84/76t France Marseille Florence Belgrade Port Moresby Santiago de Compostela 57/48sh 53/52sh Bosnia 52/45c 91/73c 51/46r Serbia Italy Bulgaria Mont. Skopje Cairns Madrid Rome Sofia 50/37pc 45/38pc 88/75c 60/49r Ajaccio 62/54pc Dubrovnik Mauritius Broome Portugal 63/49c 55/52c Tirana Macedonia 91/82s Alice Springs Spain Barcelona 58/51pc 102/71s Lisbon 64/48pc Naples Albania 64/60t 59/50c Brisbane Cagliari 80/71t 62/50c Greece Perth Valencia Palma 75/55s Australia 71/51sh 66/47c Palermo Sydney Seville Faro 65/58r 64/57c 75/68pc 67/59r Athens 61/47s Australia Melbourne Canberra Algiers Tunis 74/67sh 73/57pc 64/50pc 67/52c Rabat 70/56sh Tunisia Morocco Algeria 2010Amsterdam Auckland Bangkok Beijing Berlin Brussels Cairo Copenhagen Dublin Florence Frankfurt Hong Kong• Times of sun and • Showers 69/59 • Scattered storms • Sunshine 43/23 • Cloudy, some light • Fog 33/26 • Sunshine 70/55 • Times of sun and • Mix of rain and • Light rain early • Cloudy, some light • More sun thanclouds 35/26 • Wednesday: Partly 87/75 • Wednesday: Sunny snow 34/24 • Tuesday: Mostly • Tuesday: Sunny clouds 35/30 snow showers 53/52 snow 35/34 clouds 70/59• Tuesday: Mostly cloudy 68/60 • Wednesday: 44/22 • Tuesday: Mostly cloudy 29/27 72/55 • Tuesday: Partly 35/29 • Tuesday: Showers • Tuesday: Light • Wednesday: Partlycloudy 33/28 • Thursday: Partly Scattered storms • Thursday: Mostly cloudy 30/24 • Wednesday: • Wednesday: Partly cloudy 35/31 • Tuesday: Sunny 57/51 snow 35/32 cloudy 70/59• Wednesday: cloudy 71/60 89/74 sunny 42/22 • Wednesday: Light Morning clouds, cloudy 72/55 • Wednesday: Partly 35/28 • Wednesday: Light • Wednesday: Light • Thursday: MostlyMorning clouds, • Friday: Sunny • Thursday: Sunny • Friday: Sunny snow 28/24 late-day sun 32/28 • Thursday: Sunny cloudy 34/29 • Wednesday: rain 60/51 snow 34/26 sunny 70/59late-day sun 38/30 71/58 89/74 43/22 • Thursday: Light • Thursday: Rain, 73/56 • Thursday: Light Mostly sunny 36/28 • Thursday: Showers • Thursday: Light • Friday: Few• Thursday: Scattered • Friday: Mostly snow 32/24 snow 36/30 snow 30/21 • Thursday: Partly 55/37 snow 34/26 showers 72/63showers 39/34 sunny 89/74 cloudy 38/32Jakarta Jerusalem Johannesburg London Los Angeles Madrid Manila Mexico City Milan Moscow Munich New York• Few storms • Showers ending by • Times of sun and • Partly cloudy • Showers ending by • Cloudy, periods of • Few storms • Plenty of sun 68/40 • Snow in the • Mix of sun and • Rain and snow • More clouds thanpossible 84/76 midday 59/48 clouds 78/54 26/22 midday 68/46 rain 60/49 possible 88/77 • Tuesday: Partly morning 37/36 clouds 15/12 36/35 sun 37/30• Wednesday: • Tuesday: Mostly • Tuesday: Partly • Tuesday: Cloudy • Tuesday: Sunny • Tuesday: Rain • Wednesday: cloudy 73/40 • Tuesday: Light rain • Tuesday: Morning • Tuesday: Rain • Tuesday: FlurriesScattered storms sunny 61/45 cloudy 75/57 31/22 74/50 62/49 Scattered storms • Wednesday: Partly 44/36 snow showers 38/36 37/2786/76 • Wednesday: Partly • Wednesday: • Wednesday: Sunny • Wednesday: Sunny • Wednesday: Rain 85/76 cloudy 75/41 • Wednesday: Light 25/15 • Wednesday: Rain, • Wednesday: Partly• Thursday: cloudy 63/45 Mostly sunny 78/57 30/22 73/51 61/47 • Thursday: Scattered • Thursday: Sunny rain 52/33 • Wednesday: snow 39/25 cloudy 35/27Scattered storms • Thursday: Sunny • Thursday: Isolated • Thursday: Sunny • Thursday: Mostly • Thursday: storms 85/76 74/40 • Thursday: Mostly Mostly cloudy 22/18 • Thursday: Light • Thursday: Mostly87/77 62/47 storms 77/57 32/27 sunny 72/54 Scattered showers • Friday: Scattered sunny 42/27 • Thursday: Snow snow 30/23 sunny 35/33• Friday: Scattered 63/41 storms 86/76 showers 30/18storms 88/77Paris Rio de Janeiro Rome Seoul Shanghai St. Petersburg Stockholm Sydney Taipei Tokyo Vienna Zurich• Light snow • Few storms possible • Mostly cloudy and • Mainly sunny • Mainly sunny • Snow showers • Light snow 27/17 • Partly cloudy 75/68 • Windy, chance of • Showers possible • Mostly cloudy • Mix of rain anddeveloping in the 81/75 windy 62/54 41/23 50/37 22/21 • Tuesday: Morning • Wednesday: showers 63/58 56/47 27/24 snow 43/40afternoon 36/30 • Tuesday: Scattered • Tuesday: Morning • Wednesday: • Wednesday: Sunny • Tuesday: Snow snow showers Scattered storms, • Wednesday: • Wednesday: • Tuesday: Rain, • Tuesday: Rain• Tuesday: Light storms 82/75 showers 65/53 Showers 46/23 59/37 showers 28/25 20/14 windy 79/70 Showers 64/58 Mostly sunny 53/46 snow 35/26 42/38snow 32/30 • Wednesday: • Wednesday: • Thursday: Sunny • Thursday: Sunny • Wednesday: Snow • Wednesday: Partly • Thursday: Scattered • Thursday: • Thursday: Sunny • Wednesday: Rain, • Wednesday: Rain,• Wednesday: Light Late-day storms Scattered showers 39/23 57/40 showers 29/22 cloudy 20/13 storms 80/69 Scattered showers 55/45 snow 36/29 snow 41/27snow 35/26 84/75 64/53 • Friday: Mostly • Friday: Sunny • Thursday: Snow • Thursday: Foggy • Friday: Scattered 67/60 • Friday: Mostly • Thursday: Light • Thursday: Light• Thursday: Mostly • Thursday: Scattered • Thursday: Mostly sunny 46/23 60/45 showers 25/17 19/13 showers, windy • Friday: Showers sunny 54/45 snow 31/27 snow 31/26sunny 36/26 storms 84/75 sunny 63/40 70/67 71/63 USA Monday Tuesday Monday TuesdayWorldweather Sofia 45/38pc 53/39pcBuenos Aires, Argentina 89/67s 91/63s St. Petersburg 22/21sn 28/25snCalgary 30/14pc 27/16pcEurope Monday Tuesday Strasbourg 37/35sn 36/35snCancun, Mexico 80/59pc 77/54pc Tallinn 29/28sn 28/26snCaracas, Venezuela 81/60t 82/62tAberdeen 35/27pc 31/27pc Seattle Tirana 58/51pc 65/52shCozumel, Mexico 76/62pc 74/60pcAjaccio 63/49c 63/49sh 48/42c Valencia 71/51sh 70/53shFort-de-France 85/75sh 86/76sh Toronto BostonAthens 61/47s 66/49pc 28/21sn Venice 44/44sh 48/45shHalifax, Nova Scotia 42/35r 42/30sn Portland Minneapolis-St. Paul 35/30pcBarcelona 64/48pc 64/50pc Vienna 27/24c 35/26snLima, Peru 72/62pc 72/63pc 46/38sn 15/2pcBelfast 35/28sh 35/28s Vilnius 29/25sn 26/18c Montreal 29/24sn 28/16snBelgrade 52/45c 58/45sh New York Warsaw 31/19sn 28/19c Nassau, Bahamas 76/63pc 70/62pc 37/30cBergen 30/27sf 31/26sf Chicago Philipsburg, St. Maarten 83/76pc 84/76shBern 43/43r 45/43r Asia/Oceania Tuesday Wednesday Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 81/62s 82/60s 20/9pcBilbao 58/48sh 59/49sh Adelaide 76/70t 72/64sh Punta Arenas, Chile 50/40pc 54/42sh WashingtonBirmingham 25/19pc 33/20pc Denver Alice Springs 102/71s 97/70t Quebec 33/29sn 31/16sn St. Louis 41/28pcBonn 35/26c 30/25c 47/26pc Bali 87/78t 88/78pc Quito, Ecuador 65/50sh 65/49sh San Francisco 32/18pcBordeaux 56/46r 56/46sh Broome 91/82s 92/82s San Jose, Costa Rica 71/54pc 75/57pc 57/49shBratislava 33/29c 35/30sn Cairns 88/75c 87/76c Santo Domingo 86/65pc 85/67shBucharest 42/31pc 48/33pc Calcutta 81/66sh 82/67t Sao Paulo, Brazil 74/67r 79/67tCadiz 67/56r 66/57r Los Angeles Changde 59/41pc 69/41s Toronto 28/21sn 26/18snCaen 36/31c 35/32sh 68/46sh Changsha 56/37pc 64/37s Vancouver 46/42c 47/42sh DallasCagliari 62/50c 65/52pc Christchurch 60/52sh 62/52pc Winnipeg 10/3pc 16/0pc 54/33pcCardiff 30/26c 35/25pcDresden 32/23sn 30/25sn Da Nang Darwin 76/68t 89/78t 75/67sh 91/77t Africa,Dubrovnik 55/52c 59/54sh New OrleansDusseldorf 34/24c 30/25c Dhaka 83/70c 84/71c MiddeEast Monday Tuesday Houston 54/34s Miami 60/36pcEdinburgh 33/20sn 28/21s Guangzhou 68/54pc 72/53pc Abidjan, Ivory Coast 89/76t 89/76t 71/43sFaro, Portugal 67/59r 68/60r Hagatna, Guam 86/78sh 87/78sh Abu Dhabi 83/63s 82/60sGeneva 47/46r 49/46r Hanoi 66/57sh 72/57pc Accra, Ghana 91/76pc 93/77sGenoa 52/50r 54/51sh Ho Chi Minh City 90/72t 89/71t Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 74/55pc 73/53sGlasgowGoteborg 33/18sn 26/16sn 28/20s 25/17c Hobart Karachi 67/56c 83/52s 70/61sh 83/49s Alexandria, Egypt Algiers, Algeria 71/57pc 64/50pc 73/58pc 68/51s USA forecastHamburg 32/24s 29/24pc Katmandu 68/44s 74/45pc Amman, Jordan 63/47sh 66/46s Monday Tuesday Monday Tuesday Monday TuesdayHelsinki 24/23sn 25/23sn Kuala Lumpur 88/75t 90/75t Ankara, Turkey 51/26sn 53/28c Albany, N.Y. 30/25sn 32/19sn Fargo, N.D. 11/0pc 18/1pc Philadelphia 40/30pc 39/27pcInnsbruck 37/32sn 40/36sn Kyoto 51/40sh 52/40s Baghdad 78/49s 74/47s Albuquerque 63/38pc 55/33s Fort Myers, Fla. 66/39s 64/35s Phoenix 79/51s 77/49sKiev 28/26c 36/28sn Lhasa 54/18s 54/25s Bahrain 75/65s 76/64s Allentown, Pa. 37/26pc 35/23sf Grand Rapids, Mich. 27/22sn 28/23sn Pittsburgh 26/20sn 27/17snKrakow 34/22sn 32/23sn Macau 68/59s 67/59pc Beirut 69/63sh 70/62pc Anchorage 25/23sn 22/20sn Greensboro, N.C. 38/21pc 36/21pc Portland, Maine 34/26sn 35/20snLas Palmas 72/63pc 72/64s Mumbai 87/74s 90/76pc Cape Town, South Africa77/59s 81/57s Atlanta 43/23s 40/24s Hartford, Conn. 37/26c 36/23sf Portland, Ore. 46/38sn 44/43shLe Havre 37/32c 35/32c Nanchang 56/40s 62/40s Casablanca, Morocco 70/59sh 71/60pc Atlantic City 40/28pc 40/25pc Honolulu 82/68s 81/70s Providence, R.I. 37/28pc 37/24sfLisbon 64/60t 65/60r New Delhi 73/51s 74/50s Damascus, Syria 65/36sh 66/35c Austin, Texas 60/33pc 65/35pc Houston 60/36pc 63/43pc Raleigh, N.C. 40/23s 38/21sLucerne 42/42sn 44/43r Noumea 82/76pc 83/76pc Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 89/78t 87/76t Baltimore 40/27pc 38/25pc Huntsville, Ala. 42/22s 39/23s Rapid City, S.D. 35/15s 39/19pcLuxembourg 32/30sn 31/28sn Osaka 53/40sh 55/40s Harare, Zimbabwe 67/64sh 65/61sh Baton Rouge, La. 54/27s 56/30pc Indianapolis 19/12pc 20/15pc Reno, Nev. 51/27pc 53/34pcLyon 49/48r 53/48r Pago Pago 87/78sh 86/78t Istanbul, Turkey 51/48pc 59/48s Billings, Mont. 33/24s 34/27s Jackson, Miss. 51/23s 52/28s Richmond 42/24pc 40/22sMalaga 66/54sh 67/56sh Perth 75/55s 82/55s Kabul, Afghanistan 50/22sn 51/19s Birmingham, Ala. 45/23s 42/26s Jacksonville, Fla. 55/21s 54/21s Rochester, N.Y. 26/22sn 26/18snManchester 29/25c 32/22pc Phnom Penh 87/77t 87/76t Kinshasa, Congo 89/72t 89/74t Boise, Idaho 39/31sn 41/36c Kansas City, Mo. 40/19s 39/26s Sacramento 62/43sh 61/46cMarseille 57/48sh 60/49pc Pyongyang 37/21s 41/19sn Kuwait 80/44s 79/40s Boston 35/30pc 37/26sf Knoxville, Tenn. 34/20sf 35/23pc Saint Louis 32/18pc 33/24sMilan 37/36sn 44/36sh Rangoon 91/74pc 88/76t Lagos, Nigeria 91/72pc 91/72pc Buffalo 26/22sn 26/20sn Las Vegas 65/42s 66/42s Salt Lake City 42/31sn 40/31snMinsk 26/21sn 24/14c Sapporo 37/26sh 36/20pc Luanda, Angola 84/75t 85/76t Cedar Rapids, Iowa 14/3s 21/12pc Little Rock 48/25s 47/28s San Antonio 61/37s 64/39pcMonte Carlo 53/49r 56/50pc Singapore 88/77t 88/77t Lusaka, Zambia 77/66t 69/64sh Charleston, S.C. 50/23s 49/23s Louisville 26/17pc 26/20pc San Diego 68/51pc 68/51sNaples 59/50c 63/51pc Suva, Fiji 84/74sh 84/74sh Luxor, Egypt 81/52s 79/52s Charlotte, N.C. 42/22s 39/20s Memphis 43/25s 40/29s San Francisco 57/49sh 59/52pcNice 54/47r 56/47c Tianjin 44/24s 44/25s Mecca, Saudi Arabia 96/72s 96/71s Cheyenne, Wyo. 42/23pc 42/28sn Miami 71/43s 63/43s San Juan, P.R. 83/74pc 83/74shOslo 15/9s 15/5pc Vladivostok 20/-3s 27/1sn Mombasa, Kenya 87/79c 86/77t Chicago 20/9pc 22/13s Milwaukee 23/13pc 23/17pc Sarasota, Fla. 62/39s 60/35sPalermo 64/57c 67/58pc Wellington 60/54pc 63/55pc Nairobi, Kenya 81/62t 76/61sh Cincinnati 21/14sf 23/15c Minneapolis 15/2pc 19/5pc Savannah, Ga. 52/21s 51/21sPalma 66/47c 65/48c Wuhan 56/37s 64/38s Nicosia, Cyprus 73/53s 74/52s Cleveland 28/22sn 28/21sn Mobile, Ala. 53/27s 54/28s Seattle 48/42c 47/43shPrague 31/27sn 31/29sn Yokohama 58/47sh 55/46s Rabat, Morocco 70/56sh 73/58pc Colorado Springs 46/25pc 49/29sn Myrtle Beach, S.C. 47/23s 45/23s Shreveport, La. 53/29s 55/31sReims 35/28sn 31/29sn Tangier, Morocco 67/55r 70/57r Columbia, S.C. 49/23s 49/22s Nashville 36/19s 34/20s Spokane, Wash. 29/22c 32/32cReykjavik 25/25s 34/25pc Americas Monday Tuesday Tbilisi, Georgia 64/40c 58/40pc Columbus, Ohio 26/19sn 27/17sf New Orleans 54/34s 54/38pc Syracuse, N.Y. 28/23sn 27/18snRiga 33/25sn 30/22pc Acapulco, Mexico 86/68s 87/69s Tehran, Iran 63/44s 63/41s Concord, N.H. 34/23sn 33/16sn Norfolk, Va. 41/29pc 39/28pc Tampa 61/38s 58/36sSalzburg 36/35sn 39/36sh Belize 81/63pc 82/65pc Tel Aviv, Israel 70/57sh 72/53s Dallas-Ft. Worth 54/33pc 58/33pc Oklahoma City 49/28s 49/26pc Topeka, Kan. 43/17s 42/24sSantiago de Compostela 51/46r 52/44r Bermuda 66/62sh 69/61sh Tombouctou, Mali 91/58s 90/59s Daytona Beach, Fla. 58/30s 55/27s Omaha 28/14s 34/22pc Tucson 79/48pc 75/42pcSarajevo 43/42sn 52/44sh Bogota, Colombia 67/50sh 66/51sh Tripoli, Libya 74/50s 77/51s Denver 47/26pc 49/30sn Orlando 60/32s 57/28s Tulsa 48/21s 48/24pcSeville 65/58r 64/58r Brasilia, Brazil 81/69t 80/68t Tunis, Tunisia 67/52c 71/53s Detroit 29/20sn 28/19sf Palm Springs, Calif. 74/47pc 77/48s Washington 41/28pc 38/28pcSkopje 50/37pc 53/39pc Bridgetown, Barbados 85/77sh 86/77sh Zanzibar 89/76c 87/75t El Paso 70/42pc 69/37s Pensacola, Fla. 54/30s 53/30s Wichita 47/21s 42/25s See. Touch. Share. USA TODAY’s signature photos, interactive polls, stories, sports scores and customized weather forecasts are now specially formatted for your iPhone® and iPod® touch. Read stories online or Download it for FREE offline, then share them with your friends.