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    PC_Magazine_2010-03 PC_Magazine_2010-03 Document Transcript

    • 3d hdtv: ready for primetime? MARCH 2010 nexus one Hands on with Google’s First Phone The next Generation of netbooks our essential Tips for new Mac ConvertsTablets 2.0Why 2010 Could (Finally) Be Their Year
    • MARCH 2010 vol. 29 no. 3 44 CovER SToRY ThE yEAr Of ThE TAbLET Though the tablet concept has been around for years, it never really took off—until now. Check out our in-depth report on why 2010’s tablets are going to transform laptop computing.PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • 12 18 25 FIRST looKS TECH nEwS2 CONSUMEr ELECTrONICS 5 frONT SIDE Google nexus one (T-Mobile) Tech companies offering help in Haiti; inside Intel and Micron’s Canon EoS 7D flash memory plant; the new Aliph Jawbone Icon breed of netbooks. Plus Quick looks8 hArDWArE oPInIonS Sony vAIo vPC-l117FX/B 2 fIrST WOrD: Polywell MiniBox P5500C LANCE ULANOff Toshiba Satellite T115-S1105 38 JOhN C. DvOrAk ASUS G51J-1B 3D 40 SASChA SEGAN Epson Artisan 810 42 DAN COSTA Plus Quick looks28 bUSINESS SolUTIonS 54 GOING MAC lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13 How to make a seamless switch vMware Fusion 3.0 from PC to Mac. MailChimp 62 kILL yOUr PhONE32 SOfTWArE How to deactivate your phone Mobile web browsers remotely if it is lost or stolen. norton online Backup 2.0 64 CUSTOMIZE WINDOWS 7 SafeCentral 2.6 13 fun tricks to make win 7 Plus Quick looks your own.68 ThE bEST STUffPC Magazine Digital Edition, ISSn 0888-8507, is published monthly at $24.97 for one year. Ziff Davis Media Inc., 28 East 28th Street, new York nY 10016-7940. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 
    • FIRST WORD LANCE ULANOFFThe iPad: A Must-Have?A “magical” device. That’s what I tried to look at the iPad in the context Apple chief executive Steve of all the questions I received on Twitter, as Jobs called the new iPad. well as the general confusion I still see swirl- And Apple execs said it so ing around this tablet. It’s not a replacement often that I began to imag- for the iPhone or iPod touch, nor will it sup-ine pixie-dust falling from the ceiling of the plant your go-to laptop. Steve Jobs wants itYerba Buena Art Center, landing gently on to sit in the middle. I can see that. The deviceour throbbing skulls, slowly but surely lull- feels like middleware.ing us into the belief that Jobs and company It’s really not for phone calls, has no physi-had introduced something otherworldly. cal keyboard (you can buy one as an acces- Even hours later, I’m having trouble sort- sory) or a mouse. And once you handle theing out my feelings. I saw the demos, heard iPad, you quickly realize that it’s way too bigthe words and even had some hands-on for any pocket. The iPad’s size alone ensurestime with the iPad. It is gorgeous. But I’d say that this won’t enjoy iPhone-like ubiquity. Atit is more practical than “magical.” about 9 inches and 1.5 pounds, you’ll take it out when you’re on the couch, riding theSmoke and Mirrors? train, and probably on the airplane.Steve Jobs’ assertion that the existing 75million iPhone and iPod touch custom- This Reader Won’t Save Publishingers already know how to use this device I tried reading The New York Times on theruns counter to the idea of magical. Magic iPad, complete with embedded video. Itis something we don’t understand and can was nice, but not revolutionary. This devicescarcely believe. Like Jobs said, we know has zero chance of saving the publishingthis product. industry. Like any digital platform, it offers When I tried it out, I spent zero time figur- an evolutionary possibility to beleaguereding out how to use it. The iPad works exactly print publications, but I saw nothing thatlike an iPhone, for heaven’s sake. Nothing made me say, “This is it!”enchanted about that. As expected, the iPad is a reading device. PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • The iPad works exactly like an iPhone, for heaven’s sake. Nothing enchanted about that.I have to say that the execution of the entire the only audience groan of the whole event.e-book experience, from the flipstand cover (For more on this, see Sascha Segan’s col-to the iBook store, looks great. As I “flipped” umn on page 40.) But the biggest disap-through a book on the iPad, I kept com- pointment for me is the lack of a stylus.paring it to my Kindle, which is not as easy Apple did show off an updated “Brushes”to do as you might think. In a nutshell, the app, which lets you use your fingers to paintiPad’s gesture-based page-turning is simply and draw professional-level art. That’s nice,awesome. but the artist in me wants a drawing imple- ment. Other things the iPad is missing, suchOther Nice Features as a camera, will eventually be added.The nearly-full-size virtual keyboard was apleasant surprise, not only because Apple Reaching a Verdictincluded it, but because it seems to work My perspective may change once we putso well. Forget thumb-typing; this device is the iPad through the ringer. Gaming lookedtoo big for that, but when I set it down on a good in the demo, but what kind of restric-table, I was able to type quite nicely. tions will Apple be putting on these apps? The biggest story here may not have been And the rated battery life is only underwhat you can do on the iPad or even the optimal situations (and how will that ratedexcellent $499 entry-level price. For me it life hold up a year or two from now?). Aswas Apple’s under-the-hood innovation. As for durability, I’d say it’s about as durable asI predicted, Apple introduced its own chip, any other Apple product, but if you drop itprobably using its internal PA Semi team face down on concrete—well, that could beto build the do-it-all A4. In my brief hands- a different story.on, I typed, browsed the Web, checked out Bottom line: If you feel like there’s a hole inphotos, read books and watched full-screen your life and you’ve identified it as the spacevideo. It never hiccuped. between your smartphone and your lap- top, the iPad is the product for you. For theWhat’s Missing rest of us, who have done things like investApple didn’t deliver on every wish. There’s in an Amazon Kindle and more traditionalno camera, a surprising omission for some- netbooks, the decision may be much, muchthing I still think is aimed at people who like tougher.to create. Something else Apple left out of Follow Me oN TwiTTer! Catch the chief’sthe iPad: Verizon! Apple has doggedly stuck comments on the latest tech developments atwith AT&T, an announcement that produced twitter.com/LanceUlanoff. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 
    • Editor-in-ChiEf, pC magazinE nEtwork Lance Ulanoff ®Editor Stephanie ChangdirECtor of onLinE ContEnt, EXECUtiVE prodUCEr Vicki B. JacobsonEXECUtiVE EditorDan Costaart dirECtor Richard J. Demler www.pcmag.comEditoriaL prodUCtion dirECtor Nicholas CosmopC Labs dirECtor, managing Editor (Laptops, dEsktops) Laarni Almendrala Ragazamanaging Editors Sean Carroll (software, security, Internet), Eric Griffith (business,networking), Tony Hoffman (printers, scanners), Matthew Murray (ExtremeTech),Sascha Segan (mobile), Wendy Sheehan Donnell (consumer electronics)sEnior Editors Brian Heater (PCMag.com), Carol Mangis (blogs, community),Erik Rhey (Digital Edition)pC Labs LEad anaLysts Cisco Cheng (laptops), Tim Gideon (consumer electronics),Samara Lynn (business, networking), Michael Muchmore (software), Neil J. Rubenking(security), Joel Santo Domingo (desktops), M. David Stone (printers, scanners)anaLysts Dan Evans (DIY, hardware), PJ Jacobowitz (consumer electronics)inVEntory ControL Coordinator Nicole Grahamstaff photographEr Scott SchedivypCmag.Com managEr, onLinE prodUCtion Yun-San TsaiprodUCErs Mark Lamorgese, Whitney A. ReynoldsnEws Editor Mark HachmannEws rEportEr Chloe Albanesiusstaff Editors Jennifer Bergen (blogs), Gregg Binder (printers, scanners), Zachary Honig(consumer electronics), Errol Pierre-Louis (software, security, Internet)assistant Editors Sean Ludwig (mobile), Natalie Shoemaker (hardware)CommErCE prodUCErs Iman Edwards, Arielle RochetteUtiLity program managEr Tim SmithCrEatiVE dirECtor Chris Phillips prodUCtion artist Guyang ChenContribUting Editors Helen Bradley, John R. Delaney, Richard V. Dragan, John C. Dvorak,Craig Ellison, Galen Fott, Bill Howard, Don Labriola, Jamie Lendino, Jim Louderback,Bill Machrone, Edward Mendelson, Jan Ozer, Neil Randall, Matthew D. Sarrel, Larry Seltzer Kenneth J. Detlet 212-503-5252ViCE prEsidEnt, digitaL saLEsViCE prEsidEnt, markEting James Selden 212-503-4689markEting managEr Lindsay Garrison 212-503-5270wEb dEsignEr Yoland OuiyaadVErtising offiCE 28 E. 28th St., New York, NY 10016-7940; phone, 800-336-2423,212-503-3500; fax, 212-503-5000For advertising information go to www.pcmagmedia.comziff daVis mEdia inC.ChiEf EXECUtiVE offiCEr Jason Young Neil GlassChiEf finanCiaL offiCEr and sEnior ViCE prEsidEntChiEf opErating offiCEr Steve SuttonsEnior ViCE prEsidEnt Lance Ulanoff (Content, PC Magazine Network)gEnEraL CoUnsEL Stephen HicksViCE prEsidEnt James Selden (Marketing and Sales Development,Consumer/Small-Business Group)EXECUtiVE dirECtor Larry Chevres (Internet Technology)dirECtor Nyasha Bass (Licensing)thE indEpEndEnt gUidE PC Magazine is the Independent Guide to Technology. Our mission is to test and review computer-and Internet-related products and services and report fairly and objectively on the results. Our editors do not invest in firmswhose products or services we review, nor do we accept travel tickets or other gifts of value from such firms. Except wherenoted, PC Magazine reviews are of products and services that are currently available. Our reviews are written without regard toadvertising or business relationships with any vendor.how to ContaCt thE Editors We welcome comments from readers. Send your comments to Internet address pcmag@pcmag.com or to PC Magazine, 28 E. 28th St., New York, NY 10016-7940. Please include a daytime telephone number. PCMagazine’s general number is 212-503-3500. The West Coast Operations number is 415-547-8000. We cannot look up storiesfrom past issues, recommend products, or diagnose problems with your PC by phone. An index of past issues is at www.pcmag.com/previous_issues. For a list of upcoming stories, browse www.pcmag.com. For a full description of who on staffcovers what, go to www.pcmag.com/whocoverswhat. If you are dissatisfied with a product advertised in PC Magazine and cannot resolve the problem with the vendor, write (donot call) Anne King, Advertising Department, at the above address. Please include copies of your correspondence with thevendor.pErmissions, rEprints For permission to reuse material in this publication or to use our logo, contact Ziff Davis Media’s Di-rector of Licensing, Nyasha Bass, at permissions@pcmag.com, or by phone at 212-503-5256 or by fax at 212-503-5420. Materialin this publication may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.For reprints, please contact the YGS Group: telephone, 800-290-5460; fax, 717-399-8900; e-mail, pcmag@theygsgroup.com. The following are registered trademarks of Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc.: i-Bench, NetBench, PC DIRECT, PC Labs,PC MAGAZINE, PC MAGAZINE AWARD FOR TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE, PC MAGAZINE EDITORS’ CHOICE, PC MagNet,ServerBench, WinBench, Winstone, Ziff Davis Media’s corporate logo, and PCMAG.com. The following are trademarks of ZiffDavis Publishing Holdings Inc.: After Hours, CPUmark, EasyComputing, ExtremeTech, First Looks, First Looks Plus, i-Bench,Lab Notes, Lab Tales, PC Bench, PC Labs Scorecard, PC Magazine At Home, PC Magazine CD, Front Side, PC Magazine Extra,PC Magazine Marketlink, PC Solutions, PC Tech, Power Programming, Quick Clips, ScreenDemos, SMB Boot Camp, TechNotes, and WinDrain. Other trademarks and trade names used throughout the publication are the property of their respectiveowners. Copyright © 2008 Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. All rights reserved. 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If your e-mail address is undeliverable, we will have no further obligation unless we receive a corrected e-mail addresswithin two years.baCk issUEs: Print back issues, January 2009 and prior, are $8 each in the U.S., $10 each elsewhere. Prepayment is required.Contact customer service (above) for availability. For digital back issues, go to go.pcmag.com/digitalbackissues. maiLingLists: We sometimes make lists of our customers available to mailers of goods and services that may interest you. If youdo not wish to receive their mailings, please write to us at PC Magazine, PO Box 54070, Boulder, CO 80322-4070. digitaLrEadEr: If you have any problems viewing issues, please contact Zinio at 888-946-4666 or customerservice@zinio.com. ®
    • Front What’s New from the World of TechTechnology’sHelping HandThe tech industry is stepping up to aid Haiti relief.When a disastrous earthquake struck Haiti those who needed it most, either stuck on aon January 12, many Americans felt help- tarmac or stranded outside Port Au Prince.less, watching as relief and rescue efforts But the technology industry is mobilizingwere stymied by Haiti’s crumbling infra- to change that. Some are providing forumsstructure, lack of organization, and other to keep us informed and abreast of ways tologistical challenges. Food, medicine, and donate, as well as making equipment andmanpower were just beyond the reach of financial donations of their own.Photo: AFP/Getty Images MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 
    • frONTsIDE Stone pointed to a num- ber of organizations taking donations and urged mem- bers to follow groups like the Red Cross (@redcross) and Oxfam (@oxfam). Along with donating $1 million to aid organizations, Google has also let users donate directly to UNICEF or CARE using Google Checkout.AD-HOC NETWOrk TSF’s emergency telecom center in Haiti. Making Connections Major mobile providers areMobilizing the Web also getting into the game by accepting For example, Facebook has launched a text-based donations. For example, you can“Global Relief” page designed to spotlight donate $10 to the Red Cross Internationalefforts to help respond to natural disasters. Relief Fund by texting “HAITI” to 90999.The Help Earthquake Survivors in Haiti effort In addition, the AT&T Foundation donatedfrom Oxfam America had already raised $50,000 to Telecoms Sans Frontieres (TSF),$33,000 via Facebook Causes. Members a humanitarian organization specializing incan also purchase an Oxfam-sponsored emergency telecommunications.“Water for Haiti” charity gift on Facebook Speaking of which, Telecoms San Fron-for 70 credits, which will provide one clean tieres has deployed two emergencyjug of water to survivors. The American Red response teams to Haiti to establish emer-Cross and Partner in Health have also raised gency telecom centers for response work-thousands through Facebook Causes. ers and calling centers to provide free, “The devastating earthquake in Haiti has two-minute calls to anywhere in the worldunderscored the Internet’s critical role in for residents displaced by the disaster.connecting the world’s population in times Another group called NetHope went toof tragedy,” wrote Facebook spokesman Haiti to set up a VSAT satellite using WiMAXAndrew Noyes in an e-mail. that will restore Internet connectivity to relief And Twitter co-founder Biz Stone wrote organizations there. According to a piecein a blog post that “the atmosphere at Twit- written by NetHope CEO William Brindleyter HQ is heavy and based on the Trending for The Huffington Post, “With connectivityTopics an overwhelming number of Twitter restored, agencies will have the tools theyusers feel the same.” need to speed the delivery of much needed PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • relief. It will also help speed the recovery and Inmarsat is also providing its Broadbandrebuilding efforts, the next critical step after Global Area Network (BGAN) terminals tothe emergency aid phase.” TSF, and DBSD Satellite Services is provid- To help keep relief efforts running through ing the U.S. government with its S-bandthe night, the Florida-based solar lighting satellite capacity for two-way mobile com-company Sol Inc. has provided $300,000 munications or broadcast video servicesin solar lights to the shaken country. Sol Inc. throughout Puerto Rico. In a public state-also sent a ground team to make sure the ment, Kerry says that while the initial out-lights were installed and used properly. pouring of aid is appreciated, a sustained For its part, the U.S. government has also effort from the tech industry and others islent a high-tech hand. According to Mas- what’s needed to truly help the people ofsachusetts Senator John Kerry, CapRock Haiti.Communications, a satellite services pro- “We will need to help tomorrow, and thevider, gave satellite communications sup- day after,” Kerry says. “Next month and theport and connectivity to the U.S. Marines month after. And far into next year.”—ChloeCorps in Haiti. Mobile satellite company Albanesius, Troy Dreier, and Erik Rhey go with it. PC Magazine for iPhone Zinio’s iPhone App Have fun reading your favorite magazines (and get access to them on your pc and mac too). Zinio.com/GoWithIt
    • frONTsIDEExtremeTechBehind the Scenes:IM FlashExtremeTech gets exclusivephotos inside Intel and Micron’sflash memory plant.quALITy CONTrOL A worker performs real-time defect analysis on a semiconductor wafer. THE MIDWAy At the plant’s “50-yard line” hall- way, materials are moved along tracks overhead.WAfEr bATH These front-opening unified pods CONDuCTOr CLOsE-uP Here a 300-mm wafer(FOUPs) take wafers through a “wet process.” is shown in detail inside a FOUP.>>TO vIEW THE ENTIrE sLIDEsHOW ONLINE, CLICk HErE. PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • BEST of our BlogS GOODCLEANTECH Honda Unveils Solar Hydrogen Station Honda has announced a strik- ing solar hydrogen station prototype that will let fuel-cell electric-vehicle owners fill up at home overnight. The integrated unit is designed to fit in a common householdGEArLOG garage, and can produceA Gamer’s Keyboard enough hydrogen (0.5kg) viaPC gamers, especially those who have trouble with multi-button key an eight-hour overnight fill topresses, perk up your ears. Microsoft has unleashed the SideWinder power daily commuting of upX4 keyboard ($59.95 list). With some keyboards, pressing multiple to 10,000 miles per year forkeys simultaneously (to execute a special move, perhaps) causes a the Honda FCX Clarity andproblem where not all the key presses are recorded. The unreported other fuel-cell vehicles. Hondakey presses are called “ghosts,” since the computer doesn’t see them. hopes the new Solar Hydro-The SideWinder is built differently, so that gamers can press up to gen Station will combine with26 keys at once and the computer will recognize each key. Besides upcoming “Smart Grid” energyanti-ghosting, this SideWinder lets players manually toggle from systems to let users fill up with-standard mode into one of two gaming modes, automatically switch out storing hydrogen and withprofiles, program macro keys, and record macros during a game. It lower CO2 emissions, thanks toalso offers backlit keys and quick-access media keys.—Troy Dreier off-peak electrical power. No word yet on a price or release date.—Jamie LendinosECurITy WATCHNew Chrome Security FeaturesGoogle has announced a number of security enhancements that arebeing implemented in Chrome. One such feature is Strict-Transport-Security, an HTTP response header that a site can send to a browserto tell it only to communicate with the site via HTTPS. This shouldprovide extra security against snooping, although it’s not bullet-proof. Another is the postMessage API, a method of embedding gad-gets in Web pages with rich communications capabilities to otherpage code, but retaining better security than previous methodsallowed. All the major browsers implement it.—Larry Seltzer BEST of ThE InTErnET ANTENNA CADMus vIDZbIGGEr Antenna is a free Adobe AIR Cadmus is a Web service that VidzBigger is a Chrome app application that you can aggregates Twitter or Friend- that rearranges YouTube’s download and use to browse Feed updates and organizes layout so the video plays at its stations around the globe them into trends and topics. largest size (without going full- that are streaming on the You can also add and follow screen). Video information is Web. You can even save your RSS feeds.—AH on the left, and comments are favorites.—Alan Henry on the right.—AH MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 
    • frONTsIDEConnected TravelerRethinking the NetbIf you thought a netbook’snot for your travel bag, takeanother look.There may be a number of reasons why,as a traveler, you chose not to buy anetbook. Maybe you were under-whelmed by the low-power IntelAtom processors. Or your handsfelt like cloven hooves on thosetiny keyboards. Or maybe it was thepuny screen or lack of advanced fea-tures that kept you away from these lit-tle laptops. Well, a lot has changed sincenetbooks first hit the scene. The next gen-eration of netbooks boasts features such as 1full-size keyboards, faster processors, andamazing battery life. Here are a few exam-ples of new netbooks we’ve tested in PCLabs. Nb30-N410 ($400 direct, l l l l h ). Here Given the latest tech craze for touch you get many of the features and power ofscreens, it seems only natural that netbooks a standard laptop, including a full-size key-would follow suit. Enter the [1] HP Mini board, 3G option, and great battery life.102 ($400 direct, l l l l m ), a 10-inch And tree-hugging travelers will feel bettertouch-screen netbook with a sleek exterior, knowing that this model earned our Green-fast hard drive, and the option to upgrade Tech Approved seal for energy efficiency,to a 6-cell battery, giving you a whopping advanced green certifications, and Toshi-11 hours of juice. It also comes loaded with ba’s great recycling program.Windows 7. If speed is what you need on the road, Arguably the best bang-for-your-buck then look no further than the [3] Asusnetbook out there is the [2] Toshiba Mini EeePC 1201N ($485 street, l l l l m ). This10 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010 Product name in rED indicates Editors’ Choice.
    • book 4 3 2  little powerhouse packs a dual-core Intel 1032R also has great battery life (8 hours Atom processor, Nvidia Ion graphics, and 35 minutes) and some handy included soft- 2GB of RAM. To sweeten the deal, this sys- ware in HP’s QuickWeb and CloudDrive. tem also comes with a big 12-inch screen. And for travelers on a budget, the [] Acer The tradeoff for speed, however, is battery Aspire One (AO32h-22) ($300 street, life (this system clocked only 4 hours on our l l l l m ) is priced lower than most of its tests). competitors and offers awesome battery Many travelers like to watch movies or do life (over 9 hours) as well as a wide touch- multimedia work on the road. In that case, pad, a two-year warranty, and Intel’s latest the [4] HP Mini 210-1032Nr ($349.99 list, “Pine Trail” components. Though it doesn’t l l l h m ) is worth a look. Along with good quite measure up to others in performance, multimedia performance, the Mini 210- it is good for basic computing.—Erik Rhey MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 11
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    • 12182832 INSIDE CONsuMEr ELECTrONICs HArDWArE BusINEss sOFTWArE First Google Nexus One Google’s G Not Great— T he worst thing about the Google Nexus One is Google. The most powerful and sleek- est Android phone so far, the Nexus One gives techies an awesome springboard to make their Linux- phone dreams come true. The hardware is almost heartbreakingly beautiful. But with an emotionless interface and an abysmal retail and support experience, it’s just not the right choice for the average smart- phone buyer—and it’s no threat to either the iPhone or the Motorola Droid. This 4.7- by 2.3- by 0.4-inch (HWD)Google Nexus One$179.99 to $529.99 list beauty weighs 4.6 ounces and feels unusu-Ll l h m ally slim and solid. Most of the phonePrOs Fastest Android phone yet. Beautiful consists of a 3.7-inch touch screen withhardware. Super-bright screen. excellent graphics performance. The phoneCONs No phone or in-person support. Confus-ing pricing and service options. No voice dial- comes with 180MB of onboard memorying or transcription over Bluetooth. and a 4GB card, expandable to 32GB. Even12 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Our ratINGS kEy: l l l l l EXCELLENT l l l l m VErY GOOD l l l m m GOOD l l m m m FAIr l m m m m POOrGood—But—First Phone though the Nexus One has the fastest pro- model, I found none in my testing experi- cessor of any phone in the U.S., its touch ence. The Nexus One’s 1-GHz Snapdragon buttons are occasionally sluggish, and the processor burned through our benchmarks, lack of multitouch is an unfortunate missing proving to be much faster than the pro- piece on the phone’s otherwise decent soft- cessors found on other Android phones, ware keyboard. Google has also spruced up including the Motorola Droid. Graphics per- Android’s interface a bit with the new Ver- formance is also kicked up a notch, with the sion 2.1, which features “live” animated wall- Nexus One scoring 26.7 frames per second papers and an animated, better-looking (fps), compared with the Droid’s 20.8 fps. photo gallery. As for multimedia, this phone And battery life for the Nexus One is very played MP3, AAC, WAV, and OGG audio good for a 3G phone, turning in a score of fine, and played MPEG4 Simple Profile vid- 6 hours, 25 minutes. eos well, but H.264 videos suffered from If the Google Nexus One was sold and blockiness and dropped frames. Also, the supported by T-Mobile and dressed up with 5-megapixel camera took unusually sharp HTC’s Sense UI, I’d be madly in love with this photos. phone. As is, the Nexus One shouts “beta” in In testing, the Nexus One showed accept- all the areas Google has control over: soft- able voice quality, especially with its fancy ware, sales, service, and support. noise-cancellation feature. Although prob- —Sascha Segan lems with 3G have been reported with this >>CLICK HErE FOr MOrE MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 13
    • FIRST LOOKS CONSUMER ELECTRONICS Canon EOS 7D $1,699 list (body only) Ll l l m PROS Excellent still-image and HD-video quality. Fast performance. Various HD video recording options. CONS Pricey. Video recording is not as simple as with a dedicated camcorder.Canon EOS 7DA D-SLR ThatFocuses on VideoT he 18-megapixel Canon EOS on’s intuitive menus 7D takes beautiful pictures When shooting through the viewfinder, in a wide variety of lighting the shutter lag was only 0.47 second—a situations. But the true lure very good score that drops to 2.17 seconds of the 7D is that it’s the only when shooting in Live View mode. Also, thesub-$2,000 D-SLR that offers a multitude shot-to-shot time was a lightning-fast 8of high-definition video-capture options. frames per second (fps). And using ImatestIf versatile HD video isn’t a priority for you, to evaluate image quality, I found that thethere’s still a lot to like in this camera. 7D produced spectacular, virtually noise- Though its body is slightly smaller than free images.those of higher-end Canon D-SLRs (which There’s no denying that the 7D is a tal-use larger sensors), the 7D’s build and feel ented D-SLR—but at $1,700 without a lens,are appealing. The camera weighs 2.06 it’s not cheap. Unless you need the versa-pounds without a lens and is comfortable tile HD video options, 18 megapixels, orto hold. The 7D features a large 3-inch, the speedy still-image capture that the 7DLive View LCD, and the viewfinder offers 19 provides, you can get similar image qualityautofocus points. The controls are also easy from lower-priced Canon and Nikon D-SLRs.to use: Buttons are well-placed and a large —PJ Jacobowitzscroll wheel helps you cruise through Can- >>CLICK HERE FOR MORE14 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • FIRsT LOOKs CONsUMER ELECTRONICs Aliph Jawbone Icon $99 list Ll l l m PROs First Bluetooth head- set with mobile apps. Excel- lent sound quality. Improved controls. Many design options. Costs less than prior versions. CONs Short battery life. Fussy ear hook.Aliph Jawbone IconAliph’s Iconic Headset We have a new leader in Blue- tooth headset with apps, including those tooth headsets. The Aliph Jaw- that provide one of six voices in languages bone Icon is the best-designed like Spanish, French, and German. You can and potentially the most flexible also program speed dial numbers, update Bluetooth headset on the market, the firmware, or even add new dialing appsthanks to its new application platform. The for voice-enabled 411 search.Icon is smaller and lighter than our other On our tests, voice quality was good, buttop-ranked headsets, with numerous new not perfect: a little nasal and trebly sound-features and a streamlined control scheme. ing, but smooth and not harsh. The IconCombined with stellar all-around perfor- evens out the volume of incoming calls,mance, its plusses are enough to unseat the including between multiple speakers in alarger Plantronics Voyager Pro as our new conference call. Noise cancellation was stel-Editors’ Choice. lar and the range for Bluetooth was also The Icon comes in six different designs, good at more than 15 feet from the handset.each with distinctive textures and finishes. Battery life, however, is short at just 3 hoursIt measures 0.7 by 1.8 by 0.9 inches (HWD) and 32 minutes of talk time. Overall, theand weighs just 0.3 ounces. There’s a dedi- Icon is a winner, but just by a hair. There arecated power switch on the back, which other worthy headsets out there if the Iconcan avoid accidental power-ups in a jacket doesn’t appeal.—Jamie Lendinopocket or bag. The Icon is also the first Blue- >>CLICK HERE FOR MORE MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 15
    • QuICk LOOks CONsuMEr ELECTrONICs SMARTPHONES BlackBerry Bold 9700 Palm Pre Plus LG Chocolate LG Shine II $99.99 to $449.99 direct With two-year contract, Touch VX8575 $119.99 to $269.99 direct $249.99 list $79.99 to $259.99 list Ll l l m Ll l h m Ll l l m Ll l h m • Near-perfect design • Palm’s webOS is really • Sublime voice quality • Sleek brushed aluminum • Beautiful display user-friendly • Solid music and video design • Great voice quality • Works as a Wi-Fi hotspot playback • Very good voice quality PROS • Robust media sync • Snappy performance • Sharp camera options • Excellent battery life • Middling browser • Muddy voice quality • Messaging options • Short battery life • Buggy video player • No voice dialing remain thin, and most • Stiff controls • Lacks the T-Mobile • Fewer apps than most cost extra • Proprietary headphone CONS version’s unlimited Wi-Fi other platforms jack calling The Bold 9700 is a smart, The Palm Pre Plus is an The Chocolate Touch is a LG plays it safe with the shrewd update to the wildly e-mail, music, and calen- top-notch voice phone with Shine II, an incremental BOTTOM LINE popular Bold 9000—and dar-oriented smartphone stellar media capabilities, upgrade that retains the proof that there’s still a with a twist: it’ll get your but heavy e-mailers should original’s beautiful alu- place for QWERTY key- laptop online (at a price). stick with a phone with a minum slider design and boards. hardware keyboard. excellent call quality. AT&T; 2.4-inch, 480-by-360 Verizon Wireless; 3.7-inch, Verizon Wireless; 3.0-inch, AT&T; 2.2-inch, 240-by- screen; 3.2MP camera; 320-by-480 color touch 240-by-400 screen; 3.2MP 320 screen; 2MP camera; Bluetooth; 4.3 by 2.4 by 0.6 screen; Bluetooth; 3MP camera; Bluetooth; 4.3 by Bluetooth; 4.2 by 2.0 by 0.5 inches (HWD); 4.3 ounces. camera. 2.2 by 0.5 inches (HWD); inches; 4.4 ounces. SPECS 4.2 ounces. Product name in RED indicates Editors’ Choice.16 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • SPEAKERS HDTVS GPSBowers & Wilkins Insignia NS-L42X-10A TomTom XL 340-S LIVE Insignia NS-CNV43Zeppelin Mini $749.99 direct $239.95 list $199.99 list$399.95 listLl l h m Ll l m m Ll l h m Ll l m m• One of the best sound- • Inexpensive • Real-time traffic • Good value ing iPod docks in its price • Five HDMI ports • Integrates Web-based • Touch scree features hap- range • Two-year warranty services tic feedback• Compact, elegant design • No ads • Real-time traffic reports• Connects to PC via USB • Accurate routing• Only for iPhone, iPod • Uninspired design • Expensive monthly fees • Sluggish touch, and recent iPods • Oversaturated colors • Automatic rerouting needs • Small POI database with• Remote lacks full iPod • Some de-interlacing and a re-think some search limitations navigation motion-error issues • Monthly fees kick in after• No video output • Lacks a USB port and Web three months connectivityFor a $400 iPod speaker If you can get past its lack- The XL 340-S LIVE is a Best Buy’s NS-CNV43 is adock, the Zeppelin Mini luster design and somewhat solid navigator and a good solid GPS device thanks tolacks some features that antiquated feature set, the example of what’s pos- its always-on Google con-an expensive unit should NS-L42X-10A is a solid deal sible with connected GPS nectivity and bargain price,have—but it looks and for a 42-inch LCD HDTV. devices, but there’s room for but it’s not a particularlysounds amazing. improvement. great navigator otherwise.iPod speaker dock; 2-chan- 42 inches; 1,920 by 1,080 Automobile GPS; 3D view; Bluetooth receiver; 4.3-inchnel audio; remote; 6.8 by native resolution; 1080p; 4.3-inch touch screen; 3.2 by touch screen; 3D view; 3.212.6 by 4 inches (HWD). 120-Hz refresh rate; 16:9 4.8 by 1.1 inches (HWD). by 4.8 by 0.7 inches (HWD). aspect ratio. Visit pcmag.com for the full reviews of these and other consumer electronics products. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 17
    • FIRST LOOKS HARDwARESony VAIO VPC-L117FX/BSony’s Top-NotchAll-in-OneA mong all-in-one desktop On our tests, the VPC-L117FX/B showed PCs, the VAIO VPC-L117FX/ very good performance numbers, with top B is certainly one of the best scores on our Photoshop CS4 test (1 minute looking. It resembles a 24- 39 seconds) and Windows Media Encoder inch HDTV, but inside that test (43 seconds), making it a great choicesexy shell is the heart of a power user’s PC: for multimedia buffs and competitive inquad-core Intel processor, 6GB of memory, the field of all-in-one desktops, including1TB hard drive, Blu-ray burner, and a decent the dual-core powered Apple iMac 27-inchNvidia graphics card. Placement in the (Core 2 Duo) and the HP TouchSmart 600-kitchen, den, home office, and living room 1055. For gaming, it played World in Conflictcome to mind, but it could also work as a TV at a smooth 39 frames per second (fps) butreplacement in your bedroom. was a little too slow on Crysis (30 fps), prov- This VAIO’s touch screen (1,920 by 1,080 ing it is acceptable for light gaming.resolution, which is true 1080p HD) has an As a high-end all-in-one desktop PC, theATSC tuner, HDMI-in ports, and viewing Blu- VPC-L117FX/B is a little pricey, but you canray videos give you that “view through a win- rationalize the added expense if you con-dow” effect. There’s a slot built into the base sider the system has one of the best screensof the unit, so you can stow the wireless key- out there, as well as high-quality compo-board when not in use. The touch screen is nents. The HP TouchSmart 600-1055 stillresponsive, though there’s a bit of a learning holds on to our Editors’ Choice for a morecurve. There’s very little in the way of bloat- polished implementation of touch tech-ware on this system, and the included VAIO nology in Windows 7, along with the bestMedia Gallery and Movie Story are some of bang for the buck, but this VAIO is defi-the most intuitive and easiest-to-use multi- nitely worth a look.—Joel Santo Domingomedia apps outside of Apple’s iLife suite. >>CLICK HERE FOR MOREI SPECS 2.66-GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400S processor; 6GB SDRAM; 1TB SATA hard drive; Nvidia GeForce GT 240M graphics; Blu-ray (BD-RE) drive; integrated 24-inch widescreen; integrated stereo speakers; Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.18 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Sony VAIO VPC-L117FX/B$2,000 listll l l mPROS Quad Core power. Touch screen. Full CONS Quite expensive. Only 30-day trial sub-1080p display. HDMI input. Blu-ray burner (not scription to Norton Internet Security. Mediajust a reader). Minimized bloatware. Unified software not connected to social networking.media app for photos, music, and videos. Wire-less keyboard and mouse. Sexy design.PERFORMANCE TESTS WinDoWs MeDia PHotosHoPL High scores are best. M Low scores are best. PCMark 3DMark Van- WorLD in enCoDer M Cs4 MBold type denotes first place. Vantage* L tage* L Crysis** L ConfLiCt ** L min:sec min:sec Sony VAIO VPC-L117FX/B 4,462 10,813 30 39 0:43 1:39 Apple iMac (27-inch Core 2 Duo) 4,862 10,167 48 53 0:59 1:46 HP TouchSmart 600-1055 PC 4,318 6,006 18 22 1:05 2:18 Product name in RED indicates editors’ Choice. n/a—not applicable: the product could not complete the test, or the test was not compatible. * this test was run at 1,024 by 768 resolution. **this test was run at 1,280 by 1,024 resolution. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 19
    • FIRST LOOKS HARDwAREPolywell MiniBox P5500CPrice: $1,850 direct, $2,099 with a 23-inchwidescreen monitorLl l l mPROS Compact form factor. Long 5-year servicewarranty. Very good 3D scores. CrossFire and SLI(2-card) compatible motherboard.CONS Some fan noise. Larger than other smallform factor gaming rigs.Polywell MiniBox P5500CPolywell’sSpacious-Yet-Small PCT he MiniBox P5500C isn’t as easier to move. The build quality is decent sleek as the Falcon Northwest though unremarkable, and the system’s fan FragBox or AVADirect GT3 noise is clearly audible. Like other small sys- gaming systems, but it does tem builders, Polywell keeps the included have a lot of internal space software load light.for components, while keeping the spirit of The MiniBox’s processor and graphicsa small-form-factor gaming rig intact. This card helped it achieve top-notch gamingsystem comes with Intel Core i7-870 power performance, such as 95 frames per secondand a single ATI Radeon HD 4890 graphics (fps) on Crysis and 124 fps on World in Con-card, so it has the power to smack around flict. It also excelled on multimedia tests: 28your opponents on the game grid. Or, with seconds for Windows Media Encoder anda Blu-ray player and over 3TB of drive space 1:18 on Photoshop CS4. Compared with(spread over three drives), it can serve as a the competition, the MiniBox is good, butvideo workstation. a bit overpriced. But I’d still recommend it The MiniBox sits in a reasonably compact for semi-nomadic multimedia mavens whocase—9.5 by 11.5 by 14 inches (HWD). It won’t need blazing performance and a lot of drivewin any beauty contests, but it does have a space in a semi-portable package.windowed side panel showing off the graph- —Joel Santo Domingoics card. There’s a handle on the front so it’s >>CLICK HERE FOR MOREI SPECS 2.93-GHz Intel Core i7-870 processor; 4GB SDRAM; 1.5TB SATA hard drive and two 1TB SATA hard drives in a RAID 0 array; ATI Radeon HD 4890 graphics card; Blu-ray combo drive; Creative Inspire T6100 5.1 speakers; Windows 7 Ultimate.20 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Spring Into Storage Savings! Spring is here, and it’s time for some serious file cleanup. Need a convenient 2TB My Book™ World Edition way to store and transport pictures and Automatic and continuous backup for every computer on your network music? How about a device that can Access your files from anywhere with MioNet technology stream files to any computer on your local Supports Windows XP/Vista and network? PC Connection Express has the Mac OS X Tiger or Leopardlatest technologies and brands you rely on— Onlywith all the savings you need. $ 24995 #94493311TB Network Space 2 500GB FreeAgent Go™ Centralize, share, and back up your Incredibly thin form factor provides you files at home with the ultimate portable storage solution Includes LaCie Network Assistant Automatic backup software protects your USB 2.0 and Ethernet connectivity data while encryption technology keepsOnly important files private USB 2.0 connectivity$ 16995 #10996673 Only $ 9995 #88774482TB StorCenter™ ix4-200d NAS Server 2TB TeraStation™ ES NAS RAID 5, 10 for increased data protection Front-loading hot-swappable Device-to-device replication using hard drives Rsync-powered copy jobs RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and JBOD Dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with Jumbo Frame supportOnly 579 #10365628$ Only $ 659 #10998898 Shown with drives exposedLTO Ultrium 3 400/800GB LTO Ultrium 4 800GB/1.6TBTape Cartridge Tape Cartridge Up to 80MB/s native data throughput Up to 170MB/s native data throughput Lifetime warranty Lifetime warrantyOnly Only$ 26 95 #5650352 $ 3795 #7727237 These offers are only available while supplies last. Call or click now!1.800 .600 .8451www.PCConnectionExpress.com©2010 PC Connection, Inc. All rights reserved. PC Connection Express is a registered trademark of PC Connection, Inc. or its subsidiaries. All copyrights and trademarks remain the property of their respective owners. #16708 02/10
    • FIRST LOOKS HaRdwaREToshiba Satellite T115-S1105Toshiba’s SpeedyNetbook Electing not to use an Intel Atom processor doesn’t exempt you from being called a netbook. Case in point: The Toshiba Satellite T115-S1105 comes with Windows7 (most netbooks have Windows XP) anduses an Intel Consumer Ultra Low Voltage(CULV) processor. Not to mention its price,11.6-inch widescreen, and 7 hours of batterylife makes it competitive with some of thebest netbooks in the business. But the typ- Toshiba Satellite T115-S1105 $480 streeting and navigating experiences still need Ll l h msome work. pROS Best processor on a netbook. 1080p vid- Thanks to the low-powered processor, the eos played back beautifully. Good resolution. Lightweight. Runs on DDR3 memory. HDMI-OutT115-S1105 is razor-thin, with Toshiba’s sig- included. Excellent battery life. Speedy net-nature “Fusion” design. The lid and palm rest book. Affordable.areas are made of a combination of plastics COnS Poorly designed mouse buttons. Subpar keyboard. Poor speaker placement.and infused patterns similar to a laminateprocess. The 11.6-inch widescreen is biggerand has a higher maximum resolution than outscored every netbook we’ve tested. Andthose of most netbooks. It also has a full-size you don’t need an Nvidia Ion–based plat-keyboard, something most netbooks lack. form to play back 1080p videos; the T115’sHowever, the keys feel a little flimsy and gen- ULV processors and memory configurationerate a bit of noise when typing. Also, the handled them beautifully. So although therechrome-plated mouse buttons are stiff. is a lot to love about this netbook, I suggest Its CULV processor gave the T115-S1105 you try out the keyboard and mouse beforean advantage over most netbooks on our taking the plunge.—Cisco Chengbenchmarks. On SYSMark 2007 Preview, it >>CLICK HERE FOR MOREI SpECS 1.3-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SU2700; 2GB SDRAM; 250GB hard drive; Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics; 11.6-inch display; Realtek 802.11n Wi-Fi; 3.3 pounds; 61-Wh battery; Windows 7 Home Premium.22 pC MaGaZInE dIGITaL EdITIOn MARCH 2010
    • Recharge Anywhere. Protective case with built-in battery Finally a power solution for your life on the go.Portable Chargers for all your mobile electronics.
    • FIRST LOOKS HARDwAREAsus G51J-1B 3D$1,700 streetLl l h mPROS 3D game play done right. 3D glasseswork and fit well. Fast Core i7 processor. Goodgraphics card. Back-lit keyboard. Comfortablepalm rests. Dual hard drives. Exceptional soundsystem.CONS Screen resolution is low fora gaming laptop. 3D effects limitedto games only. Expensive.Asus G51J-1B 3DAsus’s 3D LaptopS tereoscopic 3D technology, pad. And, of course, there’s the 15.6-inch which typically involves put- 3D widescreen, which uses an active shut- ting on a pair of 3D glasses and ter method to display left and right images watching images leap out at in alternating frames, optimized by a very you, is already a big hit in mov- fast refresh rate (120 Hz). The display, ofies. Now laptop makers are hoping to cash course, isn’t the only requirement in orderin. The Aspire 5738DG-6165 earned the to be immersed into a 3D environment. Thedistinction of being the first 3D laptop, but bundled Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Kit con-Asus is right behind with the G51J-1B 3D. sists of a pair of wireless, stereoscopic 3DIf this were strictly a review about the 3D glasses and an infrared base station.experience, this system would be the vic- On test games that support 3D, the gametor. And integrating speedy parts made the play was very convincing, even though thegaming experience that much more worth- resolution is low compared with other gam-while. But just like the Acer 5738DG, the 3D ing systems. And don’t expect much porta-technology benefits gamers only. bility, with just 1 hour 25 minutes of battery The G51J-1B is bulky and heavy, tipping the life. So while its 3D performance is strong,scales at 7.5 pounds. The system features a the G51J-1B 3D is still a niche product mostfull size, island-style keyboard (underlit with can probably live without.—Cisco Chengwhite LEDs) and a half-size numeric key- >>CLICK HERE FOR MOREI SPECS 1.6-GHz Intel Core i7-720QM processor; 4GB SDRAM; two 320GB hard drives; Nvidia GeForce GTX 260M graphics; 15.6-inch 3D display; Intel Wi-Fi Link 1000; 7.5 pounds; 53-Wh battery; Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit).24 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • FIRsT LOOKs HARDwAREEpson Artisan 810$299.99 directLl l l mPROs Fast. Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Prints, scans, and faxesover a network. Duplexer. Au-tomatic document feeder.CONs Sub-par text quality.Low paper capacity.Epson Artisan 810A Feature-RichHome MFPW hether you’re looking Bridge cameras, memory cards, and USB for a home all-in-one keys; and a 3.5-inch color LCD for preview- (AIO) with high-qual- ing photos before printing. You also get the ity photo output or a 810’s 7.8-inch touch screen front panel. home-office AIO with On our business applications suite, thefast speed and office features, the Epson 810’s score was 7 minutes 59 seconds, mak-Artisan 810 should be on your short list. ing it one of the fastest ink jet AIOs in itsFollowing in the footsteps of the Artisan price range. Photo print speed is also rea-800, the 810 leans towards home use while sonably fast, averaging 59 seconds for aretaining office-friendly features. 4-by-6 and 2:04 for an 8-by-10 print. As for The 810 offers both Ethernet and Wi- output quality, text was mediocre, show-Fi support, making it easy to share. It can ing a grayish look that would make longprint, scan, and fax over a network; work documents hard to read, and graphics wereas a standalone copier and fax machine; typical for an ink jet. So overall, the 810’sand scan to e-mail over a network. In addi- combination of speed, quality, and featurestion to faxing and e-mailing, the AIO’s most makes it a highly attractive choice for homenotable office-centric feature is a 30-page and light-duty home office use, as long asautomatic document feeder (ADF). Its you’re comfortable with the relatively lowphotocentric features include high-quality text quality.—M. David Stoneoutput; the ability to print directly from Pict- >>CLICK HERE FOR MORE MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 25
    • QuICk LOOks HARDWARE DESKTOPS NETBOOKS LAPTOPS HP Pavilion p6347c-b Apple Mac mini LG X120 Fujitsu LifeBook P3010 $800 list (Core 2 Duo 2.26 GHz) $400 street $549 direct $599 list ll l h m Ll l m m Ll l m m Ll l m m • Quad Core power • GreenTech-approved • Clean design • Fast Intel Neo processor • Lots of memory • Compact • Comfy mouse buttons • 2GB of memory • Ample hard-drive space • Quiet • Embedded 3G wireless • Full-size keyboard PROS • Included 23-inch HD • Dual-core performance card • 11-inch widescreen monitor • Windows compatible • Priced competitively— • Large hard drive • Two-year warranty • FireWire 800 without a contract • Weak integrated graphics • No Blu-ray option • Small keyboard • Small touchpad • Only 60-day Norton • No keyboard or mouse • Not many stand-out • No HDMI-Out subscription • 30-inch LCD support netbook features • Below-average battery CONS • No HDMI port on desktop requires optional • Small battery life • Lots of bloatware DVI adapter • Only available at • Too expensive RadioShack The HP Pavilion p6347c-b is The Mac mini is the entry The X120 is LG’s first The LifeBook P3010 is a a good power user system point for the Apple faith- netbook attempt in the latecomer to the oversized BOTTOM LINE for bargain hunters prowl- ful and is a small, cheap United States, and it has netbook space, and it ing their local warehouse computer, but a number of embedded 3G—provided doesn’t have enough good store. low-cost nettops offer more you commit to a 2-year, to outweigh the bad. bang for the buck. $60-per-month contract. 2.8-GHz AMD Athlon 630 2.26-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6-GHz Intel Atom N270 1.6-GHz AMD Athlon Neo processor; 6GB SDRAM; P7550 processor; 2GB processor; 1GB SDRAM; MV-40 processor; 2GB 640GB SATA hard drive; ATI SDRAM; 160GB SATA hard 160GB, hard drive; Intel SDRAM; 320GB hard Radeon HD 4200 graphics; drive; nVidia GeForce GMA 950 graphics; 10.1- drive; ATI Radeon HD 3200 SPECS DVD±RW drive; 23-inch 9400M graphics; DVD±RW inch display; Realtek graphics; 11.6-inch display; widescreen; Windows 7 drive; Mac OS X 10.6. 802.11g Wi-Fi; 2.8 pounds; Atheros 802.11g Wi-Fi; 3.5 Home Premium (64-bit). 46-Wh battery; Windows pounds; 54-Wh battery; XP Home. Windows 7 Home Premium. Product name in RED indicates Editors’ Choice.26 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • PRINTERSHP Pavilion dv7-2273cl Lexmark Platinum HP Photosmart A646 Lexmark Interpret S405$999 list Pro905 Compact Printer $129 direct $399.99 direct $149.99 directLl l h m Ll l h m Ll l h m Ll l h m• Attractive design • Fast photos • Touch screen with gener- • Fast for both business• Beautiful 17.3-inch screen • Two-sided printing ally well-designed menus applications and photos• Blu-ray drive included • Automatic document • Prints 5-by-7s, 4-by-6s, • Reasonably high-quality• Slick MediaSmart feeder and panoramas up to 4 by output software • Works as standalone 12 inches • Standalone fax and copier e-mail sender• Lots of bloatware • Slow for business • Speed is acceptable • Low paper capacity• Lacks full HD display applications but slow • Relatively high cost • Several features don’t • Messages on the LCD per page work quite they way they can be confusing shouldA head-turning desktop Aimed primarily at a busy The A646 is a worthy The S405 offers surprisinglyreplacement, the Pavilion micro or home office, the successor to the Editors’ fast speed, good-qualitydv7-2273cl has a gorgeous Pro905 is packed with Choice A636 in many ways, output, and AIO features fordisplay and packs a Blu-ray office-centric features plus but it falters badly on ease both home and home office.drive for under a grand. the ability to download mini- of use. apps from the Web.2.2-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo AIO ink-jet; 1-pass color; Ink-jet; 1-pass color; direct AIO ink-jet; 1-pass color;T6600 processor; 4GB LCD preview screen; 8-in-1 printing from cameras; LCD direct printing from camer-SDRAM; 320GB hard drive; media card reader; duplex- preview screen; 20-sheet as; 8-in-1 media card reader;ATI Mobility Radeon HD ing; 12.1 by 18.3 by 15.4 input capacity; 5.3 by 9.9 flatbed scanner; 8 by 18.8 by4650 graphics; 17.3-inch inches (HWD). by 4.6 inches (HWD); 2.4 13.3 inches (HWD).display; 6.7 pounds; 73-Wh pounds.battery; Windows 7 HomePremium. Visit pcmag.com for the full reviews of these and scores of other hardware products. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 27
    • FIRsT LOOKs busINEssLenovo ThinkPad Edge 13A ThinkPadMakeoverL enovo’s ThinkPad series has high enough so that the ThinkPad “feeling” clung to the same corporate is still there. The transition is made even eas- look longer than any other in ier by retaining the original ThinkPad navi- the business. But the Think- gation. Otherwise, the Edge 13’s feature set Pad line could only go so long isn’t better or worse than any other CULV orbefore customers got the impression that small business laptop.they’re buying the same thing over and The Edge 13 is one of the few laptops thatover. So how do you redesign something are not launching with Intel’s latest “Arran-that’s considered blasphemy to redesign? dale” platform. Instead, it uses a slightlyThe answer: baby steps. The ThinkPad Edge slower, previous-generation CULV platform.13 is a compelling makeover that still bears The Edge 13 fared badly among its competi-the sacred ThinkPad seal. tion in PCMark Vantage, but video encod- The Edge 13 weighs 3.9 pounds and ing and Cinebench R10 scores were in linemeasures less than an inch thick. The lid is with those of the Asus UL30A-A1 (thoughtrimmed with silver and it’s glossy, destined they trailed the Acer Aspire AS3810T by ato be laden with finger prints and smudges. significant margin). Although the Edge 13’sA matte black and a red version are also 6-cell battery scored almost 7 hours (6:58)available, paring down on the unsightly in MobileMark 2007 tests, it came up wellmarks. short against the Asus and Acer compari- Its 13-inch widescreen is generic at best in son systems.that its resolution tops out at 1,366-by-768. Overall, the Edge 13 is a solid buy for busi-The keyboard is perhaps the most surpris- nesses if you can snag it for less than itsing change, adopting an island-style layout listed price ($899). Otherwise, the HP Pro-made popular by the Apple MacBook Pro Book 5310m or Asus UL30A-A1 offer more13-inch, and used in other CULV laptops. bang for the buck.—Cisco ChengHowever, each key cap is curved and raised >>CLICK HERE FOR MOREI sPECs 1.3-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor; 4GB SDRAM; 320GB hard drive; Intel GMA 4500MHD graph- ics; 13.3-inch display; Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6250 Wi-Fi; 3.9 pounds; 63-Wh battery; Windows 7 Professional.28 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13$899 directLl l h mPROs Best Island-style key-board yet. Dual pointingdevices. Superb navigating ex-perience. Lightweight. Afford-able. Embedded 3G option.CONs New shiny lid is asmudge magnet. Not thespeediest CULV laptop.PERFORMANCE TEsTs MoBiLeMark WindoWs Media PHotosHoPL High scores are best. M Low scores are best. PcMark 2007 L encoder M cs4 MBold type denotes first place. Vantage* L hr: min min:sec cineBencH r10 L min:sec Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13 2,338 6:58 1:42 2,700 1:06 Acer Aspire Timeline AS3810T (6415) 2,800 8:40 1:48 3,304 0:48 Asus UL30A-A1 2,462 10:27 3:11 1,595 1:04 HP ProBook 5310m n/a 5:18 1:07 4,732 0:44 Product name in RED indicates editors’ choice. n/a—not applicable: the system could not complete this test. *this test was run at the default resolution (1,024 by 768). MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 29
    • FIRsT LOOKs busINEss VMware Fusion 3 $79.99 direct Ll l l m PROs Fast, reliable, effective virtu- alization software. Tight integration between Windows applications and Mac OS. Highly configurable. CONs Some migration issues.VMware Fusion 3Marry Mac and WindowsV Mware Fusion 3 brings the to install a fresh Windows system, you’ll vast range of Linux and Win- need a full installation disc. If you already dows software to your Mac. have a separate Windows system installed Like its closest rival, Parallels under Boot Camp, you can run that system Desktop 5 for the Mac, Fusion in a Fusion window, and you’ll still be able tocreates a “virtual machine” that transforms boot directly into Boot Camp.any Mac into an all-purpose system that’s In my tests, I ran Windows machines fournot limited by its own OS. different ways under Fusion: accessing my You can run non-Mac apps in individual existing Boot Camp Windows XP partition,windows or full-screen. You can even make creating a Windows XP virtual machinethem the default applications for opening using Fusion’s installation assistant, run-specific Mac file types. If you don’t want to ning a virtual Linux system, and finally, usingbe confined to just programs, you can run a VMware’s Migration Assistant to importcomplete Windows system from your Mac, existing Windows 7 and Vista systems intowith the OS X desktop always a keystroke or Fusion over my network. Aside from somemouse click away—and drag files between minor bumps, my apps ran perfectly. Thisthe systems whenever you want. leads me to conclude that Fusion is well- To set up a Windows system in Fusion, designed, quick, and effective. Any Mac useryou can use an included utility to import who needs to run Windows software shoulda copy of your existing Windows system have a copy.—Edward Mendelsonacross a network connection. Or, if you want >>CLICK HERE FOR MORE30 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • FIRsT LOOKs busINEssMailChimpFree with 500 subscriber limit and 3,000 sends; of help resources. Several tools to customize$30 per month for more than 500 subscribers marketing e-mail campaigns.Ll l h m CONs Built-in reporting lacks intuitive work-PROs Low cost e-mail lists. Integrates with flow. Reports do not give real-time data. SlowGoogle Analytics for real business insight. Lots to refresh.MailChimpTame E-mail MarketingD espite an odd mascot that of the other bundled CRM components, and looks like an anime take on just want a service for e-mail campaigns. Curious George, MailChimp Using MailChimp involves three steps: means serious business, not creating an e-mail list and importing or add- monkey business, for market- ing contacts, creating a campaign usinging. It’s a cloud service that manages e-mail one of four styles (HTML e-mail, plain text,marketing campaigns and aids users in not “split,” and RSS-driven), and finally, review-crossing that fine line between spammers ing campaign reports. In testing, I found aand successful e-mail marketers. few glitches and annoyances, but nothing With MailChimp, you can create e-mail that was a dealbreaker. There needs to belists, track who’s viewed your message, and some honing of the workflow within theintegrate your marketing data with third- interface, but it is nonetheless a nice serviceparty apps like Google Docs and Zoho. to handle an always-growing need of busi-MailChimp provides the same type of ser- nesses, grassroots organizations, and poli-vice that some CRM systems (like Sales- ticians: getting the message out via e-mail.force) provide. However, it is ideal for the —Samara Lynnsmall-business owner who may not need all >>CLICK HERE FOR MORE MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 31
    • fIrST LOOkS SOfTWArEMobile Web BrowsersSurf on the GoY our Web-surfing experience York Times home page loaded completely in on a smartphone is only as 54 seconds, which was reduced to 50 sec- good as its browser. From onds after turning on Turbo. While scrolling their rudimentary beginnings, speeds are improved, and the kinetic scroll- mobile Web browsers have ing is welcome, it can still feel sluggish, evencome a long way in speed, sophistication, over a 3G connection. Despite those qualms,and features. Here we review three of the Opera Mobile 10 remains a slick browser.top contenders for the Windows Mobileand BlackBerry platforms. Skyfire 1.5 The new Skyfire 1.5 is a significant upgradeOpera Mobile 10 (Beta 2) that remedies nearly all of the original ver-Opera’s various mobile browsers have been sion’s flaws. It’s a godsend for Windowsgo-to upgrades for years. But several newer Mobile users and even superior to Operacompetitors—including the excellent Sky- Mobile 9.7 Turbo.fire 1.5 and the Java-based BOLT 1.6—have New features here include VGA (640-moved the bar forward. The public beta by-480) and WVGA (800-by-480) screenof Opera Mobile 10 contains a refreshed support, a revamped user interface, moreinterface, simple zoom controls, and faster finger-friendly buttons, a full-screen mode,performance. Though it still lacks Flash com- and the ability to pan or flick the screenpatibility, it is nonetheless a worthy down- to move in multiple directions. On ourload that embarrasses the stock Microsoft tests, Skyfire 1.5 simply flattened Internetand Nokia browsers. Explorer 6 Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.5’s The main user interface here looks sharp, stock browser. Skyfire Labs optimized Sky-with a revamped icon strip, a Safari 4–like fire 1.5’s server connections to speed upSpeed Dial launch page, and an auto-com- page rendering and overall response times,plete feature in the address bar. In testing, and it shows. Over a Wi-Fi connection, Sky-most desktop pages looked sharp. With fire loaded the desktop USA Today homeUSA Today’s home page, the browser had page in 10 seconds and The New York Timesenough data over Wi-Fi to return control home page in 16 seconds. Skyfire’s down-within 9 seconds, though the browser took sides are that it’s dependent on access to51 seconds to deliver the full page. The New Skyfire’s own servers. And there’s also still32 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • BOLT 1.6 Free Ll l l m PrOS Speedy. Supports streaming video. Maximizes how much you see. CONS Default font is reallyOpera Mobile 10 (Beta 2) Skyfire 1.5 tiny. Only supports one win- dow at a time. Works on fewerFree Free phones than Opera Mini. StallsLl l l m Ll l l m if it can’t contact proxy server.PrOS Accurate page render- PrOS Transparent interface. CLICk HErE fOr MOrEing. Transparent, full-featured Supports AJAX, Flash, anduser interface. Nifty Speed Silverlight content. Fast loadDial feature. Robust bookmark times. Accurate page render-and password management. ing. Smooth video streaming.Not dependent on Opera’s CONS No tabbed browsingservers in order to work. or multiple window support.CONS No Flash support. Slug- Doesn’t work if it can’t seegish to complete page loads. Skyfire’s servers.CLICk HErE fOr MOrE CLICk HErE fOr MOrEno tabbed browsing or multiple window ity aren’t up to Opera’s standards.support. But we’re willing to accept those Like Opera Mini and Skyfire 1.5, BOLT is aflaws in exchange for its excellent page ren- proxy browser, which means you can experi-dering and streaming media skills. If you ence slowdowns if there’s a stall in contactinghave a Windows Mobile device, you need Bitstream’s servers, which we encounteredthis browser. in testing. When it didn’t glitch, BOLT was really fast. It rendered most pages slightlyBOLT 1.6 faster than Opera Mini did. Pages look good,Bitstream’s BOLT browser for BlackBerrys and you see more of a page at once than youand feature phones has come a long way do in Opera. It can also stream media fromsince our last review six months ago. This ver- various Web sites. BOLT’s overall UI isn’t assion offers fast rendering of desktop-quality slick as Opera Mini’s but if speed is what youpages and a few tricks that Opera Mini can’t need, BOLT is your browser.match, though its interface and compatibil- —Jamie Lendino and Sascha Segan MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 33
    • FIRsT LOOKs sOFTwARE Norton Online Backup 2.0 $49.99 direct per year Ll l h m PROs Simple, Web-based, tabbed interface. Up to five computers can share one account. Works with Macs. Shares stored files via e-mail. Backs up open files. Lets you search backed-up content. CONs No on-demand backup for a single file or folder. No “live” file watching for instant backup. No Windows Explorer right-click integration.Norton Online Backup 2.0Revved-Up BackupS ymantec’s first attempt at Nor- est interest is that the service will now let ton Online Backup earlier this you share access to specified files or folders year lacked many capabili- backed up online. Since the data’s already in ties we expect from an online the cloud, why not let users securely share it backup service. Norton did from any Internet connection?have a slick Web-based interface and let In testing, I could easily share a file fromyou back up files from up to five PCs, how- my online storage from the Home screen.ever. In addition to addressing many of the I just had to click on the File Actions but-deficits in this newest release, Symantec has ton for the PC I wanted to share from, andalso added tabs to the interface, simplified choose “Email File Links.” This let me entersetup, and added some key improvements. multiple recipients’ e-mail addresses and Among the new features in Version 2.0 specify a download password (if I wantedare a Mac OS version, file-version saving one), and offered the same search or direc-for up to 90 days (in case you mistakenly tory tree navigation to find the files I wantedchange a backed-up file), search, open-file to share. Overall, this version representsbackup, and storage management (with the some major strides, and addresses the mostability to purge files from your backup list). important of my concerns with the originalThe service can also now handle mapped version—making it a welcome addition tonetwork and local drives, including tempo- the Norton line.—Michael Muchmorerary USB key drives. But perhaps of great- >>CLICK HERE FOR MORE34 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • FIRST LOOKS SOFTwARE SafeCentral 2.6 $39.95 direct per year Ll l l m PROS Isolates Web browsing from other processes. Blocks malware and keyloggers. Can automatically secure browsing for known sensitive sites or user-selected sites. Bypasses Windows DNS. CONS Prevents use of most browser add-ons such as password managers (other than RoboForm). Expensive.SafeCentral 2.6Boost Browser SecurityS ince the previous version (2.0) on add-ins can be a problem if you rely on a of SafeCentral, maker Authen- password manager. Add-ins are still blocked tium has added features and in general, but the new edition specifically fixed a few gripes I had. Version makes an exception for RoboForm. And a 2.6 retains all the protective new “Add to Secure Favorites” toolbar but-features of its predecessor, adds flexibility, ton marks any Web site to open automati-and works with 32-bit and 64-bit editions cally in the SafeBrowser.of Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. SafeCentral 2.0 displayed status for the In version 2.0, the SafeBrowser always anti-malware and secure DNS features usingused a specific SafeCentral Web page as its a pair of indicators on the safe desktop’shome page. The default home page in Ver- taskbar. The current version vastly expandssion 2.6 is Microsoft Bing, but SafeBrowser the available status information with a newlets you add any site you like as an addi- “My Protection” panel and “More info” link.tional home page. The hardened browser SafeCentral doesn’t replace your existingstill maintains its own list of favorites sepa- security solutions. Rather, it adds layersrately from your main browser, but there’s of protection in case the other tools fail. Itnow an option to import existing browser definitely does the job it’s designed for. Thefavorites. Also, helpful videos explain just only question is whether you’re ready to payhow safe browsing works. for its added protection.—Neil Rubenking I noted in my earlier review that the ban >>CLICK HERE FOR MORE MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 35
    • QuICk LOOks sOFTWARE PARENTAL CONTROLS SECURITY KidZui 5.0 CYBERsitter 11 Peanut Butter PC 3.0 Double Anti-Spy $7.95 direct per month $24.95 direct $24.95 direct Professional 1.4 $29.95 direct Ll l h m Ll h m m Ll h m m Ll l h m • Engaging protected online • New filtering technology • Limits young children to • Uses two anti-malware environment for kids improves security parent-selected content engines for enhanced • Offers social interac- • Easy to set up and use • Limits use of CD/DVD detection tion without sharing any • Per-user settings if drive and printer • Detected most malware personal information desired • Safe, simple browser samples PROS • Parents can monitor • Browser-independent • Includes new interactive • Very effective against activity remotely • New lower price elements commercial keyloggers • Can use on multiple com- • Blocks rootkit installation puters well • Starting in grade school, • A child with Administrator • Kids can accidentally • Large download, slow kids will find the program access can modify logs break out of controlled updates, slow scans more and more limiting • Filtering can be subverted environment • Didn’t thoroughly clean • In testing, the interactive by secure anonymizing • Photos, songs, and videos up all detected malware features lagged hours proxy always appear in the • Less effective against CONS behind real time • Many features from previ- same order modified samples ous edition removed • Missed an adult site in testing KidZui lets youngsters surf This completely rewrit- Peanut Butter PC’s two This product’s two antivirus the Web, play games, view ten parental control utility aims are to amuse your engines double its detect- videos and interact socially focuses on blocking access kids and keep them from ing power, but it doesn’t online, “just like Mommy to undesirable Web sites, doing any harm to your clean up as well as it BOTTOM LINE and Daddy.” The protected shedding a variety of other files. Though this version detects. environment is extremely features in the process. includes more interactive lively, but don’t expect elements, it doesn’t strike older kids to still like it. us as exciting enough for a toddler. Product name in RED indicates Editors’ Choice.36 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • IPHONE APPS GAMESBing for iPhone 1.0 Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Spore Hero Arena Tekken 6Free Inside Story $29.99 direct $59.99 direct $34.99 directLl l h m Ll l l l Ll h m m Ll l l m• Slick design and UI • Funny dialogue • Decent graphics, particu- • Smooth 3D fighting game• Excellent image search • Utilizes DS controls to the larly in the cut scenes • A plethora of characters to• Free fullest fight with and against • Fast paced• No shopping help or visual • Lengthy dialogue scenes • Frustrating fight scenes • Story mode is long and not search • Bad implementation of DS as fun as arcade mode• News results not as com- controls prehensive as Google’s• Movie searches are a messBing’s iPhone app doesn’t The latest Mario title fea- This spinoff is just a shadow If you like fighting gamesrevolutionize mobile search, tures witty dialogue, good of its predecessor. you’ll like Tekken 6.but it gets a lot right and graphics, helpful instruc-competes well with Google. tions, while getting the most out the DS’s features. Visit pcmag.com for the full reviews of these and scores of other software products. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 37
    • jOhN C. DvOrAkThis Is Not theAuto IndustryM any people lament the radio (perhaps foreshadowing the PC mor- fact that newsstands are phing into a servant of the cloud), the raw not covered with as many interest in radios as a transcendent inven- computer magazines as tion that would change the world faded. The car magazines, health magazines went from dozens to a few goodmagazines, or any other number of specialty ones to nothing today except trade journalspublications. serving the industry itself. And though much of the disappearancecan be accounted for by the Internet and The Magic of Car Magazinesthe hordes of amateurs commenting up the You then contrast this phenomenon withnews and new products, I think the real cul- the same pattern that evolved with automo-prit is the cycle of coverage. By this I mean biles. The enthusiast cycle for automobilesthat the computer and its software as a tar- began with the magazines, and the slow butget for attention is waning naturally. eventual commercialization and institution- First of all, the entire modern computer alization largely killed the enthusiast. Butscene reflects an enthusiast’s popularity look! Car magazines thrive.curve. Anyone who has studied the rise and It doesn’t take too much to notice thatfall of magazines will go back to the early there is a fundamental difference between1900s when radios were the rage. This was radios, computers, and cars. Cars, unlikebefore broadcast radio and when everything almost any other aspect of a changing tech-was an experiment with enthusiasts building nology that creates enthusiasts, are usefuland using radios and extolling their virtues. almost forever if they are maintained. There were a slew of magazines about I suppose one of you could pull out yourradios with fascinating information. As com- old TRS-80 and boot it up and write a termmercial radio began supplanting personal paper, but what’s the point? Does anyone38 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • I would bet that half of the people who are writing about computers today have a Trojan on their machines.perceive that as cool? Have you ever been magazine, PC/Computing, and decidedto someone’s house and found a CP/M com- out of the blue to change it to Smart Busi-puter and thought it was great? A classic! ness and keep the same writers. So you had Cars at almost any age are functional and people who knew a lot about computersfun. More important, at some point certain suddenly writing articles about how to run acars were also considered art works. Thus business. That was that for the magazine.they became collectibles. The only com- But Smart Business was not the onlyputer collectibles are probably the Apple 1 casualty. Too many magazines veered intocomputer or maybe the IBM PC (maybe). spending too much time swooning over Web sites that did little more than simpleComputer Press: Where’s the Beef? e-commerce or collect and store contactBut unlike information on cars and radios, lists. Every niche was filled and commentedinformation on computers is needed more upon to an extreme. The problem was thatthan ever. And yet, today’s computer press none of it was interesting.is not telling us about the Intel pinout on The trouble with computer magazines isthe new chips or about some weird Trojan that they appeal to a narrow group of hob-Horse threat. I would bet money that half of byists, early adopters and sysop/IT pros.the people writing about computers today There are not a lot of housewives who casu-have a Trojan on their machines. ally pick them up for fun reading. The audience has been balkanized, too. So now you are reading me here in digital-It all began with the Internet dot-com col- magazine form. Is this the future? The goodlapse. Numerous publications lost their way news is that the pad computing platformmostly because of a seemingly fickle audi- and e-readers look to finally be coming intoence that was flocking to the Industry Stan- their own not as notepad computers, butdard and the go-go nature of the tech IPO as content-delivery mechanisms for books,market. Everyone took their eye off the ball newspapers and magazines. Voila! There isand started looking at the money. a chance that magazines like this and others Credibility slowly became an issue in some may thrive and even grow.camps. My all-time favorite bonehead move DvorAk LIve on The Web John’s Internet TVwas when the now long-gone management show airs every Wednesday at 3:30 ET on Cranky-of the previous Ziff Davis Media took a rea- Geeks.com. You can download back episodessonably successful and mildly profitable whenever you like. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 39
    • SASCHA SEGANDead Zones ForeverA pparently, the road to beat- The 4G Fallacy ing AT&T isn’t on Verizon’s Sprint/Clearwire/Comcast say they cover map. While consumers ham- Philadelphia and Las Vegas with their WiMAX mered AT&T over the past six network, and they’ll take your money for it. months about dropped calls But I know that “Sprint 4G” doesn’t work atand capacity problems, they still handed the the Mayfair Diner in Philly or the Flamingocarrier the most new subscriptions during Hotel in Vegas. Sprint promised speeds of 6the last quarter of 2009. So it’s a good thing Mbps, but over multiple tests in Philadelphia,Apple’s getting into the game. Baltimore, and Las Vegas, I haven’t seen AT&T’s success is coming mainly because those numbers consistently.of the iPhone, analysts seem to agree. Ver- Beyond dead zones, wireless networksizon’s somewhat lower, albeit still impres- also have lousy quality of service. I’m notsive, numbers come in large part from the just talking about dropped calls, which usedMotorola Droid, the Wall Street crowd says. to be a much worse problem than they areBoth carriers also experienced success in now. I’m talking about Internet-style QOS—their “wholesale” businesses, powering the the ability to deliver a reliable stream ofAmazon Kindle and various prepaid ser- bandwidth with low latency, uninterrupted,vices. That’s sure to ramp up further as AT&T for a long period of time. Think about howsubscribers pick up their new iPads. 3G networks are sold: You could get speeds But what about service quality? Ameri- anywhere from 400 Kbps up to 2 Mbps,cans seem prepared to put up with a shred- depending on the weather.ded map of overburdened networks, as It’s much harder to deliver a consistentlong as they get the cool phones they want. experience in a wireless context than overThey’ll complain, sure, but will they leave? wires, of course. But it’s worth talking andThe numbers don’t seem to tell that story. thinking about. AT&T has gotten the most flak for havingan overburdened network, and it admits it’s Why Carriers Might Not Want Qualityworking on the problem. But it’s not alone. If you’re of a conspiratorial mindset, a cer-40 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Carriers preventing wobbly connections will just encourage users to slam the networks.tain lack of quality actually promotes some Is 4G The Answer?of the carriers’ agendas. The new fourth-generation networks, LTE Dead zones don’t serve the carriers. and WiMAX, look like they may provideHigh-quality data service (and I’m talking the answer to the wireless quality prob-QOS, not speed) is typically used for three lem. They’re supposed to deliver more thanthings: video streaming, gaming, and VoIP. enough bandwidth for everyone.Two out of three of these are big headaches Sprint’s stuttering WiMAX build-outfor wireless carriers’ overburdened data shows that the key isn’t just the technology.networks. It’s about how you build the network. You Video streaming, of course, is the biggest see the same problem with AT&T, with itsdata hog in the universe. Video streaming spotty service in New York City. Its HSDPAcan suck a network dry and leave it crum- 7.2 is potentially a much faster technologybling to dust. VoIP, meanwhile, takes voice than Verizon’s CDMA EV-DO, but how youcalls off of carriers’ paid-for, dedicated voice build the network is what really matters.networks and moves them onto crowded We’re going to have the same basic play-data networks. ers as today building the next generation of So carriers may not see why they need networks. We’re going to have the same con-to prevent connections from being wobbly. sumers who want the next awesome phoneThat will just encourage users to slam the and are willing to put up with dropped callsnetworks. for it. And we’ll probably have the same FCC The users, meanwhile, seem to be buy- rules, with their basically hands-off, market-ing devices rather than networks. They’ve oriented approach. The Obama FCC hasaccepted dead zones and fluctuating been good at asking questions, but I haven’tspeeds as a fact of life. really seen the agency show teeth. The iPad is only going to stress AT&T’s I don’t see a solution coming soon. As wenetwork further, but that didn’t seem to con- shift from a wired to a wireless nation, we’recern Apple as they thought of the product’s giving up universal phone service and reli-potential success. Steve Jobs streamed live able bandwidth for the flexibility of mobility,baseball games during his iPad demo, and minus some dead zones, dropped calls, andthat’s about as intense as data usage gets. slow connections. Sadly, it looks like Amer-But maybe AT&T has trained users by now ica has accepted that trade-off.to turn to their network of Wi-Fi hotspots STAY PHONE-SMART Keep up with the latestif they want a truly reliable, high-bandwidth on smartphones by reading Sascha’s column atconnection. go.pcmag.com/segan. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 41
    • DAN COSTARose-Colored 3DGlassesT he big story in 2010, espe- was spectacular, but I have to admit that cially at January’s Consumer the 3D effects fell flat. Although parts of the Electronics Show (CES), is the picture would pop, the rest of the screen seemingly inevitable march seemed to suffer for it. More often than not, toward 3D TV. Nearly every the effects distracted from the story insteadmajor manufacturer announced a high-end of enhancing it. For example, there was one3D HDTV in January, including Sony, Vizio, scene in which some insects buzzing in theand LG. (Sharp was the exception.) foreground really caught me, but other than And there will be new 3D content: Sony that, I think I would have preferred watch-and the Discovery Channel will partner on ing the movie in plain old 2D, as long as itrolling out an all-3D channel, and ESPN has included IMAX, Dolby Surround, and a reallyalready started plugging the upcoming comfy seat.ESPN 3D on SportsCenter. Add in the good What’s more, the viewing experiencetiming of the country’s blockbuster movie for me became less about the story andAvatar—earning $650 million and count- more about spotting 3D effects. That nov-ing—which is also in 3D, by the way. But elty might fade with time, but so will thethere is just one little problem that no one at patience with wearing those silly glasses.CES discussed and no one even now seems If you want a formula for failure, ask yourto want to talk about: 3D TV just doesn’t customers to change their behavior to uselook very good. your product. Wearing 3D glasses is tolera- ble for an event like Avatar, but are the guysThe Downside of 3D really going to gather around for the Sun-I saw Avatar in 3D at an IMAX theater. I liked day games wearing goggles? Probably not.the movie, and I didn’t even mind wearing Definitely not, if the effects are as poor asthose goofy cardboard glasses. The film what I saw at CES.42 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Despite my reservations, I do think there is a future for 3D TV. It just isn’t in the near future.The Real Costs would consider just buying a DVD player or,If that weren’t enough, you must also con- incidentally, a Blu-ray player without somesider the major expense of retrofitting your built-in Internet streaming capability.) Ofliving room for 3D. For most consumers, the course, prices will fall, but not in 2010. Prob-privilege of watching a 3D version of Avatar ably not even in 2011.at home could cost as much as $4,000 afteryou factor in the cost of a 3D-capable TV Gamers as Early Adoptersand 3D-compliant Blu-ray player. After all, The one group with whom I see 3D catchinga big reason vendors are pushing 3D is so on faster is gamers. Nvidia and others arethey can start selling HDTVs for more than pushing 3D programming into gaming—and$1,000 again. (One savvy PC Mag staffer it is working. Gamers tend to be patient withfound a 47-inch Sharp LCD HDTV that does new technologies, especially if those tech-full 1080p for just $800. Score!) The econ- nologies increase the realism of game play.omy might be turning upward, but nonethe- Can you imagine a bunch of geeks huddledless, not many of us can afford high-end TVs in front of their TVs playing Call of Duty:these days. Modern Warfare 3 in 3D? Yeah, me too. Despite my reservations, I do think thereRemembering 3D’s History is a future for 3D TV. It just isn’t in the nearI should note that 3D TVs have been on the future. In many ways, the advent of 3D ismarket for years. Mitsubishi has been tout- akin to the early days of HD, where thereing the 3D capabilities of its DLP HDTVs, were a handful of channels that a patheti-mainly as a key differentiator for games. Did cally small number of people could actu-you know that? No? That probably means ally watch. Who am I to argue with researchthere hasn’t been a huge market for such firms like DisplaySearch, which predicts theproducts. In a post-Avatar and ESPN 3D 3D TV market will reach $1.1 billion in 2010world, that will certainly change. But it will and swell to $15.8 billion by 2015? That mayalso take a while before 3D TV really goes be, but Dan Costa Research guesstimatesmainstream. those sets will be showing 2D content 92 I’m not being naive about costs; they will percent of the time they are on.come down eventually. When the hordes And if anyone tells you differently, thosehowled at the $1,000 price tags for Blu- aren’t 3D goggles they are wearing—they’reray players a few years back, I told people rose-colored glasses.to relax and wait for the volumes to bring TALK bACK To DAn E-mail your thoughts toprices down. Now, for just $150, no one dan_costa@pcmag.com. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 43
    • Year of the It’s not a new concept, but the tablet is back with new hype, thanks to Apple. In case you were hiding under a rock the past several weeks, Apple made another big announcement for another slick gadget for the masses—this time, the iPad. Apple hopes this new device will be a game changer in the tablet market, which seems to be on more minds than just Apple’s right now. Could 2010 be the true year of the tablet? Perhaps in anticipation of the iPad hype, several manufacturers such as Motorola, Dell, Notion Ink, and ICD introduced new takes on the tab- let at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January. Like the iPad, these concepts are designed for activities like Web surfing, read- ing e-books, and watching videos, but have no intention of replacing your primary computer. Nvidia made a lot of these tablet prototypes, such as those by Notion Ink and ICD, possible, with the launch of its Tegra 2 platform. The platform features an ARM CPU—a proven plat- form in smartphones—and an Nvidia GeForce graphics chipset, which is well-known as a video-playback and gaming platform. Then there are convertible tablets—full-blown PCs running full- blown operating systems. They have built-in keyboards and pens, with the latter being used in sales, design, and the health-care industry. How do you know which type of tablet is best for you? It all depends on what you need it for, says laptops analyst Cisco Cheng. If you want one merely for entertainment and light Web use and plan to take it with you wherever you go, tablets like the iPad or the JooJoo make the most sense. But if you’re going to mix business with pleasure, you’ll need something more substantial, like a convertible tablet. Here is a sampling of both tablets and convertible tablets. We’ve rated those that are available now. The rest will be out soon, and our comments are based on brief hands-on time we’ve had with them.44 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Tablet? IPAD OPPONENT? India’s Notion Ink tablet could make waves in the U.S. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 45
    • TabletsApple iPadThe long-anticipated iPad, which will begin ered by an Intel or Samsung chip. Accordingshipping this month, features a 9.7-inch, full to Apple, the iPad gets 10 hours of batterycapacitive Multi-Touch IPS display, weighs 1.5 life and features a month of standby time onpounds and measures 0.5 inches thick. Pric- a single charge.ing starts at $499 and is far lower than the The iPad has a built-in iTunes Store, forearly $1,000 projections of many analysts. It music playback. It can also do video, natu-includes Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11n Wi-Fi, but rally, either via iTunes for movies and TV3G capability is available for an additional shows, or via third-party apps like YouTube$130 (3G data plans through AT&T will range and YouTube HD. The device syncs to Macsbetween $14.99 and $29.99 per month). and PCs via USB in much the same manner For the chipset, the company went in- as the iPhone, so users can transfer contenthouse, designing a 1-GHz Apple A4, contrary like movies and music from iTunes.to rumors that the device would be pow- Apple’s e-book reader for the iPad, iBooks,46 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Apple iPad 16GB, $499 direct; 32GB, $599; 64GB, $699 Not yet rated CLICk hErE fOr MOrEis the result of a partnership with a group of spreadsheets on the device. The device canmajor publishers, which provide content for also view slides in Keynote and PDF files viathe device’s online book store, the iBook- Adobe Acrobat. iWork applications will runStore. Unlike the Kindle, the iPad displays $9.99 apiece and will be compatible withtitles in full color. The screen’s animation Macs and projectors.lets users flip quickly through the pages of Apple is also offering a number of acces-the book. Users can even change the font sories for the device, including two docks.of the books they’re reading. The device uti- The first is a picture dock, which lets thelizes the nearly universal ePub format for its device stand upright for video and imagetitles. viewing. The other has a built-in keyboard, For more business-minded users Apple transforming the iPad into a more fully func-has developed a special iPad version of tioning netbook of sorts. Apple’s case alsoiWork, making it possible to create and view lets the device stand upright.—Brian Heater MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 47
    • Notion Ink $400 list (estimated) Not yet rated CLICk hErE fOr MOrENotion InkThe Notion Ink tablet, the most promis- to two-fingered touch, which worked prettying of the Tegra 2 tablets to be unveiled at well in one of Notion Ink’s demo apps.CES, runs on the dual-core ARM Cortex A9 The back of the unit features a small touchand a GeForce GPU. The company is based panel for navigating so that the front panelin India, and there’s definitely a lot of use- doesn’t get dirty. It has a built-in acceler-ful technology in this device if it were to ometer, permitting the device to switchever come out in the United States. Though between portrait and landscape modemade of plastic, it feels really nice in your when the device itself is rotated. Featureshands, with one side thicker than the other include an HDMI port, three USB ports, andso that you have a better grip on it. It runs built-in 3G and Wi-Fi wireless. It will runon a 10-inch display, with a 1,024-by-600 on the Google Android (Version 2.0) plat-resolution. The 10-inch display supports up form.—Cisco Cheng48 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • ICD Vega Not yet rated Price unknown CLICk hErE fOr MOrEICD VegaThis Tegra 2 Tablet was used at CES to The Vega felt the least sturdy out of thedemo Verizon’s latest 4G technology. At group of Tegra 2 tablets we saw, but it’s7 inches, it has one of the smallest wide- also the lightest. (This is a very early unit,screens of the bunch, offering the choice of so the verdict on how it handles is obvi-a resistive or a capacitive touch panel (the ously not final). The side of the unit fea-one on display used capacitive touch). tures a mini HDMI port, a micro SD slot, and Below the screen is a physical button that what looks like a proprietary port. It runstakes you back to the home screen, or in this on a 32-GB SSD and 512MB of RAM, and itcase, the desktop environment in Google will have embedded 3G, GPS, and Wi-Fi.Android 2.0. —CC MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 49
    • JooJoo$499 listNot yet ratedCLICk hErE fOr MOrEJooJooFormerly known as the CrunchPad, this tab- through them with your finger as you wouldlet is currently available only for pre-order on the iPhone.in the U.S., but nonetheless has received a Our hands-on experience: boot one up,significant amount of press for its owner- and within 8 seconds you’re staring at aship battles between TechCrunch’s Michael somewhat clunky interface on the 12.1-inchArrington and Fusion Garage chief Chandra touch screen, with large, bold shortcuts toRathakrishnan. (For details on the drama, a number of Web sites and Internet apps.click here). But time and again, whatever we wanted to The 12.1-inch tablet comes in black and do with the JooJoo was frustrated by thehas a capacitive touch screen, enough interface, hardware, or Wi-Fi connection—agraphic power to deliver full high-definition big problem for a device like this. With novideo, offline capabilities, and a 4GB solid- Internet connectivity, the JooJoo’s useful-state drive, though “most of the storage is ness quotient tanks. Another negative fordone in the cloud,” said Rathakrishnan. He the JooJoo: no 3G options.promised 5 hours of battery life. We did, however, like the JooJoo’s soft- In a demo Rathakrishnan gave during a ware keyboard: click a text-entry box, andrecent webcast, the device powered on in a large, touch-enabled keyboard pops up.about 10 seconds, and showed icons for Data entry is straightforward, and the deviceWeb-based services like Twitter, Hulu, CNN, helpfully adds a “.com” key when entering aand Gmail, though the JooJoo will not come Web address, something we wish Google’spre-loaded with any apps. You can scroll Android phones would do.—Mark Hachman50 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • Convertible TabletsLenovo ThinkPadX200 Tablet (Multitouch)$2,000 directll l l m2.13-GHz Intel Core 2 DuoL9600; 160GB hard drive; 4GBSDRAM; Intel GMA 4500MHDgraphics; 802.11n Wi-Fi; 12.1-inchwidescreen; 4.2 pounds;Windows 7 Professional.CLICk hErE fOr MOrELenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet(Multitouch)Windows XP Tablet Edition put tablet PCs guessed, adds multitouch capabilities, andon the map. Vista improved its handwriting they deliver with gestures that work as wellrecognition. Now, Windows 7 adds multi- as neat and fun multitouch software. Payingtouch. Will this be the year convertible $125 extra for a touch panel may be tough fortablets earn their mainstream credentials? a business manager to approve, but nothingWell, that’s up to tablet makers like Lenovo. is taken away from what’s already a trium-The tablet pioneer has forged its reputa- phant digital pen experience; thus, it retainstion with its X200 Tablet series, which has its Editors’ Choice in the tablet category.few equals. The X200, if you haven’t already —CCProduct name in rED indicates Editors’ Choice. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 51
    • fujitsu LifeBook T5010Like the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet you don’t have to apply any sort of pressure(Multitouch), The T5010 is a convertible against the screen—similar to the iPhone’stablet that gives you three vital tools for touch functions.data input: a keyboard, a digital pen, and It responded well when we used ournow, multitouch. fingertips to launch applications, navi- The digitized and multitouch panels are gate around Windows Vista Business,both developed by Wacom, whereas the and surf the Web. Though the designHP TX2z uses another company (N-trig) to lacks style and the battery life coulddevelop the multitouch portion. The T5010 use some pick-me-up, the T5010 over-uses capacitive touch, instead of resistive, so all delivers a solid tablet experience.—CCFujitsu LifeBook T5010$1,859 directll l h m2.53-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo P8700;80GB hard drive; 2GB SDRAM;Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics;802.11n Wi-Fi; 13.3-inch widescreen;5 pounds; Windows Vista Business.CLICk hErE fOr MOrE52 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • HP TouchSmart tm2 $949 direct Not yet rated Intel Core 2 Duo SU 9600; 500GB hard drive; 4GB SDRAM; 12.1-inch wide- screen. CLICk hErE fOr MOrEhP TouchSmart tm2When HP launched the TouchSmart tx2, it lid. The laptop has an HD LED convertiblewas the first convertible laptop for consum- screen. It adds a FireWire port, as well asers featuring multitouch technology. Now, an HDMI port. Like the tx2, it has three USBwith its successor, the HP TouchSmart tm2, ports. The touchpad is oversized.HP aims to take the touch experience up The tm2 can be used either as a tradi-another notch. tional laptop or as a slate tablet. The screen The tm2 continues to have a multitouch rotates to lie flat on top of the keyboard; youcapacitive display, but now comes with a can use the bundled digital pen to “write”digitized pen stylus for use when the tm2 is on the screen.in tablet mode, as well as a consumer ultra- With the CULV processor, HP is obviouslylow voltage (CULV) processor. The tm2 has focused on extending battery life. In fact, itan aluminum finish covering the entire chas- claims that the tm2 can last over 9.5 hourssis, with an in-mold design (IMD), which with its standard 6-cell battery.HP dubbed “Riptide,” emblazoned on the —Laarni Almendrala Ragaza MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 53
    • SolutionsFrom PC to Mac:Making the Switchif you’re used to Windows Pcs, transitioning to a Mac may not be assimple as you think. Follow our new-user tips. By David EpsteinM acs are elegant; Macs are trackpad, and if you like to customize every- powerful; Macs are, for thing possible, these tips should save you a the time being, remark- fair bit of time and annoyance. ably safe from infection. Right-click. You probably already know But when people tell you that life with Windows is made easier bythat Macs are “intuitive,” you’re well within right-clicking wherever possible to viewyour rights to sneer. In my ten years of using the context menu. Contextual options areMacs, I’ve found them no more intuitive than just the ticket to learning more about whatWindows PCs, perhaps even a little less so. If you can do in any particular situation. On ayou’re a recent or prospective switcher, you Mac, right-click is Ctrl-click. Depending onmight avoid some trial and error by dipping which Mac hardware you’re using, you caninto the following grab bag of factoids and also configure your mouse or trackpad toadvice. respond to actual right-clicking (you’ll find that option under Apple | System Prefer-File Management ences). Whichever way you do it, do it con-Just like Windows, Mac OS X organizes stantly and you’ll never stop learning.information as files within directories. Find the FindeR. The Finder—Apple’sBeyond that, there are differences that may rough equivalent of Windows Explorer—istake a few seconds to puzzle out, and some what lets you navigate files and folders onthat will be more frustrating—it largely your Mac. (People have strong opinions ondepends on your computing style. If you like the relative merits of the two interfaces; I’llto use the keyboard more than the mouse or keep mine to myself and just mention a few54 Pc MAgAZine digitAl editiOn MARCH 2010
    • 62 SecuRiTy 64 Office/OS Erase personal data from your Customize Windows 7 phone remotely to make it your very own You’re also using the Finder when you per- form basic housekeeping functions such as dragging a file from one folder to another. OPEN fILEs IN vArIOus wAys. As in Win- dows, you can double-click on a file or application icon to open it. If you’re slow of mouse-thumb, other options are to press Cmd-o or Cmd-Down Arrow. Just don’t expect to open a file by pressing Enter! In Windows this opens a file; in OS X, it lets you edit the filename. CusTOMIZE ThE fINDEr vIEw. You can set preferences in the Finder, but—in a prime example of what isn’t intuitive about a Mac— most of these preferences are not in thefILE AssOCIATIONs To assign a specific app to Finder’s Preferences menu. Instead, they’rea file type, start by pressing Cmd-i on the file. hidden under the View | Show View Options menu—and the options here will differ indifferences.) You’ll know you’re in the Finder, accordance with how you’re currently dis-as opposed to another application, because playing files (as icons, as a list, or in columns).the word Finder will appear on the top left Take some time to explore the settings here;corner of the screen. After that, pressing they can make a big difference in your every-Cmd-n (don’t press Shift to make it a capi- day interactions with the Mac.tal or it’ll be a different command) will open ChOOsE yOur sIDEbAr. One thing I recom-a folder-navigation window. If you prefer, mend, for convenience, is to customize whatyou can do this in one step by clicking on appears in the left-hand sidebar of folder-the little blue smiley at the far-left side of the navigation windows. You can do some ofDock. Just like Windows Explorer, Finder is this under Finder | Preferences | Sidebar,always open, even if there’s no Finder win- and you can also drag elements (such asdow open. As you navigate through the win- folder icons) directly into the sidebar, or pulldow (say, by double-clicking on a folder to them off. This is a good way to make yourshow its contents), you’re using the Finder. commonly used folders more quickly avail- MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 55
    • sOlutiOns MAc tiPsable to you. that will pop up, and set the Open with disPlAy extensiOns. Another thing I rec- option. You’ll have the option of applyingommend, for the sake of avoiding surprises your choice to all such files (for example,or confusion, is to go into Finder | Prefer- you can choose to have every JPEG openences and check Show all file extensions. with Photoshop instead of Preview). undeRstAnd A key diFFeRence: exten- 3. Here’s a quick-and-dirty third waysiOns. Speaking of file extensions, Macs do that will never occur to the average Win-use them the same way Windows PCs do— dows user: Just change the extension. Forto determine which application should open example, a plain-text file that ends in .txta file—but this is a relatively recent develop- will normally open in the Mac’s TextEditment, and it continues to coexist with the utility, but if you change its extension toMac’s older way of doing things: Some files .doc, it will open in Word.are stored with a property called creator, chAnge icOns. Now that you know howwhich, if present, can override the effect to “get info” on a file or folder (Cmd-i), youof the filename extension. You’ll probably also know how to change its icon. Just dragnever need to view or change a file’s creator and drop (or paste) an image onto the icon(though there are third-party utilities that that appears in the upper left-hand cornerlet you do so); I mention this mostly so that of its Get Info window. The image should beyou’ll know why your Mac can sometimes approximately 128-by-128 pixels.open a file whose name has no extension.The Save dialogs in some Mac applications Finder tips and trickswill give you the choice to use extensions or Here are few more things that shouldnot. Definitely use extensions if you plan to improve your relationship with the Finder:send files to your Windows-using friends. nO RegRets. Cmd-z will undo whateverYour Mac might know that MyWordFile you just did in the Finder.should open in Word, but Windows won’t— MOve On uP. Cmd-UpArrow will take youthe file needs to be called MyWordFile.doc. to the folder one level up from the one you’re custOMiZe File AssOciAtiOns. And currently in—that’s called the “enclosingspeaking of determining which application folder” or the “parent directory.”opens a file, there are at least two ways you yOu ARe heRe. This one’s beautiful: Cmd-can customize that. clicking directly on the name of the folder 1. To open a file with a particular appli- (at the top of its window) will give you a cation just once, Ctrl-click on the file’s icon navigable drop-down display of its path— and choose Open with…. meaning that you’ll see what folder it’s in, 2. To make a choice that your Mac will and what folder that’s in, and so on, and you remember, Get Info on the file (select the can click on any of the folder names to navi- file, then press Cmd-i), go into the window gate directly there.56 Pc MAgAZine digitAl editiOn MARCH 2010
    • Find A File’s PAth Cmd-Click on a folder to find a display of its path—in which folders it resides. Better still, this trick also works for most bar of its window will update accordingly.documents: If you’re working on a Worddocument and you have no idea what folder the dockit’s actually in, just Cmd-click on the docu- The Dock—that cartoonish thing at the bot-ment’s name at the top of its window, and tom of your display—does several valuableyou’ll be immediately oriented. things and is pretty customizable. The Dock If you liked the Windows option of always functions like an amalgamation of Windows’displaying your path (the Address bar) as Quick Launch bar and the taskbar.you navigated through folders, you can have icOns tO the leFt. To the left of its verti-the Finder do the same: Find the option cal separator bar, the Dock displays icons forunder View; check Show Path Bar. For me, any applications you might want to launchthe most efficient way to use the Finder is to quickly (with a single click). Don’t settle forkeep everything in List view (so that you can what Apple put there. If there’s somethingalways see dates and file sizes) while keep- you don’t plan to use on the Dock, pull it uping the Path Bar displayed at the bottom so and out; it will vanish. Populate the Dock bythat you can, say, move a file up to its enclos- dragging in icons for frequently used appli-ing folder. cations from the Applications folder. Drag univeRsAl PRevieW. The Quick Look fea- them left or right to arrange them; and noteture lets you take, well, a quick look at the the little marker under each applicationcontents of a large number of files without that’s currently open.bothering to open the applications associ- icOns tO the Right. To the right of theated with them. Just select the files’ icons— vertical separator bar, you’ll see icons foras many files as you like—then press the any windows you’ve minimized (as well asspacebar. There may be a delay of a few sec- the garbage). By the way, you don’t haveonds, but then you’ll see the contents of the to hit that tiny yellow button to minimize afirst selected file, and you can use the arrow window. Go to Apple | System Preferenceskeys to navigate among the rest. | Appearance, and choose Minimize when RenAMe FReely. Try renaming a file while double-clicking a window title bar. Now youit’s open. Why? Because you can. The title can be a lot less precise with your pointer MARCH 2010 Pc MAgAZine digitAl editiOn 57
    • sOlutiOns MAc tiPsvieW MORe OPtiOns Whenever yousee a button with a triangle pointingdownward, it means there are more op-tions that are hidden. To view them, justclick on the triangle.when you want to minimize a window. Alter- open windows to the front, or aborting thenatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut launch of an application that you hadn’tCmd-m. meant to open. set dOck PReFeRence. Preferences forthe Dock are available on the Apple menu. OrganizationYou can make it stand on its hind legs on the To make the most of your Mac, you shouldleft-hand or right-hand side of your screen know a few things about how its hard disk israther than lazing along the bottom; you can organized. Double-click on the drive’s iconmake it hide itself when you’re not using it; in the upper right-hand corner of the desk-you can make it stop animatedly arching its top, and let’s look at what’s there.back when you run the pointer over it. There APPlicAtiOns. This folder is equivalent toare third-party utilities that will tweak the the Program Files folder on a Windows PC.Dock’s appearance further, but such tools In the Finder, you can always go straight tocan stop working when Apple provides sys- your Applications folder by pressing Cmd-tem updates—something that doesn’t typi- A (that’s a capital A—Cmd-Shift-a) or bycally happen with Windows updates, and a choosing Go | Applications from the menugood thing to keep in mind. bar. While we’re here, let me tell you some- Find the dOck’s sPeciAl POWeRs. Do a thing nice about applications on a Mac:lot of Ctrl-clicking (or right-clicking) in the They’re usually self-contained, meaning thatDock. You’ll get options such as closing an you can simply drag and drop an applica-application without bothering to bring its tion to a new location and it will run—there’s58 Pc MAgAZine digitAl editiOn MARCH 2010
    • no Windows-like Registry into which it can libRARy. This is your library rather thanspread its tentacles, so you usually don’t the system’s. One thing you’ll find here isneed a special installer program. Obviously, your bookmarks: If you use Safari, they’reyou will never exploit this knowledge to copy in a folder called Safari under the filenameprograms illegally. Similarly, simply deleting Bookmarks.plist. Firefox users will need tothe application’s icon tends to neatly unin- drill down through the Application Supportstall the program. folder (or search for a file called bookmarks). libRARy. This is where the system and You’ll also find a Library folder called Prefer-various applications store information that ences, which is where your applications willthey need—things such as fonts and Inter- generally store any preference settings younet plug-ins (applications that your Web make.browser runs automatically so that it can Public contains a folder called Drop Box,play video files and display PDFs). Until where other users on your Mac can drop filesyou’ve learned a lot more, keep out! for you without being able to see what else systeM. This is, as you’d expect, where the is in the folder.operating system lives. Again, keep out. sites is where you might want to store useRs. Okay, now we’re home: Users is local files for any Web sites you create.the equivalent of the Documents and Set-tings folder on a Windows XP PC. Each per-son with an account on your Mac will have afolder here; that folder is called your homedirectory. This is the folder you want to backup; it’s what makes your Mac yours. Double-click on it and you’ll see: desktOP, dOcuMents, And dOWnlOAds.No tricks here. The Desktop is your desktop,Documents is the default for saving docu-ments, and Downloads is where Safari willdefault to saving anything you download. MOvies, Music, And PictuRes. The Musicfolder probably contains your iTunes musicfiles (unless you’ve told iTunes not to storemusic there). It also contains a file called“iTunes Library,” which doesn’t actuallycontain any music—it’s just a database ofthe songs that your copy of iTunes knows PdFs in A snAP You can easily create a PDFabout. from the Print dialog. MARCH 2010 Pc MAgAZine digitAl editiOn 59
    • sOlutiOns MAc tiPs tAsk MAnAgeR, MAc style Activity Monitor can show you every currently running process and allow you to force-quit any of them.saving, Printing, Finding the engine that drives the little search barBy default, the Print and Save dialogs for you’ll find at the top of any Finder window.most applications are pretty sparse-look- When you perform a Spotlight search thating. That’s deceptive. See the downward- way, your results will be displayed with thepointing triangle in the blue box? Click on it option of limiting them to the current folder,to display a lot of options that are otherwise and with the option of searching file con-hidden. tents or only filenames. PdF it. While you’re in the Print dialog, If you’re accustomed to using Googlenote the inconspicuous button marked PDF. Desktop on a Windows PC, you know that itClicking on it will give you a drop-down does something Spotlight can’t: It displaysmenu that includes Save as PDF. What this your results with snippets of the surround-means is that anything you can print, you ing text, just like a regular Google searchcan convert to a PDF instead of printing. No does. You can download a Mac version ofmore printing and losing online receipts. Google Desktop to gain this feature, but I’ve seARch With sPOtlight. This hard drive found that doing so slows things down asearch tool needs an article all its own, so I bit, perhaps because Spotlight and Googlewon’t try to do more than tell you what it is. Desktop are both continuously indexingYour Mac maintains a Spotlight index that your files. A nice alternative is to downloadincludes not just filenames, but also every the freeware application SpotInside, whichword within each file, and Spotlight will uses Spotlight’s index but displays results infetch results accordingly. Click on the mag- context with snippets of text, Google-style.nifying glass in the top right-hand corner MAnAge WindOWs With exPOsé. Withand enter a word to begin. Spotlight is also Exposé, one will sweep aside all open win-60 Pc MAgAZine digitAl editiOn MARCH 2010
    • dows to reveal your Desktop (until you press open windows is Cmd-Tab on the Mac. Actu-the key again); another key will push all your ally, Cmd-Tab switches among open appli-open windows out of each other’s way so cations. Use Cmd-~ to switch among openthat you can choose among them by hover- windows in a particular application. Buting the pointer over them; a third key will do once you get used to the Exposé feature,the same, but only for windows in the front- you might not care about this anyway.most application. Which key does which eRAse bidiRectiOnAlly. Most Mac usersfunction will depend on your Mac, and you seem to use the Delete key exclusively. It’scan change it under Apple | System Prefer- in the same spot on a Mac keyboard that theences | Exposé and Spaces. Backspace occupies on non-Mac keyboards, chAnge eveRy shORtcut. Under Apple and it deletes characters backward from the| System Preferences | Keyboard, you can cursor, just like a Backspace key. But you cancreate a keyboard shortcut for any preexist- use Fn-Delete on a Mac to delete forward.ing menu item. This can be done systemwide All-stOP. If you’re old enough to remem-or for individual applications. ber when the Break key on a PC did some- thing, you’ll want to know about Cmd-periodMiscellaneous Windows-to-Mac issues on a Mac. In many applications, it cancelsHere are some questions that come up whatever is happening. Try that or thequite a bit, in my experience. They’re a bit Escape key before you try what’s next.hodgepodge, but you can’t argue with Quit it. Ctrl-Alt-Delete on a Windows PCexperience. (to bring up the Task Manager when some- cOMMAnd And cOntROl. Often enough, if thing seems to be frozen) is Cmd-Option-you used a Control-key combo in Windows, Escape on a Mac: It brings up a list of runningCommand plus the same other key will work applications so that you can force a frozenin OS X. For example, Ctrl-x, -c, and -v to cut, one to quit. You can also get there by choos-copy, and paste a selection becomes Cmd-x, ing Force Quit from the main Apple menu.-c, and -v. Cmd-a selects all, whether you’re MOnitOR Activity. The full functionality ofin Finder or an application. Task Manager on a Windows PC is found in knOW WhAt yOu’Re clOsing. Ctrl-w to Activity Monitor on a Mac; that’s in the folderclose a window in Windows is Cmd-w to Applications | Utilities. It’s worth draggingclose a window on the Mac. Quitting an that one to the Dock for quick access. If youropen application requires not just closing its Mac slows down, or if loud fan activity sug-windows but actually telling it to quit—that’s gests that something is overwhelming itsCmd-q from the keyboard, or a right-click- processor, Activity Manager will show youaccessible mouse command from the appli- every currently running process and allowcation’s Dock icon. you to force-quit the culprit. JuMP AROund. Alt-Tab to switch among >>click here for even more Mac tips. MARCH 2010 Pc MAgAZine digitAl editiOn 61
    • solutions sECuRitYKill Your PhoneRemotelyMany of today’s most popular smartphones can be erased remotelyif they are lost or stolen. Here’s how to do it. By Jamie LendinoA handset may be valuable, but No matter which smartphone OS you or it’s easily replaced. The data your employees use, you’re bound to find on it, however, is often much something that can help put your mind at more important. Cell phones rest. carry all kinds of personal Though it varies by kill switch and plat-and business information these days, and form, remote wipes aren’t fail safe. If some-preventing it from getting into the wrong one finds the phone before the remote wipehands is key. occurs—which could happen if the bat- While a stray personal address book tery dies, or there’s no signal to receive thewon’t matter much to an unsavory type command—a thief or corporate spy couldwho finds a lost iPhone—they’d much rather disable the network connections and thenjust sell the phone—cached online banking hack into the device (the procedures wouldpasswords, corporate documents and VPN depend on the particular phone). Your bestaccess are better off kept secure. That’s insurance is to use remote-wipe capabil-why many of today’s smartphones support ity quickly, the same way you would calla mobile kill switch, also called “remote your credit card company the moment youwipe” capability. Remote wipe lets a device noticed the card was missing.owner or IT support engineer remotelyerase the handheld’s data in case it’s lost or Apple iPhonestolen. Apple’s $99-per-year MobileMe service All of the major smartphone platforms offers Mac users the ability to push e-mail,have some kind of remote erase capability. contacts, and calendar entries to the iPhoneThere are several ways of doing it, such as (among other things). But one key feature,installing apps on the handset, using a man- first announced in March and later intro-agement console on the IT side, or signing duced with iPhone OS 3.0, lets MobileMeup for a cloud-based service. Here’s a run- users perform a remote wipe on a lost or sto-down of what’s out there for each platform. len iPhone. It’s found under Account | Find62 PC MAGAZinE DiGitAl EDition MARCH 2010
    • istration command over the wireless net- work. IT admins can also specify if the handset should revert to factory default settings or retain the IT policy it had before. Individual users with BIS can install Roblock for BlackBerry 2.0, a $9.95 app that remote locks or wipes devices, offers GPS tracking, and recovers lost contacts. Android os SMobile Anti-Theft for Android is a $19.95WiPE YouR iPHonE Apple’s MobileMe service app that features GPS locate and remotemakes it easy to wipe a lost or stolen iPhone. wipe functions for the T-Mobile G1, T-Mobile myTouch 3G, or any other Android-pow-My iPhone | Remote Wipe. It can also dis- ered smartphone. The app can erase bothplay a message on the phone’s screen, like the handset and any SD card data. The“please call Jamie at 718-555-1212 if found.” $29.95 Security Shield for Android also pro- tects against viruses and other malware, butPalm Pre that’s not much of a concern in the U.S. (atAll Palm Pre owners set up a Palm Profile least at the time of this writing).when first activating their new devices. ThePalm Profile lets users back up settings, Windows Mobilereceive over-the-air updates, or—ta da— Microsoft’s new My Phone Windows Mobileremotely erase a lost or stolen handset. To service, currently in beta, lets users locatebegin, head to palm.com/palmprofile, enter lost handhelds via GPS and erase their datayour profile e-mail address and password, remotely. It also backs up contacts, pho-and click Erase Device. In addition, Palm’s tos, text messages, and calendar entries toExchange ActiveSync implementation in Microsoft’s storage cloud. My Phone (Beta)webOS 1.1 now supports Remote Wipe, works with any Windows Mobile 6.0 hand-which lets IT administrations do the same held.thing for centrally managed Pres. Microsoft Exchange Server can handle the same task for enterprise devices, along withBlackBerry os Absolute Software’s Computrace Mobile,Any BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) which can manage enterprise devices run-handset can be erased remotely via the ning Windows Mobile or BlackBerry andErase Data and Disable Handheld IT admin- issue remote wipe commands. n MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZinE DiGitAl EDition 63
    • sOLuTIONs OffICE/Os13 Fun Waysto CustomizeWindows 7Microsoft’s newest operating system offers plenty of opportunitiesto make it your very own. By Michael MuchmoreC ustomizability reaches new Most of the customization options can be heights in Windows 7. New reached just by right–clicking on your desk- themes, backgrounds, gadgets, top and selecting the Personalize option. mouse pointers, user images, But there are plenty of other places within and more give you more ways the OS that allow you to change the lookthan ever to change how your PC looks and and feel.works. Here are some of our favorites. ChANGE ThE ThEME Windows 7’s default theme is perfectly pleasant, but the Per- sonalization dialog offers some pretty captivating options, such as architecture, cartoon characters, landscapes, nature, and art scenes. Microsoft commissioned some gifted artists to create many of these, so check them out. I’m sure we’ll see more as the OS becomes more widespread. And, of course, to make the desktop your very own, you can still set your own photos as the wallpaper or screen- saver. For all of this, just right-click on the desktop and choose Per- sonalize.64 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • ChANGE ThE WINDOW BOrDEr Or GLAssCOLOr ChANGE YOur ACCOuNT PICTurEVista has transparent window borders in mul- From the User Accounts control panel, choosetiple colors, too, but Windows 7 also lets you set one of the 36 included images or browse yourtheir intensity, transparency, hue, saturation, and own pictures for your representation in user-brightness. icon form. ChANGE ThE POWEr BuTTON ACTION With Vista, a lot of people were confused by the Power button, which by default put theChANGE ThE sYsTEM sOuNDs PC in Sleep mode rather than shut it downIf you’re sick of the standard old Windows (not that that’s always a bad idea). In Windowserror and other sounds, try switching to “After- 7, the default has been restored to actuallynoon,” which uses gentle guitar notes; “Raga,” powering down the PC. But you can changewith its South Asian sitar sounds; or “Sonata,” it to sleep, switch user, log off, lock, or restartwith its classical instruments. Changing your from either the Start Menu tab on the taskbar ortheme also changes your sounds, but you can the Start Menu Properties dialog, which you canalso mix and match so that it fits your idiosyn- open by right-clicking the taskbar and choosingcratic tastes. Properties. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 65
    • sOLuTIONs OffICE/OsADD A TOOLBAr TO ThE TAskBArWhen you right-click the taskbar, click Toolbars, and you’ll beable to add search bar links and more to the toolbar. Some appsyou’ve installed, such as iTunes, can add their own toolbars aswell. With that media player, you’ll see a player control bar, whichlets you go back and forward in your playlist and adjust the vol-ume. A maximize button closes the toolbar and opens the iTunes ChANGE YOur CursOrapp. The Links toolbar is also useful for getting you to frequently You can choose large, extravisited sites. Personally, I’m not sure about the usefulness of the large in Aero, black, inverted,Desktop toolbar, since the desktop is right in front of you and can or standard styles. The Aerobe revealed by clicking on the lower right corner of the screen. style is slickly designed, but you may want something that stands out better against a given background. Note, too, that you can speed up and slow down the mouse cursor, have it snap to the default op- tion in a dialog box, or show it with animated circles when you hit the Ctrl key.CusTOMIZE ThE sTArT MENuRight-click on the Start button, and chooseProperties, then Customize. From here you candecide whether to display things like Computer,Games, Music, Control Panel, Documents, and MAkE ThE DIsPLAY APPEAr LArGErmore. You can also decide whether these should WITh MAGNIfIEroffer a menu when clicked; for example, the You can make the whole screen appear bigger,Control Panel button can pop out a menu of all use a lens, or a portion of the screen to show athe icons within the actual Control Panel. One magnified view. If you’d rather just set a largeroption I highly recommend here is Recent Items, screen size, you can also do that from the Dis-which shows you what you’ve accessed lately. play control panel.66 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION MARCH 2010
    • LET IT rECOGNIZE YOur vOICEThis was one of Vista’s most underappreciatedyet excellent features—speech recognition. Itlets you give your fingers a rest, and does a ChANGE YOur sCrEEN sAvErpretty impressive job of controlling system and Windows still doesn’t offer many screen savers,app operations, and taking dictation. and the threat of monitor burn-in is pretty much gone with today’s displays. But you can still cus- tomize the resting mode of your PC with these, and any Vista screen savers will work, too. You can get to the option from the lower-right icon in the Personalization control panel, and you can download more screen savers from sites like WinCustomize.com.usE ThE GADGETsGadgets don’t appear by default as they did in PIN YOur DEvICE TO ThE TAskBArthe Vista Sidebar, and now they can be placed Some devices—such as cameras, smartphones,anywhere on the desktop, including being and printers—give you a customized experiencesnapped to the right side. There are just a few using Windows 7’s Device Stage feature. Yougadgets included with the OS (you go online can actually pin this photo-realistic representa-to find more) but those few are useful: weather, tion of a piece of hardware to the taskbar justheadlines, clock, calendar, and CPU and Memory like an icon for an app. Theoretically, you canusage. Any Vista gadgets you find should work plug a supported device into the PC and its De-as well. You can easily customize your gadgets vice Stage will appear on the taskbar as an iconby right-clicking anywhere on the desktop and you can pin. It will also appear in Control Panel’schoosing Gadgets. Devices and Printers page. MARCH 2010 PC MAGAZINE DIGITAL EDITION 67
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    • BEST PICKS of MarCh 2010: hIgh raTIngS. Low PrICES.Windows®. Life without WallsTM. HP recommends Windows 7.Top choices for iT direcTors.Managing iT resources is never easy. To help you get the most from your budget,we’ve highlighted a few products below that offer exceptional performance,functionality, and value. so all your users can get more done in less time. new new now $ 949 6540b $ 629 wAs $921 sAVe∆ $292 HP Probook HP Compaq 6000 Pro notebook PC business Desktop Pg. 7 Pg. 13 Monitor sold separately.Good To Go. aLL neW. PriCed To Move. sMARtThis new notebook was designed tomeet the needs of mobile professionals This ultra-reliable desktop delivers advanced features for an affordable price. Plus, it includes a bUYwho want a larger display and extensive 3-year standard warranty for more peace of mind. get instant savingsconnectivity options. on pre-configured hP products. Look for: $$ 1199 now $ 349 wAs $499 sAVe∆∆ $150 HP ProLiant DL320 server HP officejet Pro 8500 Premier Pg. 18 All-in-one Pg. 31essenTiaL PerforManCe. no PC required.Intel® Xeon® processor and Insight Management Print, copy, fax, scan, and more. Plus, getagents optimize this server for functionality, professional color for up to 50% lower costvirtual control, and reliability with Internet access. per page than laser printersu with this wireless all-in-one.f 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 3
    • mobilE PowEr for notebooks EvEry budGEt. you can count on hP mobile technology to deliver the on-the-go value, versatility, performance, and speed that your company needs to make the most of every investment dollar. so you can feel confident that meetings, presentations, and off-site business run smoothly and efficiently. Mini series HP Probook series HP elitebook series (see page 5) (see pages 5–7) (see pages 8–9) InnovatIve solutIons: startInG at startInG at startInG at $ 399 $ 559 $ 979 Ultramobile professionals who need Small businesses that need Highly mobile professionals a very lightweight, fully a stylish, incredibly thin, and who need a high-performance, Great for: functioning secondary notebook lightweight design beyond business-rugged notebook a netbook experience • Starting weight: 2.64 lbs.A • Starting at 3.79 lbs.;A diagonal • Starting weight: 3.19 lbs.A screen sizes: 13.3"–15.6" • 92% QWERTY keyboard • Provides HP’s ultimate in power • Docking station available and performance WHat It • 10.1" diagonal LED display does: • Optional integrated 2-megapixel • Supports high-end ATI or • Integrated webcamXX webcamXX with optional NVIdIA graphics dual-microphone array • Common docking solutions availablemore trAdE uP to $100 in sAvinGs.mArCH using yesterday’s technology means working harder than your users should. why notdeAlS move into the new decade with the innovative features and costWant more savings savings of new hP notebook PCs? Get up to $100 cash back whendesigned around yourcompany’s needs? you trade in your old notebook and upgrade to a new one.◊call Call 1-866-625-0114 for more information.1-866-625-0114 For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under terms & conditions. †For more information, please see insert. *For more information, please see insert. ◊ Trade-in values are calculated as an average of all trade-in values paid for that category through the HP Trade-In program from February 1, 2009–February 28, 2009. Your trade-in value may vary.4 S. Wireless access point and Internet service required. Availability of wireless public access points is limited. T. Broadband connection requires wireless data service contract, network support, and is not available in all areas. Contact service provider to determine the coverage area and availability.
    • Windows®. life without WallsTm. HP recommends Windows 7. notebooksGo liGhtly. And smArtly. mobile technologyhP mini netbooks are a smart, compact, and cost-effective way for yourcompany to stay connected. starting at only 2.64 lbs.,A they’re the perfect accessories HP ProfessIonal serIesinternet companion to your primary PC, and offer the latest mobile features 10.1 notebook sleevelike a 10.1" diagonal lEd digital display and integrated wireless.XX the hPmini 5102 netbook also offers hP Quicksync, which syncs files created on $ 19 Pn:aW209aa Help keep your mini Internet companion looking new.the road with any PC or device. HP eXternal Cd/dvd drIve $ 99 Pn:fs943ut“The Mini 5102 is easily Backup and storage one of the best 10-inch device that reads and netbooks yet.” writes to a variety of– Laptop Magazine optical disc formats. HP iPaq GlIsten $ 379 3GZ world phoneW,X with a brilliant touch screen display, QWERTY keyboard, GPS,Y and Windows mobile®. HP Probook 5310m notebook PC HP Mini 5102 netbook $ 999 399 lease for $24/mo.* $ Pn:fM998ut#aba lease for $10/mo.* • Intel® CoreTm2 duo Processor B,C Pn:fn098ut SP9300d (2.26 GHz) • Intel® AtomTm Processor N450d (1.66 GHz) • Genuine Windows 7 Professional† • Genuine Windows® 7 Starter† • 2 GB memory; 320 GB hard driveG • 1 GB memory; 160 GB hard driveG • HP Mobile Broadband (powered by • Integrated 2-megapixel webcam;XX GobiTm);T 2-megapixel webcamXX 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi;S Bluetooth® 2.1W. A standard GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA infrastructure, Wi-Fi, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices, separately purchased equipment, and aservice contract with a wireless airtime provider may be required for applicable wireless communication. Wireless Internet access requires separatelypurchased Internet service contract. Check with service provider for availability and coverage in your area. Not all Web content is available. Wirelesstransmission speeds may vary based upon network capabilities and other conditions. establishment and continuation of a wireless connection dependon network availability, provider support, and signal strength. X. Telephone service requires separately purchased contract with a telephone serviceprovider with coverage in your service area. Additional fees may apply for some features — check with service provider. Y. GPS Navigation softwareis included in select countries. Purchase of additional maps and/or software may be required to enable some features or allow navigation in certainareas. Availability of maps is limited. map and 3d coverage may vary by city and location and is not guaranteed. Z. Wireless transmission speeds mayvary based upon network capabilities and other conditions. Actual transmission speeds of wireless wide-area data communication may vary. maximumconnection speed is used in defining maximum speed. The wireless service provider may change the speed of connection and reduce time slots at itsdiscretion if the network is congested. These actions may cause lower total data rate than the requested data rate. XX. Internet service required. 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/Pcmag 5
    • NoTEBooKS PRobook seRies wEigHS UNDEr 4 LBS.A$ 699Lease for $17/mo.*PN:FM996UT#ABA13.3" diagonaLHP ProBook 5310mNotebook PCThe world’s thinnestfull-performance notebookaaintel® Celeron® Processorb,C su2300d(1.2 gHz)Windows® XP Professional availablethrough downgrade rights fromgenuine Windows 7 Professional u,† ProBooks And WIndoWs® 7 . THe HIGH-PerforMAnCe dUo. More IT directors are choosing HP ProBooks for top-quality features that provide maximum value and performance. And because HP and Microsoft® have been working since 2007 to optimize HP PCs with Windows® 7, an HP ProBook 5310m with Windows 7 Professional preinstalled takes productivity to the next level. 0%FiNANCiNg • 41% faster start-upGG Save money while • 30% faster shutdownGG acquiring the technology your business needs.* Available for a limited time. hp.com/go/ totalfinancing6 For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. ‡For more information, please see insert. *For more information, please see insert.
    • Windows®. Life without WallsTM. HP recommends Windows 7. NoTEBooKSMovInG on UP. PRobook seRiesHP ProBooks offer all your users the options they need in powerful,portable packages. aCCessoRies HP USB 2.0 DoCKiNg STATioN $ 99 PN:FQ834UT Consolidate your workspace with the all-purpose docking station for the ProBook s series$ 999Lease for $24/mo.* that includes both DVI and VGA ports. Connect via USB.PN:FM998UT#ABA13.3" diagonaL SiMPLESAvETM 320 gB PorTABLE HArD DrivEHP ProBook 5310mNotebook PC $ 99 PN:HPBAAC3200ABK-NHSNgenuine Windows 7 ® Automatic, hands-freeProfessional comes transfer of files and backuppreinstalled† with no software to install.HP Care Pack Service The ultimate Windows 7Add $109 PN:UC278E migration solution.1-yr nbd onsiteaccidental damage HP NoTEBooKProtectionn ProjECTioN CoMPANioN $ 499 PN:AX325AA#ABA Weighing less than a pound, this versatile mini projector fits in the palm of your hand.$ 559Lease for $14/mo.* $ 799 Lease for $19/mo.* $ 949 Lease for $23/mo.* NEwPN:FM966UT#ABA PN:FN004UT#ABA PN:FN086UT#ABA15.6" diagonaL 13.3" diagonaL 15.6" diagonaLHP ProBook 4510s HP ProBook 4310s HP ProBook 6540bNotebook PC Notebook PC Notebook PC VaLue-PRiCed businessReLiabLe and duRabLe noTebook buiLT To LasT, WiTH noTebook THaT bLendsTHaT Can go THe disTanCe HP dRiVeguaRd PRoTeCTion sTyLe and aFFoRdabiLiTyintel® Celeron® Processor b,C T3000d intel® CoreTM2 duo Processor b,C T6570 d intel® CoreTM i5-430Md Processor b,C(1.8 gHz) (2.1 gHz) (2.26 gHz) Windows® XP Professional available Windows XP Professional availablegenuine Windows Vista® Home basic‡ through downgrade rights from through downgrade rights from genuine Windows 7 Professionalu,† genuine Windows 7 Professional u,†2 gb memory; 250 gb hard driveg 2 gb memory; 320 gb hard driveg 2 gb memory; 320 gb hard drivegdVd+/-RW L superMulti J dLM dVd+/-RW L superMulti J dLM HP QuickLookbb and HP QuickWebZZLightscribek drive Lightscribek driveHP Care Pack Service HP Care Pack Service HP Care Pack ServiceAdd $99 PN:UK724E Add $99 PN:UK724E Add $109 PN:UC278E1-yr nbd onsite with accidental 1-yr nbd onsite with accidental 1-yr nbd onsite with accidentaldamage Protectionn damage Protectionn damage Protectionn 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 7
    • Windows®. Life without WallsTM. HP recommends Windows 7. notebooks eLiTebooks POWER UP YOUR NOTEBOOK. Take HP EliteBooks to the next level when you add an HP Docking Station.EnjoyaCCessories easy, cable-free movement while staying in sync anywhere. And not only will youHP long life battery be in sync, you’ll save too with our HP Trade-In Program. You’ll get up to $150$ 169 Pn:aU213Ut in savings when you trade in your old notebook and buy a new notebook andUp to a 3-year battery-life docking station.◊span lasts two times longerthan most 6-cell Li-Ionnotebook PC batteries.YYHP 12-cellUltra-caPacity battery$ 189 Pn:at486Ut HP elitebook 8440pIncrease the battery life ofyour HP Business Notebook notebook Pcby up to an additional with HP advanced12 hours.P docking stationHP seagate 160 gb fUllyencryPted Hard driveg$ 149 Pn:ay491aaEverything on the harddrive is secured with strongencryption technology.HP 128 gb solid stateHard driveg$ 399 Pn:ay490aaSignificantly improveboot-up, shutdown, andapplication loading times. $ 979 $ 1229 $ 1625cHoose one of lease for $24/mo.* lease for $30/mo.* lease for $40/mo.* Pn:WH255Ut#aba $ Pn:WH251Ut#aba Pn:fn095Ut#abaoUr convenient 14" diagonaL 15.6" diagonaL 15.6" diagonaLdocking stationsHP 120W HP elitebook 8440p HP elitebook 8540p HP elitebook 8540wdocking station notebook Pc notebook Pc Mobile Workstation$ 179 Pn:kP080Ut rugged enougH For your PorTabLe PoWerHouse WiTH our MosT versaTiLe MobiLe WorksTaTion WiTH advanCed on-THe-go business inTegraTed nuMeriC keyPad graPHiCs and PerForManCeHP advanceddocking station intel® CoreTM i5-520Md Processorb,C intel® CoreTM i5-520Md Processorb,C intel® CoreTM i7-620Md Processorb,C (2.4 gHz) (2.4 gHz) (2.66 gHz)$ 299 Pn:kQ752aa Windows® XP Professional available Windows XP Professional available Windows XP Professional available through downgrade rights from through downgrade rights from through downgrade rights from genuine Windows 7 Professionalu,† genuine Windows 7 Professionalu,† genuine Windows 7 Professionalu,† 2 gb ddr3 memory; 250 gb 2 gb ddr3 memory; 320 gb 4 gbi ddr3 memory; 320 gb hard driveg hard driveg hard driveg dvd+/-rWL superMultiJ dLM 8-cell Li-ion battery 8-cell Li-ion battery Lightscribek drive HP care Pack service HP care Pack service HP care Pack service add $179 Pn:UQ861e add $289 Pn:Uc282e add $339 Pn:Uc284e 2-yr nbd onsite with accidental 3-yr nbd onsite with accidental 4-yr nbd onsite with accidental damage Protectionn damage Protectionn damage Protectionn For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. †For more information, please see insert.*For more information, please see insert. ◊. Trade-in values are calculated as an average of all trade-in values paid for that category through the HP Trade-In program from February 1 through February 28, 2009. Your trade-in value may vary. P. Battery life will vary depending on the product8 model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality, and power management settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See MobileMark07 battery benchmark www.bapco.com/products/mobilemark2007 for additional details. YY. 3-year limited warranty or 1000 cycles. Battery cycles is the total number of full charge/ discharge cycles a battery yields before it can no longer hold a useful amount of charge. See http://www.hp.com/go/lionbattery.
    • UP to 6.5 HoUrs battery lifePHP elitebook 8440pnotebook Pc $ 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 9
    • DesktoP The righT Tools for ProDuCts any job — and budgeT. you have to watch your budget, especially in times like these. fortunately, hP business desktop PCs give you the tools you need to work more efficiently and boost your bottom line. HP Business Monitors HP Business Desktops HP Workstations HP thin Clients (see page 11) (see pages 12–13) (see pages 14–15) (see page 16)InnovatIvesolutIons: startInG at startInG at startInG at startInG at $ 145 $ 549 $ 769 $ 399 Viewing e-mails and Everyday business Professionals who Environments such as call documents, and handling computing needs need more power centers where productivityGreat for: complex tasks like Web and performance and security are essential design and photo editing • Sizes from 15" to 47" • The latest performance • Intel® Xeon® processors • Improved security diagonal digital and technology for high performance • Space-saving design signage display innovations, including • Robust memory helps reduce • Tilt, swivel, and stand HP TouchSmart PCs, offerings, such as hardware theft adjustments so you which bring your digital ECC memory, to life to your fingertips • Lower maintenance WHat It can work comfortably improve data integrity costs, since there are Does: • A 3-year NBD onsite • Choice of three form • Integrated Software no moving parts limited warranty on factors to fit your Vendor (ISV) business, featuring the • Featuring Intel® AtomTM all modelsO certification program latest Intel® technology processors to maximize uptime 0%fInanCInG Save money while We’re on ToP of desKToPs. you’re under a ton of acquiring the pressure to do more with less. Talk to one of our hP business specialists technology your business needs.* at 1-866-625-0114. They’ll be happy to work with you to find the most Available for a limited time. cost-efficient desktop solutions for your business. hp.com/go/ totalfinancing10 For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. *For more information, please see insert. ◊. Trade-in values are calculated as an average of all trade-in values paid for that category through the HP Trade-In program from August through October 2009. Your trade-in value may vary.
    • DesktoPsee WhaT you’re missing — ProDuCtsvalue and savings. MoNiTorsupgrade from your old CrT monitor to an hP widescreen, and enjoythe value-added benefits of our state-of-the-art TfT technology, like crisp, aCCessories HP lCD MonItorclear views, amazing color, and razor-sharp resolution. sPeaker Bar $ 19 Pn:nQ576at $ add stereo audio output earn uP to seamlessly through $50 monitor’s bezel. BY traDInG HP usB GraPHICs In Your olD aDaPter MonItor◊ $ 59 Pn:nl571at enables connection of up to six simultaneous displays to help you boost productivity. HP lP2275w 22" Widescreen lCD Monitor $ 379 Pn:ke289a8#aBa $ • 1060 x 1050 resolution • Ultra-wide viewing angle • 8-way comfort adjustment • Analog/digital smart solution: Bulk pack available (4 baseless units) $1549 Pn:ke289a6#aBa LA2205wg LE1901w LP2475 HP PerforManCe HP essentIal HP aDvantaGe MonItors MonItors MonItors HP lP2475 24" HP le1901w 19" HP Compaq la2205wg 22" Widescreen lCD Monitor Widescreen lCD Monitor Widescreen lCD Monitor $ 599 Pn:kD911a8#aBa $ $ 145 Pn:nk570a8#aBa $ $ 245 Pn:nM274a8#aBa $ • 1920 x 1200 resolution • Up to 1440 x 900 resolution ee • Up to 1680 x 1050 resolutionee • Ultra-wide viewing angle • 1000:1 contrast ratioee • analog/digital • 16.7 million displayable colors • BFr/PVC-free housingFF • eNerGY sTar®–qualified • 8-way comfort adjustment • ePeaT® Gold–registered 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 11
    • SAVE oN TRAVEL CoSTS DESKToP WITH HP VIRTUAL PRoDUCTS RooMS DEskTOPs NEW$ 1099Lease for $27/mo.*PN:VS663UT $HP TouchSmart 9100Business DesktopFull-featured, multi-touch-enabled all-in-oneIntel® CoreTM2 Duo ProcessorB,CT6570D (2.1 GHz)Genuine Windows® 7 Professional†Integrated webcamXX In THe BuSIneSS To HelP youR BuSIneSS SuCCeeD. HP Business Desktops with Windows® 7 Professional deliver accelerated performance with DDR3 memory, all while saving energy—making them a valuable asset to your business. 0% The new HP TouchSmart 9100 Business Desktop takes efficiency to a new FINANCING level with a sleek, space-saving design and built-in features, including Save money while acquiring the touch-enabled features, high-definition display,DD and even a TV tuner.CC technology your Plus, with an integrated webcamXX and microphone, you can say goodbye business needs.* Available for to unnecessary travel expenses. Add HP Virtual Rooms and hold your a limited time. meetings, trainings, and collaborations online. For more information, visit hp.com/go/ www.rooms.hp.com. totalfinancing 12 For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. †For more information, please see insert. *For more information, please see insert. ∆ Instant savings available through HP Direct and participating resellers. Prices subject to change without notice. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/save-instantly. XX. Internet service required.
    • Windows®. Life without WallsTM. HP recommends Windows 7. DESKToP PRoDUCTSDIVeRSe WoRKFoRCe. DEskTOPsSpeed up your workflow when you upgrade to a new HP Desktop andyou can also lower your energy consumption. With a wide array of choices, aCCEssORIEs HP 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHzit’s easy to find one that fits your needs. Complete the experience with a MEMoRY MoDULEnew HP monitor — see page 11. $ 89 PN:AT024AT Boost system performance with additional memory. MICRoSoFT® oFFICE® BASIC EDITIoN 2007 — MEDIA-LESS LICENSE KIT $ 166 PN:Rz361A#ABA Convert 60-day Office trial into full product license.Q HP Pro 3000 Business Desktop Monitor sold separately. See below for specs. NoW NoW NoW $ 549 WAS $638 SAVE∆ $89 $ 629 WAS $921 SAVE∆ $292 $ 949 WAS $1016 SAVE∆ $67 SMART Lease for $13/mo.* PN:NV568UT#ABA $ NEW Lease for $15/mo.* PN:NV473UT#ABA $ NEW Lease for $23/mo.* PN:NV526UT#ABA $ NEW BUY Get instant savings on pre-configured HP Pro 3000 HP Compaq 6000 Pro HP Elite 7000 HP products. Business Desktop Business Desktop Business Desktop Look for: PROVEN TECHNOLOGY OuT-OF-THE-BOX aDVaNCED FEaTuREs WITH FLEXIBILITY LaTEsT TECHNOLOGY FOR ENHaNCED MuLTITaskING $ Intel® Pentium® ProcessorB,C E6300D Intel® Pentium® ProcessorB,C E6300D Intel® CoreTM i7-860D ProcessorB,C (2.8 GHz) (2.8 GHz) (2.8 GHz) Windows XP Professional available Genuine Windows® 7 Professional Genuine Windows 7 Professional through downgrade rights from 32-bit† 32-bit† Genuine Windows 7 Professionalu,† 2 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory; 2 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 memory; 4 GBI 1333 MHz DDR3 memory; 160 GB s.M.a.R.T. IV hard driveG 160 GB saTa s.M.a.R.T. IV hard driveG 500 GB saTa s.M.a.R.T. IV hard driveG superMultiJ Lightscribek superMultiJ Lightscribek Dual-monitor support DVD+/-RWL drive DVD+/-RWL drive HP Care Pack Service HP Care Pack Service HP Care Pack Service Add $149 PN:UL812E Add $99 PN:U4864E Add $169 PN:U4856E 3-yr, NBD Onsite/DMR 3-yr, 4-hr, 9x5 Onsite 3-yr, 4-hr, 9x5 Onsite Desktop serviceN Desktop Hardware supportN Desktop-only Hardware supportN 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 13
    • DESKToP UP To PRoDUCTS worksTATions 30% PERFoRMANCE GAiNB NEW$ 769Lease for $19/mo.*PN:FL974UT#ABA $HP Z200 Workstationintel® Celeron® Processorb,Cg1101d (2.26 ghz)genuine windows® 7 Professional†2 gb (2x1gb) ddr3 memory;160 gb sATA 7200 hard driveg ENTERPRISE-clASS PoWER. ENTRY-lEvEl EASE. Take your IT department to the next level with the new HP Z200. It features enterprise-class processors that give it even more power than our past entry- level workstations, offering a groundbreaking 30% performance gain while running complex applications with ease.B HP SkyRoom software is included for real-time, virtual collaboration, and an 89%-efficient ENERGY STAR®–qualified rating means you cut energy costs while you work. HP ACCESS Save more than$1,000 hp.com/buy/myhp14 For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. †For more information, please see insert. *For more information, please see insert.
    • windows®. life without wallsTM. hP recommends windows 7. DESKToP PRoDUCTSZ mAkES IT EASY. worksTATionsSuperior performance, design, and ease of use. HP Z Workstationsoffer it all, and more. ACCessories HP 1 GB DDR3 1333 MHZ ECC MEMoRy $ 49 PN:FX698UT Compatible with all HP Z Workstations.HP Z400Workstation HP 250 GB HARD DRivEG (SATA 3 Gb/s NCQ 7200 RPM) $ 109 PN:EA788UT Compatible with all HP Z Workstations. NviDiA QUADRo FX 380 PCi-E GRAPHiCS Monitor sold separately. Wireless keyboard and mouse sold separately. $ 129 PN:NB769UT Compatible with all HP Z Workstations. Trade and $ 1119 $ 1589 $ 2059 Save Lease for $27/mo.* Lease for $39/mo.* Lease for $50/mo.* The HP Trade-In PN:FL940UT#ABA PN:FL867UT#ABA PN:FL942UT#ABA Program offers a way to save on HP HP Z400 Workstation HP Z600 Workstation HP Z800 Workstation technology, and remove sensitive data from your desktop. innoVATiVe design MeAns ACCoMPlish More wiTh eVery FAsTer PerForMAnCe For your Visit quieTer, More energy-eFFiCienT dollAr oF your inVesTMenT biggesT ChAllenges PerForMAnCe www.hp.com/go/tradein intel® Xeon® Processorb,C w3503d intel® Xeon® Processorb,C e5504d intel® Xeon® Processorb,C e5506d (2.4 ghz) (2 ghz) (2.13 ghz) windows XP Professional available genuine windows® 7 Professional † through downgrade rights from genuine windows 7 Professional † genuine windows Vista® businessV,‡ 2 gb 1333 Mhz ddr3 eCC 3 gb 1333 Mhz ddr3 eCC 3 gb 1333 Mhz ddr3 eCC unbuffered rAM; 250 gb 7200 rpm unbuffered rAM; 160 gb 7200 rpm unbuffered rAM; 250 gb 7200 rpm sATA hard driveg sATA nCq hard driveg sATA nCq hard driveg no integrated graphics included; must nVidiA quadro nVs 295 (256 Mb) nVidiA quadro FX 380 (512 Mb) be purchased and installed separately HP Care Pack Service HP Care Pack Service HP Care Pack Service Add $139 PN:U7942E Add $159 PN:U4873E Add $219 PN:U4875E 4-yr nbd onsite workstation-only 3-yr, 4-hr, 9x5 onsite 3-yr, 4-hr, 24x7 onsite hardware supportn workstation-only hardware supportn workstation-only hardware supportn 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 15
    • desKtoP ProduCts Keep To THe sTraIgHT THin ClienTs and narrow. Hp Thin clients offer all the performance and reliability of traditional desktops, but since they operate without a hard drive, fan, or other moving parts, you save on maintenance and energy costs. and because data is stored on a remote server, Hp Thin clients are more secure than traditional desktops. neWHP t5740 thin Client$ 429 neW 3-Yearlease for $10/mo.* lImItedPn:vu899at $ WarrantY•ntel Atom ProcessorN280 I ® TM D on most• indows® Embedded Standard 2009 W HP Thin Clients•1GBDDR3memory;2GBflashmemory• USB2.0ports 8• ual-monitorsupport DotHer sPaCe-savInG modelsHP t5740 thin Client$ 459lease for $11/mo.*Pn:vu900at $•ntel®AtomTMProcessorN280D I• indowsEmbeddedStandard2009 W• GBDDR3memory;2GBflashmemory 2• USB2.0ports 8• ual-monitorsupport DHP t5745 thin Client$ 399lease for $10/mo.*Pn:vu903at $•ntel®AtomTMProcessorN280D I• PThinPro H• GBDDR3memory;1GBflashmemory 1• USB2.0ports 8• ual-monitorsupport D smart BuY Getinstantsavings on pre-configured HPproducts. Look for: IT paYs To TalK To us. we’ll give you all the information you need $ to make a smart choice for your company. Just call 1-866-625-0114 to speak with an Hp Business specialist.16 For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. *For more information, please see insert.
    • servers &To proTecT and serve. storaGeHp offers a range of secure, scalable, and efficient server andstorage solutions, powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor, to meetyour IT department’s growing needs without sacrificing performance. HP Proliant servers HP storageWorks InnovatIve (see pages 18–19) startInG at (see page 19) startInG at solutIons: $ 449 $ 679 Small and medium-size Businesses seeking easy-to-use, businesses that need multi-server affordable, and reliable networked Great for: deployments, plus the newest, storage solutions most efficient technology WHat It •A   vailableinrack,tower,and • rotectdatawithafullrangeof P does: cluster models tape and disk-based backup and • onnectsremoteofficesto C recovery solutions wherever you keep your servers • Be more efficient by consolidating •FeaturingIntel Xeon processors ® ® storage into centralized file/print serving solutions virtualization Bundles HP Bladesystems InnovatIve (see page 20) (see page 21) solutIons: Small and midsize organizations Sites looking to lower total cost looking to reduce virtualization of ownership with an all-in-one Great for: complexity with pre-defined, infrastructure in a box cost-effective solutions WHat It • educecostsbyusing R • anbeconfiguredto C does: fewer servers support either single or • P-tested,andbackedbyan H multiple applications HPProCurveindustry-leading • elpsreduceenergycosts H lifetime warranty by housing multiple servers in a single enclosure 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 17
    • amd-based systems used b55. Power testing was done with EPa and non-EPa powersupplies. EPa Power testing results used. all new products were tested with genuine Windows®. Life without WallsTM.Windows® 7 Professional 32. Power & performance profiles: Pcmark05 and powermeasurements were done with the “as shipped” defaults. Power measurements for idle, off &sleep/standby were conducted per Energy Star 4.0/5.0 guidelines. actual results may vary HP recommends Windows 7.based on system configuration and performance will vary over time depending on softwareinstalled.JJ. test results compare HP Probook 6440b systems with identical configurations with one devices (2.9 cents for HP vs. 4 cents on average for copier competitors).system running genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system running i. average black cartridge (Q7553a) yields 3,000 standard pages. declared yield value ingenuine Windows® 7 Professional. actual results may vary based on system configuration accordance with ISo/IEc 19752. actual yields vary considerably based on images printedand performance will vary over time depending on software installed. and other factors. for more information, visit www.hp.com/go/learnaboutsupplies.KK. Sold separately or purchased as an optional feature. j. Each cartridge: average black cartridge (Q7553X) yields 7,000 standard pages.LL. test results compare HP Probook 6540b systems with identical configurations with one declared yield value in accordance with ISo/IEc 19752. actual yields vary considerablysystem running genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system running based on images printed and other factors. for more information, visit www.hp.com/go/genuine Windows® 7 Professional. actual results may vary based on system configuration learnaboutsupplies.and performance will vary over time depending on software installed. k. average continuous black cartridge (cE250a) yields 5,000 standard pages. averageMM. System config for d530: genuine Windows® XP Professional SP2, 80 gb Pata Hdd, continuous black cartridge (cE250X) yields 10,500 standard pages. average continuous3x512 mb ddR1 400 mHz Pc3200, cPu Pentium 4 2.8 gHz/Pentium 2.8 gHz, cd composite cyan/yellow/magenta cartridge yields 7,000 standard pages. declaredRom. System config for 6000 Pro: genuine Windows® 7 Professional 32-bit, Intel coretm2 yield value in accordance with ISo/IEc 19798. actual yields vary considerably basedduo E8400, 2x1 gb Ram ddR3, 160 gb Hdd, integrated graphics, LightScribe dvd/ on images printed and other factors. for more information, visit www.hp.com/go/RW. dual core cPus were tested — Intel based systems used E8400, amd based systems learnaboutsupplies.used b55. Power testing was done with EPa and non-EPa power supplies. EPa Power testing l. average continuous composite cyan/yellow/magenta cartridge yields 2,800 standardresults used. all new products were tested with genuine Windows 7 Professional 32. Power pages and average continuous black cartridge (cc530a) yields 3,500 standard pages& performance profiles: Pcmark05 and power measurements were done with the “as and average continuous black cartridges (cc530ad) yield 3,500 standard pagesshipped” defaults. Power measurements for idle, off & sleep/standby was conducted per each cartridge. declared yield in accordance with ISo/IEc 19798. actual yields varyEnergy Star 4.0/5.0 guidelines. the Pcmark05 power measurements are from a single run considerably based on images printed and other factors. for more information, visit www.of the Pcmark05 full suite. hp.com/go/learnaboutsupplies.NN. test results compare HP Elitebook 8440p systems with identical configurations with m. average cartridge (cc364a) yields 10,000 standard pages. average high-capacityone system running genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system running cartridge (cc364X) yields 24,000 standard pages. declared yield value in accordancegenuine Windows® 7 Professional. actual results may vary based on system configuration with ISo/IEc 19752. actual yields vary considerably based on images printed and otherand performance will vary over time depending on software installed. factors. visit www.hp.com/go/learnaboutsupplies.OO. test results compare HP Elitebook 8440w systems with identical configurations with n. tested in HP officejet Pro 8500 all-in-one Printer. average based on ISo/IEc 24711one system running genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system running or HP testing methodology and continuous printing. actual yield varies considerablygenuine Windows® 7 Professional. actual results may vary based on system configuration based on content of printed pages and other factors. for details, see www.hp.com/go/and performance will vary over time depending on software installed. learnaboutsupplies.PP. test results compare HP Elitebook 8540p systems with identical configurations with one o. fax included with HP color LaserJet cm3530fs mfP; however, fax capabilities can besystem running genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system running added to the HP color LaserJet cm3530 mfP.genuine Windows® 7 Professional. actual results may vary based on system configurationand performance will vary over time depending on software installed. p. based on ppm measured using fdIS ISo/IEc 24734. Standard applies to inkjet and laser products and excludes first set of test documents.QQ. test results compare HP Elitebook 8450w systems with identical configurations withone system running genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system running q. after first page. for details, see www.hp.com/go/inkjetprinter.genuine Windows® 7 Professional. actual results may vary based on system configuration r. based on published manufacturer specifications of the highest rated speeds for a4 mobileand performance will vary over time depending on software installed. printers under $500 as of July 2007. test methods vary. HP officejet H470 mobile PrinterRR. boot-up and shutdown times were calculated on the following configurations: d530 – series fastest black speed based on HP 98 cartridge only.genuine Windows® 7 Professional, Intel celeron 2.53 gHz, 3x512 mb ddR1 400 mHz s. Results are based on internal HP testing using the EnERgy StaR® program’s typicalPc3200, 80 gb Pata Hdd, on-board graphic. 8000 – genuine Windows® 7 Professional, Electricity consumption (tEc) method. test data was extended to 1 year. testing wasIntel coretm2 duo E8400 cPu, 2x1 gb, 160 gb 7200 rpm, on-board graphic. actual conducted on a single unit of each product. Individual product configurations will affectresults may vary based on system configuration and performance will vary over time power consumption. actual cost and power usage may vary.depending on software installed. t. confirmed by third-party testing from Quality Logic.SS. boot-up and shutdown times were calculated on the following configurations: d530 – u. majority of color laser aios <$600, June 2008; for details, visit www.hp.com/go/genuine Windows® 7 Professional, Intel celeron 2.53 gHz, 3x512 mb ddR1 400 mHz officejet. oJ Pro yield with highest-capacity cartridges based on continuous printing; seePc3200, 80 gb Pata Hdd, on-board graphic. 6000 – genuine Windows® 7 Professional, www.hp/go/learnaboutsupplies. Energy use based on HP testing using the EnERgy StaR®Intel coretm2 duo E8600 cPu, 1x2 gb, 160 gb 7200 rpm, on-board graphic. program’s tEc test-method criteria.TT. System config for d530: genuine Windows® XP Professional SP2, 80 gb Pata Hdd, v. majority of color laser printers <$300 and color lasers aios <$600, June 2008; for3x512 mb ddR1 400 mHz Pc3200, cPu Pentium 4 2.8 gHz/Pentium 2.8 gHz, cd details, visit www.hp.com/go/officejet. oJ Pro ISo yield with highest-capacity cartridgesRom. System config for 6005 Pro: genuine Windows® 7 Professional 32-bit, amd Phenom based on continuous printing; see www.hp.com/go/learnaboutsupplies. color pageII b55, 2x1 gb Ram ddR3, 160 gb Hdd, integrated graphics, LightScribe dvd/RW. dual volume/coverage estimates for business with 5-19 employees from 2/09 Info trends Report.core cPus were tested — amd b55. Power testing was done with EPa and non-EPa power Results may vary.supplies. EPa Power testing results used. all new products were tested with genuine Windows7 Professional 32. Power & performance profiles: Pcmark05 and power measurements were w. compared to b-size inkjet printers and aios <$299 from major vendors as of Q408.done with the “as shipped” defaults. Power measurements for idle, off & sleep/standby was Excludes HP officejet Pro products. average based on ISo/IEc 24711 or HP testingconducted per Energy Star 4.0/5.0 guidelines. the Pcmark05 power measurements are methodology and continuous printing. actual yield varies considerably based on content offrom a single run of the Pcmark05 full suite. printed pages and other factors. for details see www.hp.com/go/learnaboutsupplies.UU. Idc: gaining business value and RoI with HP Insight control (may 2009). x. Either after first page or after first set of ISo test pages. for details, see www.hp.com/go/ printerclaims.VV. ttX company customer Success Story (June 2009). y. Speeds attained at 200 dpi black and white, color, and grayscale using Smart documentWW. bootup and shutdown times were calculated on the following configurations: d530 – Scan Software, letter size/a4 paper.Intel celeron 2.53 gHz, 3x512mb ddR1-400mHz Pc3200, 80g Pata Hdd, on-boardgraphic. 6005 – amd Phenom II b73 cPu, 2x1g, 160g 7200 rpm, on-board graphic. Windows® DisclaimersXX. Internet service required. †Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware and/or a dvd drive to install the Windows 7 software and take full advantage of Windows 7 functionality.YY. 3-year limited warranty or 1000 cycles. battery cycles is the total number of full charge/ See www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/ for details. Systems may require upgradeddischarge cycles a battery yields before it can no longer hold a useful amount of charge. See and/or separately purchased hardware and/or a dvd drive to install the Windows 7http://www.hp.com/go/liionbattery. software and take full advantage of Windows 7 functionality. See http://www.microsoft.ZZ. HP QuickWeb is accessible when the notebook is off in Windows XP, Windows vista, or com/windows/windows-7/ for details.Windows 7–based systems; not supported from hibernation. Internet access required. timing ‡certain Windows vista product features require advanced or additional hardware. Seemay vary depending on the system configuration. to enable the feature following the removal www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/hardwarereqs.mspx and www.microsoft.com/of the battery, reboot the notebook prior to subsequent use. not available on HP Probook windowsvista/getready/capable.mspx for details. Windows vista upgrade advisor cans-series or HP minis. help you determine which features of Windows vista will run on your computer. to downloadPrinter & Scanner Disclaimers the tool, visit www.windowsvista.com/upgradeadvisor.a. fax functionality not available on all models. Trademarks and Copyright Noticesb. Exact speed varies depending on the system configuration, software program, and microsoft, Windows, Windows logo, Windows mobile, and Windows vista are trademarksdocument complexity. for more information, visit www.hp.com/go/Iot. of microsoft group of companies.c. duty cycle is defined as the maximum number of pages per month of imaged output. this celeron, Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Inside, Intel atom, Intel core, core Inside, Pentium,value provides a comparison of product robustness in relation to other HP LaserJet or HP Xeon, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel corporation or itscolor LaserJet devices, and enables appropriate deployment of printers and mfPs to satisfy subsidiaries in the united States and other countries.the demands of connected individuals or groups. bluetooth is a trademark owned by its proprietor and used by Hewlett-Packard companyd. “RmPv” stands for Recommended monthly Print volume. HP recommends that the number under license.of printed pages per month be within the stated range for optimum device performance, EnERgy StaR® and the EnERgy StaR® mark are registered u.S. marks.based on factors, including supplies replacement intervals and device life over an extendedwarranty period. google and google maps are trademarks of google, Inc. all other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.e. HP Service levels and response times for HP care Pack Services may vary dependingon your geographic location and product model. Service starts on the date of hardware PCMag’s Readers’ choice award Logo is a trademark of Ziff davis Publishing Holdings Inc.purchase. Restrictions and limitations apply. for details, visit www.hp.com/go/lookuptool. used under license.f. Wireless performance is dependent upon physical environment and distance from access © 2010 Hewlett-Packard development company, L.P. the information contained herein ispoint. additional purchase may be required. subject to change without notice. Printed in u.S.a.g. Requires printable cd/dvd media. not included, sold separately.h. go to www.hp.com/go/pagecost for cost details. for example, the average workgroupmono device prints less than 10,000 pages per month (based on Idc data). at thesevolumes, the HP LaserJet m4345 mfP costs up to 30% less per page than competitive copier
    • SAVINGS • SUPPORT • SERVICEHELPIS HERE.WELcomE to a PoRtfoLIo of SERvIcEStHat can HELP youR buSInESS do moREWItH LESS. So WHEtHER you Want tomanagE RESouRcES, PRotEct aSSEtS,oR HELP gRoW youR cLIEnt baSE, HP IScommIttEd to SuPPoRtIng you.
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    • tERmS & condItIonSaLL PRIcES SHOWN aRE HP DIREcT PRIcES aND aRE SUBJEcT TO cHaNGEWITHOUT NOTIcE; RETaILER OR RESELLER PRIcES MaY VaRY. aLL PRIcES aRE IN U.S. DOLLaRS.Instant Savings your geographic location and product model. Service starts on the date of hardware purchase.offers available from HP direct and participating resellers only. Savings and values based on HP Restrictions and limitations apply. for details, visit www.hp.com/go/lookuptool.published list price. O. Smart buy care Pack services can only be sold with corresponding Smart buy product.∆ Instant savings available through HP direct and participating resellers. Prices subject to change P. battery life will vary depending on the product model, configuration, loaded applications,without notice. for details, visit www.hp.com/go/save-instantly. features, use, wireless functionality, and power management settings. the maximum capacity of∆∆ Instant savings available through HP direct and participating resellers. offer valid march 1, the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See mobilemark07 battery benchmark2010 through march 31, 2010. for details, visit www.hp.com/go/instantsavings. www.bapco.com/products/mobilemark2007 for additional details.Free Shipping Q. microsoft office 2007 is a trial version; functionality is reduced after 60 days.§ offer available on select printing and imaging products for standard shipping only. offer valid R. up to 24 hours requires separately purchased ultra capacity battery and customer downloadfrom march 1, 2010 through march 31, 2010 and varies through the promotional period. of the latest Intel graphics driver and HP bIoS. notebook must be configured with optional Inteladditional restrictions apply. for qualifying products and terms and conditions, visit www. 80 gb SSd drive and HP Illumi-Lite LEd display and requires XP operating system. battery lifehp.com/go/freeshipping. will vary depending on the product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, and§§ free u.S. ground shipping does not include u.S. virgin Islands or guam. Weight restrictions power management settings. the maximum capacity of the battery will decrease with time andmay apply. usage.HP Trade-In Program and HP Trade-in & Save Program S. Wireless access point and Internet service required. availability of public wireless access◊ Pc trade-in values are calculated as an average of all trade-in values paid for that category points is limited.through the HP trade-In Program from february 1, 2009–february 28, 2009. your trade-in T. broadband connection requires wireless data service contract, network support, and is notvalue may vary. monitor trade-in values are calculated as an average of available in all areas. contact service provider to determine the coverage area and availability.all trade-in values paid for that category through the HP trade-In Program from U. Windows XP Professional is preinstalled on this system and includes end-user rights and mediaaugust 2009–october 2009. your trade-in value may vary. for Windows 7 Professional. you may only use one version at a time. you must back up all data◊◊ offers available on select printing and imaging products and vary in amounts and timing. (files, photos, etc.) before uninstalling and installing operating systems to avoid loss of your data.additional restrictions apply. for qualifying products and terms and conditions, visit www. V. Windows XP Professional is preinstalled on this system and includes end-user rights and mediahp.com/go/tradeandSave20. for Windows vista Professional. you may only use one version at a time. you must back up allLimitation data (files, photos, etc.) before uninstalling and installing operating systems to avoid loss of yourHP reserves the right to change, alter, or cancel these programs, including products, promotions, data.pricing, availability, specifications, and technical information within this material, at any time W. a standard gSm/gPRS/EdgE/umtS/HSdPa infrastructure, Wi-fi, or other bluetooth-without notice. enabled devices, separately purchased equipment, and a service contract with a wirelessLeasing airtime provider may be required for applicable wireless communication. Wireless Internetfinancing available through Hewlett-Packard financial Services company (HPfSc) to qualified access requires separately purchased Internet service contract. check with service provider forcommercial customers in the u.S. and subject to credit approval and execution of standard availability and coverage in your area. not all Web content is available. Wireless transmissionHPfSc documentation. Prices shown are based on a lease 48 months in term with a fair market speeds may vary based upon network capabilities and other conditions. Establishment andvalue purchase option at the end of the term, except for multifunction, all-in-one, and large- continuation of a wireless connection depend on network availability, provider support, andformat printers shown on pages 23–25 and 30–31, which are based on a lease 60 months signal strength.in term with a fair market value purchase option at the end of the term. Rates based on an X. telephone service requires separately purchased contract with a telephone service provideroriginal transaction size between $3,000 and $25,000. other rates apply for other terms and with coverage in your service area. additional fees may apply for sometransaction sizes. financing available on transactions greater than $349 through february 28, features — check with service provider.2010. HPfSc reserves the right to change or cancel these programs at any time without notice. Y. gPS navigation software is included in select countries. Purchase of additional maps and/HP 0% Financing or software may be required to enable some features or allow navigation in certain areas.financing available through HPfSc to qualified commercial customers in the united States and availability of maps is limited. map and 3d coverage may vary by city and location and is notcanada and is subject to credit approval and execution of standard HPfSc documentation. guaranteed.offer valid for a limited time on transactions in the united States between $1,500 uSd and$150,000 uSd. Rates are based on customer’s credit rating, financing terms, offering types, Z. Wireless transmission speeds may vary based upon network capabilities and other conditions.equipment type, and options. not all HP products are eligible for the promotional lease rate. actual transmission speeds of wireless wide-area data communication may vary. maximumnot all customers may qualify for these rates. other restrictions may apply. for specific promotion connection speed is used in defining maximum speed. the wireless service provider may changedetails, visit www.hp.com/go/totalfinancing. HPfSc reserves the right to change or cancel this the speed of connection and reduce time slots at its discretion if the network is congested. theseprogram at any time without notice. actions may cause lower total data rate than the requested data rate.General aa. thinnest standard-voltage notebook when measured at its thickest point.Photography may not accurately reflect exact configurations priced. HP is not responsible for BB. HP QuickLook 3 is accessible when the notebook is off in Windows XP, Windows vista, ortypographical or other errors. during the HP-compaq product transitions, some HP products Windows7– based systems; not supported from hibernation. timing may vary depending onand packaging may be labeled with the compaq brand. duty cycle is one way purchasers the system configuration. to enable the feature following the removal of the battery, reboot thecan evaluate the robustness and durability of a printer. the only warranties for HP products notebook prior to subsequent use.and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and cc. Signals limited by the strength and accessibility of originating tv signal, location and otherservices. nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not factors. Performance issues may arise, and do not constitute defects in the product.be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. DD. High-definition content is required to view Hd images.Notebook, Desktop, Workstation, Server, Storage, Monitor & iPAQ Disclaimers EE. all specifications represent the typical specifications provided by HP’s componenta. Weight will vary by configuration. manufacturers; actual performance may vary either higher or lower.B. dual-core and Quad-core technologies are designed to improve performance of ff. HP compaq LE19f Widescreen Lcd monitor is brominated flame retardant and polyvinylmultithreaded software products and hardware-aware multitasking operating systems, and may chloride-free (bfR/Pvc-free), meeting the evolving definition of “bfR/Pvc-free” as set forth in therequire appropriate operating system software for full benefit. not all customers or software “inEmI Position Statement on the ‘definition of Low-Halogen’ Electronics (bfR/cfR/Pvc-free).”applications will necessarily benefit from use of these technologies. Plastic parts contain <1000 ppm (0.1%) of bromine [if the br source is from bfRs] and <1000c. 64-bit computing on Intel architecture requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, ppm (0.1%) of chlorine [if the cl source is from cfRs or Pvc or Pvc copolymers]. all printedbIoS, operating system, device drivers, and applications enabled for Intel 64 architecture. circuit board (Pcb) and substrate laminates contain bromine/chlorine total <1500 ppm (.15%)Processors will not operate (including 32-bit operation) without an Intel 64 architecture-enabled with maximum chlorine of 900 ppm (.09%) and maximum bromine being 900 ppm (.09%).bIoS. Performance will vary depending on your HW and SW configurations. See www.intel. Service parts after purchase may not be bfR/Pvc-free.com/info/em64t for more information. GG. test results compare HP 5310 systems with identical configurations with one system runningD. Intel’s numbering is not a measurement of higher performance. genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system running genuine Windows® 7E. this system requires a separately purchased 64-bit operating system and 64-bit software Professional. actual results may vary based on system configuration and performance will varyproducts to take advantage of the 64-bit processing capabilities of amd technology. dual/ over time depending on software installed.triple/quad-core processing available with amd technology is designed to improve the HH. Source: Pcmark05 benchmark comparison of HP nc6400 notebook, genuine Windows®performance of this system. given the wide range of software applications available, 7 Professional, Intel t2400 (1.83 gHz) to HP Elitebook 6930p, genuine Windows® 7performance will vary. Professional, Intel coretm2 duo t9600. actual results may vary based on system configurationf. amd’s model numbering is not a measurement of clock speed. and performance will vary over time depending on software installed.G. for hard drives, gb = 1 billion bytes. actual formatted capacity is less. up to 8 gb (for XP II. System config for d530: genuine Windows® XP Professional SP2, 80 gb Pata Hdd,and XP Pro), up to 12 gb (for vista), and up to 16 gb (for Windows 7) of hard drive is reserved 3x512 mb ddR1, 400 mHz Pc3200, cPu Pentium 4 2.8 gHz/Pentium 2.8 gHz, cdfor the system recovery software. Rom. System config for 8000 Elite: genuine Windows® 7 Professional 32-bit, Intel® coretm2 duo E8400, 2x1 gb Ram ddR3, 160 gb Hdd, integrated graphics, LightScribe dvd/RW.H. 1 tb = 1 trillion bytes. actual formatted capacity is less. dual core cPus were tested — Intel-based systems used E8400, amd-based systems used b55.I. up to 1 gb may not be available with 32-bit operating systems due to system resource Power testing was done with EPa and non-EPa power supplies. EPa Power testing results used.requirements. all new products were tested with genuine Windows® 7 Professional 32. Power & performanceJ. note that dvd-Ram cannot read or write to 2.6 gb single sided/5.2 gb double sided — profiles: Pcmark05 and power measurements were done with the “as shipped” defaults.version 1.0 media. Power measurements for idle, off & sleep/standby were conducted per Energy Star 4.0/5.0K. LightScribe creates a monochrome image. LightScribe media required and sold separately. guidelines. actual results may vary based on system configuration and performance will vary over time depending on software installed.L. don’t copy copyright-protected material. JJ. test results compare HP Probook 6440b systems with identical configurations with oneM. double-layer discs can store more data than single-layer discs. However, double-layer discs system running genuine Windows® XP Professional SP3 and the second system runningburned with this drive may not be compatible with many existing single-layer dvd drives and genuine Windows® 7 Professional. actual results may vary based on system configuration andplayers. performance will vary over time depending on software installed.N. HP Service levels and response times for HP care Pack Services may vary depending on
    • sErVErs & storaGE sERvERs GrEat Low PrICEnow$ 1199Lease for $29/mo.* was $1309 saVE ∆ $110Pn:470065-235 $HP ProLiantDL320 serverEnterprise rack-optimized serverat an entry-level priceIntel® Xeon® Processor B,C E5504D(2 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache, 80W,DDR3 800 MHz)3 GB UDIMM (3 x HP 1 GB (1R x8))PC3-10600E-9 memory FRonT RunneR. HP ProLiant Servers are among the best in efficiency, density, and cost-effectiveness for growing businesses. Run your business confidently with the security of redundant power systems and fans, mirrored memory, embedded RAID capability, and remote Lights-Out management. sMart bUy Get instant savings on pre-configured HP products. Look for: $18 For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. *For more information, please see insert. ∆ Instant savings available through HP Direct and participating resellers. Prices subject to change without notice. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/save-instantly.
    • sErVErs &A LITTLe InSIGHT GoeS storaGEA LonG WAY. sERvERs & sToRAGEHP Insight Control software further optimizes your HP ProLiant Servers,allowing for virtual control from anywhere with Internet access, while sToRAGE HP storaGEworksreducing cost of ownership. rDX500 rEMoVabLE DIsk baCkUP systEM• Increase your ProLiant Server deployment speed by 12x (20 minutes vs. 4 hours).UU $ 679 Pn:aJ935sb Easy-to-use, affordable, and rugged backup solution.• Reduce unplanned downtime by 77%.VV• Triple your data center capacity, and fit more servers within HP storaGEworks Dat320 taPE DrIVE your power allotment. $ 999 Pn:aJ823a High-capacity, fast-performing, and secure DAT tape drive. $ 349 Pn:452148-s22 $ HP storaGEworks 1/8 ULtrIUM 448 G2 taPE aUtoLoaDEr bUnDLE HP Insight Control A single, integrated $ 2949 Pn:aG679a $ management solution for both Combines exceptional physical and virtual servers density and tape library features in a compact form. HP storaGEworks X1400 2 tbH sata nEtwork storaGE systEM $ 3959 Pn:aP786sb $ now now now Unified network $ 449 was $794 saVE∆ $345 Lease for $11/mo.* $ 1489 Lease for $36/mo.* was $1872 saVE∆ $383 $ 1859 Lease for $45/mo.* was $2562 saVE∆ $703 storage system built on industry-standard HP ProLiant Servers. Pn:578927-005 $ Pn:517609-005 $ Pn:470065-152 $ HP ProLiant ML110 HP ProLiant ML330 HP ProLiant DL360 G6 server G6 server G6 server PERFECT FIRsT sERvER, WITH PERFoRMAnCE & MAnAGEABILITy oPTIMIzED FoR sPACE-ConsTRAInED EssEnTIAL FEATUREs FoR To sCALE yoUR BUsInEss InsTALLATIons GRoWInG BUsInEssEs Intel® Xeon® Processor B,C X3430D Intel® Xeon® Processor B,C E5504D Intel® Xeon® Processor B,C E5506D (2.4 GHz, 95W, 8 MB, 1333 MHz, (2 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache, 80W, (2.13 GHz, 4 MB L3 cache, 80W, Turbo 1/1/2/3) DDR3 800 MHz) DDR3 800 MHz) 2 GB (2Rx8) PC3-10600E-9 2 GB (2Rx8) PC3-10600E-9 2 GB (2R x 8) PC3-10600-R unbuffered with ECC DIMMs memory kit memory kit (UDIMMs) memory kit HP 160 GB 3G sATA 7.2K nHP 3.5" HP 250 GB 3G sATA 7.2K 3.5" MDL supports up to 4 sFF hard drives ETy hard drive G hard drive,G up to 4 LFF HP ProLiant onboard Administrator HP ProLiant onboard Administrator smart Array P410i/256 MB BBWC powered by Lights-out 100i powered by Lights-out 100i HP Care Pack service HP Care Pack service HP Care Pack service add $238 Pn:UE895E $ add $410 Pn:Us357E $ add $300 Pn:UE891E $ 3-yr, 4-hr, 13x5 Hardware support n,o 3-yr, 4-hr, 13x5 Hardware support n,o 3-yr, 4-hr, 13x5 Hardware support n,o 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 19
    • SERVERS & STORAGEVIrTUaLIzaTION BUNdLES rememBer to Bundle uP. as an it director, you need solutions that solve your specific needs — which is why we’ve made it easy to build an HP Proliant virtualization Bundle. Choose from rigorously tested products that save money, improve application availability, simplify it management, and more. Entry HA Virtualization Bundle: (2) HP DL180 G6 E5520 3x2 GB 12 LFF Rack Server PN:487508-001 (6) HP 2 GB 2Rx8 PC3-10600E-9 Memory Kit PN:500670-B21 (2) HP DL180 G6 Rear DVD Cage Kit PN:515826-B21 (2) HP Slim 12.7mm SATA DVD Optical Kit PN:481041-B21 (4) HP 146 GB 15K SAS 3.5" Dual Port Hard DriveG PN:384854-B21 (8) HP 300 GB 3G 15K SAS 3.5" Dual Port Enterprise Hard DriveG PN:416127-B21 (2) HP 750W Common Slot HE Power Supply Kit PN:512327-B21 (2) HP NC364T PCI-e 4-Port Gigabit Server Adapter PN:435508-B21 (2) HP Lights-Out 100i Advanced Pack 1 Server with 1-yr Technical Service & Update Software PN:530521-B21 (2) HP Dedicated Management Port Kit PN:516006-B21 (2) HP P4000 VSA Software for VMware ESX Server LTU PN:TA688AB (1) VMware vSphere Essentials Plus 1-yr 9x5 No Media License PN:571779-B21 (1) HP ProCurve Switch 2510G-24 PN:J9279A20 For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions.
    • SERVERS &Put minimal SPaCe STORAGEto maximum uSe. BLadESYSTEMSGive your it department what it needs to run at peak efficiency andreach its potential — all within a small footprint. the HP BladeSystem c3000Starter Kit, featuring an intel® xeon® processor, allows you to:• Fit up to 8 server and storage blades in 4 high-speed networking bays.• Add, replace, or recover blades without impacting your system.• Save energy and reduce the load on your air-conditioning with HP thermal logic technologies. HP BladeSystem c3000 Starter Kit PN:580250-SBB $ Includes: • One c3000 rack-mounted enclosure • Two HP ProLiant BL460c G6 Blade Servers • Eight HP Insight Control licenses • HP Care Pack Services • One c3000 3-yr, 4-hr, 24x7 Hardware Support WarrantyN • Two BL460 3-yr, 4-hr, 24x7 Hardware Support WarrantiesN GAiN iNsiGhT The Bladesystem c3000 comes with eight 30-day trial leases for our insight HP StorageWorks Ultrium HP StorageWorks X1800sb Control Environment SB1760c Tape Blade Network Storage Blade that lets you manage PN:AQ697A PN:AP805A and monitor your LTO-4 Ultrium tape technology Enables flexible expansion of storage network from anywhere. with hardware data encryption. capacity for BladeSystem environments.Server Central: need help finding the right price andconfiguration for your budget? Call 1-866-625-0114 to speakwith an HP Business Specialist. 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 21
    • printing & You handle the input. imaging We’ll handle the output. Whether you want to create crisp documents, vivid marketing materials, or anything in between, you can rely on hp printers for professional-level output while reducing your energy waste. photosmart multifunction printers Color laserJetinnovative all-in-ones (mFps) and scanjet printerssolutions: (see page 23) starting at scanners starting at (see page 26) starting at $ 329 99 (see pages 24–25) $ 499 $ 399 Photographers and others who want Sharing, archiving, and integrating Marketing departments and other HP’s best photo quality paper documents into electronic workgroups printing professional workflows collateral or business documentsgreat For: with color Prints brilliant photos and crisp • Prints, copies, sends to e-mail, • Prints fast, reliable text, plus the affordability to faxes,a and scans color documents What it print everyday documents • Paper-handling options, • Print speeds up to does: such as stapling/stacking 42 pages per minute • Sheetfed scanning black-and-white officejet pro and business officejet proinnovative laserJet printers starting at inkjet printers starting at all-in-one printers starting atsolutions: (see pages 28–29) $ 399 (see page 30) $ 149 (see pages 30–31) $ 149 Businesses that need reliable, Businesses that require Business users who need fast, high-quality printing for high-quality printing high-quality printing and scanninggreat For: everyday documents for text, graphics, and photos a • Prints documents fast and • Designed for fast black • Print, scan, copy, and fax with cost-effectively and color printing one device What it • Print speeds up to • Includes low cost-per-page models • Includes low cost-per-page devices does: 62 pages per minute • Wireless available on • Automatic two-sided printing, some modelsf scanning, copying, and faxing on some models For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions.*For more information, please see insert. ◊◊. Offers available on select printing and imaging products and vary in amounts and timing. Additional restrictions apply. For qualifying products and terms and conditions, visit www.hp.com/go/TradeandSave20. ∆∆ Instant savings22 available through HP Direct and participating resellers. Offer valid March 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/instantsavings. f. Wireless performance is dependent upon physical environment and distance from access point. Additional purchase may be required.
    • Touch the Web. Print the Web. printing & imaging PhoTosMarTslab-qualitY Without a pC. & suPPlieseneRGY StaR®–qualified hp photosmart printers deliver gorgeouslab-quality prints, even for sizes 13" x 19" on wide-format printers — while suPPlies #1 brand in inksaving you energy and money with individual ink cartridges and two-sided is the #1 value.printing. built-in wireless allows you to print when and where you like,f and atouch screen allows you to view, edit, and print Web content without a pC. hp 564Xl Color and photo ink Cartridges $ 1799 Web (Compatible with all HP Photosmart Premium prints, printers and the HP Photosmart D7560.) With a QuiCk touCh Photo pn:Cb322Wn#140 Cyan pn:Cb323Wn#140 Magenta pn:Cb324Wn#140 Yellow pn:Cb325Wn#140 hp 564Xl blaCk ink Cartridge $ 3499 pn:Cb321Wn#140 (Compatible with all HP Photosmart Premium printers.) hp advanCed photo paper, glossy — 100 sheets, 8.5" x 11" $ 3499 pn:Q7854a Studio-quality weight and thickness make prints look and feel like photo-lab prints. noW $ 32999 Was $399.99 save ∆∆ $70 $50◊◊ pn:Cd734a hp photosmart premium touchsmart Web all-in-one trade in your old desktop PrinT Web ConTenT, ProFessional-qualiTy PhoTos, printer or and More WiThouT a PC sCanner and Print speeds up to: 33 ppm black, 32 ppm color save. Just look for this icon 100-sheet input tray, 20-sheet photo tray, 50-sheet output tray; on any printer page automatic two-sided printing and receive up to $1,000 cash back Monthly duty cycle: up to 2,500 pages printer; toward the purchase up to 1,250 pages copier of select HP printers or scanners when you 1 usb (2.0), 1 ethernet, 1 Pictbridge, Wireless 802.11n,f bluetooth® trade in your old desktop printer hp Care pack service or scanner for add $115 pn:uQ212e recycling — any brand, model, or condition. 3-yr nbd exchange with enhanced Technical Phone support e 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 23
    • Printing & iMaging MFPs & sCaNjeTs$ 2499lease for $50/mo.*Pn:cc519a $300◊◊HP color laserJet 250-SHeet inPut traycM3530 MFPPrint and copy up to:31 ppm black and colorFirst page out in <12 sec.from Ready modeb Saving time and money are tHe moSt PoPular featureS. HP multifunction printers allow you to print, copy, scan, and faxa from oneSurvey SayS...HP MFPS get machine, saving you 20% to 40% over the cost of four separate products, andHigH MarkS giving you an investment that can evolve as your needs change.h Plus, you’llFroM induStryPublication. have fewer devices to maintain, which means you’ll save time and energyAccording to a recent while getting things done more quickly.2009 survey conductedby The Office ProductsAnalyst, commercialprinters rated HP MFPsthe highest in twocategories:• Best overall monochrome MFPs• Most reliable color MFPs For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. *For more information, please see insert. §For more information, please see insert. ∆∆Instant savings available through HP Direct and participating resellers. Offer valid March 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/instantsavings.24 ◊◊Offers available on select printing and imaging products and vary in amounts and timing. Additional restrictions apply. For qualifying products and terms and conditions, visit www.hp.com/go/TradeandSave20.
    • World’s #1 Business Printer. Printing & iMagingone iS all you need. MFPs & sCaNjeTsWith HP multifunction printers, you’ll get more done in less time withgreater efficiency — and with fewer machines and lower energy costs. suPPlies #1 brand in toner iS tHe #1 value. black Print cartridgeS now For tHe HP laSerJet $ 799 waS $899 Save∆∆ $100 M2727nf MFP lease for $16/mo.* Pn:cc435a $50◊◊ $ 8999 Pn:Q7553a Single Cartridge 3,000-page yieldi HP color laserJet cM2320fxi MFP $ 16499 Pn:Q7553X The productivity-boosting MFP High Capacity with print shop–quality color, 7,000-page yieldj 29599 networking, and fax $ Pn:Q7553Xd Built-in duplexer allows for Dual Pack automatic two-sided printing 2 x 7,000-page yieldj Save up to 10% HP care Pack Service with these two high-capacity add $199 Pn:uJ574e black print cartridges. 3-yr NBD Onsitee Print cartridgeS For tHe HP color laSerJet cM3530 MFP $ 13399 Black Pn:ce250a 5,000-page yieldk $ 19299 Pn:ce250X High Capacity Black now $ 1599 $ 999 10,500-page yieldk $ 499 waS $599 $ 26499 Save∆∆ $100 lease for $32/mo.* lease for $24/mo.* lease for $10/mo.* Cyan Pn:ce251a $50 ◊◊ Pn:cc476a $200◊◊ Pn:l2706a $75 ◊◊ Pn:cb532a 7,000-page yieldk Yellow Pn:ce252a HP laserJet M2727nf MFP HP laserJet M3035 MFP HP Scanjet 7000 7,000-page yieldk Magenta Pn:ce253a 7,000-page yieldk FasT sPeeDs, gReaT PRiNT qualiTy, ReliaBle hP BlaCk-aND-WhiTe MFP sCaN MixeD DOCuMeNT TyPes value-FeaTuReD NeTWORkiNg, aND ThaT siMPliFies WORkFlOWs aND quiCkly aND aCCuRaTely Fax sOluTiON iMPROve PRODuCTiviTy BOOsTs PRODuCTiviTy HP PreSentation PaPer, 130g Print and copy up to: 35 ppm black; Print and copy up to 27 ppm black color scan up to 12 ppm scan up to: 40 ppm, 80 ipmy $ 1399 Pn:Q2546a scan size: letter, legal, a4, a5, long 8.5" x 11", glossy First page out in <10 sec. from First page out in <10 sec. from 300 sheets paper up to 34" (864 mm), a6, a8, Ready modeb Ready modeb credit cards, business cards 300 std/550 max sheets; 600 std/1,100 max sheets; 2 std/3 max trays; 2 std/3 max trays; 50-sheet aDF capacity Free SHiPPing automatic two-sided printing automatic two-sided printing up to 15,000 pages/month duty up to 75,000 pages/month duty hP Precision Feed technologies on select printing cycle;c 750 to 3,000 RMPvd cycle;c 2,000 to 6,000 RMPvd and imaging HP care Pack Service HP care Pack Service HP care Pack Service products§ add $139 Pn:H5471e add $649 Pn:ue685e add $199 Pn:un477e 3-yr NBD exchangee 3-yr NBD Onsitee 3-yr NBD exchangee hp.com/go/freeshipping 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 25
    • Printing & iMaging Color that Puts You Color laserjeTs in the sPotliGht. Color laser printers from hP produce professional-looking prints in brilliantsuPPlies color while offering increased functionality, control, and value for your dollar.#1 brand in toneris the #1 value. And with impressive printing speeds and affordable prices, you’ll be able to give your workforce what it needs to complete your company’s to-do listsPrint Cartridges for hPColor laserJet CP2025 faster than you thought possible. Get the word out about your company withand CM2320 MfP series MarketSplash by HP. You get easy-to-use templates to create business cards,$ 12299 brochures, and other marketing materials. Low-cost print optionsBlack Pn:CC530a are available or you can print on your own.3,500-page yieldl$ 17499 Pn:CC530adBlack Dual Pack2 x 3,500-page yieldlsave up to 10%with these two blackprint cartridges.$ 12099Cyan Pn:CC531a2,800-page yieldlYellow Pn:CC532a2,800-page yieldlMagenta Pn:CC533a2,800-page yieldl now $ 399 $ 699 $ 1349 $ 1399 was $499 save∆∆ $100 lease for $9/mo.* lease for $16/mo.* lease for $32/mo.* lease for $33/mo.* Pn:Cb495a Pn:CC469a Pn:CC493a Pn:CC490a $50◊◊ $100◊◊ $200◊◊ hP Color laserJet hP Color laserJet hP Color laserJet hP Color laserJet CP2025dn CP3525n enterprise CP4525n enterprise CP4025dn quiCkly PrinT FasT, neTworked Color neTwork-ready, auTo- suPerior PerForManCe ProFessional-qualiTy laser PrinTer For duPlexing For eFFiCienT wiTH HigH-iMPaCT Color MarkeTing MaTerials workgrouP PrinTing workgrouP PrinTing Print up to: 21 ppm black Print up to: 30 ppm black Print up to: 42 ppm black Print up to: 35 ppm black and color and color and color and color duplexer (automatic First page out in <12 sec. First page out in <10 sec. First page out in <10 sec. two-sided printing) from ready modeb from ready modeb from ready modeb 300 std/550 max sheets; 350 std/850 max sheets; 600 std/2,100 max sheets; 600 std/1,100 max sheets; 2 std/3 max trays 2 std/3 max trays 2 std/5 max trays 2 std/3 max trays up to 40,000 pages/month up to 75,000 pages/month up to 120,000 pages/month up to 100,000 pages/monthPCMag’s readers’ duty cycle;c 750 to duty cycle;c 1,500 to 5,000 duty cycle;c 2,500 to duty cycle;c 2,000 toChoiCe award 2,000 rMPVd rMPVd 10,000 rMPVd 7,500 rMPVdfor serviCe andreliability — 17-tiMe hP Care Pack service hP Care Pack service hP Care Pack service hP Care Pack serviceaward winner. add $99 Pn:ul385e add $229 Pn:ul367e add $599 Pn:us186e add $399 Pn:ug825e 3-yr nBd exchangee 3-yr nBd onsitee 3-yr nBd onsitee 3-yr nBd onsitee For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. *For more information, please see insert. ∆∆. Instant savings available through HP Direct and participating26 resellers. Offer valid March 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/instantsavings. ◊◊. Offers available on select printing and imaging products and vary in amounts and timing. Additional restrictions apply. For qualifying products and terms and conditions, visit www.hp.com/go/TradeandSave20.
    • save uP to10%with original HPToner multipacks1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 27
    • PriNTiNg & imAgiNg laseRJeTs & sCanJeTs $ 399 Lease for $9/mo.* PN:CE459A $50◊◊ HP LaserJet P2055dn Help reduce your environmental impact and still get the print speeds and ease of use you require Print up to: 35 ppm black First page out in <8 sec. from Ready modeb Built-in networking and automatic fEATurEs 2-sided printingiNsTANT-oNTECHNoLogy Laser focus on speed and savings. When it comes to speed, Hp LaserJets with instant-on Technology are up to 50% faster than competitive printers.t and when you take a closer look at the savings, you can get up to 50% energy savings over traditional fusing.s plus, you can save up to 50% more paper with optional two-sided printing.s it allPCMag’s rEAdErs’ adds up to a number of reasons why we’re the world’s #1 business printer.CHoiCE AwArdfor sErviCE ANdrELiAbiLiTy — 17-TimEAwArd wiNNEr. For full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions.*For more information, please see insert. ∆∆. Instant savings available through HP Direct and28 participating resellers. Offer valid March 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/instantsavings. ◊◊. Offers available on select printing and imaging products and vary in amounts and timing. Additional restrictions apply. For qualifying products and terms and conditions, visit www.hp.com/go/TradeandSave20.
    • World’s #1 Business Printer. PriNTiNg & imAgiNg laseRJeTsinsTanT graTificaTion. & sCanJeTsprint crisp, high-quality documents in a flash with Hp black-and-white LaserJetsfeaturing instant-on Technology. sUPPlies #1 brANd iN ToNEr is THE #1 vALuE. bLACk PriNT CArTridgEs for THE HP LAsErJET P4015n and P4515x$ 1179Lease for $28/mo.* $ 17299 PN:CC364A $100◊◊ Single CartridgePN:Cb512A 10,000-page yield.mHP LaserJet P4014dnFast, reliable workgroup $ 30399 PN:CC364Xprinter with built-in networking High Capacity 24,000-page yield.mHP Care Pack serviceAdd $249 PN:uk523E3-yr nBd onsitee $ 54699 PN:CC364Xd Dual Pack 2 x 24,000-page yield.m save up to 10% with these two high-capacity black print cartridges HP LAsErJET PAPEr — 500 sHEETs, 8.5" X 11" 8 $ 99 PN:HPJ1124 Designed for the demands of a busy office.$ 1199Lease for $28/mo.* $ 2129 Lease for $50/mo.* $ 2999 Lease for $71/mo.*PN:Cb509A $200 ◊◊ PN:Cb516A $250 ◊◊ PN:L2709A $200◊◊HP LaserJet P4015n HP LaserJet P4515x HP scanjet 7000nUlTRaFasT laseR PRinTeR WoRkgRoUPs THaT need a HigH- iMPRove WoRkFloWs andWiTH seCURiTy FeaTURes and sPeed laseR PRinTeR WiTH seCURiTy doCUMenT ManageMenT WiTHUPgRade oPTions FeaTURes and UPgRade oPTions FasT sCanning oF doCUMenTs scan up to: 40 ppm black, 35 ppmPrint up to: 52 ppm black Print up to: 62 ppm black TrAdE iN your oLd color; 80 ipm black, 70 ipm color y dEskToP PriNTErFirst page out in <9 sec. from First page out in <9 sec. from size: letter, legal, long paper or sCANNErReady modeb Ready modeb up to 34" (864 mm) ANd sAvE.600 std/3,600 max sheets; 1,100 std/3,600 max sheets; Just look for this icon 50-sheet adF capacity on any printer page and2 std/6 max trays 3 std/6 max trays receive up to $1,000 cashUp to 225,000 pages/month duty Up to 275,000 pages/month duty back toward the purchase network scanner that can be of select HP printers orcycle;c 3,000 to 15,000 RMPv;d cycle;c 5,000 to 20,000 RMPv;d shared across multiple users scanners when you tradeautomatic two-sided printing automatic two-sided printing in your old desktopHP Care Pack service HP Care Pack service HP Care Pack service printer or scanner forAdd $349 PN:H5479E Add $499 PN:uJ516E Add $449 PN:uQ489E recycling — any brand,3-yr nBd onsitee 3-yr nBd onsitee 3-yr nBd exchangee model, or condition. 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 29
    • PrinTing & iMaging offiCEjETS tHe effIcIency exPert. HP OfficeJet Pro inks and coated papers offer the superior black andSuPPLiES color print quality that can take the appearance of your most important#1 Brand in ink documents to the next level. Individual inks and high-capacityis THE #1 VaLUE. cartridges allow you to save plenty on ink so you get consistent resultsPrinT CarTridgEs for at a great value.THE HP offiCEjET Pro8000 and offiCEjET Pro8500 sEriEs$ 2599Black Pn:C4902an1,000-page yieldn$ 1999Cyan Pn:C4903an900-page yieldnYellow Pn:C4904an900-page yieldnMagenta Pn:C4905an900-page yieldn$ 3599 Pn:C4906an#140HP 940XL Black2,200-page yieldn$ 5699 Pn:Cn065fn#140 now nowHP 940 Color Combo Pack $ 149 $ 149 $ 299 $ 799900-page yieldn was $199 was $999 saVE∆∆ $50 saVE∆∆ $200 Pn:CB092a Pn:CB057a Pn:CB027a Lease for $19/mo.*inkjET BroCHUrE PaPEr Pn:CB164a $50◊◊ $50◊◊ $50◊◊$ 20 99 Pn:Q5445a HP officejet Pro 8000 HP officejet Pro 6500 HP officejet Pro HP Business inkjetMatte, 8.5" x 11"100 sheets Printer wireless all-in-one Mobile H470b Printer 2800dtn SMaLL, SLEEk PriNTiNg SoLuTioN for SMaLL 50% LowEr CoST PEr PagE aLL-iN-oNE wiTh wirELESS DEviCE — PErfECT for work TEaMS, CaN PriNT ThaN LaSErS v NETworkiNg f MoBiLE ProfESSioNaLS uP To 13" x 19" Laser Quality Speeds up to: Print up to: 32 ppm black, Print up to: 22 ppm black, Print up to: 24 ppm black, 15 ppm black, 11 ppm colorp 31 ppm colorq 18 ppm colorq 21 ppm colorq Built-in wired networking; Built-in wired and wireless uSB, or optional Bluetooth® Built-in wired networking PCL 6, PCL 5e, and TradE in yoUr oLd networkingf or wi-fif postscript emulation dEskToP PrinTEr or sCannEr up to 15,000 pages/month up to 7,000 pages/month up to 500 pages/month up to 12,000 pages/month and saVE. duty cyclec duty cyclec duty cyclec duty cyclec Just look for this icon on any printer page and Print up to 480 pages receive up to $1,000 cash automatic two-sided automatic two-sided printing automatic two-sided printing with included, back toward the purchase printing rechargeable battery of select HP printers or scanners when you trade HP Care Pack service HP Care Pack service HP Care Pack service HP Care Pack service in your old desktop add $60 Pn:UQ208E add $60 Pn:UQ208E add $80 Pn:UQ214E add $149 Pn:H7674E printer or scanner for 2-yr NBD Exchange 2-yr NBD Exchange 2-yr NBD Exchange 3-yr NBD Exchange recycling — any brand, with Enhanced Technical with Enhanced Technical with accidental with Enhanced Technical model, or condition. Phone Supporte Phone Supporte Damage Protectione Phone Supporte for full list of legal disclaimers, please see insert, under Terms & Conditions. *For leasing information, please see insert. ∆∆ Instant savings available through HP Direct and participating resellers. Offer valid March 1, 2010 through March 31, 2010. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/instantsavings ◊◊. Offers available on select printing and imaging products and30 vary in amounts and timing. Additional restrictions apply. For qualifying products and terms and conditions, visit www.hp.com/go/TradeandSave20. f. Wireless performance is dependant upon physical environment and distance from access point.
    • ExTra sET of CarTridgEs!now$ 349 was $499 saVE∆∆ $150Lease for $7/mo.*Pn:CB027a $50◊◊HP officejet Pro 8500Premier all-in-oneLaser Quality Speeds up to:15 ppm black, 11 ppm color.pHP Care Pack serviceadd $115 Pn:UQ212E3-yr NBD Exchangewith Enhanced TechnicalPhone Supporte 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag 31
    • Hewlett-Packard company PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID p.o. Box 6100 HEwlETT-PAckARD holliston, ma 01746-9957 cOmPAny lET’S TAlk TRADE-InS. call 1-866-625-01 14 Printed in the U.S.A. Publication no. 4AA0-4274EnA to see all you could save. To unsubscribe/subscribe to this catalog, visit hp.com/go/update. vP◊ trade-in values are calculated as an average of all trade-in values paid for that category through the hp trade-In program from February 1, 2009–February 28, 2009.your trade-in value may vary. Limit 3 per customer.HP ACCessSAvE mORE THAn$1,000hp.com/buy/myhpLEt US pUt thE LatESttEChNoLogy to work For yoU.Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you why it pays to upgrade now and why to stop wastingfunds on patches and fixes. We’ll listen to your needs and come up with the right strategy to moveyour company ahead in 2010. are you getting this level of service with your current provider? An HP BUSInESS SPEcIAlIST cAn HElP yOU TAkE ADvAnTAGE Of THESE SPEcIAl OffERS call 1-866-625-0114. 1-866-625-0114 hp.com/buy/PCMag