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  1. 1. c INTERNATIONAL EDITION Johnson, Finnegan fined mBut pair avoid suspension for fight on Sunday, 1B First By Justin Lubin, FOX mNFL coverage,Rivals: Texans’ Johnson, Titans’ Finnegan. By David J. Phillip, AP 3-4B NO. 1 IN THE USA look Glee-ful holiday, 8BWednesday, December 1, 2010 Newsline KOREA IN CRISIS Obama:Afghan police officer n News n Money n Sports n Life Freezekills 6 AmericansmU.S. servicemembers shot duringtraining mission; Taliban says gunman federaljoined police to kill foreign soldiers, 5A Hundreds salaries join search Says plan can save for 3 boys mDad lied about $28B over 5 years disappearance of By David Jackson and Oren Dorell Michigan brothers USA TODAY ages 5, 7 and 9, police say, 3A President Obama proposed a two-year federal Tanner Skelton, 5. Photo via AP pay freeze Monday that may be as much about in- creased Republican power in Congress as it is about the size of the federal debt. HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE Obama said his proposal, which must be ap- proved by Congress, would save $28 billion over By Wally Santana, AP five years — a tiny percentage of the total federal debt now pegged at $13.7 trillion. Dreams of one Korean starting to fade: Pro-reunification activists denounce war games between The plan drew compliments from Republicans as South Korea and the United States during a candlelight vigil Monday in Seoul. their congressional leaders prepare to meet today with Obama at the White House. Republicans take In Seoul, rising anxiety control of the House in January. The nation’s long-term debt is “a challenge that both parties have a responsibility to address,” Oba- ma said. The freeze for 2 million federal workers over a menacing North would not apply to the military, he said. Federal Dance Central by HarmonixVideo games for all ages A decade of raises Average pay increases for private and federalmWhether for a kid, teen or adult, we Deadly attack on island time to confront the North’s communist dictator- civilian workers:find a few games that will keep them ship over years of frightening provocations. How- Private industries Federal civiliansbusy. Guide at raises the prospect of a ever, she is nervous about the consequences. “We need a strong reaction, but not so strong 10% new era of provocations that war breaks out,” says Pae, 41, who says she took comfort by the arrival of the 8% 2.2%Most get enough calcium, vitamin D By Calum MacLeod nuclear-powered USS George Washington off her country’s Cover 6% Institute of Medicine recommends 600 IUs of vi-tamin D daily; some experts say that’s too low. 3A. USA TODAY shore. “It is America’s biggest ship, I feel relieved when it comes story 4% 2%Transit strike hobbles London SEOUL — It’s late November, but Christmas dec- here to protect our country.” orations already light up Seoul’s bustling Shinse- Throughout Seoul, there is a feeling that the Ko- 0.6% Britain’s biggest city in disarray after 24-hour 0 gae department store, where housewife Pae Jung reas have entered what could be a dangerous ’99 ’00 ’01 ’02 ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08 ’09 06strike cuts service to subway. 5A. Hee bought presents of socks for her two children phase in a 57-year cold war that turned hot with Note: Federal figures do not include military or postalmMoney: Alcohol easier for fliers to get Monday. Yet the bogeyman over the border is last week’s shelling by the North, which killed employees Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis spoiling her festive mood. two South Korean Marines and two civilians. In-flight happy hour, terminal tastings are ways “I am worried that North Korea will attack us The attack seems to have sent ripples through By Julie Snider, USA TODAYairlines, airports make liquor more accessible. 6A. again,” Pae says of the deadly artillery barrage the the psyche of people here and beyond: uStrong online sales over holiday weekend offer employees haven’t had their pay frozen since 1986, North fired upon a South Korean island last week. It has raised questions about the democratic when President Reagan imposed a one-year freeze.hope to retailers. 6A. Like many residents of this bustling capital of 10 South’s “Sunshine Policy,” in which thousands of Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, the incoming HousemSports: Heat’s coach on hot seat million — which is within range of thousands of speaker, applauded the proposal, but said it should North Korean artillery launchers — Pae says it is Please see COVER STORY page 2A u be followed up by a federal hiring freeze. Other- With 9-8 record, chatter turns to tenure of Spoel-stra, who met with LeBron James on Monday. 1B. wise, “a pay freeze won’t do much to rein in a fed- eral bureaucracy that added hundreds of thousandsmLife: Gail Sheehy’s secret to longer life Clinton blasts leaks as ‘an attack’ of employees to its payroll over the last two years,” Selfless caregivers are rewarded with greater he said.longevity, says journalist and lecturer Sheehy. 10B. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Oba- ma wants to work with Republicans on areas such WikiLeaks under fire; At the center of the controversy were The New York Times and other as making government more efficient. “The Ameri- can people want us to work together,” Gibbs said. ® investigation launchedUSA TODAY Snapshots news organizations that began pub- Chris Edwards, director of tax policy studies with lishing stories about the documents the libertarian Cato Institute, said, “the pay freeze ‘Guests, like fish, begin to By Mimi Hall and Richard Wolf on Sunday. The Times defended pub- appears to apply only to cost-of-living adjustments, USA TODAY lication of the documents as serving not the ‘step’ and ‘grade’ increases that federal smell after three days mell days’ “an important public interest.” workers receive on a regular basis. It also wouldn’t — Benjamin Franklin WASHINGTON — The Obama admini- Few current or former U.S. officials affect federal benefits.” People say stration scrambled Monday to control agreed. Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michi- The proposed pay freeze will have “a limited ef- they can e the diplomatic damage from a quarter- gan, senior Republican on the House fect” on the deficit, and is to some extent a symbol- cope with p million leaked State Department docu- Intelligence Committee, called the ic gesture aimed at the Republicans, said Julian Zel- out-of-town u ments reverberating across the nation’s AP leak a “catastrophic” breach of trust. izer, who teaches congressional history at Princeton relatives for: l capital and around the globe. Clinton: Says allianc- The documents, which WikiLeaks University. But it also shows that Obama “is serious 3-6 The White House ordered a govern- es were attacked. said would be released over a period about trying to cut the size of the government.” 2 days days ment-wide review of procedures to safe- of months, show: At the same time, Zelizer said, Obama needs to or less 45% 33% guard classified data and vowed to pros- uU.S. diplomats were instructed try and avoid a revolt from Democrats “who don’t 7 days ecute anyone who broke U.S. law by Role of press to collect personal data on United think this is the time for deficit reduction,” he said. leaking the latest trove of documents to Nations officials, including flight The proposed freeze disappointed public union or more the online whistle-blower WikiLeaks. uDid leaks schedules, credit card numbers, In- members who backed Obama during his 2008 22% “This disclosure is not just an attack on serve public ternet passwords and even some campaign. Colleen Kelley, president of the National Source: Leflein Associates for Cambria Suites America’s foreign policy interests,” Sec- good? 2A biometric information. Treasury Employees Union, vowed to block the pay By Anne R. Carey and Alejandro Gonzalez, USA TODAY retary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Former U.S. ambassador to the freeze in Congress. Kelley said her members want said. “It is an attack on the international United Nations John Bolton ques- to work with the administration to reduce the def- community — the alliances and partnerships, the tioned the authenticity of that cable. “I have never icit, but criticized Obama for not consulting public conversations and negotiations, that safeguard seen one like that,” he said. Diplomats “are not employees beforehand. International special edition global security and advance economic prosperity.” competent to engage in espionage.” “I would say that any CEO who would propose a This is a special edition of USA TODAY designed Attorney General Eric Holder said the govern- Clinton defended the diplomats’ work. State De- pay freeze without consulting employees is not go- and edited for readers around the world. ment was conducting a criminal investigation and partment spokesman P.J. Crowley said, “Our diplo- ing to be a very successful CEO,” she said. Additional content and late-breaking news and would hold responsible “anybody who was in- mats don’t break the law.” At the White House, Obama lamented the fact it sports scores can always be found at volved in the breaking of American law.” uArab countries, including Saudi Arabia, are far would hit such federal employees as veterans’ doc- The e-mails and other documents released by more concerned about Iran’s nuclear program than tors , and Social Security Administration workers. ¡¿H¢ApB-740238¿ (e)i WikiLeaks provide a rare glimpse into government they have said publicly. “It should not be a surprise “I’m asking civil servants to do what they’ve al- negotiations and unfolding world events. to anyone that Iran is a source of great concern, not ways done,” Obama said. “Play their part.” Governments in Europe condemned the leaks. only in the United States,” Clinton said. One federal employee, Monte Wheeler, a hydrol- Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini dubbed uThe U.S. bartered with other countries to try to ogist at the Ohio River Forecast Center in Wilming- them “the Sept. 11 of world diplomacy.” get them to take some of the terrorism suspects be- ton, Ohio, said the proposed pay freeze doesn’t White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said ing held at the Guantanamo Bay prison. matter much to him. “You can’t plan on any money ©COPYRIGHT 2010 USA TODAY President Obama was “not pleased,” calling that re- until you get it,” Wheeler said. “I guess everyone a division of Gannett Co., Inc. action “an understatement.” Contributing: Kevin Johnson; the Associated Press has to make sacrifices.” Add a couple stars to your stay. Score a better hotel with Unpublished Rates from Expedia. You’ll find empty rooms for up to 50% less* than the advertised rate. Expedia Unpublished Rate hotels are different. Hotel shown only after booking and may only be booked online. All bookings final. See site for details.*Savings based on Expedia Unpublished Rate hotel rates for last month, as compared to the regular rate for the same hotel on©2010 Expedia, Inc. All rights reserved. Expedia, and the Airplane logo are trademarks of Expedia, Inc. in the U.S. CST 2029030-50.
  2. 2. 2A · WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2010 · USA TODAY WorldPoll showsS. Koreanssee reactionas too small By Vahid Salemi, AP Ahmadinejad: “The hand of the Zionist regime and Western governments is involved.” Bombs targetContinued from 1Atons of food and millions of dollars have been sentto the struggling North for 10 years, in an attemptto foster friendship and perhaps a peaceful uni-fication of the divided Korean peninsula. Days be-fore the attack the ministry that oversees the policy two nuclearcalled it a failure. Meanwhile, the North recently revealed a new uranium enrichment facility as part scientistsCover of a nuclear program it had vowed to disband, jangling nerves in Japan and One killed, one injured; Iranianstory the West. And moves by North Kore- an dictator Kim Jong Il, 69, to install president blames Israel, the West his 27-year-old son as head of thatnation has South Koreans — many of whom have The Associated Presshoped Kim’s departure would improve the chancesof Korean reconciliation and ease the threat from TEHRAN, Iran — Assailants on motorcycles at-the North — facing the prospect of an unpredict- tached magnetized bombs to the cars of two nucle-able, nuclear-armed menace for several more dec- ar scientists in Tehran on Monday, killing one andades. wounding another who is on a U.N. sanctions list for At the very least, the attack has turned up the suspect activity. Iran’s president accused Israel andtension in relations between the Koreas. As thou- the West of being behind the attacks.sands of South Koreans continue to protest the The wounded scientist, Fereidoun Abbasi, isNorth’s actions, South Korean President Lee Myung specified by a United Nations resolution for sanc-Bak is promising “serious retaliation” if the North tions because of suspected links to nuclear activ-attacks again.In a speech televised nationwide ities, describing him as a Defense Ministry scientist.Monday, Lee vowed that “now is the time we have Iranian media said he was a member of Iran’s Islam-to demonstrate our determination with actions, ic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the country’s strong-rather than many words.” est military force. The other scientist, who died in the attack andWhat can be done? does not appear in any U.N. resolutions, was in- volved in a major project with Iran’s nuclear agency, Public opinion polls indicate that the many South said the agency’s chief, Ali Akbar Salehi. He did notKoreans see the attack — the first on South Korean give specifics.soil since the Korean War ended in 1953 — as a Iran also confirmed for the first time that a com-turning point. puter worm affected centrifuges in the country’s A poll released Monday by the Asan Institute for uranium-enrichment program. Iran had previouslyPolicy Studies in Seoul found that more than 80% of denied that the Stuxnet worm — which experts, in-South Koreans believe their military should have hit cluding Salehi, say is calibrated to destroy centri-back harder after the North Korean attack. The fuges by making them spin out of control — hadSouth returned fire but did not cause any damage. caused any damage.If the North attacks again, 40% favor military retalia- Iran suspects the assassination was part of a co-tion, calibrated to avoid all-out war, while 33% said vert campaign aimed at damaging the country’sthey are willing to risk war to deliver a strong mil- nuclear program, which the United States and its al-itary response. lies say is intended to build a weapon — a claim Iran What the North will do next, and how it can be denies. “Undoubtedly, the hand of the Zionist re-stopped from doing it, are questions that have gime and Western governments is involved in themany governments nervous. assassination,” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad The communist regime has agitated the United told a news conference. He said the attack wouldNations Security Council by flouting several agree- not hamper the nuclear program.ments to end its weapons programs. The USA ac- Asked about the Iranian accusations, Israeli gov-cuses it of enflaming tensions in the Middle East by ernment spokesman Mark Regev said Israel did notsecretly exporting nuclear technology to terrorist- comment on such matters. Washington has deniedsupporting states such as Syria, and shipping mis- any link to previous attacks.siles to Iran that can hit targets hundreds of miles Assailants on motorcycles approached the cars asaway. As many as 1 million people have starved to tour brochure from the Seoul City Tour company. “North Korea’s people may be more loyal to- they were moving through Tehran and attacheddeath under the regime, the U.N. says. Seoul student Kim Na Rae has a fantasy: South wards Kim Jong Il’s son (Kim Jong Un) as he took magnetized bombs to the vehicles, Tehran Police Paul Stares, a senior fellow at the Council on For- Korea and North Korea gradually expand cultural some action against South Korea to build up sup- Chief Hossein Sajednia said. The bombs explodedeign Relations, says there are several options short relations until the happy day when bitter, divided port,” says Kim Yong Hyun, a North Korea expert at seconds later, he told the state news agency IRNA.of war to try to moderate the North’s behavior. rivals are reunified as one nation. Dongguk University in Seoul. The bombings both took place in the morning,Stares says the U.S. could boost its level of military “But it’s impossible for now,” admits Kim, 20. Park Young Ho, a researcher at the Korea Institute but there were conflicting reports on what timesupport by increasing the tempo and frequency of Instead she wants her government to show more for National Unification in Seoul, said the USA each took place. The bombs went off in separate lo-military exercises and filling gaps in South Korea’s mettle amid one of the tensest moments on the Ko- “should maintain a very resolute and strong stance cations in north and northeast Tehran that lie aboutdefensive capabilities. rean peninsula since the end of the Korean War. for the next few years.” a 15-minute-drive apart without traffic. The most extreme response would be pushing “I don’t want a strong military reaction, but I The challenge remains to make the response The slain scientist, Majid Shahriari, was a mem-North Korea’s regime toward collapse through po- want a stronger political reaction; so far our gov- match the provocation. Cellphone saleswoman Kim ber of the nuclear engineering faculty at Shahid Be-litical warfare, Stares says. ernment has not been strong enough,” she says. Sung Hee says the South’s response “is too weak. heshti University in Tehran. His wife, who was in Conservative think tanks have pushed for a re- “There should be zero contact with North Korea, no I’m afraid of war but once we conquer North Korea the car with him, was wounded.imposition of tough sanctions that were lifted by food and no support until North Korea admits they through military means, there’ll be no more threats Shahriari cooperated with the Atomic Energy Or-President Bush in 2008. Another idea is to put were wrong.” anymore.” ganization of Iran, said Salehi, a vice president whoNorth Korea back on the list of state sponsors of ter- At Dongguk University in Seoul, where Kim is a Pinkston says the world should stop waiting for heads the organization. “He was involved in one ofror. student, interest in their troublesome neighbor has China to rein in its ally. the big AEOI projects, which is a source of pride for “North Korea appears to waned, says student Han “China won’t implement any policy that imposes the Iranian nation,” Salehi said. “They (Iran’s ene-have abandoned previously Chul Woo. real cost,” he says. mies) are mistaken if think they can shake us,” Sale-self-imposed constraints on “Young people don’t care At the Namdaemun market in Seoul, where hun- hi said, weeping, as he spoke later on state TV.its behavior,” says Bruce about North Korea any- dreds of stalls offer flowers, clothes and local pro- The AEOI is in charge of Iran’s nuclear activities,Klingner, a senior research more,” he sighs. “They just duce, some residents are taking the latest crisis in including its uranium enrichment program, whichfellow for Northeast Asia in want to get a job, and don’t stride. the United Nations has demanded be halted.the Asian Studies Center at pay much attention to “For me, it’s like an annual performance by North The other attack targeted Abbasi, who wasHeritage. “Although this North Korea, even though it Korea, although a bit stronger than before,” says Lee wounded along with his wife. Abbasi is on a sanc-new brazenness could be is a daily problem for us all.” Young Hoon, who runs an underwear stall. “When- tions list under U.N. Security Council resolutionrelated to the ongoing Such conciliatory talk ever these things happen, we never take strong ac- 1747, passed in 2007, which described him as aNorth Korean leadership may surprise outsiders, but tion because we are such a weak nation, manipulat- Defense Ministry scientist with links to the Institutesuccession, it may also re- Americans should consider ed by the USA and Japan,” says Lee, 52. of Applied Physics, working closely with Mohsenflect the regime’s growing their reaction “if they had a Fakhrizadeh, a scientist believed to be heading se-desperation brought on by seriously armed and hostile Contributing: Donna Leinwand in Washington cret nuclear projects.deteriorating economic and state sitting where Canadapolitical conditions.” By Ahn Young-joon, AP is,” says Andrei Lankov of Obama, Hill leaders meet: South Korea could also Protesting attack: A North Korean defector Seoul’s Kookmin University.pull back on its food ship- demonstrates Monday in Seoul. “The mood in South Koreaments, which resumed in is, ‘everything but war,’ andOctober and are critical to the maintenance of the North Korea knows that extremely well.1.1 million-member military that is the North Kore- The United States has faced this quandary manyan regime’s power base. President Lee said he is times with the North.considering such a move. The USA also could ramp In 2002 the Bush administration learned that theup the boarding of North Korean ships suspected of North had built a nuclear enrichment program in taxes, treaty top agendacarrying illicit materials. violation of the “agreed framework” it made with The Associated Press want to renew tax cuts for everyone; 50% prefer ex- “The U.S. could decide the regime has to feel real President Clinton in 1994. In 2003 the North with- tending the reductions only for those earning underpain. You could lay out a whole menu of punitive, drew from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. In WASHINGTON — House and Senate leaders from $250,000 a year; and 14% want to end them for all.potentially destabilizing actions,” Stares says. “The 2006 the North stunned the world by testing a nu- both parties sat down Tuesday for their first post- On START, Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, one of the Re-Chinese would be very unhappy about that.” clear weapon. election meeting with President Obama in an publicans invited to Tuesday’s meeting, has reject- Lee has already replaced his defense minister, or- President Bush responded with six-party talks atmosphere charged with tension over taxes and a ed the administration’s assertion that the treatydered reinforcements for the 4,000 troops on Yeon- involving China and a new agreement that gave the new nuclear arms treaty with Russia. must be dealt with during the lame-duck session,pyeong and four other Yellow Sea islands and up- North a half-million tons of food in return for its Republicans set the tone for the session, declar- saying the Senate has more pressing issues to dealgraded rules of engagement. He welcomed the promise to allow inspections of its nuclear program. ing steadfast opposition to any tax increases when with. But Sen. John McCain appeared to leave openarrival of the USS George Washington, an aircraft Just before leaving office in 2009, Bush dropped the the current Bush era tax cuts expire at the end of the possibility of working with the White House,carrier with 6,000 sailors ad 75 fighter jets that Chi- North from the U.S. terror watch list. A few months the year. Obama has said he would oppose a per- saying he still hoped progress could be made thisna decried as an act of aggression. In the Yellow Sea later the North pulled out of the six-party talks and manent extension of the tax cuts for taxpayers year. “I believe that we could move forward withwest of Seoul in waters China says it considers its barred nuclear inspectors. earning more than $200,000 as individuals and the START treaty and satisfy Sen. Kyl’s concerns andsphere of influence, the carrier led a U.S. flotilla in President Obama signed on to sanctions barring $250,000 as couples. mine about missile defense and others,” McCainlarge-scale naval exercises with South Korea that luxury and other goods sought by the regime after At the same time a couple of Republican senators said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”continued for a second day on Monday. the sinking of the Cheonan. Then, on Nov. 12, the signaled possible movement on the START treaty, Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, who earlier this The artillery attack and the March sinking by the North showed Stanford professor Siegfried Hecker which would reduce nuclear weapons arsenals in month raised concerns about the treaty’s impact onNorth of a South Korean navy vessel in which 46 to a building at the Yongbyon nuclear complex that the U.S. and Russia. Obama has made approval of the former Soviet satellite nations, told reporters,sailors died represent an “extraordinary deterrent had been transformed into what he described as a the treaty this year a top national security goal. “I’d like to get it done, but in my conscience I wantfailure,” says Daniel Pinkston, a security analyst “stunning” modern uranium enrichment facility. The midmorning meeting came a day after Oba- to feel it’s the right thing to do.”based in Seoul for the International Crisis Group, a Experts say the North is playing a dangerous ma, pre-empting the Republicans, announced he Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., was asked about the latestthink tank. game by creating problems it says can be solved was proposing to freeze the salaries of some 2 mil- wrinkle, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s South Korea must restore a credible threat, he only with more help propping up its regime. North lion federal workers for the next two years. The warning that a new arms race will erupt if Russiansays, “but it’s a fine line. You want to avoid war, but Korea is reinforcing its message with its latest prov- White House talks Tuesday were seen as an oppor- can’t agree with the West about a joint Europeanif you are completely unwilling to go to war then ocation, Lankov says. tunity for the two parties to size up each other even missile defense program.there’s no credible threat.” North Korea “has really “We are here, we are dangerous and it’s better as they struggle for common groundon the legisla- “I’m open-minded and this is one of the issues I’llcrossed the line into new territory,” Pinkston says. and cheaper for you to pay us,” by renewing aid tive agenda before Congress adjourns for the year. raise with the State Department briefing teams supplies, he says. Speaking ahead of the meeting, House GOP Whip coming up to talk to me,” he said.Wanting a stronger response Pyongyang succession politics are making the sit- Eric Cantor said his party wants to “make sure no Obama said Monday he hopes Tuesday’s White uation more dangerous, say experts. Ailing Kim one gets a tax hike while we’re trying to create jobs House session “will mark a first step toward a new The last major Cold War relic, the demilitarized Jong Il’s attempt to have his son, a former Swit- in the private sector.” and productive working relationship, because wezone separating the two Koreas, is a symbol — and a zerland boarding school student who he named a The meeting comes as a new Associated Press- now have a shared responsibility to deliver for thetourist destination. “Feel the reality and pain of the four-star general, succeed him may prompt more CNBC Poll shows most people oppose extending American people on the issues that define not onlyonly separated nation in the world,” runs a DMZ unpredictable behavior from the North. expiring tax cuts for the richest Americans. Just 34% these times but our future.”