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  1. 1. sinegossi p present. The Erawan - History - Story. - Place to
  2. 2. Erawan in Ramakien The Erawan's Ramayana and beliefs of Hinduism Indra said that the green Ride an elephant with three ropes, one rope, Shiva is the name given to the Erawan Brahma rope given to him as possible. Kiri's Atrdaiuc mail message. And a string of Lord Vishnu. Gave a major periodontitis. The Erawan elephant is the most powerful among the three elephants, rope, and is a favorite of most of Indra is believed that the baby elephant was a rope.
  3. 3. Erawan Museum. Located in Samut Prakan. The museum is built from the inspiration of Lek Viriyapun. A place to store artifacts. Heritage conservation areas and to preserve Thai art to remain a little while their successors forever. Erawan is the first mobile sculpture, floating through space, the largest in the world. Made of copper. Palm-sized compact discs with the exquisitely tiled with hundreds of thousands. The Elephant and the building height 43.60 meters (or high-grade building approximately 14-
  4. 4. Legend of the Erawan Read the following story is based ue or not, no one knows becaus it is the belief of the person.
  5. 5. A girl who is a student. The bus ride over. Elephant museum every day. And one day, the day the lottery is a lot that day. She looked at the elephant, and a wish in mind. Let's say it was a prize that will allow an elephant's. When she returned home the phone talking with a friend
  6. 6. Just as you imagine. It is a sacred promise you made ​​to it. She won the jackpot prize in a lottery really. But it appears the next morning was found dead in her bedroom. The dark green as they are being squeezed as the neck rotation. And genital mutilation of a rape. It would not be so severe that And when the autopsy. No deposit sperm. In the body of a young woman who is the victim. The testimony of his friend's description base. People who know the real news that description. Life with a vow to sacrifice to the court
  7. 7. Thanks to information from the data And those who are not involved
  8. 8. Previ ew imag e.
  9. 9. This is the ultimate elephant in the legend of interest