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Course proposal

  1. 1. Mary Yankelovich Fellowship ProposalSinead ColemanMentors: Dr. Ted Georgian and Dr. David DiMattioProposal/SummaryThe Clare College’s curriculum is a very important core aspect to the lives of the St. Bonaventure studentand the university’s mission. Each course provides a step for the students along their intellectual journeyas they explore the larger context for their personal, professional and civil lives. My project is tocollaborate the natural sciences requirement and the Franciscan values of discovery, community andrespect for dignity which are core to the values of St. Bonaventure University.Franciscan PerspectiveWeaving a thread of the Franciscan values throughout the learning process are the key factors that willhelp the students see the worldwide context of their education. The goal is gaining a sense of value of thesciences so students may see how this field is important to them in everyday life and in their professionalcareers. As stewards for creation, the Franciscan order inspired a vision and living tradition that can helpus respond to pressing environmental and social issues. By revisiting why the natural world should playan important role as a human, the sciences will not seem as scary or mystifying.What I StudiedUnder advisement of Dr. Dave DiMattio, Dr. Ted Georgian, the Yankelovich Fellowship committee aswell as the sustainability experts I am studying curriculum techniques such as Franciscan care for creationprograms, differentiated instruction, sustainability topics, social business theories, and service learningmethods.Sustainability is an ever changing process for students where they can learn the foundations behind thefacts and figures of why the world has gotten to how it is today, as well as a adventure into newtechnologies, new issues and concerns as well as new creative ideas for solutions to variousenvironmental and social issues. This course will guide students through the process of inquiry within thenatural science disciplines and enable students to understand and apply basic investigatory skills in aproblem solving contextLocal outreachDuring the research and community outreach portion of the Inquiry into the Natural World course,students gain knowledge of local and/or international issues. From this, students learn how to address thepressing issues of our time. By having students come step outside of the classroom and come face to facewith the people and the places, the science sinks in. The active research and implementation will give lifeto the mode of inquiry which have contributed to the developments in the sciences. From this foundation,students will gain awareness of other cultures and confront humanity’s challenges to address ultimatequestions regarding the nature of God, persons, and the world with particular reference to the Catholicand Franciscan traditions.