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22.appeal al four_scls (1)

  1. 1. APPEALMy dear Friend,Greetings from the Diocese of Sindhudurg!The Diocese of Sindhudurg came into existence on 5th October 2005 – just seven years ago. Obviously,then, it is a very young Diocese, and, like anyone young and growing, it has its teething problems. One ofthe greatest problems is, besides poverty, the illiteracy of its people.Providing academic education is, then, one of the main concerns of our Diocese. You will agree with ourbelief that it is mainly education that can break the vicious circle of poverty, ignorance and superstitionprevalent in this area. And, we, on the diocesan level, have resolved to face this challenge.As of now, we have two diocesan English Medium secondary schools: in Sawantwadi and in Malvan. Wealso have schools at Bachani (Kolhapur District) up to the Vth Std., and in Vengurla up to VIIIth Std. Inorder to provide good education we need to have suitable school buildings for primary and secondarysections in various parts of the diocese.The diocese has, at present, undertaken projects of constructing four school buildings:1) St. Anne English School, Bachani, Kolhapur: Total cost of the project is Rs 2.32 crores as per the architect’s estimate.2) Mother Teresa School, Vengurla: The total cost of the project is Rs 2.10 crores which includes renovation and extension of the school Building.3) Rosary English School, Malvan Total cost of the project is Rs 1.25 crores as per the architect’s estimate.4) Milagris English School, Sawantwadi. Total cost of the project is Rs 2.50 crores as per the architect’s estimate.All donors of Rs.1,00,000/- and above, will have their names engraved on a marble plaque outside theschool building.All donors of Rs.5,00,000/- and above will have the name suggested by the donor on a marble plaqueoutside one of the class rooms in the school.Friends, we have miles to go……. Much of what we have been able to do so far would not have beenpossible without the combined efforts of all of us. Generous donors like you have always stood by us. Yourwhole-hearted cooperation and your support have helped us make the progress we have made up to now.Will you not help us go forward and continue with the progress? That’s my appeal to you.I bless you and your family and pray that Our Lord may grant you and your family much happiness andcontentment today and through the coming years.With kind regards,Yours sincerely,†Bishop Alwyn Barreto  Your contribution could be sent in the name of ‘Diocese of Sindhudurg A/C Schools Building Fund’.  If you need Tax Exemption under 80 G then you may send it in the name of ‘Sindhudurg Diocesan Educational Trust’.Please note: A receipt will be issued for all donations received in cash or by cheque.