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WILD Presentation


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Presentation introducing WILD and Nature Needs Half.

Presentation introducing WILD and Nature Needs Half.

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  • 1. A Voice for Wilderness
  • 2. Who we are
    • WILD is the only international organization dedicated entirely and explicitly to wilderness protection around the world.
    • Nelson Mandela , Former President of the Republic of South Africa, has written a personal introduction to WILD’s founder Ian Player’s book Zulu Wilderness.
    Click here for details The WILD Foundation The Wilderness Network Zulu Wilderness.
    • International, non-profit, non- governmental organization founded in 1974
    • For over 35 years, WILD has generated, implemented and facilitated innovative programs for wilderness, wildlife and people world-wide.
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      • Watch the video of Vance Martin’s, President of WILD, inspiring talk about WILDs humble beginnings, its beliefs and Dr. Ian Player tenacity, at closing ceremony of WILD9 Here
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  • 4. What we do
    • WILD has created and expanded protected areas,
    • Trained wilderness managers,
    • Brought together leaders and communities,
    • Introduced and supported policy initiatives,
    • Assisted start-up organizations,
    • Implemented on-the-ground field projects and
    • Provided wilderness resources and tools for individuals, organizations and governments world-wide.
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  • 6. How we do it Click here for details Field Projects Policy and Management Communications and Media
    • On the Ground Field Projects: We train individuals, incubate and assist organizations and provide urgently needed conservation supplies;
      • For e.g.: Protection of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
    • Wilderness Policy and Management: We promote the most effective wild-lands legislation and management to benefit human communities;
      • For e.g.: Co-founding and chairing Wilderness Specialist Group
    • Communications and Media: We stimulate informed and inspired public action;
      • For e.g.: Publish the only textbook on wilderness management
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  • 8. How we do it Click here for details International agreement on wilderness
    • The World Wilderness Congress (WWC)
      • Since 1977, each WWC has convened up to 3,000 delegates from nearly 75 nations .
      • The Congress is the world’s longest running, public environmental forum.
      • In 2009 we initiated and finalized the first ever international agreement on wilderness, signed at WILD9 between US, Canada and Mexico.
        • The MOU was officially announced by Mexican President Felipe Calderon.
      • Watch the video of Harvey Locke, Vice President of WILD, summarized the many accomplishments of the Congress and introduce the Nature Needs Half™ vision. Here
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  • 10.
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  • 11. Nature Needs Half™
      • We are already meeting or exceeding the worst case scenarios anticipated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
      • About 20% of emissions come from destroying wild nature, more than all the emissions from all the world’s automobiles.
      • Many scientific assessments have determined that nature needs at least half of a given eco-region to be protected, in order to maintain its full range of life-supporting, ecological and evolutionary processes . Simply put, Nature Needs Half ™ , and it is time to say so.
      • Watch the video of VP for Conservation Strategy, Harvey Locke’s, passionate i ntroduction of the new global vision for conservation at WILD9 Here
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  • 13.
    • About 39-44% of the planet is mostly wild with very low human population densities. These need to be formally protected. For e.g. formally protecting Antarctica
    • The goal has already been largely achieved in many parts of the world . For e.g. Boulder County, Colorado, USA, is 67% protected. Country of Venezuela is 46% protected
    • In the 2009 WILD carried an urgent conservation message, which was signed by over half of the worlds largest conservation groups, to the United Nations Climate Change Conference.
    How to achieve this ambitious goal?
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  • 15. How You can help
      • We are in the process of launching an aggressive campaign to raise awareness and support for this Vision of Nature Needs Half ™ .
      • We are creating a website where organizations and individuals around the world can sign up to show their support to this cause. (
      • We would be honored if you would extend your support to this cause.
      • As a part of raising awareness we are looking for celebrity endorsements . We would appreciate it you can give a statement that can be posted on our online social sites.
      • We are also looking to post short 30 second videos showcasing celebrity endorsement. Kindly let us know if you would be able to spare some of you time for this.
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  • 17. How You can help
      • We are always looking for support and financial contributions.
      • WILD Foundation is four star rated charity by Charity Navigator for having a proven record for effectively managing our fund for programs and project.
      • We would love to partner with you and ensure that the maximum amount of each dollar donated goes to programs and projects world-wide.
      • All donation are tax deductible.
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  • 19. Contact us In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the information below. The WILD Foundation 717 Poplar Avenue Boulder, CO 80304 USA Email: Tel. 303 442-8811 Fax. 303 442-8877 Emily Loose, Director Communications [email_address] Sinchan Patil [email_address]
  • 20. Thank You!
  • 21. Acknowledgements
      • We would like to thank the following photographers for letting us use their beautiful photos in the slides
      • Boyd Norton for Photos in Slide 4, 6, 8, 13, 15, 17, 19 and 20
      • Patricio Robles Gil for Photo in Slide 11.