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20090714 Bmc Clio Presentation Cioc V1


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ITIL implementation in Danone

ITIL implementation in Danone

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  • composed of 28 organizational units split over Europe Each of them having implemented more or less IS processes (mainly HelpDesk and Incident Management process) using a variety of support tools for these processes. Difficult to work together Difficult to share services
  • A project about processes not about a tool
  • Excellent experience in implementation of BMC SDE Infravision differentiated by its competitors already during the selection phase by proposing us a new/different approach: Why to re-invent the wheel? Why to redefine and re-document the processes when this was done and proven already?
  • Very good quality of process documentation Detailed processes Procedures – defines who does what Work instructions define how one or more activities in a procedure should be carried out. (very difficult to be achieved internally on comparable quality) Very fast implementation of pilot mainly focusing on explaining/training of the processes Testing the tool Loading the data (users, CI’s, services, templates) Avoids discussions between internal units like: “ my process is better” “ this is a process invented in X country” => A “politically correct solution” Fast in pilot and fast roll-out Ability to go live with a new organization every week
  • Make a good Gap analyses for processes and roles Clarify the new roles and responsibilities and train people for this (people are confused when they have multiple roles) Assure the links between different data are properly done (e.g. users to CI’s)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Groupe Danone confidential. Reproduction in full or parts is prohibited © Groupe Danone Paris 2007/10/31 Aurelian Sin & Martijn Adams CLIO
    • 2. Contents
      • Group Danone – Who we are!
      2 3 4 The challenge for NECE CLIO plus 5 Approach - From ITIL to action 1 CLIO status Key take away 6
    • 3. Leading market positions 10%** 21% 14,9% Share of world market In value Relative size versus direct competitor >1x 4x - Worldwide ranking #1 #2 #2* Package Water Mainly yogurt & assimilated products #3* 16% 0.6x **market shares in vol % of sales in leading positions ~75% *n°1 in Europe ~70% ~70% - Fresh dairy Babyfood Medical Nutrition
    • 4. Danone at every stage of your life Life stage Specific nutrition/ heath needs Babies/ Toddlers Teenagers Adulthood Elderly / pathology Growth/ Capital building Maintenance/ Early prevention Ageing/ Problem solving Low High
    • 5. The unique capacity to be inspired by a powerful mission To bring health through food to the largest number of people
    • 6. Contents
      • Group Danone – Who we are!
      2 3 4 The challenge for NECE CLIO plus 5 Approach - From ITIL to action 1 CLIO status Key take away 6
    • 7. NECE at a glance NECE Smallest CBU 20 m€ Biggest CBU 720 m€ Combined Sales 3.600 m€ IS Customers 6.500 Time zones 7 Languages 17 Main sites 85 Number of CBU 25
    • 8. Where did we come from in NECE
      • Maturity level on CMM = 1
        • Ad-hoc, not or partially documented
        • Not harmonized across countries
        • Relative measurement of efficiency and effectiveness
    • 9. What’s wrong with not having the same process?
    • 10. The idea is to harmonize on the best process Based on ITIL
    • 11. Contents
      • Group Danone – Who we are!
      2 3 4 The challenge for NECE CLIO plus 5 Approach - From ITIL to action 1 CLIO status Key take away 6
    • 12. Clio ( C ommon L anguage for I T O rganization)
      • Goal: Define and implement IT processes based on best practices
      Tool (software) Processes
    • 13. Project scope
      • Incident Management
      • Configuration Management
      • Change Management
      • Release Management
      • Problem Management
      • Service Level Management
    • 14. Initial approach (classical approach) Define Processes Select the tool BMC SDE Implementation partner
    • 15. Infravision
      • Excellent experience
      • Not only a partner for tool but definitely a partner for processes
      • Proposed us a new/different approach:
      •  APM
    • 16. ITIL is not actionable ITIL = Framework
      • Describes principles
      • Provides multiple options
      • Doesn’t consider dependencies between options chosen
      • Is not detailed
    • 17. What do you need to make ITIL “live” Process Procedure 1 2 3
    • 18. What do you need to make ITIL “live” APM (Alignability Process Model)
    • 19. What is APM?
      • Initiative started in 1998 is providing service organizations with detailed, best practices, service management processes for delivering IS services.
      APM (Alignability Process Model)
      • Currently used by over 211 organizations
      • A more actionable ITIL (next level of details)
      • Describing the processes in 3 levels
        • Model, Process, Procedure, Work Instruction
      • Preloaded settings for different tools and “how to?” Knowledge database
    • 20. Advantages in using APM
      • Waterproof processes
      • Well interconnected processes
      • Very fast configuration and roll-out
      • Very good quality of documentation
      • A “politically correct solution”
    • 21. Contents
      • Group Danone – Who we are!
      2 3 4 The challenge for NECE CLIO plus 5 Approach - From ITIL to action 1 CLIO status Key take away 6
    • 22. Pilot Romania 06.03.2007 NECE From start to go live – 1 month Revenue on CLIO 124 m€
    • 23. UK & Ireland 30.05.2007 NECE Go Live in 1 month Revenue on CLIO 647 m€
    • 24. Belgium Biscuits 29.08.2007 NECE Revenue on CLIO 827 m€
    • 25. Turkey 04.09.2007 NECE Revenue on CLIO 1064 m€
    • 26. Hungary 05.09.2007 NECE 2 countries, 3 organization went live in 1 week Revenue on CLIO 1.151 m€
    • 27. Belgium Dairy & Netherlands 13.09.2007 NECE Revenue on CLIO 1.496 m€
    • 28. Poland, Baltic's and Scandinavia 21.09.2007 NECE From 647m to 2.104m in 4 weeks Revenue on CLIO 2.104 m€
    • 29. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia -08.11.2007 NECE 5 organizations went live in 1 week Revenue on CLIO 2.840 m€
    • 30. Bulgaria, Ukraine -12.2007 NECE Revenue on CLIO 2.941 m€
    • 31. Russia -04.06.2008 NECE Revenue on CLIO 3.567 m€
    • 32. CLIO is the centerpiece of the IS-process It doesn’t work I don’t understand I need something different Projects Incident Request for information Request for change Service level management Standard change Change management Time tracking CMDB Service request Analytics
    • 33. Steps after NECE region
      • Clio become a Danone Group standard
      • New roll-out achieved
        • North America
        • Former Numico organizations (Germany, Netherlands)
    • 34. Contents
      • Group Danone – Who we are!
      2 3 4 The challenge for NECE CLIO plus 5 Approach - From ITIL to action 1 CLIO status Key take away 6
    • 35. CLIO - enhancements
      • Easy sort and selection criteria to enable fast incident recording in multi CBU environment
      • Automated cascading of dependent change steps, e.g. new user preserving logical dependencies
      • Single logon based on AD credentials
      • Automatic Local language for self service
      • Automated e-mail updates in local language (User satisfaction response in pilot)
      • Measuring the processes usage with KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
      • Measuring the process maturity/usage with PCI (Process Compliance Indicators)
      • Develop a Data warehouse for data analyses
      • Integrate Project management in Change – Gant reporting
      • Dash Board
    • 36. CLIO – enhancements Dash Board
    • 37. CLIO - enhancements
      • Preventive maintenance – repetitive work orders
      • Approval flow (purchases, authorizations etc.)
      • Continuity Planning for CLIO
      • Automatic mass incidents notifications
      • Customized time tracking per IS employee
      • Link to technical monitoring system
      • Integrate with our Remote control
      • Implement Integration engine (upgrade)
    • 38. Contents
      • Group Danone – Who we are!
      2 3 4 The challenge for NECE CLIO plus 5 Approach - From ITIL to action 1 CLIO status Key take away 6
    • 39. IS KPI’s
    • 40. Lessons learned
      • Make a good Gap analyses
      • Clarify the new roles
      • Clarify differences between incident, complaint and change
      • Clarify services
      • Assure the links between different data
      • In the beginning focus on Incident Management after move to other processes and increase their scope/maturity
      • Don’t deviate from APM standard processes/model
      • Explain templates in SDE and how to use them
    • 41. Thank you