Research into the making of die hard 2

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  • 1. Research into the making of Die Hard 2.
  • 2. Die hard 2
    This film is an action film.
    Its ratings are 7 stars out of ten.
    The director is: Renny Harlin
    The writer of the novel is: Walter Wager.
    The writers of the screenplay are: Steven E. de Souza and Doug Richardson.
  • 3. The main cast are:
    Bruce Willis...Lt. John McClaneBonnie Bedelia...Holly McClaneWilliam Atherton...Richard ThornburgWilliam Sadler...Col. StuartReginaldVelJohnson...Sgt. Al PowellFranco Nero...Gen. Ramon EsperanzaJohn Amos...Maj. GrantDennis Franz...Capt. Carmine LorenzoArt Evans...Leslie BarnesFred Dalton Thompson...Trudeau
  • 4. Deeper info on Die Hard 2
    The original music is by: Michael Kamen.
    The cinematography is by: Oliver Wood.
    The film editing is by: Stuart Baird and Robert A. Ferretti.
    The casting is by: Jackie Burch.
    The production Design is by: John Vallone.
    The art direction is by: Christiaan Wagener.
  • 5.
  • 6. Die Hard 2. critics review, bbci, reviewed by Almar Haflidason.
    John McClane returns to pick up his wife and yet again stares death in the face as he takes on another band of ruthless terrorists. This time it's the airport she wants collecting from and director Renny Harlin has stocked it full of big budget action chaos.
    Cutting his way through another Christmas inferno is the amusingly sardonic Willis, who dispenses cutting quips to rile his latest foe, William Sadler. Willis has only been in the airport ten minutes before he's collected his first body bag after spotting some suspicious activity around him. Sensing that this is only the tip of two hours of action mayhem he begins snooping around, much to the annoyance of the airport police.
    Of course he turns out to be right, but through a bewildering web of circumstances is forced to take on a ruthless mob of hired mercenaries himself. Even Willis has to question "How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?" But Renny Harlin senses that the audience isn't here for a reality check, and proceeds to up the action count of the original "Die Hard" with some very tough action sequences.
    In fact this movie thrives on the most unlikely situations as Willis dodges planes, bullets, grenades, the police, and anything else in his way. It's done with a lot of style, a lot of money, and plenty of wild plot twists. It's not engineered with the same clever effortlessness of the first film, but there's enough of the same spirit to make this a sequel worth seeing.