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Inspiration for our poster

  1. 1. Planning stage
  2. 2. Inspiration for our poster We got inspiration from the matrix reloaded, which follows the genre of thriller/sci-fi. Which highlights the research that went into the planning of the film. We felt that the background image incorporated in the poster was effective, and gave an insight into the genre and the narrative of the film. As a group we decided that we would create a background of this sought, by using images of the symbols from the game we created for the film. Furthermore, one factor we would change from this poster is to only use our main antagonist as the central figure in our poster. In order to create an element of an overwhelming presence. We would also incorporate the antagonist holding a globe to emphasise the idea of him taking over the world.
  3. 3. Ideas for our magazine Furthermore, another poster which inspired us when creating our film was paranormal activity which was directed by Oren Peli. Even though this film is of the horror genre we felt that the the posters lay-out was very effective. For instance, the main image is grainy and looks like a CCTV image, which gives a real life effect. Also, in order to attract more viewers the top of the poster is filled with reviews, from different institutions. Thus, it is relying on word to mouth. Moreover, the title font is very simple as not to steal attention from the main image but it still stands out because it is all in capitals and the red colour stands out against the black background.
  4. 4. Ideas for our magazine We got inspiration from empire magazine, which is a leading British film magazine published monthly by Bauer consumer media. In particular, we were interested with the front cover magazine with the ‘joker’. We wanted to implement certain elements such as the fact that the character of the Joker appears in front of the masthead as well of the strip of pink graffiti behind him, which gives him prominence over and indicates that he is more important than anything else on the front cover. Also in order to engage the audience, there is a lot of information around the main picture; informing the reader of other important aspects of the magazine.
  5. 5. Props used in our film To make our teaser trailer more appealing towards our intended audience. We used a range of different props to signify and conform to the conventions of a thriller/Sci-fi trailer. We used a metal plated suitcase in one of our scenes. Which was carried by the antagonist, to create an enigma code of what he may be carrying. We used laptops and computer, to show the game playing scenes. We felt that this was important since we are in the digital age, and the fact that majority of young adults use computers. We also used a chess set in our bullying scenes, we felt that this prop was useful in conveying the idea that the antagonist is a geek.
  6. 6. Costumes used in our film In our film we used a range of costumes to emphasise different personalities. The bullies wore black hoodies, in order to come across as intimidating. Our main antagonist wore a suit to come across as a professional individual.