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character profiles if ispy
character profiles if ispy
character profiles if ispy
character profiles if ispy
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character profiles if ispy


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  • 2. NAME: Spy 1 ‘Mystery women‘
    BIOGRAPHY: Set on a mission to find baby Melissa before she unravels the secret and kill her. From the age of 20 she has been looking for her and finally found her 2 years later wondering the streets. Her attempts to kill her failed every time on several occasions. Her failure determines her more to keep trying till there is nothing left of the 16 year old but her ashes.
    AGE: 28
    DESCRIPTION: Average height, mature pretty face, brown eyes and and mid long curly brown hair.
    CLOTHING STYLE: Very sophisticated looking - dresses, tights and heals
    GENERAL IMPRESSION: Not a peoples person very selfish and easy to fall for.
    SPEAKING STYLE: Blunt and mean.
    HOBBIES / CAREER: On a mission to violate Melissa and destroy her.
    TALENT: Capability to make a weapon out of nothing.
    BEST QUALITIES: Competitive, a good mind set and has the strength of 5 men.
    WORST QUALITIES: She will go to any extent to be the winner even if the people close to her have to suffer.
    WEAKNESSES: The loss of her baby which no one is aware of, so she thinks!
  • 3. Name:Melissa
    Biography: Birth date in unknown. Melissa grew up as not a very happy person, she never has a smile on her face. A young teenager living in the urban areas of North West London. She has no family and keeps no friends. Abandoned as a baby and raised by elderly women in her 60’s till the age of 10, the elderly lady was all she had until the women died. This caused her more grief and pain throughout her childhood. From that day and on she learned not to keep people close to keep her from getting hurt. Melissa Didn’t have much as she grew up, so as she got older she did things to get what she wants, but not in the right ways as she had no one to teach her to have morals. She roams the streets by night and hides out during the day and keeps herself to herself.
    AGE: 16
    Description: Average height girl, slim with long Black and chocolate brown hair and brown eyes. Baby faced, but slightly sharp faced. And a slight scar across her left cheek. She has 3 piercings on her left ear, on at the top and 2 at the bottom; nose stud on the left side of her nose and 4 piercings on her right ear, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom and her right eyebrow.
    CLOTHING STYLE: T-shirts/tops, hoodies, baggy tracksuits and a pair of trainers is her every day wear. She’s constantly wearing dark colours usually black.
    GENERAL IMPRESSION: She’s Quiet, keeps to herself. Very reserved, she speaks back when spoken to, not much of a talker but a listener, genuine, straight to the point, and honest.
    SPEAKING STYLE: Truthful, quick and to the point. A lot of slang word codes are used.
    HOBBIES / CAREER: Usually wondering the streets, smoking. Off to business when called to do the dirty work.
    TALENTS: Able to get the truth out of people and has ears that can hear even the slightest movement from a mile off.
    BEST QUALITIES: Quick thinker, physically fast and snappy and takes in everything.
    WORST QUALITIES: She’s able to feel no remorse.
    WEAKNESSES: She has only that one weakness which is to find out who her mother is whether she is alive or not and why she was left with nothing and no one.
  • 4. NAME: Spy 2 ‘The good guy‘
    BIOGRAPHY: From the age 18, he was given the task of keeping Melissa safe and out of trouble. He has been her “guardian angel” undercover. So his priorities are to know what Melissa is doing, when and where. His life has been dedicated to Melissa and her life.
    AGE: 34
    DESCRIPTION: Tall, fairly built, black hair and dark brown eyes.
    CLOTHING STYLE: Pastel coloured shirts and dark coloured trousers. Comfortable shoes however able to run in them if needed and long jackets. Overall style smart but casual.
    GENERAL IMPRESSION: behaves like your average everyday gentlemen. Friendly and helpful. He’s easy going and continuously on the watch.
    SPEAKING STYLE: Well spoken and polite.
    HOBBIES / CAREER: Devoted to Melissa as her saviour from the evil of the world.
    TALENT: Eyes like an eagle doesn’t miss even the smallest bit of detail of anything. And the Ability to be able to tell phoney to real.
    BEST QUALITIES: Determined and very intelligent, fast on his feet, a hardy person and defeat is not an option.
    WORST QUALITIES: Has a anger on him.
    WEAKNESSES: His childhood sweetheart, first love of his life, who he cannot be with.