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  • 1. Audience
  • 2. As our film falls in the British Gangster genre, we aimed our opening at males, specifically between the ages of 18-35.
    18 is the minimum age of viewing for our film opening due to the language and scenes with drug use.
    We created the opening of our film knowing that we could utilise the forms and conventions of a gangster film to a high level, due to the '18' certificate. As a result, I believe that the quality of our opening is greater as their were less restrictions, which in turn made all of our ideas adaptable.
    Generally, the mentioned age group tend to watch these masculine films as they enjoy the violence, language, the portrayal of women and just the general story that British Gangster films follow.
  • 3. Furthermore, audiences who enjoyed films such as 'Green Street Hooligans', 'The Football Factory' and 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' will enjoy our opening as it follows the forms and conventions that were used in these films. As well as pulling in new audiences who may have not yet been introduced to this genre, we know that people who follow all films from this specific genre will enjoy it.
  • 4. As most of the films within this genre were usually similar in one way or another we found that only a minority of the public watched these films due to the lack of ethnic diversity. For this reason we decided to broaden our target audience through character diversity which allowed us to target more social groups and also highlight the growth and proliferation and of movies within this genre.
    Increasing our audience span allowed us to reach black and foreign social groups with the characters used. Rather than white social groups typically seen in most BSR films. The use of characters such as ‘Cooper’ and ‘Marco’ promoted the film itself whilst also benefiting the portrayal of the movie. This was due to the diversity of the characters within the film which can upon reflection be seen from different angles and viewpoints. In doing this, I firmly believe we have targeted the mass British public through the lifestyles, ethnic backgrounds and traits the characters portray. We believe this would consequently increase the films popularity whilst also generating higher profit margins.