Simra Civil Projects - About Us in Brief


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A brief description of our areas of operation. (Simra Civil Projects - Bangalore).

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Simra Civil Projects - About Us in Brief

  2. 2. Our Motto Doing the “Right thing the Right way”. Customer first approach with best in class service. Innovative pricing mechanism to ensure that the customers pay only for the product/services that they utilize. Minimum two year work guarantee for any work that we undertake.
  3. 3. Our Expertise  End to End Construction.  Civil Work.  Mason Work.  Alteration Work.  Water Proofing Experts.  Tiling Work.  Plumbing Work.  Painting Work.  Carpentry.  Granite and Marble fixing.
  4. 4. Plan Approval We have regular interactions with registered architects Being in the field from the last 10 years we regularly deal with BBMP offices in different wards. Each ward has different methodologies of plan approval. Hence our fees is 15% of the amount. (Official + Unofficial amount).
  5. 5. End to End Construction In today s environment construction of a residential/commercial complex is a big hassle. A common complaint from most clients is the unethical behavior of contractors. Hence we have devised a honest and a transparent way of doing business. We provide two options to clients for any contractual work.
  6. 6. Our method of business Our motto has always been to provide quality service at competitive pricing. The two options we provide to the client are given below. A unique business model where we give the exact construction cost to the client with the break up of individual items. We then add our fees of 15% separately. This ensures that the client purchases the material of his satisfaction and changes the requirement as per his/her needs. An example is given below.
  7. 7. Model 1 elaborated below.  Lets assume that a client wants to construct 100 Sqft of a shed.  We give the estimate of the cost involved in terms of labor and material cost.  We guide the customer to purchase the materials at the most competitive pricing or the customer can purchase the material from his/her own vendors. (No restrictions).  We have laborers whom the customer can sign up with for the work. (Again no restrictions).  We manage the site/materials/ laborers. Our fees is fixed at 15% of the total cost.  This ensures that the customer pays for the type of material he/she desires.  Moreover this model gives the flexibility to the client to change any part of the work. Ex. Say a client wanted to construct using hollow blocks but later decides to use bricks, there is no restrictions.  As we keep purchasing material regularly, we know the most competitive and honest vendors in Bangalore. This is in turn will ensure that the customer is not fleeced.  At a conservative estimate the actual fees that the customer pays us works out to be only 5% of the project cost due to the savings accrued from our expertise.  Moreover the customers have the satisfaction of getting their construction done the way they deem it fit.
  8. 8. Model 2 The second model is suitable for clients who do not have the time to periodically follow up the progress of the project. We calculate the per square feet cost with the cost of the material at today s rate. Our margins will be embedded in the cost. In case there is a large fluctuation of material cost we inform the same to the customer and rework the agreement.
  9. 9. Model 2 Elaborated Lets assume a client wants to construct 100 Sqft of a shed. Based on the specifications we work out the cost to the customer with our margins embedded. We also specify the material that will be used and all other details. We also specify the cost of the input materials. In case the material cost escalates beyond 10% then we inform the same to the customer and rework the agreement for the remaining part of the work.
  10. 10. Mason Work We undertake alterations and demolition work. The demolition work includes any debris removal from the site and so on. Ex. A customer wants to extend the hall in a flat that he had purchased. We had to remove the intervening wall between the hall and the living room and remove the debris.
  11. 11. Demolition Work  We undertake demolition work.  We carry out demolition of entire structures or of specific portions of existing structures.  We use high end demolition tools to ensure that damage to adjacent/supporting structures is minimal.
  12. 12. Alteration Work We also undertake civil alteration work based on client requirements. We ensure that the alteration work is carried out with minimal disturbance. As we have a vast experience in end to end construction we can suggest the best possible way to achieve the desired objective by the client.
  13. 13. Water proofing Consultants  We have our projects undergoing at different places across Bangalore . Hence we understand the importance of water proofing and the long term effects it could have on the building.  Our simple three step process has helped a vast number of customers.  The steps that we follow are listed below:  Diagnose the root cause of water leakage.  Take necessary actions to prevent future leakages.  Repair damage to the existing structures.
  14. 14. Technologies of Water proofing We always suggest the most cost effective and long term solution for water leakages. The technologies we deal in are: Surface applied membranes Densifying admixtures and Water reducers. Water repelling admixtures. Crystalline Admixtures.
  15. 15. Vendor Neutral Techniques As we do not have any formal tie up with any one water proofing manufacturer we are not bound by any one product or technology. This helps us suggest the best possible solution from the ones available in the market. Some of the manufacturers whose products we deal in are: Dr. Fixit Fosroc. CICO
  16. 16. Carpentry Work We have skillful carpenters with us. The carpentry work we undertake varies from making customized wardrobes to interiors. We always give the options to the customer keeping customers best interest in mind. The two options we provide to the customers are: Full contract with fixed cost per Sqft. We can provide different options of material that the customer can use and help the customer with the right wholesaler. Our margin is fixed at 15% of the project cost.
  17. 17. Plumbing and Sanitary Work We undertake fixing new lines and sanitary wares. We undertake diagnosis and repair of existing leakages. We undertake drain and sewage cleaning. Our experience in water proofing ensures that our work is always fool proof/leak proof.
  18. 18. Electrical Work We have licensed electrical contractors for residential electric work. We undertake end to end work in electrical wiring for residential projects. We also undertake complete electrical fittings for each home at competitive prices. We undertake diagnosis and repair of any electrical fault.
  19. 19. Tiling/Retiling Work We undertake fixing/removal of tiles. We have regular interaction with whole sale tile dealers to ensure our clients get the most competitive pricing. We ensure that the tiling fixing is done skillfully without any gaps and proper sloping to prevent any water stagnation.
  20. 20. Marble and Granite Fixing  We undertake marble and granite fixing.  We ensure that the marble fixing is done skillfully without any gaps and proper sloping to prevent any water stagnation.  We have regular interaction with genuine marble and granite dealers to ensure our clients get the most competitive pricing.
  21. 21. Painting and Wall Papers We undertake painting work for residential and commercial projects. We also have vast variety of wall papers in our repertoire that the customers can fix on their walls. We also undertake cement paint contracts for large industrial ware houses and commercial spaces. We have always ensured that the work gets completed on time –every time.
  22. 22. Conclusion In case of any requirements feel free to contact us on 9945-00-55-55 /080-732-731.