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Azim premji
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Azim premji


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 2. INTRODUCTION“Leadership must be transparent,leadership must set the tenure and the standards of what it is articulating.It must practice the talk”• Wipro Technologies, is one of the largest software companies in India.• Azim Hashim Premji ranks among the “Greatest entrepreneurs of all time”in a list compiled by leading business magazine Business Week.• He is a well known Indian Business Leader whose values and ethics are renowned amongst business circles.
  • 3. • Azim Premji was the person who made Wipro’s shift from soap to software.• He want’s to bring company within 100 technology companies in the world.• Azim’s leadership is a paradoxical blend of quiet dynamism with an understand drive for excellence.
  • 4. ABOUT WIPRO• Wipro began in 1947 as a small vegetable oil company founded by Azim Premji’s father.• He is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University,USA.• He took over the leadership of Wipro at the age of 21 in 1996,after the sudden demise of his father.• He had converted a small vegetable oil company into a top most selling computer maker in the world.• Under his leadership WIPRO has not only spread in India but also globally because of his humility and commitment towards his work.
  • 5. WIPRO’S GROWTH UNDER AZIM PREMJIVISION-To place the WIPRO among the top IT companies in The world .• It becomes India’s leading seller of computers,scanners and printers.• BPO,a strategic initiative for WIPRO was expected to be a key growth driver.• It became the first software service company in the world to achieve SEI-CMM level 5 certification.• Premji want his company more customer-centric.
  • 6. LEADERSHIP ACCORDING TO PREMJI•Successful leaders must be able to articulate aclear, stated, committed vision for the company theyrepresent and the vision must always be centeredaround the customer.•Success has to be built on a foundation of values.•Successful leaders must have self confidence whichcomes from positive attitude.•They need extraordinary physical mental andsomeway spiritual energy to remain on the top ofthe demands made to them
  • 7. •They must keep improving their standards forexcellence in quality•They should know the proper execution ofstrategy at right time and cost•Successful leaders are always on the side ofoptimism. It is a force multiplier.•Successful leaders attract and retain the bestpeople which leads to the success of theOrganization.•Leaders always play to win. This gives a newsense of direction and energy.
  • 8. PREMJI’S LEVEL 5 LEADERSHIPWipro works as a team and all employees are treated as experts rather than just staff. Premji’s standing in business circle speaks of his determination and perseverance which coupled of clarity of knowledge and vision has enabled him to achieve amidst all odds.As a tough employer he expects his employees also to be competent and does not tolerate deception. He is known for his humility and helping attitude. His simplicity and charm are natural qualities of an efficient leader. He is a true blue Indian.
  • 9. Under Premji’s leadership the company adopted ethical practices that includes neither giving nor taking bribe. Premji leads a simple life and works quietly behind every small success of Wipro which is a typical of a level 5 leader. Employee feedback and communication was a transparent policy considered crucial for Wipro’s growth.To be able to predict the future and rightly predict it is what differentiates smart managers from managers.
  • 10. “An obsession for the excellence we create an obsession with excellence. We must dream of it not only because it delivers better results but because we truly believe in it and find it intrinsically satisfying to us. We must think of excellence not only with our mind but also with our heart and soul”
  • 11. THANKYOU