Copic sketch markers page color chart


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Copic sketch markers page color chart

  1. 1. COPIC SKETCH MARKERS BVOOOO V0000 RV0000 R0000 BVOOO VOOO RV000 R000 BVOO V01 RV00 R00 BVO1 V04 RV02 R01 BVO2 V05 RV04 R02 BVO4 V06 RV06 R05 BVO8 V09 RV09 R08 BV11 V12 RV10 R11 BV13 V15 RV11 R12 BV20 V17 RV13 R14 BV23 V91 RV14 R17 BV25 V93 RV17 R20 BV29 V95 RV19 R21 BV31 V99 RV21 R22 RV23 R24 RV25 R27 RV29 R29 RV32 R30 RV34 R32 RV42 R35 RV69 R37 RV91 R39 RV93 R43 RV95 R46 RV99 R59 R83 R85 Copyright ©2010 & Beyond Simply Scrapping
  2. 2. COPIC SKETCH MARKERS YR0000 Y0000 YG0000 G0000 YR000 Y000 YG00 G000 YR00 Y00 YG01 G00 YR01 Y02 YG03 G02 YR02 Y04 YG05 G03 YR04 Y06 YG07 G05 YR07 Y11 YG09 G07 YR09 Y13 YG11 G09 YR12 Y15 YG13 G12 YR14 Y17 YG17 G14 YR15 Y18 YG21 G16 YR16 Y19 YG23 G17 YR15 Y21 YG25 G19 YR20 Y23 YG41 G20 YR21 Y26 YG45 G21 YR23 Y28 YG63 G24 YR24 Y32 YG67 G28 YR31 Y35 YG91 G29 YR61 Y38 YG93 G40 YR65 YG95 G82 YR82 YG97 G85 YG99 G94 G99 Copyright ©2010 & Beyond Simply Scrapping
  3. 3. COPIC SKETCH MARKERS BG0000 B0000 B41 E13 BG000 B000 B45 E15 BG01 B00 B52 E17 BG02 B01 B60 E18 BG05 B02 B63 E19 BG07 B04 B66 E21 BG09 B05 B69 E25 BG10 B06 B79 E27 BG11 B12 B91 E29 BG13 B14 B93 E30 BG15 B16 B95 E31 BG18 B18 B97 E33 BG23 B21 B99 E34 BG32 B23 E0000 E35 BG34 B24 E000 E37 BG45 B26 E00 E39 BG49 B28 E01 E40 BG72 B29 E02 E41 BG75 B32 E04 E42 BG78 B34 E07 E43 BG93 B37 E08 E44 BG96 B39 E09 E47 BG99 E11 E49 Copyright ©2010 & Beyond Simply Scrapping
  4. 4. COPIC SKETCH MARKERS E50 C7 T9 FYG2 E51 C8 T10 FBG2 E53 C9 W00 FB2 E55 C10 W0 E57 N0 W1 E59 N1 W2 E70 N2 W3 E71 N3 W3 E74 N4 W4 E77 N5 W5 E79 N6 W6 E93 N7 W7 E95 N8 W8 E97 N9 W9 E99 N10 W10 C00 T0 0 C0 T1 100 C1 T3 110 C2 T4 FRV1 C3 T5 FYR1 C4 T6 FY1 C5 T7 FYG1 C6 T8 FV2 Copyright ©2010 & Beyond Simply Scrapping