2015 Social Media Predictions From the Experts


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We've gathered predictions from some of the top minds in social media. So what will 2015 look like? Learn from the experts!

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  • I enjoyed the overview of where Social Media is going in 2015, and would have gone for the download and 'staying in touch' but was stopped immediately at the opt-in! I don't know you, your brand, or what you have to offer and would certainly want to know more about you before I share any of those details.
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2015 Social Media Predictions From the Experts

  1. 1. © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
  2. 2. Video distribu<on will radically transform how marketers work in 2015. Facebook, TwiEer, and LinkedIn will show preferen<al treatment to video content that is hosted on their own pla;orms. This means that marketers will be uploading original video content © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc #10 – Video Distribu1on Will Shi7 1 to each social network, and not just short videos. Social networks will give extra exposure to directly uploaded videos because they keep users on the plaKorm longer and provide unique adver1sing opportuni1es. Michael Stelzner Founder of Social Media Examiner
  3. 3. Community will be the focus for both businesses and leaders on social. The concept of a social business © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc #9 – Community Will Be the Focus is here to 2 stay. With the emergence of social selling, employee advocacy, and other social business ini<a<ves, companies and leaders will begin to shiN their focus from using social media for marke<ng and start using it for connec1ng and growing communi1es. This includes inves1ng in employees’ personal brands and empowering customers to have a voice while talking with, not at, them. Brian Fanzo Chief Digital Strategist and Partner at BroadSuite
  4. 4. Brands will leverage the two key obsessive technologies, social and mobile, to new heights in 2015. © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc #8 – Social And Mobile Will Reach New Heights You will see a big increase in 3 mobile social marke1ng with mobile adver<sing, apps, and crowd-­‐sourced, mobile-­‐driven content. Instagram, which integrates social and mobile, will maintain its high growth rate. Jeff Bullas Founder of JeffBullas.com and Forbes-­‐recognized social influencer
  5. 5. In 2015, businesses will increase paid media efforts as a way to © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc #7 – Paid Media Efforts Will Increase 4 amplify and accelerate content distribu1on. They’ll also beEer understand how to control and segment the delivery of content to different types of audiences at different stages of their marke<ng and sales funnels—no easy feat when you’re relying mainly on organic distribu1on. Francisco Rosales Founder of SocialMouths.com
  6. 6. © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc #6 – Data Will Fuel the Crea1ve Brief 2015 is the year that data will be 5 the driving force of the crea1ve brief. What used to be the “big idea” that anchored all crea<ve marke<ng programs, pitches, and campaigns will be replaced with “What does the data say?” Michael Brito Head of Social Strategy at WCG
  7. 7. #5 – More Investment in Data & Marke1ng Tech Big data and marke<ng technology are going to be rich with interest and © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc 6 flush with investment in 2015. Companies will scramble to regain their lost organic reach on social networks by inves<ng in beEer social analysis. Data-­‐informed social content, promo<on, and engagement on more sophis<cated social marke<ng plaKorms will also require new training and the development of best prac1ces. Lee Odden CEO @TopRank Online MarkeCng
  8. 8. #4 – Brands Will Embrace Social Conversa1ons © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc Brands will make significant shiNs in 7 how they translate to the digital space, finally waking up to the fact that social media is not a one-­‐way bullhorn but, rather, a conversa1on builder. They will move away from the "push out a message" mentality to tell vibrant, interac<ve stories. While brands will not make this transi<on overnight, there will be a willingness to embrace risk and resul<ng ability to reach previously untapped markets. Rebekah Radice Co-­‐Founder of @Imagine_WOW and @eSocialSuccess
  9. 9. In 2015, social automa<on solu<ons will become early innovators in an emerging market. These solu<ons will enable marketers to automate their brands' social outreach efforts and engagement methods. Future features will include © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc #3 – Marke1ng Automa1on Will Grow 8 tes1ng and op1miza1on that heavily rely on accurate data at scale. Uri Bar-­‐Joseph Senior Director of Marke<ng at Simply Measured
  10. 10. More marke<ng budget will shiN to social in 2015. As social networks introduce new ad products and improve on exis<ng ones, there will be more room for companies to spend and win © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc # 2 – More Budget Will Go to Social 9 on those plaKorms. Many marke<ng teams will have to increase their social budgets to accommodate these changes in adver<sing efficacy and content delivery. Michael Walton Senior Vice President of Marke<ng and Product at Simply Measured
  11. 11. # 1 – Social Analy1cs Will Take Center Stage © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc In 2014, social marke<ng got 10 drama1cally more sophis1cated. In 2015, listening tools as a stand-­‐alone category will die. Social analy<cs will become a central focus as brands con<nue to scale their social marke<ng investments. More brands will understand how social media marke1ng 1es to business success, and the enduring ques<ons about social ROI will begin to fade. Adam Schoenfeld CEO of Simply Measured
  12. 12. © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc Kick off 2015 with a fresh social strategy Download the 2015 Guide