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2014 Social Media Predictions from the Experts
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2014 Social Media Predictions from the Experts


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We asked some top thought leaders in the industry what they expected to see in the social media space in 2014. Here's what they said!

We asked some top thought leaders in the industry what they expected to see in the social media space in 2014. Here's what they said!

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology

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  • 1. A look ahead from Simply Measured
  • 2. 2014 Social Media Predictions “2014 will be the year of video.” Since social media is growing constantly it's getting more and more difficult to stand out and I think that one medium that will grow the most in 2014 will be video - the more creative, the better. Lilach Bullock We will also start seeing more and more businesses using social media advertising to reach their audiences - most social sites are starting to offer this option, as well as making it more difficult for businesses to reach their audiences organically. So to sum it up: lots of video and lots of ads! Founder of and social media consultant © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
  • 3. 2014 Social Media Predictions “In 2014, employee advocacy and Google Plus will go mainstream.” 2014 should become the year where employee advocacy as well as Google Plus go mainstream, while Paid Social and unique content creation will be seen as even more valuable as part of an effective social media strategy by companies large and small. Neal Schaffer President and Founder of Maximize Your Social © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
  • 4. 2014 Social Media Predictions “More marketing departments will operate like media companies.” Several leading brands – both B2B and B2C – will fully overhaul their marketing organizations. In the end, they’ll look, feel, and have expertise more similar to a media company than a traditional marketing org. Adam Schoenfeld This shift will lead more Fortune 500 companies tohire CMOs that have been promoted up from their social media marketing ranks rather than from traditional marketing. CEO and co-founder of Simply Measured © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
  • 5. 2014 Social Media Predictions “2014 will be the year of good writing.” Does that sound pedestrian? It's not. Ann Handley CCO of MarketingProfs, whose site is We start to care how we sound because -- in a world of 140-character tweets, ephemeral Facebook updates, an increasingly crowded field for Thought Leadership, and so on -- organizations realize that it's even MORE important to make their words count. I'm not talking about grammar: I'm talking about lively communication that reflects your brand. © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
  • 6. 2014 Social Media Predictions “My hunch is that 2014 will be the year of social advertising.” Facebook will buy Pinterest, and integrate it into its infrastructure the same way as Instagram. The opportunity would be to implement FBX into Pinterest so it could deliver a product ad on Pinterest as well as Facebook. Also, if you look at a product on Pinterest, you’ll get an ad for it on Facebook. Promoted Pins could potentially appear in the FB feed like Promoted Posts if you already like the brand. Monica Wright Director of Audience Engagement for & © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
  • 7. 2014 Social Media Predictions “Social Networks will become the new eCommerce marketplaces.” Uri Bar-Joseph Director of Demand Generation for Simply Measured In 2014, social networks will partner with eCommerce giants (think Twitter/Amazon partnership) to offer purchase options from within their applications and pages. This will mark the beginning of the in-app purchase as social networks will introduce shopping carts to allow users to mark products of interest and add them to a cart or a wishlist-like section they will later be able to source or fulfill. This type of service will give the social networks an even stronger insight into users’ purchase behavior, influence , and interest. © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
  • 8. 2014 Social Media Predictions “Apple will try to turn it’s iMessage platform into a social network.” In an attempt to regain mobile advertising share and grow it’s iAds platform, Apple will attempt to turn the iMessage platform into a Twitter/Instagram hybrid, and utilize content and location shared on the platform to offer highly targeted advertisements, and allow iOS developers to easily integrate some of the social network’s features into their applications. Aviel Ginzburg CPO and co-founder of Simply Measured © 2014 Simply Measured, Inc
  • 9. Thank You