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Simple london

  1. 1. Enjoy Your Vacation at Cheap hotels in London London is a beautiful city located on the river Thames. This city is well connected with the rest of the world. Though the city is an expensive one, the cheap London hotels offer very comfortable and affordable staying here.
  2. 2. Best Scenic Places In London Art Galleries:- There are many free art galleries in London housing some of the finest works in the world. Tate Britain and Tate Modern are some of the outstanding art galleries here. Tate Britain shows British art of the sixteenth century while Tate modern houses contemporary art.
  3. 3. Gardens and Parks of London: The gardens as well as parks of London are wonderful. The Queen Mary’s rose garden in Regent’s park is very attractive. Other famous parks and gardens are Hyde Park, Kensington Garden, St. James’s park etc. Trafalgar Square : This was designed by John Nash in the year 1820. This is one of the major visitor attractions in Britain. You can find the national Gallery and Nelson’s Column here on this popular square.
  4. 4. Street Markets: This city is famous for popular street markets. Some of the most popular markets here are Portobello market, Camden market and Greenwich market. Madam Tussauds: All of us like to meet and get close to the celebrities while teenagers are crazy to meet some big names. When you reach here, you will enjoy some music playing here. You can get opportunities to meet your favorite pop stars or actors and can capture the moment with a camera.
  5. 5. The London Dungeon: This would be a scary fun for your children as they have already grown up. They would love to be scared. Growing children like horror movies very much as it is the perfect age. They would not be frightened of going this place rather it would be a scary entertainment for them. The actors here are very entertaining. London offers something special for everyone. If you are visiting London with your big kids, they would experience many things in this lively city enjoy staying in central London hotel. Here are some ideas that will make your children happy.
  6. 6. Manage your booking (for cancellations and hotel information) Call us +44 (0) 207 248 0117 (Available weekdays from 09:00 - 17:00 GMT) Fax us +44 (0) 207 248 3968 (Available 24/7)