Write & Rewrite - 7 deadly sins of communications Part 1 of 3
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Write & Rewrite - 7 deadly sins of communications Part 1 of 3



Jim Ylisela and Steve Crescenzo...

Jim Ylisela and Steve Crescenzo

Back by popular demand (they demanded to come), Write & Rewrite invade this year’s simplysummit with their distinctive look at the Seven Deadly Sins—of Communication. Steve Crescenzo (“Write”) & Jim Ylisela (“Rewrite”) have personally lived all seven deadly sins in their original form (and sometimes in one evening). But in this session they’ll show you how to deliver creative and effective communications by casting aside sloth, envy, greed, pride and, of course, their personal favorites:

• Wrath: Failure to collaborate with those we hate, including the folks from IT, HR and Legal. Find out what can happen when you actually seek out the people you try most to avoid. (And yes, that means you have to talk to them.)

• Gluttony: Employees used to complain about the lack of communication. Now they complain about too much—and they still don’t know what’s going on. Find out what to do when you communicate to excess—and just can’t stop.

• Lust: Are you obsessed with your own words and images, even when your audience has stopped paying attention? Are you sucking up to the bosses, delivering communication that pleases them and no one else? They have expensive clinics for that, but you have Write & Rewrite.



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Write & Rewrite - 7 deadly sins of communications Part 1 of 3 Write & Rewrite - 7 deadly sins of communications Part 1 of 3 Presentation Transcript

  • The$7$Deadly$Sins$ of$Communica5on$Steve$Crescenzo$&$Jim$Ylisela$ @write_rewrite$ April$26,$2012$
  • Wrath$
  • Wellmark:$The$347Lday$solu5on$
  • Why$so$many$intranet$redesigns$fail $•  Communicators$don’t$talk$with$IT$early$ enough,$or$at$all.$•  Communicators$don’t$do$enough$audience$ research.$•  Communicators$don’t$find$a$strong$execu5ve$ sponsor$to$push$for$change.$
  • The$Kansas$Department$of$Labor $
  • Iterations Jan Feb Mar Apr May JunI1-Social Program DevelopmentI2-Records MgtI3-Call Center 1 (BTP 34.2)I4-CollectionsI5-Performance Mgt (W0)I6-ITI7-Finance/HRI8-OutreachI9-InvestigationsI10-Case Management –ContributionsI11-Case Management-BenefitsI12-Appeals $Strategy$Session/Team$Assignments$ $Analysis/Documenta5on$ $Data$Collec5on$ $Team$Reviews$I13-Call Center 2 Facilitated$Team$Session$L$BP$ $Approve$Work$
  • The$chart$that$looks$like$a$hamburger $
  • Greed$
  • So$many$channels$.$.$.$to$screw$up$•  Talking$head$“hostage$videos”$•  Corporate$content$in$the$social$media$space$•  Forge^ng$about$the$power$of$face$to$face$•  Was5ng$valuable$print$space$•  Dumping$everything$online$•  Using$audio$storytelling$to$tell$boring$stories$
  • Would$you$read$this?$
  • Standard$Chartered$Bank$•  Major$ini5a5ve:$Sponsoring$the$Liverpool$ Football$Club$ –  Execu5ve$message—Tell$employees$first$ –  Interac5vity—Get$people$involved$ –  Video—Take$us$there$
  • Announcement$from$the$top$
  • Our$man$on$the$scene! $
  • Pride$
  • How$do$you$know$what’s$working?$•  Is$it$because$you’re$really$smart?$•  The$only$way$to$find$out$is$to$ask$the$audience —and$act$on$what$you$learn$
  • Measurement$throughout$the$year $•  Are$your$messages$ge^ng$through?$ –  Measure$outcomes,$not$outputs$ •  If$you$communicated$correctly,$what$would$happen?$ •  What$would$your$audience$know?$ •  How$would$they$contribute?$ –  Con5nuous$measurement$ •  What’s$working,$and$what$isn’t?$ •  Pulse$surveys,$quick$polls$ •  Forums,$ra5ngs,$virtual$editorial$board$
  • Crescenzo Communications, Inc. !