Understanding Big Data


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The presentation describes about Big Data and Big Data Analytics that is emerging as an important business terminology. There is a lot of noise about Big Data in the market, where most people believe that's about huge volume of data. The presentation addresses it in a simple way and explains Big Data's implication from several angle and not only from volume.

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Understanding Big Data

  1. 1. Introduction Understanding Big Data Prerna Jaswant @prernajustwant
  2. 2. Prerna Jaswant Account Manager Simplify360 prerna@simplify360.com
  3. 3. In today’s world where information is increasing every second, BIG DATA takes up a major role in transforming any business
  4. 4. We all know what BIG DATA is…but let’s reiterate
  5. 5. In simple English…
  6. 6. Big data can be described as a really large data base, with both structured and unstructured data collected through various channels, which is difficult to process.
  7. 7. It also refers to the tools and processes that an organization uses to handle the large amounts of data and storage facilities
  8. 8. The 4 V’s of Big Data
  9. 9. Know your Big Data! Image courtesy: pauldunay.com
  10. 10. Big Data alone cannot make any difference to your business. It is the basic element for success. But a lot depends on what you extract from the data and what decisions you make!
  11. 11. Reduced Risk Cost reduction Greater operational efficiencies Better decision making Accurate analyses More data
  12. 12. Why Big Data?
  13. 13. According to analyst firm Gartner, Big Data is at the portion of the hype cycle called the “peak of inflated expectations”.
  14. 14. All major companies are turning towards big data to make strategies, to understand their customers better, and to increase their revenue and reduce costs.
  15. 15. A recent study found that companies with huge investments in Big Data are generating excess returns and gaining competitive advantages, putting companies without significant investments in Big Data at risk. The reason: There’s a big learning curve with Big Data. Sources: http://bit.ly/189iC5F
  16. 16. By 2015, 4.4 Million IT jobs will be created globally to support big data, with 1.9 Million in the United States Sources: McKinsey Global Institute, Twitter, Cisco, Gartner, EMC, SAS, IBM, MEPTEC,
  17. 17. Image courtesy: www.sas.com Social Media and Big Data
  18. 18. Social media generates huge amounts of data; the explosive growth of social media is one of the reasons that 90% of all the data in the world has been generated in the last two years alone. Sources: http://bit.ly/15HQ9Ty , http://bit.ly/10mC3kv
  19. 19. 30 Billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every month Sources: McKinsey Global Institute, Twitter, Cisco, Gartner, EMC, SAS, IBM, MEPTEC, QAS
  20. 20. 4 Billion+ hours of video are watched on YouTube every month Sources: McKinsey Global Institute, Twitter, Cisco, Gartner, EMC, SAS, IBM, MEPTEC, QAS
  21. 21. 400 Million tweets are sent per day by about 200 million monthly active users Sources: McKinsey Global Institute, Twitter, Cisco, Gartner, EMC, SAS, IBM, MEPTEC, QAS
  22. 22. In a couple of years, digital and social media have drastically evolved business, economy, social life and culture as a whole.
  23. 23. Market researchers have widely adopted social media as an effective and affordable tool for gaining insights into target groups, customer needs, brand impact and other important market research. Sources http://bit.ly/17njC2c
  25. 25. Simplify360 Big Data System
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  28. 28. Simplify360 – Big Data System
  29. 29. Simplify360 – Big Data System
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  36. 36. Learn More on Big Data
  37. 37. OR http://s360.us/1jh5se5
  38. 38. Presentation on Slideshare
  40. 40. 41