Meet The Content Tigers Of Simplify360


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One of the keys to Simplify360's success has been our quality content development.

We felt its time that the world should know the master minds who work day in and out to contribute something amazing and useful to the world.

Here we present you an insight to the marketing team at Simplify360, hope you enjoy meeting us :)

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Meet The Content Tigers Of Simplify360

  2. 2. They call Simplify360, the land of content tigers; a place which has evolved massively, one of the reasons being its strong content marketing. Rumor has it that every year several other players come and try to capture the kingdom. It is feared that in the past, tigers from other clans have lost their lives and few have even gone extinct in their attempt to attack Simplify360. Today we will uncover what drives the content of Simplify360.
  3. 3. The Power of Content Marketing
  4. 4. The Power of Content Marketing
  5. 5. We have emerged as leaders in Content Marketing
  6. 6. How?
  7. 7. Strong Content Marketing Strategy and Execution
  8. 8. Planning & Execution Flow
  9. 9. Conceptualize and strategize on the idea Concept drafted by the team Designing and editing Reviewing Publishing and sharing with the world.
  10. 10. Meet the Amazing Team
  11. 11. Deep Sherchan a.k.a Deep The Strong & Fearless One    Leads the kingdom of marketing at Simplify360. Smart worker gets the most critical jobs sorted in style. Best known for his leadership and mentoring qualities.
  12. 12. Ginvanglian Tombing a.k.a Lian The Lively One    Solves the toughest of problems using his wits. His charming smile and jolly attitude makes him popular in the jungle. Comes up with the awesomest of reports, providing a big help to the world of social media.
  13. 13. Mohan Krishna R a.k.a Mohan The Smiling One  Enthusiastic, determined and passionate.  Takes care of the marketing research at S360 along with Lian  Warm and helpful and has the ability to brighten other tigers’ mood just with one smile.  In search of his tigress…. ;-)
  14. 14. Prerna Jaswant a.k.a Prerna The Talented One  Known best for her ideation skills, her ability to come up with interesting ideas out of nowhere.  Loud and psychotic at ground state, can hum to any tune.  Do not get carried away by her looks, this tigress is an experienced player and can bite off your flesh if you try to mess around with her.
  15. 15. Prashant Jain a.k.a Prashant The Witty One  Unlike other tigers, this one is soft-spoken and walks around in his unique style.  This tiger might appear oblivious to what’s happening around but then the reality is something else. ;-)  A multi-tasker and a responsible tiger, the one on whom most other tigers rely during crucial times.
  16. 16. Padmaraj Nashi a.k.a Padmaraj The Quiet One  The quietest one in the entire team.  Creativity comes naturally to him and can give life to any thought and imagination.
  17. 17. Rajashree Das a.k.a Raji The Weird One  This tigress is the brightest and funniest of the lot, best known for making the entire tribe laugh at her craziest jokes.  Her weird and crazy imaginations powers to the creativity quotient of S360.  Popular in the kingdom for her winning smile. ;-)
  18. 18. Bhupendra Khanal a.k.a Bhupi The Visionary Now that you have got an insight into my territory, you might want to join us for our beer party, which we have almost everyday. :P We welcome species from all around the corner and love building and nurturing relationships. That’s Simplify360 for you!
  19. 19. CONTENT TIGERS Lead And Leads the World
  20. 20. Simplify360 – The Leader of Social Business Intelligence  Most admired brand for Social Media Research on Slideshare  Top 10 Product Technology Company by TechSparks 2010  Listed amongst TOP 10 SMM tools by PR2020 and SocialMedia8
  21. 21. Social Business Intelligence Simplify360 is the leading social business intelligence. Offerings include: •Social Marketing Suite for agencies •Social Contact Centre for BPOs •Social Command Centre for Enterprises We enable businesses to perform Online Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research & Brand Auditing; Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis.