Listening is good but Talking is not bad either!


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A presentation to show you how talking is equally important as listening.

Hope you enjoy it and do leave your comments. Cheers!

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Listening is good but Talking is not bad either!

  1. 1. LISTENING is good, but TALKING is not bad either Image credits:
  2. 2. Talk less, do more! Something which we all have been taught to do since childhood. Although, most of you may not like this but I strongly disagree to the above statement. Want to know why? Keep clicking…… Image credits:
  3. 3. Remember this face? Yea its you! Yea you, you, you! Although overall configuration might have been variable, most of us had one thing in common, we all ‘screamed’ right after our birth to mark our existence. Image credits:
  4. 4. Well, this is exactly what might be in your mind right now! Don’t yawn away yet…. Something ahead to keep you awake :P Image credits:
  5. 5. Okay, answer one question; do you remember anyone telling you ‘Nice listening to you?’ Come on honestly. I bet “Nice talking to you was a more common one!”  Image credits:
  6. 6. This emphasizes the significance of talking to some extent if not fully. Well, for the same reason we talk about breaking the ice! Image credits:
  7. 7. Okay, I guess I will have to forget about breaking the ice, All you might be wanting to do is break my head! Image credits:
  8. 8. Okay cool, let me get started with categorizing the different types of talks that I could think of: Image credits:
  9. 9. #1. Sleep Talk Many of my friends used to do this, and I bet few of you still do this! I know sometimes its fun to scare the shit out of someone in the middle of the night :P Image credits:
  10. 10. #2. Telepathy Talk This kind of talks require more than just sleep and usually works only between two closely related souls. Yay, exactly! Image credits:
  11. 11. #3. Mind Talk These kind of talks don’t usually flow out of our system. Our research suggests that this kind is most common between a boss and a staff! :P Image credits:
  12. 12. #4. Smile Talk Yea right that puppy face you make while being clicked and asking a thousand times if that picture came out well. Image credits:
  13. 13. #5. Anger Talk The heated up argument that happens while in a serious fight like this! :P Image credits:
  14. 14. #6. Fight Talk Yea I ain’t talking either! :D Image credits:
  15. 15. #7. Whisper Talk Most frequently used for gossip stuffs. Image credits:
  16. 16. #8. Meaningful Talk Yea, I know! I know! Image credits:
  17. 17. #8. Romantic Talk Owww, so cheesy, buttery! :P Image credits:
  18. 18. #9. Friendly Talk The most memorable ones  Image credits:
  19. 19. #10. Sealed Talk One of the best I suppose, what say? Image credits:
  20. 20. #10. Eye-to-eye Talk The spookiest one! Image credits:
  21. 21. #11. Double meaning Talk Right, the most popular category! Image credits:
  22. 22. #12. Sexy Talk Okay fine, I am not saying anything on this! Image credits:
  23. 23. #13. Even the *** talks Ewwwwww! Need some room freshener now, yucks! Image credits:
  24. 24. #14. The self talk Just make sure that nobody is around when you do this! :D Image credits:
  25. 25. #15. And finally the Google Talk Just because the list seemed so incomplete without this!  Image credits:
  26. 26. Thanks! Now to come to the point we have to dig in some facts and data. Image credits:
  27. 27. Let us have a look at our ear, yes find a mirror and look at your ear. Come on ! They should somewhat look like this :P Image credits:
  28. 28. And that’s the inner structure, yea too many scientific terms there! Okay, so the thing is the hearing system is based solely on physical movement unlike other senses like smell, taste or vision. Now when sound waves travel into the ear canal and reaches the ear drum they cause vibrations and ultimately electrical signals are sent to the brain. The brain tells you what your hearing and what the sound exactly is. Image credits:
  29. 29. You must have heard the above quote. Similarly, sound is always there, you may not always hear them because the decibels are beyond human hearing range. Image credits:
  30. 30. Decibel (Db) is an unit used to measure the intensity of sound. The human ear is very sensitive to sound. You may have a look at the list above. Credits:
  31. 31. This picture will give you an overview of the sound range (expressed in Frequency(Hz)). This is to show that the whole nature communicates in their own way. Someone or the other is actually talking all the time; interpreting them is what takes a little extra effort. Image credits:
  32. 32. Well my point is we should not hesitate to talk, to break the ice. After all we all did so much to evolve from the early man to the present civilized form. Don’t hold back speculating the consequences! Image credits:
  33. 33. Love someone? Say it! Image credits:
  34. 34. Image credits:
  35. 35. Yes, that’s what I am talking about! Well done!  Image credits:
  36. 36. Talk, share stay connected with your friends and people around; if not in person may be via social media. Its good to be in touch, after all we are all social beings. Image credits:
  37. 37. Even Tom talks and makes you laugh! :D Image credits:
  38. 38. Even your Klout score depends on how you much you communicate and influence others. :D Image credits:
  39. 39. But thank God with all the noise and sound around, we get to hear only a few of them! Our body mechanisms are such that we hear sounds only in a specific range. We hear sounds only relevant to us! No copyrights claimed over image
  40. 40. You may relate this to the fact that we may not remember what we had in our breakfast two weeks back; but we all do remember our first kiss! <3 Why? Because it mattered to us. Image credits:
  41. 41. Live your life, share your thoughts. Be in touch, after all you are not a cow. Image courtesy:
  42. 42. Talk online, talk offline, talk on the phone, all the time, anytime. Image credits:
  43. 43. THIS IS WHERE PEOPLE TALKED THE MOST In 2010 If this was the situation in 2010, just imagine what would be the numbers of today..! Social media has now taken the driver’s seat.
  44. 44. BUILD YOUR BRAND’S IMAGE WHILE YOU LISTEN AND TALK If you agree, reach out to a simplify360 executive at Or request a demo by clicking here No software. No downloads. No training. A solution that helps you listen. And Enables you to engage, analyze and manage the community.
  45. 45. Rajashree Das Social Media Analyst, Simplify360