How to crack your client in 7 minutes!


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It is not easy to handle all types of clients. Here is a quick guide to help you in cracking your client. It will only take 7 minutes!

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How to crack your client in 7 minutes!

  1. Image courtesy: How to crack your Client
  2. Clients are of different kinds…
  3. Image courtesy:
  4. It is how you use their insights into your business strategies that ultimately defines your success.
  5. The more you know them and identify their needs, the more you grow in your business 
  6. So who is this guy? Let‟s see the 10 major types of clients. Image courtesy:
  7. No 1 – The Hyper Kid Image courtesy:
  8. These clients are very sensitive in nature and get tensed for even the smallest thing. No matter how much you try to please them, they still have negative feedback for you! „Patience‟ is the key here. Do not lose your temper. Practice yoga, meditate or just take a deep breath before talking to them.  Set buffer time when you work for them. Delight them with proactive work.
  9. No 2 – The Egoistic “ME” Image courtesy:
  10. All they want to hear is – “what‟s in it for ME?”, “what about ME?”, “I WANT THIS!”, “where is what I had asked for?” They need a lot of ego-massage. Make them feel important. Make sure you meet them at least once a week, with or without any agenda in mind. Always present an option they have asked for, no matter how ridiculous it is. Learn how to get your work done in a smart way 
  11. No 3 – Sleeping Beauty Image courtesy:
  12. Well, this type needs extra attention. They don‟t come back with feedback on any campaign/project. Never lose interest working on them. They have a tendency to pounce back! Most dangerous of the lot…don‟t take them lightly. Remember it is your job to make things happen. Be behind them, torture them till you get what you want. Give them doses of reality from time to time.
  13. No 4 – One of a Kind Image courtesy:
  14. Very rare to find but wonderful to work with . They trust your instincts and give you full freedom. Ready to help and always welcome ideas – big or small. You wouldn‟t mind going out of your way to work for them  Make sure you don‟t take them for granted. Respect their time and be honest to them. Surprise them with proactive work.
  15. No 6 – Cry Baby Image courtesy:
  16. These don‟t need a reason to cry. They only create unnecessary pressure to meet tomorrow‟s deadline. Whine if u are late by 5 minutes, whine if the work can‟t be given „first thing in the morning‟ when you have been briefed only last evening! Just please them with numbers and facts because no matter what you do or how perfect you are…this person will never be happy. Or just grab a bottle of beer and enjoy the drama!
  17. No 7 – The Dictator Image courtesy:
  18. The most unruly type. They partner with you only for execution. They need no inputs from you. They will make you wait for hours for one approval! No point wasting time on such clients. Execute whatever they say, that is if you really need that extra money! Otherwise, just let them go…
  19. No 8 – The Unmindful Image courtesy:
  20. These clients know nothing…not even why they exist? Everything is dependent on you…planning, strategy, execution…even approvals! They never stop to amaze you with their lack of knowledge. Treat them justly and be patient. Make sure you know the company‟s beliefs and values before entering in to the market, as it might be a tricky affair. Make sure you pen down all conversations for future reference.
  21. No 9 – Mr. Nonsense Image courtesy:
  22. These clients love to faff. Just talk and make promises, but when things have to be executed, they don‟t even think twice in taking their words back ! Either no budgets or no approvals. You are left annoyed and clueless. Just keep in mind their behavior while planning any campaign/project. Do not go over board with ideas. Also, make sure you get approvals in writing. These cheapskates can do anything for good work at low price.
  23. No 10 – The Mr. Know-it-all Image courtesy:
  24. I love them. This guy knows his business. Believes in deadlines and timely deliverables. Highly intellectual and cannot be fooled around.. Keep your basics clear. Remember he will question you all the time, so do a lot of research before meeting him. Make sure all deliverable are met on time.
  25. 7 minutes up…
  26. …Identify your Client now! Image courtesy:
  27. All the best!
  28. Prerna Jaswant Account Manager Simplify360
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