How to Acquire, Grow & Retain your customer


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Simplify360 Research Reports on Social Media Buzz using advanced analytics.

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Transcript of "How to Acquire, Grow & Retain your customer"

  1. 1. Social Media ResearchSocial Business IntelligenceAcquire, Grow & Retainyour customer
  2. 2. MYTHS BUSTED !
  3. 3. Simplify360 Research 2011 on BlackberryBlackberry’s biggest problem isBattery Life, not the availabilityof Apps!They saidWe foundBlackberry’s biggest problem waslack of applications.
  4. 4. India is no Soccer Nation.Simplify360 Research 2011 on Sports in IndiaSoccer fan base in India willreach 114 Millions by 2014.Which is combined population ofFrance, Spain and Denmark.They saidWe found
  5. 5. People only tend to complain orcriticize on social media.Simplify360 Research Jan 2012 on Top Social Brands in IndiaAround 95% of theconversation on anybrand is non-negative.They saidWe found
  6. 6. CXOs on Twitter donot engage.Simplify360 Research Jan 2012 on CXOs on TwitterAround 76% of tweetsfrom CXOs areresponses or ReTweets.They saidWe found
  7. 7. Indian Women don’ttalk about alcohol.Simplify360 Research 2013 on Black Dog WiskeyThe chances of Indianwomen talking aboutalcohol is 42% higher thanglobal counterpart.They saidWe found
  8. 8. INTRODUCING SIMPLIFY360 RESEARCHExtensive Reports based on Social Media Buzz Analysis.
  9. 9. Reports on Demand Quarterly Reports Reports by PersonasBrand Audit Celebrity EndorsementReportCFO ReportBrand Audit Pro Sports SponsorshipReportCMO ReportBrand Audit Enterprise Brand CrossLinked Report[Based on Social Media Research]CEO ReportAdvanced Reports Entertainment &Advertising ReportAudience IntelligenceReportEvent PerformanceReportCustomer Brand AuditContact us ( today & take informed decisions.Offerings
  10. 10. EssentialsMust have social intelligence for your nextmarketing campaignYou will know about:• Essential buzz trend• Brand Opinion and Influencers• Audience Affinity and segmentationBrand IntelligenceBasic Audience Intelligence
  11. 11. PremiumUnmatched social intelligence to gainan unfair competitive edgeYou will know more about:• Brand Affinity and Customer Loyalty• Brand Reputation and Share of voice• Competitive Intelligence and CustomerEngagement PointsBrand IntelligenceCompetitive IntelligenceBasic Audience Intelligence
  12. 12. EnterpriseSocial intelligence for tomorrowsmarket leadersYou will know everything about:• Industry Landscape and market leaders• Emerging Market trends and shifts• Comprehensive Audience IntelligenceBrand IntelligenceCompetitive IntelligenceMarket IntelligenceAdvanced Audience Intelligence
  13. 13. Some of our Clients
  14. 14. Thank YouFollow us on Twitter @simplify360Like us on Facebook more information visit:
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