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How Can Airlines Prevent A Social Media Strategy Crash
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How Can Airlines Prevent A Social Media Strategy Crash


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This deck is a life saver for all the airline operators who value their customers. It encompasses all the key metrics airlines should track and how Simplify360 can help them in managing their online …

This deck is a life saver for all the airline operators who value their customers. It encompasses all the key metrics airlines should track and how Simplify360 can help them in managing their online complaints.

Airline industry is the second most social industry. It is transforming the way Airlines are establishing and adopting customer relation policies.

Customers are proactively engaged and empowered through social CRM. The main objective is to improve customer experience.

Travellers from around the world form communities and connect with others to share their experiences with airlines, giving these brands a huge opportunity for a word of mouth referral system.

Published in: Social Media, Business, Technology

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  • 2. Social Media has dramatically affected how airlines function!!
  • 3. Some Startling facts; According to a study by TripAdvisor 92% of travelers referred to online review websites for researching about their last trip; 76% of travelers trusted Facebook for researching information for their last trip; 85% of travelers were influenced by online reviews
  • 4. Why this data is so important for airlines… Because travelers, whether business/leisure form the core of their revenue stream!!!
  • 5. We are now left with three determinants!! 1. What should be their main social media business objectives? 2. What KPIs airlines should track online? 3. How can they tie their business goals with social media?
  • 6. Let’s figure out the first determinant; “Defining Social Media Business Objectives”
  • 7. Social Media Business Objectives  To establish relationships and create a positive dialogue with the customers Customers through social media now post requests/complaints to brands, which brands can resolve in real time as social media offers them the speed and low-cost benefit thereby streamlining the customer service  To listen to what customers are saying and respond to their queries in real time This is very important for an airline as a slight mishandling of a customer complaint can lead to a PR crisis or a sudden rise in customer churn rate;  Driving traffic and create positive conversations around the brand With a major chunk of travelers choosing online platforms for planning their trip, it is essential for an airline to become visible on all relevant platforms, where you can engage with your target audience.  Online Complaint Management In order to measure the efficiency of their CRE’s every airline should have a proper system in place to keep track of their performance, which in turn is tied to customer satisfaction.
  • 8. Now we have defined the first determinant; Let’s see KPIs needed to accomplish these business objectives!!
  • 9. #1 Response Rate What does it mean? The percentage of fan posts the page admin responded to
  • 10. #2 Response Time What does it mean? The average time taken to respond to fan posts
  • 11. #3 Engagement Ratio What does it mean? The distribution of Likes/Comments/Shares/RTs/Mentions for your content on social media platforms
  • 12. #4 Most Interactive Fans What does it mean? Identifying those who really influence the content you share by spreading it into their own networks
  • 13. #5 Activity trend What does it mean? Identifying when majority of your audience is online, through what sources they are discovering you and thereby establishing a effective dialogue.
  • 14. As airlines handle massive number of queries on a daily basis so it becomes essential to have a platform from where you can efficiently manage all these tasks, and this is where Simplify360 steps in
  • 15. Now we will map the two determinants which will help you to understand what impact they leave on an airline’s overall business goals!!
  • 16. Response Rate Customer Relationship Response Time Social Customer Service Crisis Management Resolving Queries Engagement Ratio Handling negative reviews Creating +ve buzz Identifying Influencers Online Complaint Management Brand Affinity Activity Trend Competition Tracking
  • 17. Relevant Metrics for an airlines company!!
  • 18. #1. Keep a check on the negative feedback on your page Trend of the negative feedback received by the page along with their types. 18
  • 19. #2. Check how often people interact with you on a weekly basis and the number of answered/unanswered queries. Trend of daily interaction and general response rate for User posts. 19
  • 20. #3. Check how often page communicates with its audience in case of any query. Daily Response Rate and trend of responded/Not responded messages on Facebook page. 20
  • 21. #4. Check how fast the page responds to queries from audience. Response time for user response and admin posts. And response rate versus number of user posts. 21
  • 22. #5. Measure your post’s performance Detailed analytics for every post made by the page and posts by others. (Likes, Comments, Shares, Engagement Rate, Sentiment, Demographics) If you have added the page as admin than you can even like, comment, share and delete from Simplify360. 22
  • 23. #10. Monitor Engagement Ratio Trend of the engagement ratio of the Page and the average overall ratio. 23
  • 24. #2. Keep a check on your community growth Trend Graphs of Facebook Community growth and Fan Engagement 24
  • 25. #6. Check how your engagement and influence score is changing Trend of the Engagement and Influence Score for the page. 25
  • 26. #7. Know how your fans are discovering you. Trend in the distribution of the Fan Sources along with the list of Top cities and their growth rates. 26
  • 27. #9. Discover your fan’s activity trends Interaction trends based on Days, Gender and Age. 27
  • 28. #10. Know the activity trend on your Facebook page Trend of Admin posts, fan posts, comments and likes. 28
  • 29. #11. Check the time when your Facebook page receives maximum comments Timeline trend of the comments made on the page. 29
  • 30. #12. Know the gender and age distribution of your community Fan Gender and Age Distribution 30
  • 31. #13. Check when are your fans most active and what type of posts they like most. Metrics chart for identifying the best time and day for getting maximum engagement, along with the engagement according to the post types. 31
  • 32. #14. Identify Influencers List of top fans based on engagement for last 7 days, 30 days and all time. 32
  • 33. #15. Know how your fans perceive you (based on sentiment) Filter the Fans based on positive/negative sentiments, gender, posts made, comments and likes. You can also download the list in EXCEL sheet. 33
  • 34. #16. Check page impressions and how people interact with your content Trend of the Page Consumption and Impression trend 34
  • 35. #17. Analyze how competitors are doing and where you need to improve. The dashboard allows you to compare multiple Facebook Pages and view the complete comparison of metrics. 35
  • 36. Managing Online Complaints
  • 37. Simplify360 Social Media contact center 37
  • 38. Key implementation by large enterprise Use case: Customer Contact Center Solution Social Media Monitoring and Workflow to discover and respond every Online complaints. Delivered • Reduced Customer response time and cost by 80%. • Real-time customer support performance measurement. • Increased Customer Satisfaction In-premise system setup and integration with third party enterprise systems. • Provided secure & complete control over the system/data and opportunity for future customization. Use case: Marketing Research/ORM Solution Weekly, Monthly and Event-wise social media report on TV shows and campaigns. Daily, Weekly & Monthly ORM reports on all the complaints related to ITC brands. Monthly social media report on ITC’s competitors Delivered • Content Optimization strategies on micro contents and TV contents. • Identifying influencers to convert them into brand advocates. • Identifying emerging consumer trends and interests. • Providing Action-Items on any key issues arising on social media. • Performance measurement on the latest campaigns and Facebook/Twitter Content. • Benchmarking report against competition. 38
  • 39. Use case of simplify360 social media Contact center Customer Service Engagement Customer Insights Listen to Customer Complaints. Manage engagement across your Social Channels. Discovering customer pain points Convert complaints to tickets and manage the workflow. Control the content distribution across your Social Channels. Gaining Product Feedback Manage teams and measure their performance.
  • 40. Features and Benefits Social Media contact center 40
  • 41. Core Functionalities 41
  • 42. Core Benefits Maximize outbound responses. Minimize your average response time. Improve customer satisfaction and experience. Manage response auditing with ease. Anticipate Customer Need. 42
  • 43. Before and After using Simplify360 Currently, the client is closing on average 500 issues per week with 20 customer support team member logging in Simplify360 on daily basis.
  • 45. Get in touch with us…
  • 47. Leaders use Simplify360 Clients Partners World wide Brazil and LatAM Malaysia Qatar USA India Singapore & India Saudi Arabia Worldwide Korea