5 Marketing Mistakes That Even Smart People Make


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How do you judge yourself as a good marketer? Answer five questions mentioned in the presentation and find the answer yourself!

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5 Marketing Mistakes That Even Smart People Make

  1. 1. 5 MARKETING MISTAKES Image courtesy: www.picstopin.com that even smart people make!
  2. 2. Are you a good marketer? Image courtesy: www.borrowwisely.org
  3. 3. Ask yourself the following questions and get to know the answer in 5 minutes…
  5. 5. Are you courageous enough to take risks? Are you still sitting in your comfort zone? Get uncomfortable. Make mistakes. Learn & repeat.
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  7. 7. Where is the madness? Where is the passion for work? Explore new boundaries, just go MAD!
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  9. 9. Are you turning a deaf ear to your customers’ feedback? Do you know what they want and what are their qualms? Customer goes for the brand they can relate to. Follow them!
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  11. 11. How good are your storytelling skills? Are you telling your brand story to the world? Storytelling is the most powerful way of reaching out to the customers. Make it big!
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  13. 13. Do you hunt for opportunities? And do you convert those opportunities in to useful business? Explore, Discover and Hunt! Don’t miss out on good opportunities.
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  15. 15. Hope you got your answer!  Image courtesy: www.maurilioamorim.com
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