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Why LinkedIn Drives So Much Traffic To My Site
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Why LinkedIn Drives So Much Traffic To My Site


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Find out how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in order to get more traffic to your site and therefore more leads for your business

Find out how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in order to get more traffic to your site and therefore more leads for your business

Published in: Business
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  • Thank you Anna for having me ! Welcome everybody and thank you for joining Anna and me on this call. I’m thrilled to be participating in Anna’s adventure and get more and more excited about the 360Entrepreneurship Summit in September. some techniques on how to increase your website traffic. No handout for this call, can download free e-book on But let’s get started, shall we ? I’d like to start with two questions
  • Now back to Anna
  • Now back to Anna
  • Transcript

    • 1. Why LinkedIn Drives So Much Traffic To My Site
    • 2. When I look at my under “Traffic ReferralSources”, LinkedIn is on position number one. Each month I get alot of traffic to my site that comes through LinkedIn.A study by Hubspot, an Inbound Marketing agency has shownthat LinkedIn has the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate,277% higher than Twitter & Facebook. In other words this meansthat traffic that comes from LinkedIn to my site, has a 277%higher chance to convert into a lead (speak “potential client”)than if it came from Twitter or Facebook.
    • 3. Why is that?Because LinkedIn has a very targeted audience. It is an adult,business oriented crowd. So this makes for very targeted traffic.In this post I want to show you why LinkedIn drives so muchtraffic to my site.There are four main reasons in my opinion.
    • 4. Reason Number 1 My blog url is in my headlineBlogging is part of what I do, it belongs to my job description. That’s why I decided to add“Blogger at” to my LinkedIn headline. It’s not a clickablelink, but if people are curious they can copy paste that link into their browser.If you decide to do the same, make sure you have something to share with the peoplewho land on your site. Such as blog content, a give away, free webinars etc. I wouldn’trecommend adding your website in your headline if it’s just a static site with no addedvalue to the visitor.
    • 5. Reason Number 2 My website & blog urls are in my profileIn your profile you have the option to create link loveto your websites. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity toadd 3 links. Take advantage of it!Even if you only have one website, I’m sure have more than one page on that site. So usethree different landing pages. For example one to your blog, one to your Freebie and whynot add one to your testimonials page.And then customize these links. Don’t just use the default option that LinkedIn gives yousuch as “Company website” or “Blog”. Boring ! Click on the “Edit” button & choose“Other” in the drop-down menu. Then give your site or blog a name that makes peoplewant to click on it !
    • 6. Reason Number 3 I share lots of content on LinkedInThe third reason is that I writeregular blog posts (1 perweek) and whenever I post anew one, I share it with myLinkedIn network in theupdates and sometimes alsodirectly on groups which couldbe interested in that specificcontent.If people are interested in the topic, they can then click on the link and will be redirectedto my site. I also have a “LinkedIn Share button” on each of my blog posts, so people canshare it with their network on LinkedIn.
    • 7. Want More Traffic from LinkedIn?Get my LinkedInfor B2B E-book !You will learn:•That you need to treat your profile like you treat yourwebsite•How to Promote your profile•How to increase your reach by adding new connections•How to share your content & get your content shared•How to network and get new leads with groups Click HERE•How to get more referrals with references•How to make LinkedIn a more personal experience & to purchasemuch more… it for only 7 USD !
    • 8. Connect with me