How To Get Found On Google


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Find valuable tips on how to rank higher on Google search pages

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How To Get Found On Google

  1. 1. How do I get found onGoogleTips & TricksSarah Santacroce12/13/2010
  2. 2. Let us simplify your workday!How do I get found on Google?…that was the question somebody asked me at a networking event last Thursday. Hmm, I had preparedmy Elevator Pitch, but wasn’t quite ready to answer this complex question in 30 seconds! Instead I said: Page | 2“I can help you, give me a call and we’ll discuss it”. In order to prepare for that call, I thought I’d write ablog post and share it with my readers.As most of you know, I’m not a professional Search Engine Optimizer, but I can share my tips and trickswith you, and I know that they work. Just Google “bilingual Virtual Assistant Switzerland” and have alook at the results.So let’s start with first things first:Submit your website and company info to website and local directoriesIt’s not the most interesting task, but there is no way around it. You will have to spend some time (ormoney if you have it outsourced) and submit your website to major website directories. The main one isthe dmoz directory, which is free. Then there are thousands of other ones, some free some not, somegeneral some industry specific. You can find them all here. All submissions take at least 4 weeks untilthey are confirmed. So you need an extra dose of patience …I also recommend you submit your company info to local directories such as Google Places, Yelp, YellowPages etc, especially if you are a brick and mortar business. Research which ones are the most relevantin your area and submit your company info.Good online contentContent is king! The Search Engine spiders are hunting and crawling through your pages in search ofgood content. So if you want to make the first page of Google, you will have to supply good onlinecontent. There are many ways how to do that: Sarah Santacroce Simplicity Admin Solutions 022 534 9294 (EU), 714 656 2324 (US)
  3. 3. Let us simplify your workday!Write regular blog postsIn blog posts you can share your expertise about your industry and create trust towards your company.Blog posts are very well indexed on Google and if the blog is hosted on your website, they create bigtraffic to your site. If on the other hand you are using a hosted blog version (such as’s less direct traffic to your site but it does present an advantage from the link building point of Page | 3view.Write a monthly press release and distribute it onlineToday press or news releases can be used even by small companies, and the whole wide world hasaccess to them. By distributing your press releases online (for example on you will bereaching out to a huge audience and therefore increase your website traffic (and hopefully your sales!).Don’t forget to create a “Media Room” on your website and also post your releases there. The spiderslove new content on your website!Submit articles on article submission sitesAnother great (and free) resource to increase traffic to your website is via article marketing. You writecompelling, informative articles (or repurpose previously written texts) and post them on articlemarketing publisher’s sites (such as They get free content that can be employed byothers looking for great information to post on their websites. Every article contains a so called “authorresource box” where you post a short bio and a link to your website or a free e-book.Scribd, Slideshare and PosterousYou can upload your content in pretty much any format: PDF, Word or Powerpoint and share it with theworld’s largest community of readers. Those sites are ranked highly in Google searches. Sarah Santacroce Simplicity Admin Solutions 022 534 9294 (EU), 714 656 2324 (US)
  4. 4. Let us simplify your workday!Social Media Page | 4The use of Social Media is also recommended to complete your online presence and increase yourchances to figure on the 1st page of Google’s search results. Social Media content is instant and it’severywhere. If somebody “googles” your name to find out more about you, he/she should find at leastthose 5 links with your name: the “about” page on your website, your Facebook Page, your Twitterprofile, your Linkedin profile (and/or Xing and Viadeo) and your Google profile. So how many of those doyou already have?Keyword optimization and SEOAs I mentioned before, I’m not an SEO specialist. What I do know though is how to target specifickeywords and implement them on your website and throughout all your internet marketing strategy. Sobefore you start with the SEO, take some time to brainstorm and come up with at least 3 very specific,very targeted keywords or key phrases. Once you have done that, move on to the SEO:Use unique title tags (containing your keywords) for each pageWhen you look at your website in a browser, you’ll find the title tag on the top left hand side of thescreen. Each page should have a unique title tag that tells the search engines what that page is about. Sarah Santacroce Simplicity Admin Solutions 022 534 9294 (EU), 714 656 2324 (US)
  5. 5. Let us simplify your workday!Create a unique meta description for each pageThe search engines index the meta descriptions to learn what your page is about and some will displayyour description in the search engine results. The meta description should not be more than 150characters. Page | 5Use Alt text for images and integrate your keywords in the image file nameWhen inserting images into your website, make sure you use your keywords in the Alt text attribute andin the image file name. Example: if I upload a portrait of myself I would name the file:”Sarah Santacroce,bilingual Virtual Assistant” and put the same text in the Alt attribute.If you would like some support with your Search Engine Optimization, send me an e-mail I’d be happy to help you. Let’s connect: ***Swiss national, Sarah Santacroce runs Simplicity Admin Solutions, a virtual assistance businessworking with small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to help them dedicate theirprecious time to their core business. Simplicity Admin Solutions offers tailor made virtualadministrative solutions, Internet marketing support, translation service and much more at All services are available in English, German and French. Sarah Santacroce Simplicity Admin Solutions 022 534 9294 (EU), 714 656 2324 (US)