Simple VMS Product Review

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  • 1.
  • 2. Simple VMS Product Review
    The Communication Solution
  • 3. What is Simple VMS™?
    Software designed to simplify the interactions between companies and their contract (contingent) labor suppliers.
    Completely web-based, available on nearly any device with a web browser (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc).  
    Using a vendor-paid model, Simple VMS delivers savings in the following areas with absolutely no cost to the client: 
    Simple VMS™
    Contract Labor Workflow
  • 4. The traditional talent acquisition process is currently very time consuming requiring multiple points of contact to initiate a job posting.
    Traditional Job Posting Process
  • 5. Simple VMS™ software eliminates the need for multiple communication steps to initiate a job posting to staffing vendors
    Simple VMS Job Posting Process
    Vendor communication is simplified by giving the client one area to manage communications with all of their HR suppliers. Agreements and pricing are simplified through the Simple VMS system.
  • 6. Using multiple vendors enhances the probability of sourcing the best available candidate for the position. However it increases the complexity of the level of communication between the client and vendors.
    Traditional Screening Process
    Traditional Interview Process
  • 7. Simple VMS consolidates and streamlines the screening process eliminating time management requirements while improving the quality of short listed candidates
    Simple VMS Screening Process
    Simple VMS Interview Process
  • 8. Once the contingent worker has accepted. The entire on-boarding process is tracked in Simple VMS
    Simple VMS On-Boarding Process
  • 9. Further efficiencies are realized in the employee maintenance, invoicing, and payment steps of the workforce cycle.
    Simple VMS Employee Maintenance
    Simple VMS Invoicing and Payment
  • 10. The final benefits of the Simple VMS™ process are the standard and/or customized reports that the client can use for on-going analysis of their contingent labor workforce.
    Simple VMS Metrics and Analytics
    Simple VMS™ tracks metrics by vendor based on past performance, such as speed to first submission, ratio of submitted to interviewed candidates, and percentage of hired candidates. Clients can easily rank their vendors and can determine which are the most efficient and most likely to provide the highest quality candidates in the future.