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Suguna eggs a project report
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Suguna eggs a project report


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. Centurion University
  • 2. Agenda About the case The company The product ranges Poultry category Poultry category branding
  • 3. About the case A study was to be done on suguna poultry(foods) An analysis of the poultry category Understanding of the unique poultry branding concept
  • 4. The company It was set up in 1986 by B.Sounderarajan in Udampet Business concept based on poultry integration model This also involve a rural marketing aspect About 15000 farmers supply from 800 villages This is in about 11 Indian states
  • 5. The company In 25 years the company has net worth of 4200crs It is the No.1 broiler company in India Among top 10 poultry companies world wide fully integrated operations cover broiler and layer farming Including hatcheries, feed mills, processing plants, vaccines& exports. Modern chain of retail outlets has been set up recently
  • 6. Product rangeSuguna has an well synchronized product range whichincludes: Suguna home bites Suguna any time Value added eggs Suguna daily fresh Suguna chicken
  • 7. Poultry category Suguna provides for a variety of egg categories These are of premium quality They are enriched with minerals & vitamins This provides nutritional value and functional benefits They come under the brand suguna value added eggs
  • 8. Poultry category Suguna value added eggs has four cateogries:
  • 9. Active Suguna Active is a value-added farm fresh egg containingDocosahexaenoic acid (DHA) It also contains Organic Selenium and Vitamin E Enrichment is done by giving special natural feed to hens This helps boost memory power, visual development,physical performance and emotional stability
  • 10. Nutrients MeasureProtein 13.3 gTotal Fat 8 gCarbohydrates 0.67 gDHA 900 mgPhosphorus 240 mgCalcium 74 mgVitamin E 10 mgIron 1.8 mgOrganic Selenium 36 mcg
  • 11. Heart Heart eggs have been developed for the health conscious It is meant for those who prefer low cholesterol It has the benefits of omega 3 and vitamin e
  • 12. Health benefits Omega-3 PUFA helps in the prevention andmanagement of various human diseases like coronaryheart diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc. Omega-3 fatty acids decrease triglyceride levels Lowers blood pressure slightly Compared to ordinary eggs, there is 24% reduction inyolk cholesterol levels
  • 13. Nutrients MeasureProtein 13.3 gTotal Fat 8 gOmega-3 fatty acids 1.27 gCarbohydrates 0.67 gPhosphorus 240 mgCalcium 74 mgIron 1.8 mg
  • 14. Pro Pro are farm fresh eggs rich in proteins & vitamin The egg absorbs the nutrient properties from the hen’s diet. Helps build and repair the cells in muscles and other bodytissues Beneficial for healthy skin , bones and eyes
  • 15. Special benefits Lutein and Zeaxanthin, two important help in preventingmacular degeneration and cataract of eyes Calcium and Phosphorus help in formation of bones andteeth.
  • 16. Nutrients MeasureProtein 13.3 gTotal Fat 8 gCalories 135 kcalCarbohydrates 0.67 gPhosphorus 240 mgCalcium 74 mgIron 1.8 mgCarotenoid 345 mcg
  • 17. shakti Clean, farm fresh eggs that comes from the healthiest layerhens high on natural Carotenoids and Pro-vitamin A low on calories to keep you healthy and trim help build and repair the cells in muscles and other bodytissues tastes better and has an original flavor. tastes better and has an original flavor.
  • 18. Protein 13.3 gTotal Fat 8 gCalories 135 kcalCarbohydrates 0.67 gPhosphorus 240 mgCalcium 74 mgIron 1.8 mg
  • 19. Different product levelsCore benefitBasic productExpected productAugmented productPotential product
  • 20. Different product levels Core benefit: food to eat in the morning Basic product : egg Expected benefit: egg should be clean and not rotten Augmented product:eggs with nourishment benefitsGood for various ailments, & affordable Potential product: egg based ready to eat health snacks
  • 21. branding Suguna has branded the egg as a multi perspectiveproduct The egg rather than being a simple food item, is healthbeneficial item for different people There are different variants for people with differenthealth needs The egg is as good as the different grades ofcommodity like basmati