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Portfolio V1.2

  1. 1. hello. THIS IS WILL
  2. 2. my life-long ambition is to explore my creativity. what is creativity, where do creative ideas come from, how can I tap into an endless flow of new ideas, how can I live a more creative life, and how can I encourage, introduce, or provide space for others to live creatively as well. H E R E ’ S W H E R E I A M S O FA R . <
  3. 3. introduction + methodology - logistics AKA, MY WORKING THEORY ON CREATIVITY > >> order CONCEPTION > I have had the rare opportunity to explore my creative flair (old) * * >> predominently in visual design and have recently expanded into * * photography. * * * CREATION + I am a team player although i work well alone. * + I am a quick learner, adaptable and flexible. + I follow through on all set tasks. ORDER (NEW) PERCEPTION + CONCEPTION + CREATION | My Professional Concept The theory of PCC (Perception + Conception + Creation) is the drawing of a process to establish the final design and representation of a high quality and valuable brand. My philosophy for a good brand does not only contain the form, technique or visual effect, but also the essential product from perception to creation. The inner workings of it will cut through the market norm with more communications and promotions. The style draws on international influences with indigenous character. The overall character is established with simplicity and naturalism.
  4. 4. my working experience: Education Working Applications Products Companies (system and software I used for design) (academic colleges group) Adobe Photoshop (cs2, cs3) Databasic Foodtown Bursary Adobe Indesign (cs2, cs3) Business Card Pizza hur.co.nz Adobe Illustrator (cs2, cs3) Poster Web Drive.co.nz UOA Adobe Acrobat (6 - 8) Website X-N-Trik.co.nz (university of auckland) Adobe Dreamweaver (cs2, cs3) Logo BluePrint Center For Leaning BA (Film, TV & Media Study) Microsoft Office (2002-2008) Brochure/Flyer PremierPrint Services Windows XP/Vista Invitation Phoenix Pacific Real Estate MAC OS X Short Films UniformsPlus.co.nz Languages Photography Photon/Geekdom Label Mandarin Calendar Cantonese English online offline brand/logo/identity information design photography SEO/SEM solutions domaining
  5. 5. > business cards | my design are definitive I started designing business cards while i was with premier print. customers began asking for ideas and I developed modern funky designs for a number of customers. i mantained a traditional format for more conservative customers but with a modern edge. my designs are definitive. (more)
  6. 6. I am getting more and more requests for freelance work, and am beginning to work with a more professional identity that says more than “one guy working out of his apartment” (even though that’s what I am doing). > logos . attitude & impression
  7. 7. I created these for clients but I am using them to inform prospective clients about the characteristics, the importance and the creative process of a poster, its influence on the communication of a message, and its function as a means of mass information. My main objective is to help clients communicate their message through a poster that fully represents their company and that has great impact on the market. > posters the hightly efficlent communication tool
  8. 8. I have been hired to create and produce advertisment copy and brochures for Phoenix Pacific Real Estate in the past few years. I have also published magazines [NEWAY], [WC] and individually created art books [CV], [RAINBOW IN YOUR HAND] and a picture book serial [WHY NOT SIMPLEDOG]. > booklets/brochures creation never ends. <3 more on http://www.simpledog.net/product
  9. 9. + = + = > invitation pack design the unique everyone is unique, so is a party, a wedding and a campaign. We have the theme, the location and the people. I take care of the decoration, i have the inspiration and create the unique presentation to provide an event that is unforgetable.
  10. 10. my website design experience to date has been focused on blog, online shoping and commerical advertising, form photo taking, colour choice and compatability. I create a user-friendly website to suit the clients’ needs, highlighted in the outline, function and easy direction, coupled with ensuring the security and the back door control panel operation of the site. Click the sites names you can have a look what they like on the net !!! page01 > websites > xntrik.co.nz
  11. 11. premierprint.co.nz < > bodyworksformen.co.nz > uniformsplus.co.nz page02 > websites
  12. 12. > niteowlkaroake.com oopsee.tv.nz > page03 > websites > wevdrive.co.nz sode.co.nz <
  13. 13. page04 > websites > simpledog.com <
  14. 14. > simpledog.net < page05 > websites
  15. 15. And here are more page05 > websites Hunt them all in http://www.simpledog.net/product/website.php
  16. 16. = THE EGO = is a phylosophical film I did for the New Zealand film festival. Also its my first film production experienced. > short film * see the full film on http://www.simpledog.net/film/myfilm/theegoE.wmv
  17. 17. thank you for your time + interest. | | | WWW.SIMPLEDOG.NET Site SIMPLEDOG@ HOTMAIL.COM IM s i m p l e d o g Skype 0 4 . 3 1 0 4 . 9 2 1 0 AUS MOBILE