Social Media Plan for Real Estate Agents


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This social media presentation was delivered to Keller Williams Real Estate by Videospot Online Marketing

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  • Social Media Plan for Real Estate Agents

    1. 1. VIDEOSPOT Video Marketing ●Social Media ● Web Design ● SEO Social Media for Real Estate Turning your big fear into a huge asset
    2. 2. Who is this guy? Owen Hemsath Owen Hemsath is an expert in digital marketing with a focus on lead generation through social media strategies, SEO, and landing page design. Owen has worked for major broadcast entities and celebrities before deciding to go full throttle with Videospot. He is writing a book on social media due to come out in Fall ‘13
    3. 3. What are we gonna talk about today? Quick overview to this presentation • Targeting your marketplace on social • Content strategy • Distribution strategy • Your next step
    4. 4. What is social media? It is simply the media we use online to communicate with each other
    5. 5. Who is social media? The major players
    6. 6. So where should you be spending your time?
    7. 7. The demographics of social media Who is doing what, where, and why? 1 Billion users 60% Female 86% (18-29) 73% some college 1 of 7 minutes 67% will like for 25% 200+ million users 55% Female 61% primary pro site 50% BA/BS/MA 2 new users/1 sec 4/5 users make decisions 517 Million 60% Female 92% RT content 40% don’t‘ Tweet Mostly urban 18-49 800 million views/mo 27.9 mill men 18-29 34.7 mill women 18-54 60% of all women 67% of all men 2nd largest SERP 700 vids shared on TW/min
    8. 8. The demographics of social media Who is doing what, where, and why? 800 million views/mo 27.9 mill men 18-29 34.7 mill women 18-54 60% of all women 67% of all men 2nd largest SERP 700 vids shared on TW/min 100 million 55% Female Ages 18-34 300 million photos 567 likes/second Grew 1600% 400 million 69% Male!! 2nd most active 42% single +1 = 5 billion 80% log in daily
    9. 9. Target Your Buyer Persona Your Buyer Persona is an incarnation of your past successes or of your desired market
    10. 10. This is Denise She is 34 She has a college degree She is married She is employed She has 3 kids She has a mortgage She owns a home
    11. 11. What is your approach? You don’t need a social media strategy, you need a content strategy
    12. 12. Sample Content Strategy Create 4 videos per month Write 6-8 blogs per month 50 Tweets per week 10 Google+ posts 5 Facebook posts This content becomes the heart of your social media distribution plan Engage and Follow Back! eBook Articles Video Content Blogs Social Media Posts Speaking Engagement
    13. 13. Social Media Is Not About You Bad Page Names • Joe Johnson Real Estate • Sammy the Realtor • Centurion Real Estate
    14. 14. Social Media Is Not About You Better Page Names • Explore San Diego • Carlsbad Community Page • Beautiful Homes and Gardens • Interior Designs That You Will LOVE • Making Good Investments Pre Sale Sale Post Sale
    15. 15. Think more like a publisher! “Your job as a content provider is to be a resource for your buyer as an industry authority- this includes subcultures within your niche.” Some things you can write about: • • • • • • School system Community events (free & paid) Pumpkin Patches Crime rates Home values Surf spots Some things you can post: • • • • • • Funny kid pics Shots of ocean Interior design Views of/from designer homes Comics Places of interest
    16. 16. Know your platform Image and video based posts. Should be fun and lighthearted Use messages Leverage your person profile page as well Ask for engagement
    17. 17. Know your platform Short and informative Keyword based, linked to content Use Hashtags Retweet other authoritative content to build credibility Written like headlines Follow back
    18. 18. Know your platform Professional! Professional! Links to Twitter Images and Video work well Blog content works best Post in groups Build credibility
    19. 19. What we do is build marketing channels:
    20. 20. What can VIDEOSPOT do for YOU We will build you an introductory level marketing channel to start growing your list
    21. 21. Cover Photo Logo Avatar Link in description Unlimited FB landing page options
    22. 22. Video increases conversion Convert viewers into leads
    23. 23. This is the Welcome Email that they will receive immediately.
    24. 24. Take advantage of our amazing offer! x4
    25. 25. In total what you will get is…. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 2-minute video shot in studio with full product (a $650.00 value) Custom photo shoot for new headshots to be used wherever you like (a $350.00 value) 1 newsletter style email with embedded video (a $249.00 value) 4 text-based emails with hyperlinks to social media sites (a $200 value) Programmed auto email responder campaign with CRM (a $600 value) New custom timeline cover photo with image (a $300 value) This whole marketing system is valued at $2,349 Available today for only $697