THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD EVENTS               perience for all parties involved. Each gr...
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Event Marketing And Management


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Event Marketing And Management

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Event Marketing And Management

  1. 1. EVENT MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD EVENTS perience for all parties involved. Each group of invitees should receive specific messaging AND GREAT EVENTS IS MARKETING, AUTO- tailored to their interests. Response rates for MATION OF ADMINISTRATIVE TASKS AND a one size fits all invitation can be 50% less GOOD MANAGEMENT. FOR OVER 15 YEARS than invitations for specific groups of attend- REGIS SOFTWARE HAS BEEN PROVIDING ees such as VIP clients, prospects, different levels of association members etc. TECHNOLOGIES FOR EVENT ORGANISERS, FOR OVER 5000 EVENTS WORLDWIDE. WITH THE EVENT WEBSITE THIS EXPERIENCE WE THOUGHT IT WOULD It is very important for an event website to BE HELPFUL TO WRITE ABOUT BEST PRAC- allow attendees to register and pay for an process and the funds are automatically TICES FOR MEETING ORGANISERS. event online. There are various website ori- deposited into the designated bank account. ented marketing initiatives that can be used TEXT SIMON YOUNG to promote registration and attendance, such Automation can also apply to early discounts. as early discounts, group rates, and promo- Then organisers do not have to handle EFFECTIVE INVITATIONS tion codes. Without a solid online registration manual payments. All refund policies should The first element of a successful event is ef- solution and the capability to track these be clearly outlined in the registration process fective promotion through email invitations, logistics, organisers often overbook a venue so attendees have the necessary informa- automated online event registration and or undersell the space they have bought. tion up front. Further, online payments allow additional integrated marketing efforts such attendees and organisers to track their as direct mail, phone calls and an informative A good event website should present at- finances instantly. event web site. Email invitations are the most tendees with an event agenda and stream- USE TECHNOLOGY economical event marketing method and un- line the registration process for all parties. doubtedly drive more attendance for organis- Online registration systems can pre populate Streamline administrative tasks through auto- ers than any other marketing medium. Post attendee data into registration forms and mation. Software systems can automate man- event data analysis on over 3,500 events provide a simple click registration process ual functions such as creating reports and showed organisers can achieve up to three proven to dramatically increase response data entry to enable the planner to focus on times the standard response rate after im- rates. No one likes to fill out long forms. more important tasks. Automation can yield plementing integrated email marketing with Organisers can take segmented registration cost savings up to 92% while simultaneously direct mail and outbound calling campaigns. a step further by presenting various registra- making event campaigns more strategic. In addition, the Meeting Organisers Foundation A good event website should present noted that ‘event professionals who step up and effectively advise stake holders in this attendees with an event agenda and streamline new context are likely to see their personal the registration process for all parties importance to the organisation rise.’ E-MARKETING tion paths on the web sites for different The final key to successful events is to man- Support your event marketing efforts with types of attendees. age your success and strive for improvement targeted and personalised emails to invitees. with data analysis. Compare logistics across COLLECT PAYMENTS ONLINE As stated in the EventView’05, the annual multiple events to determine trends among event and marketing trends study conducted Logistical headaches often stem from un- your attendees. Event technology has become by Meeting Organisers International, ‘enhanc- dertaking the task of manual event payment a fundamental tool for today’s event organiser. ing the customer relationship’ was recognised processing. Whether you practice payments Contact: regis@missioneventsoftware.eu as the most important criteria for successful onsite or prior to the event, a substantial events by over 73% of global respondents. amount of time and energy will be invested REGIS web based automated event management system is a in manual fee collection. The ideal solution is leading European software solution for meeting & event organisers to manage their events. Customisation is a powerful tool to strength- simple: automation. Attendees can pay event en relationships and improve the event ex- fees securely during the online registration HEADQUARTERS 33