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Consumer guide to wines available in Alberta from 13 countries and 54 suppliers in Canada and worldwide. Features insight and information on each country, supplier and wine with a wine and food pairing guide. Also, highlights one wine from each supplier as the best example of their craft and the unique characteristics of that region and its terroir.

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Renaissance Wine Merchants Consumer Portfolio

  1. 1. >> ENTER December |Alberta Portfolio 2010
  2. 2. MENU >>ContentsSIMPLY CLICK ON ANY OF THE HEADINGSTO TAKE YOU TO THAT PAGE.TO USE THIS GUIDE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WS WINE SPECTATOR ST STEPHEN TANZERClicking on any o he countries, producers or wines If you have an internet connection available, you can access WA WINE ADVOCATE NM NATALIE MCCLEANbelow, will take you straight to that page. Simply return additional information on each wine from the winery’s own JH JAMES HALLIDAY WD WINE DIVAto this menu at any time, just by clicking on the link, website, by clicking on the i symbol. I he wine has a AG ANTHONY GISMONDI WE WINE ENTHUSIAST BH BURGHOUND WC WINE ACCESSINTRODUCTION ARGENTINA FRANCE ITALY SOUTH AFRICA CHAMPAGNE &BY MARK FERRIER Argento Ayala Champagne Alois Lageder Arabella SPARKLING WINES Caro Bouchard Pere & Fils Coltiva Graham BeckSPECIALIST WINE Fincas Patagonicas Chanson Pere & Fils Co.Pro.Vi DESSERT WINESTEAM & TRAINING Guy Saget Due Palme SPAIN AUSTRALIA Henriot Champagne EnoItalia Chivite PORTSFOOD & WINEPAIRING GUIDE Fox Creek JP Moueix Farina Conde De Caralt Kingston Estate Giorgio & Gianni DISTILLATES AND .Clarke BITTERS Mastrojanni UNITED STATES Yabby Lake GERMANY Poli Belle Glos Peter Mertes Sensi Caymus CANADA St. Urbans-Hof Silvio Nardi Chalk Hill Summerhill Pyramid Winery Valpantena Conundrum Tinhorn Creek GREECE Voga Dierberg /Star Lane Twisted Tree Kourtakis Dry Creek NEW ZEALAND J.Lohr CHILE Mount Riley Jordan Casa Silva Mud House Mer Soleil Los Vascos Rutherford Wine Company PORTUGAL Graham’s Smith Woodhouse
  3. 3. MENU >>Welcometo theWorld of Renaissance“Please take the time to Renaissance is one of Western Canada’s leading importers, distributors and marketing agents for ne wine, beer and spirit brands from around the world. We search the world to bring great products to Canada and enjoy the journey through get excited when we nd great tasting products that o er you excellent value. . our catalog and discover Hopefully, when you try some of the exciting products contained within our portfolio, you’ll agree with us some of the best products and keep coming back for more. in the world, and please, In addition to featuring our range of products available in Alberta, this guide provides insight and information on contact any of our team to the country’s, the suppliers and a food and wine pairing guide. Each winery has a brief description, a list of the range we carry and a featured wine. We believe this featured wine encapsulates the wine making skill and the further bene t from their unique characteristics of that region and its terroir. advice and expertise” We hope you enjoy exploring our 2010/11 portfolio. Mark Ferrier, President Renaissance Wine Merchants
  4. 4. MENU >>SpecialistWineTeam Renaissance Wine Merchants Ltd. have a skilled and professional team serving the western Canadian retail and hospitality trade since 1983. With combined more successful by working together with our diverse range of products. if you require any advice or have any service issues. Please call 403 296 0170 or email info@renwine.comJASON DENIS AL HUNT DANA RAJOTTE DOROTHY CONNOY MARION WEBB SIMON GIBSONGENERAL MANAGER SOUTHERN ALBERTA NORTHERN ALBERTA SOUTHERN ALBERTA SOUTHERN ALBERTA MARKETING Cell: 403 863 2296 Cell: 1 780 932 3262 Cell: 403 819 1911 Cell: 403 671 5005Read more about Jason >> Read more about Al >> Read more about Dana >> Read more about Dorothy >> Read more about Marion >> Read more about Simon >>
  5. 5. MENU >> Food and wine is the perfect partnership, so ensuring your wine list compliments your menu is ofFood&Wine paramount importance. It would be important here to mention that your wine selections need not be huge in number. Most wine menus can be perfectly adequate (and even preferred) listed on one page,Pairing Guide consisting of a few sparkling wines, 5-10 dry to off-dry whites, 8-15 dry reds, 2-3 roses plus 2-3 dessert wine or Port selections. When deciding on by-the-glass selections it makes perfect sense to severely limit selections unless you have a good way of keeping the wines fresh aer opening.Fish Meat Salads Pasta & Rice Spicy Cheesee flavour of most fish can be For meat dishes there are fewer Salads are actually quite easy to e preparation of pasta and rice in Spicy Food that is not too, too hot is For some reason in North America,tricky to match with reds – places to ‘trip up’ and so matching match with wine as long as the North America has come a long way really fun to match wine with. We cheese is most oen matched withespecially the oily ones like salmon. with wine is less stressful. What we dressing isn’t too vinegary or there is in a short time. It can be a complex are surprised that there are not more red wine when in fact it is far betterIt depends on the sort of fish but also find is that for the really ‘big’ wines too much of it sloshing around (this subject but totally fun since oen the Asian style restaurants with good with most whites! Some exceptionshow it is cooked and sauced. (those over 14.5%) most food can be is a big problem today). Most good best flavours are bold and direct. wine lists. Generally, good German are old parmesan cheese withGenerally the milder the fish, the easily overpowered. So pairing German wine (or other good Pasta with red or meat sauce is good Kabinett level wine is terrific with Piedmont (Barolo, Barbaresco) winelighter the wine needs to be unless similar ‘wine and food weights’ can Riesling) is excellent with salads as with almost anything Italian and red Asian food as is simple Alsace Pinot and some so ripened creamythere is a robust sauce. Red wine can be helpful. is is really the only are most Sauvignon Blanc wines and provided the alcohol levels are Blanc or Pinot Gris and simple cheeses (good Brie and Soumatrain)work with full flavoured fish but major tricky spot. e other tricky unoaked Chardonnay. Oen, the between 12-14.5% and lighter in Austrian Gruner Veltliner. Again, if with red Burgundy. Otherwise abeware of reds with considerable spot is choosing the right ‘age’ to best match if the sun is shining (a tannins. e current ‘poster wine’ not too spicy, Viognier (the hawaiian good, concentrated white is besttannic structure. So look to lighter drink your red wine. Drinking little on the romantic side), is a dry could very well be good Chianti or shirt wine) and Gewurztraminer can with most cheese. Blue veinedreds like Beaujolais, new world Pinot young red wine that is meant to age rose. Light to medium red wine like almost anything red from the also be a fabulous match. Plush, cheeses can be exceptional with PortNoir (authentic Burgundy rarely (i.e. higher end Bordeaux, Burgundy, a classic Beaujolais cru (Moulin a Veneto area like Ripasso (except not richly fruity reds with lower acidity with salmon), fruity reds with big California reds, big Italian reds Vent, Fleurie) can be delicious for Amarone, too big). e ‘newer’ areas can also be oak and low tannin levels. from Piedmont and Tuscany, etc.) the red wine wine lover who refuses in the central-south of ItalyMatching most fish to white wine is anything white. For Veggie dishes including Marche, Latium, Abruzzo, Egg can be disappointing because thesemuch safer with a wide assortment wines truly need time to develop the best matches are oen the Puglia and Sicily are all coming on Egg dishes can be perfect with wineof options. Some of the best ‘fish added complexity, nuances, etc. Just unknown, little, regional wines, and oen are nice matches as well. especially the classics matches likewines’ are unoaked and can support ordering or grabbing from the cellar including dry white, red and rose. White Pastas with cream, butter regional French wine. e bestelevated acidity which makes them a good 2005 Brunello di Montalcino and/or cheese are oen perfect with matches in the 1950’s and 1960’s are‘clean’ tasting. Oen these wines are to have with pasta will undoubtably clean dry whites (Lots of great still the best ones today. Julia Childs’also lower in alcohol (10-13%) examples from northern Italy like amazing cookbook has wonderful be unsatisfactory because the winewhich is always nice, we think. With Soave). Rice and Risotto dishes call egg recipes complete with classic probably is at least 14.5%, thepure Asian fish cuisine like Sushi, for something that is usually white French wines like Sancerre, Pouilly- ‘weight’ comparison is wrong andthere is no better match than a good and can be easily matched with a Fume, St. Emilion, Pomerol, Cotes the wine is too young. For the whitesparkling wine or a nice cool and snappy, dry selection like a good du Rhone, Alsace whites, some meats like roast pork and chickencrisp Sauvignon Blanc or French Pinot Grigio. Risotto con funghi simple red Burgundies. try serving a ‘bigger’ Chardonnay,Chablis. needs something bigger and in the French White Burgundy or even dry red zone. Riesling from Alsace or Austria. Of course for the more ‘meaty’ chicken and duck dishes there is usually no better match than Pinot Noir, especially good
  6. 6. MENU >>ArgentinaOUR ARGENTINA SECTION SHOWCASESTHE COMPLETE RANGE OF WHAT IS POSSIBLEFROM THIS MAJOR PRODUCING COUNTRY. With three major brands to choose from now, our Argentina section showcases the complete range of what is possible from this major producing country. Argentina has very quickly become a major player in the Alberta market – not unlike what happened when Australia burst on to the scene 10-15 years ago. It seems that everyone has been seduced by the deep, dark and handsome Malbecs and Cabernets! For a unique flavour treat try the white and aromatic Torrontes varietal. KEY FACTS FOOD & WINE MATCHING Argentina is the world’s fih biggest producer of wine. Typical Argentine Malbec and Cabernet are ideal when served e country’s wine regions are widely dispersed and found to with red meat and in particular Alberta beef, lamb and bison. the west of the country, bordering the foothills of the Andes. ese red wines generally are quite robust and can also be Argentina has four major wine regions: Mendoza, San Juan, substituted for some of the more modern Italian wines and La Rioja and Salta. Mendoza though is the most significant served with pasta and pizza. e ‘Argento classic wines’ are a region and the home of virtually all the wineries of importance, little bit ‘soer’ and can be matched with a wide assortment of contributing 70% of Argentina’s wine production. foods including chicken and pork. e most typical grape of Mendoza is Malbec, producing reds e local white variety, Tapiz Torrontes is best enjoyed either by with grip, structure and density. itself, or as a wonderful partner with lightly smoked meats, mild to medium-strong cheeses, and seafood. It is also a great e small region of La Rioja is Argentina’s oldest wine partner for spicy food and ai cuisine. e local Pinot Grigio producing region. It specializes in producing the intensely wine from Argento is also a great buy and easy to match with a aromatic white grape Torrontes. variety of
  7. 7. MENU >> Argento e word Argento, meaning silver in Latin, is oen used colloquially in Argentina to refer to a thing or a person that is quintessentially Argentine. Argento also relates to the strong silver thread of tradition that runs through the veins of the country and pays homage to Argentina’s long history of craing precious wines. is is epitomized by the El Plata Mountain that overlooks ARGENTO WAS CREATED IN MENDOZA IN 1999 BY ONE OF their high altitude vineyards in Mendoza where the intense, fruit driven wines are THE REGION’S MOST RESPECTED VIGNERONS AND EMBODIES THE UNIQUE ARGENTINE SPIRIT. born. ey pick only the best grapes, the best locations, the best vineyards, and the best people. Quality is their mantra. rough Argento, we bring you a taste of the Real Argentina. >> MALBEC RESERVA >> Although grown in many other regions of the world, it is in Argentina where Malbec speaks most confidently. Argento Reserva is a special find, full of power and personality. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSi Pinot Grigio 2009 741018 12 750 A delicious dry wine with a tad of amber color from the skins. Great with salads and sandwiches with cheese.i Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 741017 12 750 Quite easy to drink with light tannins and dark berry fruit. Super with duck of almost any cut especially the cured, confit version.i Malbec 2009 741016 12 750 Deeply colored with a so, satiny texture, nice fruit. Best with grills of almost any kind especially beef and sausages.i Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2009 741015 12 750 Excellent balance with lovely dark berry flavours. A fine match for lamb chops with a spicy chimichuri sauce.i Malbec Reserva 2009 741014 12 750 Quite powerful with some tannins; excellent value for money. A really great match with grilled beef like a porterhouse steak.
  8. 8. MENU >> BodegasCaro Renaissanceispleasedtobringyouthefruitsofaverysuccessfulpartnership betweentheDomainesBaronsdeRothschild(Lafite)familyfromFranceand theCatenafamilyinArgentina.eideawastoproduceasinglewinethat THE FRUIT OF T WO CULTURES, wouldcombinethebestofFrenchandArgentineculturesandthetwosignature T WO FAMILIES AND T WO GRAPES. grapesofeachproducer,MalbecandCabernetSauvignon.Bothpartners broughtmuchtotheparty. CARO e Estate wine Caro is one of the great wines being made today in South America. Excellent value for money and very ageworthy. For those who like the structure of the old world and the ‘lush power’ of the new, Caro is for you. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS i Amancaya 2008 738873 12 750 A wonderful blend of Malbec and Cabernet managing to be flavoursome but also discreet. Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon isisagreatwinewithBison;grilledorroasted.WS 91 i Caro 2006 738874 12 750 As mentioned in the caption, this wine is one of the great new wines of the world. Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon Reallythecenterpiecetomatchwithsimplefoodthathighlightsthecomplexityofthewine.
  9. 9. MENU FincasPatagonicas WhencombinedwiththebestterroirsinAgrelo,theUcoValleyinMendozaandinCafayate, Salta,Tapizwinerydeliverssuperbwinestothemarket.Blessedbyauniqueandremarkably consistentconfigurationofsun,soil,andcoolingglaciers,thepossibilitiesforworld-class winemakinginArgentinaareindisputable.AtTapizWinery,theyarecommittedtoviticultural ONE OF THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY practicesthatutilizethebestofbothmodernandtraditionalwinemakingstrategieswitha ADVANCED WINERIES IN ARGENTINA. tremendousrespectfortheenvironment.eirgoal:toproducethefinestwinesevertocome fromArgentina. MALBEC TAPIZ Rated 89 points by the Wine Spectator (2007 vintage) and a `Best Buy, Tapiz Malbec is a wine with everything; good colour, intense aromas, and a deep, structured flavour. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS i Torrontes Tapiz 2009 737926 12 750 Unique variety that is quite fruity and aromatic but dry. AnexcellentwinewithAsianandaifoods. i Malbec Tapiz 2009 727528 12 750 If this style of wine was a baseball pitch, it would be a centre field home run. Deliciouswineforawiderangeoftastes;perfectwithcasualfamilymeals. i Tapiz Reserva Seleccion de Barricas 2004 732026 6 750 is wine is a bit more powerful with excellent color; some bottle age now adds complexity. FabulouswithSouthAmericanbarbecuedmeatswithchimichurisauce. i Cabernet Sauvignon Zolo Reserva 2006 727529 12 750 Excellent Cabernet with dark red fruit aromas and flavours. Alovelypairingwithgrilledfiletmignonandroquefortsauce.WA 89 i Malbec Zolo Reserva 2009 727530 12 750 Serious styling here with excellent color and depth of flavour. Easytomatchwithgrilledandroastedmeats.
  10. 10. MENU AustraliaWITH A GROWING LAKE OF LOWER PRICED BRANDSAND LOWER QUALITY, LOOK FOR ‘A NOTCH UP FROMENTRY LEVEL’ FOR THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. Australia has had much to cope with during the last couple of years, not least the ever increasing hot climate. is led to droughts and several outbreaks of serious bush fires, causing the destruction of many vineyards and wineries particularly in the Yarra Valley region near Melbourne. Despite this, total crops are not as low as initially anticipated. More than ever the best buying strategy is to find quality, family oriented brands where attention to detail is of foremost concern. With a growing lake of lower priced brands and lower quality, look for ‘a notch up from entry level’ for the best value for money. orn-Clarke and Fox Creek wines come to mind. EDEN VALLEY KEY FACTS McLAREN VALE e leading white grape is Chardonnay, which is made into Australia is still one of the most popular wine producing wines at all levels from the simple, fruity quaffer through to countries in the world, delivering a wide range of wine styles at robust, complex wines. Indeed Riesling, Pinot Gris and MORNINGTON all price points. Sauvignon Blanc can be quite delicious as well, oen unoaked and very good value. e majority of Australia’s vineyards are clustered into the south-eastern part of the continent, and in particular key FOOD WINE MATCHING regions such as Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley and Coonawarra. In addition, becoming ‘hotter’ now is the cool e ‘soness’ and silkiness in most entry level Aussie reds climate region of the Mornington Peninsula. makes them delicious as aperitifs, even if a little unconventional. e better reds are dense and richly flavoured e most significant and best loved grape everywhere seems to which makes them ideal for grilled and roasted meats. e very be Shiraz, which in the warmer sites can make seductive and best wines show unique personality and are best served with jammy, mouth watering wines which are packed with fruit fairly simple but high quality foods which would highlight the flavours. In the cooler sites the wines tend to be more ‘reserved’, natural beauty in the wine. maybe more European in style? When blended with other varieties Shiraz seems to be a very willing partner with a Australian whites can be delicious as casual aperitifs. e better capacity to show itself deliciously and differently. wines oen from cooler sites, have higher acidity which makes them better suited to a wide range of seafoods and poultry
  11. 11. MENU Fox Creek MCCLAREN VALE’S FINEST. Fox Creek premium wines are sourced entirely from grapes grown in the famous and is frost-free, being 7km from the sea. It is an ideal location for growing grapes. Fox Creek owns three separate vineyards and approximately 60 hectares SHIRAZ RESERVE Consistently one o he best Aussie Shiraz wines with many awards and trophies to demonstrate the impressive quality at this winery. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS i Vixen NV 522268 12 750 Delicious sparkling shiraz; fruity, exuberant. Shiraz i Shadows Run Red 2007 710173 12 750 Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon i Shadows Run White 2009 716124 12 750 A delicious, unoaked, mainly Chardonnay wine; lemondrop nuances. Chardonnay i Duet 2005 704809 12 750 A nice Bordeaux style blend; medium bodied. Cabernet Sauvignon and MerlotWC 89 i Shiraz ‘Red Baron’ 2008 726000 12 750 Delicious and fun to drink Shiraz with light tannins. Casual meals with friends and family would be a good match.WA 90 i JSM 2007 702768 12 750 Unique deeply colored wine of mostly Cabernet Franc; very stylish. Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon Match with a mixed grill o eef and lamb. i Merlot Reserve 2005 732020 6 750 A nice styling to this medium bodied Merlot. Very good with roast turkey and trimmings including a spicy dressing. i Shiraz ‘Short Row’ 2006 706176 12 750 Another excellent Shiraz from this Estate; deeply colored, full and rich. Hard to miss when served with a good rib roast. i Shiraz Reserve 2005 713413 6 750 Intense wine which is best paired with simple foods to accent the wine.
  12. 12. MENU KingstonEstate CAPTURING SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S BEST REGIONAL QUALITIES. Atfamily-ownedKingstonEstateWines,theyhavebuilttheirenviable reputationovermanyyearsforconsistentlymakingqualitywinesthatare generousinflavourandsuperbly`drinkable-areputationthatsunder-pinned bytheirquesttocaptureSouthAustraliasbestregionalqualities.Today,Kingston Estatewineryandvineyardscontinuestothriveundertheferventcareofthe family,andencapsulatestheveryessenceofwhatgivesAustralianfamily-owned wineriestheirgreatreputationstoday. PETIT VERDOT With one of the largest plots of Petit Verdot in Australia, Kingston has identified this unique Bordeaux variety as their flagship grape. Deeply colored and richly flavoured, this is one serious red. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSi Chardonnay 2008 722227 12 750 A nice, medium bodied Chardonnay, light oak flavour. Easytomatchwithseafoodappetizersandmaincourseslikeredsnapper.i Shiraz 2008 722228 12 750 Generously flavoured and very easy to drink. Perfectwithcasualburgers,pastasandclubsandwiches.i Petit Verdot 2009 726224 12 750 As above; deep colored and fairly serious especially in this price range. Excellentwithsteaksandchopsofalltypes.
  13. 13. MENU orn .Clarke THE BEST THE BAROSSA HAS TO OFFER. To ‘over-deliver’ in the modern wine world one must start with strict vineyard control and a passion for the best quality with no compromises. Being 6th families have learned valuable lessons on how to produce the best quality fruit. Over the past 10 years their estate wines have consistently over-delivered in value. SHOTFIRE QUARTAGE .Clarke is truly as much a sensory artform as it is a technical exercise. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS Chardonnay ‘ Two Jokers’ 2007 722391 12 750 Clean and fresh with nicely appley nuances. Perfect as an aperitif or with light salads and sandwiches. Put in place at top of table.WC 87 Shiraz ‘Milton Park’ 2009 717480 12 750 i Pinot Gris ‘Terra Barossa’ 2008 711681 12 750 Grown in a cooler part of the Barossa, fairly high altitude as well. Excellent fruit purity. i Riesling ‘Terra Barossa’ 2009 711680 12 750JH 90 i Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Terra Barossa’ 2008 711679 12 750 Amazing purity of fruit - tremendous value as a by-the-glass item or house wineWA 89 i Barossa Cuvee 2006 716146 12 750 Cabernet Sauvignon; Shiraz; MourvedreJH 90 i Shiraz ‘Terra Barossa’ 2008 711678 12 750 Amazing value. If tasted blind could easily outperform wines far more expensive. No complaints over a glass of this wine with casual lunches and dinners; deeply colored and vinousJH 94 i 2007 711683 12 750 One of the best blends in Australia; certainly this wineries best blended wine... excellent value. Cab.Sauv; Shiraz; Merlot; Cab.Franc; Petit VerdotWC 87 i 2008 711685 12 750 Sunday roast beef will taste even better with a few bottles of this on the table.JH 94 i Shiraz ‘William Randell’ 2007 711684 6 750 .
  14. 14. MENU YabbyLake eMorningtonPeninsulahaslongbeenaplaceoffamiliarityforfoundersofYabbyLake, RobertandMemKirby.Itwasonlynaturalwiththecouple’svastknowledgeoftheregionand theirgreatpassionandloveoffoodandwinethatbytheearly1990sthetimewasrighttogo THE GREAT TASTE OF AUSTRALIA. aboutdevelopingtheirvisionofproducinganiconicAustralianfamilywinebusiness.Today, thisdynamicAustralianwinebusinessincludeslabelsYabbyLakeVineyard,HeathcoteEstate, RedClawandCooralook. CHARDONNAY Great Chardonnay grapes need great, well drained soil and a unique set of climatic conditions that are not too warm. e cool Mornington peninsula is just such a place for quality Chardonnay. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSWS 87 i Pinot Noir Cooralook 2008 738807 12 750 A great value for Pinot Noir; medium bodied, flavoursome. Asolidwineforroastturkey. i Pinot Gris Cooralook 2008 738806 12 750 e kind of wine that pleases a wide audience; fruity but dry. Excellentwithmusselsandgarlicwithparsleyandlemon.WS 90 i Pinot Noir 2006 718861 6 750 Very cool climate site highly suited to Pinot Noir; violet scented, nice texture. Gorgeouswithgrilledtuna. i Chardonnay 2007 718860 6 750 One of the top new world Chardonnay wines; beautiful balance, nice minerality. ServeasyouwouldChablis;withoystersandmostseafood.WS 89 i Shiraz Heathcote 2006 718944 6 750 A famous vineyard site for Shiraz that shows its ‘terroir’. ExcellentwithroastedmeatslikeBeefstriploin. i Shiraz Red Claw 2007 738808 6 750 A modern style being forward, fruity but with some light tannins. Trywitheggplantparmigianaandothervegetariandishes.
  15. 15. MENU Canada OVER 40% OF ALL WINE SOLD IN WESTERN CANADA COMES FROM 460 WINERIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY. SALMON ARM Renaissance specializes in wines from the Okanagan region in British Columbia. e planted area under vine (about 10,000 acres now) has grown substantially in the last twenty years with distinct climate conditions and NORTH OKANAGAN soil types throughout the area. Generally, there are four distinct zones; the North Okanagan (in and around Kelowna/Vernon area), the Naramata Bench, the South Okanagan (Okanagan Falls, Oliver and Oysoyoos), NORTH KELOWNA and the Similkimeen valley. Each have unique conditions which stamp the local wines with specific character. OKANAGAN Once considered mostly a white wine producing region, the Okanagan has emerged recently as a credible source for interesting red wines as well. NARAMATA KEY FACTS BENCH Canada benefitted from the signing of the free trade agreement Successful Reds from the Okanagan valley are mostly Bordeaux PENTICTON with the United States in the late 1990’s, which resulted in the styled wines made from Merlot and Cabernet Franc. It was with “great pull out” of largely old stock vines of less than ideal Merlot grapes that Tinhorn won the coveted ‘Best Red in SOUTH quality. ese were replaced by high quality vinifera vines from Canada’ award in 1998. Other red varieties to watch are the OLIVER Europe, resulting in the development of a much more successful Pinot Noir and the Syrah – both enjoying success in the higher OKANAGAN domestic industry accounting for about 42% of all wine sold in end price between $18-35 retail. SOUTH Western Canada from 460 wineries across the country. OKANAGAN OKANAGAN WINE WITH FOODSIMILKIMEEN VALLEY KEY WINES FROM THE RANGE Most of the best Okanagan whites are lightly oaked, if at all. is makes them excellent aperitifs or as by-the-glass offerings. Oen OSOYOOS e whites from the Okanagan have proven to be quite they have tiny to small amounts of residual sugar which helps to consistent for their nice fruitiness, clean acidity and purity of ‘round’ them out. Paired with fish and shellfish they make flavour. Tinhorn’s Chardonnay is a lovely example of the French excellent companions. e reds make ideal partners for grilled ‘Maconnais style’ being only lightly oaked with forward fruit and and roasted meats. e Merlot based blends are usually better dry apple-like nuances. Also very appealing is the uniquely with a year or more of bottle age and pair very nicely with fruity and off-dry Ehrenfelser, popularized by Summerhill. Alberta beef, bison and lamb. e Pinot Noir wines are still Twisted Tree makes lovely whites as well including the terrific trying to find their way but the soer and fruitier ones like Viognier/Rousanne blend. All three wineries make delicious Summerhill organic Pinot Noir are excellent with BC salmon. Okanagan Pinot Gris wine as well.
  16. 16. MENU When owner Stephen Cipes first visited the Okanagan in 1986, the New York developer Summerhill STRICT ORGANIC AND BIO DYNAMIC believed hed found unique conditions to produce the perfect sparkling wine. Vines grown here in the central part of the valley produce intensely flavored ripe grapes with mouth watering acidity. is particular terroir is indeed suited to producing sparkling wine, as well as enchanting aromatic whites, and the elegant Pinot Noir. Summerhill follows strict organic and GROWING PRACTICES. bio-dynamic growing practices in its own vineyards and persuades their grower partners to do the same. Summerhill wines are regularly honored in international competitions and the winery recently was declared “Canadian Wine Producer of the Year” at a London wine competition. CIPES BRUT Arguably the most popular sparkling wine now being made in Canada, Cipes Brut is a great Canadian value. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSi Cipes Brut NV 314419 12 750 Clean and refreshing, medium-bodied, dry. Excellent as an aperitif, especially with Sushi. Reislingi Baco Noir 2007 592451 12 750 Unique, earthy wine, medium body. Match with slow cooked stews, daubes, casseroles too.i Ehrenfelser 2007 440016 12 750 Top selling, off-dry, but clean and aromatic. Good match for grilled fish with lemon and fine herbs.i Gewurztraminer 2007 446468 12 750 Very aromatic, off-dry, luscious fruit. Ideal with most ai foods, especially those with coconut milk.i Merlot 2007 631655 12 750 Classic Okanagan Merlot; so, berrylike but with some nice tannins too. Very good with slow roasted lamb shoulder dishes.i Pinot Gris 2007 621763 12 750 Clean, refreshing, medium body, slightly aromatic. A terrific match with smoked salmon and trout.i Pinot Noir 2006 446492 12 750 Nice bright ruby color, lightish cherry aromas and flavours. Grilled salmon, baked salmon, steamed salmon with herbs and butter. MORE SUMMERHILL WINES
  17. 17. MENU Summerhill PINOT GRIS ‘BATEMAN’ Clean, refreshing, natural; light-medium bodied. Perfect with freshwater fish like trout and walleye. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSi Pinot Noir Brut Rose ‘Bateman’ NV 720539 12 750 A delicious, forward, fruity but dry style. Verygoodwithlightermealsespeciallycomposedsalads.i Organic Pinot Gris ‘Bateman’ 2008 737161 12 750 A lightish green/gold color, pure fruit, lively acidity. Excellentwithtroutandmushroomswithfreshcream.i Organic Merlot ‘Bateman’ 2008 740245 12 750 Beautiful deep color with complex aromas and flavours. IdealwithBisonribeyegrilledrarewithnewpotatoes.i Organic Riesling Icewine ‘Bateman’ 2008 740249 12 200 Powerful wine; intense, lively, Grand. Superaromaticwithlong,longfinish;essenceofhoney.i Organic Pinot Noir Icewine ‘Bateman’ 2007 740246 12 200 A real specialty; very pretty wine. Bestonitsownactuallyorwithfreshberries. MORE SUMMERHILL WINES
  18. 18. MENU TinhornCreek On a hillside overlooking vineyards, sagebrush, and the old gold mining creek that is its families since 1993. Tinhorn Creek sources fruit exclusively from its own vineyards: 150 acres of prime land on two very distinct benches. Farming their own vineyards using sustainable practices THE FIRST WINERY IN BC TO ACHIEVE allows Tinhorn Creek full control over the quality of fruit delivered to the winery for each vintage. CARBON NEUTRAL STATUS. All Tinhorn Creek wines evoke the unique soil of the region – the sage-covered desert terrain. status. MERLOT OLDFIELD SERIES It was with Merlot that Tinhorn Creek won the coveted ‘Best PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSWC 87 i Chardonnay 2008 530691 12 750 Delicious wine with aromas of green apples; just a hint of oak. Very tasty with roasted Pork Loin with apples and mustard sauce.WC 89 i Pinot Gris 2009 530683 12 750 Great balance of lush fruit and crisp acidity. i Gewurztraminer 2009 530675 12 750 i Merlot 2007 530725 12 750 Match with lamb shanks in wine sauce with buttered noodles. i Cabernet Franc 2007 530717 12 750 One of the top wines from this winery; seriously good Cab Franc. Excellent with grilled duck breast with shallots and arugula salad. i Pinot Noir 2007 530709 12 750 Lightly colored, light to medium bodied Pinot; can be slightly chilled. Good with grilled salmon but even better with roast chicken.WC 87 i 2008 722105 12 750 Unusual blend for Okanagan; dry, crisp. Chard, Sauv Blanc, Semillion, Viognier, Muscat i 2006 723924 12 750 i 2007 734951 12 750 Hard to miss with a nicely seasoned mixed grill. Kerner Late Harvest 2008 632216 12 200 Excellent value in dessert wine and easy to match. Serve with lemon cakes, tarts or with berries and sorbet.
  19. 19. MENU TwistedTree SMALL QUANTITIES OF HAND CRAFTED, isfamilyrunoperation,operatedbyChrisBeataTolley,producessmallquantitiesof handcraed,premiumwines.eymakeonlysmallquantitiesofwineeachyearinorder toensurethattheyremainthehands-onhighqualitywinemakerstheywanttobe.Twisted TreeislocatedontheeastbenchaboveLakeOsoyoosintheSouthOkanaganregionof PREMIUM WINES. BritishColumbia,wheretheyenjoynotonlythebenefitsofoneofthebestviticulturalsites inthevalley,butalsospectacularpanoramicviewsofOsoyoosLakeandthesurrounding townofOsoyoos. SIX VINES A unique blend of Bordeaux varieties produces generous fruit flavours and ample body. e kind and gentle climate ensures a consistent ripening season to make excellent red wine each vintage. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSi PinotGris/Chardonnay SecondCrossing 2006 736184 12 750 e perfect wedding wine for large groups. Easytomatchwithfood;especiallychickenandveal.i Merlot Second Crossing 2006 736183 12 750 A well made wine for casual get togethers. Easytomatchwithlightflavouredappetizersandsalads.i Chardonnay 2007 732288 12 750 Richly fruity with a nice creamy texture. NexttimeLobsterermidorisonthemenu?i Viognier/Roussanne 2007 732292 12 750 Richly flavoured wine with lengthy aertaste. WouldbefabulouswithRoastChickenandgreenolives.i Syrah 2006 732291 12 750 Deep color with a nice light, wild herb tone. Verygoodwithflanksteakmarinatedwithherbsandoliveoil.i Six Vines 2007 732290 12 750 A unique blend including some Carmenere. Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Carmenere, Malbec. isoneislookingforsomeTapastomatchupwith.
  20. 20. MENU ChileTODAY, CHILE HAS BROADENED IT ’S APPEALTO PRODUCE WINE AT MANY PRICE TIERS. Because of its generally reliable climate, Chile is less prone to the seasonal vineyard challenges that can potentially affect more northerly countries such as France, Italy, Germany or Canada. In the 1980’s, when Chile began to dominate the entry level, ‘superb value for money category’, Chilean Cabernet and Merlot shone brightly. Today, Chile has broadened its appeal to produce wine at many price tiers including the hot $12-25 retail range. As well the country uncovered Carmenere, the variety which has turned out to be the ‘signature grape’ for many wineries although it was misunderstood for years as a type of Merlot. KEY FACTS Chile has become one of the world’s leading producers of More expensive, blended reds, such as Quinta Generacion, wines with a high ratio of value to price. is is due to ideal are starting to also gain respectability with collectors and grape growing conditions, meaning good wines are relatively connoisseurs. easy to make, coupled with the relatively low cost of vineyard land and labour. FOOD WINE MATCHING e Cabernet Sauvignon wines such as the Reserva, Los Vascos e vineyards of Chile are located in numerous valleys; the are perfect with red meat and in particular lamb or beef roasts. most important of these are the Aconcogua, Casablanca and e Casa Silva Sauvignon/Semillon and most Chilean whites Colchagua in the northern part of the country and Maipa, have aromas of tropical fruit with a crisp acidity on the palate Rapel, Curico and Maule Valleys which make up the Vallee that works wonderfully with ai dishes and lighter Indian Central. dishes like Korma and Masala. e key grape varieties of Chile are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, and Merlot. In addition Syrah/Shiraz is now starting to gain in
  21. 21. MENU Casa Silva ONE OF THE MOST HIGHLY AWARDED Casa Silva is entirely run by the Silva family and is one of the oldest established Chilean wineries. Emile Bouchon arrived in Chile in 1892 from Bordeaux with the dream of planting high quality wines in Colchagua Valley. His dream became a reality, creating what would become the oldest cellar in the valley, producing exceptional, award winning wines for many years. Over five CHILEAN WINERIES OF ALL TIME. generations of the Silva family have participated in making Casa Silva one of the most highly awarded Chilean wineries of all time. SAUVIGNON GRIS e Silva family had noted years ago that there existed a ‘block’ of their Sauvignon Blanc vines which were not quite the same as the others. Today we know that this block is a clonal mutation that produces a different style of delicious Sauvignon wine that is unique. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS i Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon ‘Dona 2009 714684 12 750 Clean and fresh tasting wine; slight herbal and mild gooseberry flavour. Good with light fleshed fish like sole and halibut. Dominga’ i Cabernet-Carmenere ‘Dona Dominga’ 2008 714681 12 750 A deeply colored wine with good quality and intensity. Good for simple casual meals or as an aperitif for red wine lovers. i Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Dona Dominga’ 2009 714682 12 750 Ripe, full tasting, amazing value. Excellent with grilled steaks and baked potatoes. i Merlot ‘Dona Dominga’ 2009 737160 12 750 A light to medium body, easy drinking glass of wine. We can’t think of a poor match – it is very versatile. i Shiraz ‘Dona Dominga’ 2008 714683 12 750 A deeply colored wine with good quality and intensity. Good for simple casual meals or as an aperitif for red wine lovers. i Sauvignon Blanc ‘Reserva’ 2007 727483 12 750 Delicious and good value; classic Sauvignon being clean, herbal, touch of lime like flavour. Especiallygoodwithhalibutinsauce.WS 89 i Sauvignon Gris 2009 714688 12 750 A unique clone of Sauvignon which has a ripe Pinot Gris flavour component. isisadeliciouswinewithacleanmoderatelyrichflavourprofileforseafood. MORE CASA SILVA WINES
  22. 22. MENU CasaSilva CARMENERE LOS LINGUES e Silva family has recently been awarded a special grant by the government to explore the clones and potential terroir that will result in world class Carmenere production. eir single vineyard Los Lingues is one of the happy recipients of this vineyard intelligence. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS i Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 2007 714685 12 750 A big deep wine with intense berry flavor. ExcellentwineforBordeauxloverswithdecliningpersonalfortunes.WS 89 i Carmenere Gran Reserva 2008 714686 12 750 A unique wine with personality as mentioned above. ExcellentwineforBordeauxloverswithkidsnowattendinguniversitystrainingcashflow. i Merlot Gran Reserva 2007 714687 12 750 Another terrific buy; quite rich and full tasting. ForBordeauxloverswhosefavouritePomerolisnowinthesixfigures. Carmenere ‘Micro Terroir’ 2005 734737 6 750 One of Chile’s finest examples of this grape; deeply colored, complex, wonderful. Aknockoutwithsimplyroastedbeef–gottahavetheyorkshirepuddingtoo. i Quinta Generacion 2007 714689 12 750 e family flagship blend of five varieties; big and complex. Alovelywine;bestwithroastlegoflamb. MORE CASA SILVA WINES
  23. 23. MENU LosVascos WE CHOSE THE PLACE FOR ITS GrapevineswereplantedinthenorthofChileinthe16thcentury,inthewakeofSpanish conquistadors.DomainesBaronsdeRothschild-LafitetookovertheLosVascosestateandvarious vineyardlocations(LosVascosmeaningeBasques,inhonourofitsBasqueorigins)in1988. LosVascosisnowasingleplot,580hectarevineyardintheheartofa3600hectarehacienda. UNIQUE LOCATION AND LAND. ItisthelargestvineyardinthecentralColchaguavalley,atthefootofMountCañeten.Cabernet SauvignonistheclassicproductionofLosVascos,andisthegrapethathasmadetheestate famous. CABERNET SAUVIGNON e tie to Bordeaux is unmistakable with many of the same production techniques applied. e Los Vascos value and uniqueness, however, comes from the soil. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS i Chardonnay 2008 738877 12 750 Beautiful unoaked style; tight flavour profile, apple like aromas. Goodwithsushiorsashami.WE 88 i Sauvignon Blanc 2009 738880 12 750 Hard to beat this value; clean and refreshing style. Greatwithmussels,garlicandparsley. i Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 738876 12 750 A very well made wine; bright, fruity, dry, nice balance. Pairwithanicecasualbowlofstewwithsteamedyellowpotatoes. i Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Grande Reserve’ 2007 738879 12 750 e perfect mid ground between old and new style; very tasty and great value. Afinecompaniontoanicegrilledribeye.
  24. 24. MENU FranceNO OTHER COUNTRY EXCEPT POSSIBLY ITALY,PRODUCES SUCH AN ARRAY OF STYLES ANDPRICES AS FRANCE. No other country except possibly Italy produces such an array of styles and prices as France. With much of the wine world’s attention elsewhere, France actually represents great value today since demand has clearly fallen off over the past few years. We believe quite strongly in the quality and uniqueness of our French portfolio and see wonderful options across the range. Generally the 2008 and 2009 vintages have been spectacular across France – one of the best back to back vintages of the decade according to many winemakers. One can be sure that these young wines will be pure, fruity and approachable, ideal as house wine pours. Should the older 2005 and 2006 vintage wines still be found they are starting to really show their high quality. KEY FACTS FOOD WINE MATCHING Good French wine, more than most other countries and Classic French food and wine matches became famous for good regions, showcases the ‘local flavour’ of their soil and terroir as reason: they work naturally and they taste great. Key here is opposed to just a specific grape variety. is is a more complex authenticity by using quality products. Take time to choose the selling task for us all, but it is the basis for the entire country’s best ingredients (both food and wine). Order a great Coq au wine culture and one worthing developing. e unique ‘local vin, serve with quality Burgundy and your guests will be flavour’ of French wine should be valued, highlighted and amazed. Grill a perfect New York Striploin topped with an celebrated. Good value is here for all but the most expensive herbed butter and serve with Moueix St. Emilion — better have classed growth Bordeaux wines. Even Burgundy and more Moueix bottles ready to uncork. Even the violently abused Champagne have great value waiting to be discovered again! and over-worked Quiche from the 1970’s, whose pastry when made properly, in the right proportions with good eggs and cheese and matched with a cool and crisp Alsace white, will bring joyful tears. Classic French Rocks!
  25. 25. MENU Ayala Champagne THE ARTISAN OF CHAMPAGNE Tracing its origins back to 1750, Ayala is a prestigious champagne house with a wonderful history. Located in Aÿ, in the heart o he Montagne de Reims vineyards, Ayala naturally focuses on Grand Cru Pinot Noir for its Brut Majeur and its Vintage Brut. Ayala is a “small” house, the artisan of champagne-making. It specialises in producing very dry champagnes with low or “zero dosage”. Since the early 2000’s with the ownership in Champagne Bollinger’s hands, Ayala now has a unique, modern voice. BRUT NATURE Completely dry, Ayala’s Brut Nature litterly dances on your tongue. A totally natural expression of champagne, uncloying and racy. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSWS 90 i Brut Non Vintage NV 719105 6 750 Delicate nose of almonds and brioche; a fresh and long lasting vinous taste. An excellent choice for aperitifs or with smoked salmon appetizers.WC 91 i Brut Rose NV 719106 6 750WS 90 i Brut Nature NV 719104 6 750 Unique and naturally clean style, zero ‘dosage’; very dry. Brilliant with oysters, sushi and most other seafoods.
  26. 26. MENU Bouchard PereFils HIGH QUALITY VILLAGE AND REGIONAL BLENDS THAT FAITHFULLY TodayBouchardPereFilsarethelargestandmostimportantownerof PremierCruandGrandCrusitesinBurgundy.AllBouchardwinesarebottledat theirnewstateoftheartfacilityintheheartofthevineyards.Abigpartofthe successofBouchardPereFilshasbeentheirmasteryinmakinghighquality REPRESENT THE SPECIFIC TERROIR OF THE AREA. villageandregionalblendsthatfaithfullyrepresentthespecificterroirofthe area. BEAUNE DU CHATEAU RED Constructed from more than 20 Premier Cru cuvees from Bouchard vineyards around the town of Beaune. e company recently celebrated the production of the 100th vintage of this wine. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS i Bourgogne Chardonnay “La Vignee” 2008 367136 12 750 A nice regional blend that reminds of a baby Meursault. Perfectasanaperitiforwithchickenvolauvents. i Beaune 1er cru ‘du Chateau’ Blanc 2006 725729 6 750 From the best vineyards surrounding the town; nice fresh baked apple aromas and flavours. Afinematchforfishincapers,shallotsbuttersauce. i Meursault 2007 725730 6 750 A top value from Burgundy; Bouchard is one of the leaders with Meursault. Big,richChardonnayandidealwithshellfish,especiallyshrimpandlobster. i Pouilly Fuisse Vignes Romanes 2007 733340 12 750 A famous wine and for good reason; mouth watering fruit and clean, balanced acidity. Adeliciouswineforpoachedchickenbreastinbasilcream. Beaujolais 2007 468710 12 750 Delicious and grapey; try cool. Excellentmatchforpatesandcheese. Moulin a Vent 2007 703533 12 750 Nice light-medium ruby color; pure grapey flvours. Asurprisinglyversatilewine;excellentwithgrilledsausages.BH 86 i Bourgogne Pinot Noir “La Vignee” 2008 367128 12 750 Amazing purity of Pinot Noir; satiny, smooth but with some tannins. Afinechoicewithcoqauvin(ofcourse).BH 86 i Bourgogne Pinot Noir “La Vignee” 2005 727342 6 1500 MORE BOUCHARD WINES
  27. 27. MENU Bouchard PereFils MEURSAULT Very aromatic chardonnay with fruit and floral notes. is wine expresses its richness and fullness without any heaviness. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE PRICE DETAILS i Beaune 1er cru ‘du Chateau’ Rouge 2006 716366 6 750 e famous Burgundy taste profile being both fruity and so but with light tannins. Abettermatchforroastchickenishardtoimagine. i Beaune 1er cru ‘du Chateau’ Rouge 2005 723311 12 375 i Hautes Cotes de Beaune 2008 536656 12 750 A delicate style of Pinot, cherrylike with light tannins. Perfectwithturkeydinnerandallthefixins. i Hautes Cotes de Nuits 2007 536664 12 750 Lightish color but deep Pinot Noir aromas and flavours. Awonderfulwineformarinatedflanksteakandfries. i Nuits St. Georges 2005 700288 6 750 One of the Burgundy classics; satiny, smooth. Trywithporkribroast. i Gevrey Chambertin 2006 700285 6 750 Develops in the glass; stylish, light earthy aromas, good finish. Excellentwithslowcookedbeefstew.BH 89 i Chambolle Musigny 2006 727343 6 750 A lovely feminine style of Pinot Noir; restrained, elegant. Simplefoodsarebestwiththiswinewhichisquitedelicate. Beaujolais Villages Villa Ponciago 2009 741003 12 750 Surprisingly deep in color; superb value in Beaujolais. Sauteedchickenwithmushroomsonpolenta;delicious. i Fleurie Reserve Villa Ponciago 2009 741004 12 750 A complex wine and something a bit more interesting than normal. AnicematchforgrilledAhituna. MORE BOUCHARD WINES
  28. 28. MENU Chanson PereFils FINE BURGUNDY WINES SINCE 1750. ehouseofChansonwasfoundedin1750inthereignofLouisXVbySimonVerry. efamouscellarsarelocatedinBeaune,intheBastiondeL’Oratoire,alook-outand defensivetowerbuiltattheendofthe15thcentury.In1999Chansonwasboughtbythe FamilyChampagneGroupSocietéJacquesBollinger.isGroupistheownerofseveral prestigiousFamilyWineHousesandEstateseachofwhichisofconsiderablerenownand superpremiumquality.TodayChansonismakingsomeofthefinestqualityBurgundies availableunderManagingdirector,GillesdeCourcel. BOURGOGNE ROUGE Great Value Burgundy. Many of the qualities of the top Burgundy wines including: superb aromas, so, satiny texture with good Pinot Noir definition. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILSi Chablis 2008 723197 12 750 e original and possibly the finest unoaked Chardonnay wine out there. Deliciousandaclassicmatchwithoysters–butalsogoodwithallsushi.i Pouilly Fuisse 2007 723205 12 750 A famous village for beautifully balanced and lightly oaked Chardonnay. Trythiswithfishincreamsaucewithbasmatirice.i Vire-Clesse 2007 566547 12 750 Similar to Pouilly-Fuisse from a less famous village very close by. Asuperwineforaperitifsorwithassortedcanapes.i Bourgogne Rouge 2007 719031 6 750 A stylish and consistently well made Burgundy. Veryversatilesoservewithawideassortmentoffoods,especiallyforcemeats.i Beaujolais Villages 2007 715979 12 750 Expertly blended from the top villages in the Beaujolais; so, grapey, satisfying. Awonderfulwineservedabitcoolwithapotatogratineandgreensalad.i Fleurie 2006 716688 12 750 One of the famous crus of the Beaujolais region; so and satiny. Anexcellentchoiceforstovetopslowcookedstewsanddaubes.
  29. 29. MENU GuySaget THE BEST OF THE LOIRE VALLEY. Lively,friendly,communicativeandpreciseishowwewoulddescribeJeanLouis Saget’swine.JeanLouisisatirelessman,alwaysinmotionwelcomingyouwitha contagioussmile.Heisa“builder,”whohasturnedasmallfamilybusinessintoa discreetempireofclassicLoirevalleyselections. SANCERRE Ever since the Paris winebars ‘discovered’ the little Appellation of Sancerre in the 1970’s, the wine has spurned a host of would be imitators around the globe. For many people Sancerre (and its neighbour wine Pouilly-Fume) is still the ‘Motherland’ for Sauvignon Blanc and the best match for goat cheese on the planet. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS Muscadet Sevre 2009 735183 12 750 e local wine of the coastal area in the western Loire; zippy and lively. Alsogreatwithoysters,shellfishandseafoodsalads.i Pouilly Fume “Logeres” 2008 707679 12 750 Very much like Sancerre but from a different village close by; with a slight earthy and ‘gravelly’ tone. Afinematchforoystersandothershellfishlikeshrimpsandprawns.i Sancerre “Selection 1er” 2008 704791 12 750 e classic clean, bright, slightly tart style; slightly herbal flavours. Wonderfulwithfishdishescookedinwineorsteamedwiththeirownjuices. Vouvray ‘dry’ 2008 707653 12 750 One of the best values in white wines today; beautiful fruit and balance. Aneasywinetomatchwithfoodandisterrificwithsoripenedcheese.
  30. 30. MENU Henriot Champagne FINE CHAMPAGNES SINCE 1808. Itwasin1808,underApollineHenriot,thatChampagneHenriotwasofficiallyfounded. AtthattimeChampagnewinebecameahugesuccesswithroyaltyanditwasonlynatural thatChampagneHenriotbecamethefavoritefirstlyattheDutchcourt,theninAustriaand HungarywiththeHapsburgs.Since1808,ChampagneHenriotisoneofthelastindependent andfamily-ownedhousesinChampagne.TodayitiscontrolledbyJosephHenriot,alsothe ownerofBouchardPereFilsinBeauneandWilliamFevreinChablis. BLANC SOUVERAIN Made mostly from Chardonnay, Blanc Souverain is the most democratic of Champagnes. Its fine mousse and delicate finesse signal a significant moment – some thing or some event worth savouring and remembering. It is a classic Champagne wine with a pure, French style. PRODUCT VINT. CSPC CASE SIZE DETAILS i Blanc Souverain NV 534180 6 750 A very elegant and stylish wine, a classic. eperfectChampagnetostarttheevening;eitherbyitselforwithGougeres. i Blanc Souverain NV 735495 12 375 i Brut 1998 527945 6 750 e Henriot Brut Vintage style is quite rich and toasty; a big Champagne. Couldbeservedwithbolderappetizersorthroughoutthemealwithlobsterorfoiegras.WS 94 i Brut Magnum 1996 725900 3 1500 i Brut Double Magnum 1995 725899 1 3000 A wine of great character and personality; extra long ageing. Adeliciousandelegantpartywinewithcanapes.