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Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
Pyramid Of Training Options
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Pyramid Of Training Options


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Presentation to HR and Learning & Development Managers and Directors, who are looking at cost effective solutions to deliver training and development in their companies. …

Presentation to HR and Learning & Development Managers and Directors, who are looking at cost effective solutions to deliver training and development in their companies.
Also for individuals looking to develop their skills and make the leap from management to leadership.

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  • Excellent presentation, I've seen The Ultimate Leadership Guide a few places now, think it is time to seriously check it out.....Sarah
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  • Have re-ordered the Self Development contents . In particular I want to start with Stephen Covey 7 Habits, then PDP, then after that they have to buy.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presentation to Corporate HR and Learning &amp; Development Directors<br />Are you looking for innovative, learning programmes designed to build top performing teams?<br />Are you planning your training budgets for next year and looking for cost effective solutions?<br />Are you looking for something totally new and different, that fits your company agenda and delivers incredible results?<br />We have just what you need...<br />
    • 2. Business Issues Facing Many Global Organisations<br />
    • 3. Classroom Training<br />The Ultimate Leadership Learning Solution<br />High Cost<br />Low Results as often restricted to Talent<br />The future of training: <br />We have turned training provision on its head.<br />Start here<br /> Time &amp; Cost<br />Low Cost <br />High Results<br />(Majority)<br />
    • 4. Ultimate Leadership Guide Toolkit<br />32 fundamental leadership books and principles distilled into one relevant, easy to read and easy to apply toolkit.<br />A desktop and electronic self development, motivational coaching system, designed to cater for all learning styles.<br />Includes embedded video, animation, planning documents you can save and email, electronic note pads and live links to web sites, forums and blogs. <br />Everything you need to know to take the leap from management to leadership.<br />Accessible in many different forms<br /><ul><li> Hardback calendar style
    • 5. Downloadable to PC
    • 6. Laptop
    • 7. Blackberry
    • 8. Intranet
    • 9. Audio and DVD versions.
    • 10. Blogs and newsletters</li></li></ul><li>The Ultimate Leadership Guide: Content &amp; Learning Partners<br />
    • 11. Interactive on-line learning programmesThe Ultimate Guide partner with Indaba Inc.<br />Performance Management <br />21 Laws of Influence/ Sales<br />Decision Making <br />Responsibility &amp; Accountability <br />Work/Life Balance<br />Feedback &amp; Coaching <br />Next Steps in Your Career<br />Teambuilding<br />Facilitation <br />Change<br />Results driven learning. <br />You can track &amp; measure <br /><ul><li>Who’s learning.
    • 12. How well they retain </li></ul>the knowledge.<br /><ul><li>Application of Learning.
    • 13. The direct link between</li></ul> Learning and Performance.<br />
    • 14. Long term Cost Effective Learning<br />
    • 15. Executive Coaching for Your Best Year Yet!The Ultimate Guide partner with Best Year Yet!<br />Individual on-line (LIVE) goal setting programme that enables you to set, measure, review and score your own progress and performance against your desired outcomes.<br />This powerful system is proven to help thousands of people to visualise and then achieve their best ever year – year on year.<br />A self improvement interactive learning programme with the added optional extra benefits of having your own executive coach to challenge, motivate and inspire you to stretch and reach your full potential.<br />
    • 16. Classroom Experience The Ultimate Guide partner with major global training providers<br />The Ultimate Leadership Guide acts as the ‘tip of the iceberg’ to work-based and business orientated learning, enabling your people to access some of the world’s best leadership and self development material, methods and best practice quickly and easily.<br />From there your focus may be on cost effective learning provision. Here, the interactive learning programmes outlined provide you with all the tools you need to develop highly effective, results driven leaders and teams.<br />Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classroom experience, with the benefit of live interaction, debate and peer group learning.<br />The Ultimate Guide team have partnered with every one of the authors and training companies identified on slide No4. These companies have an outstanding global track record in delivering tailor made learning programmes which fit with your companies vision and values and learning objectives.<br />We bring you direct access to these highly reputable world class organisations through this programme and we ‘partner’ with you to ensure all your needs are met in your journey to attract, retain and develop the best talent in the marketplace.<br />For more information simply contact us at:<br /><br />
    • 17. Some of Our Clients and Partners<br />
    • 18. Testimonials<br />Offers real insights into some of the greatest authorities &amp; experts in leadership &amp; their tried and tested principles. <br /> Steve Backley OBE <br />An inspiring instruction manual to help you motivate and lead your team. <br />Graham Miller, CEO  Media-Vu<br />A tantalising toolkit of best practise tips and techniques to help you to become a more effective leader <br /> Jim EdgarMD,CMS (GB) Ltd<br />A sensible choice for any Leader or Manager who is looking for a guide of proven work place techniques to use as building blocks for self development Graham Wright Area DirectorRoyal Bank of Scotland Group<br />Its easy to read, learn and apply the powerful strategies contained within. The rest is up to you. Andy Lopata, Author <br />For leaders to see their way through this multifarious range of concerns, they need to quickly diagnose and apply the right remedies.  Having the specialist desktop guide at your side will provide the support needed to tackle these challenges head on. <br /> Steve HarrisonSales and Marketing DirectorPeter Thomson International PLC<br />The one piece of armoury in 21st Century leadership you simply cannot afford to be without. <br />Carrie AdamsCorporate Responsibility Manager Ernst &amp; Young LLP<br />If you would love to know all the tried and tested leadership and management skills but don&amp;apos;t find the quality time to read, take in and apply the plethora of information that&amp;apos;s available, then The Ultimate Leadership Guide is just what you need. <br />Adrian Woodstock Director, People Development, Holtby Turner <br />The most user-friendly, practical and results-orientated reference guide for all businesses that I have seen in a very long time.<br />QJ, Inspirationist, Quite Stunning<br />
    • 19. Act Now!<br />You can cut and paste any of these programmes to meet your learning objectives and your budget. (Just look at the incredible savings you can make on slide No 6.)<br />No-one else can bring you such a range of programmes, across the whole spectrum of learning styles and to tailored to fit your needs.<br />Don’t delay – Act now:<br />Simply email us at to book a 20 minute demo of these programmes via (you don’t even have to leave your desk and you don’t have to meet us)<br />Alternatively, email us at to arrange for us to come and discuss your future training and development needs.<br />Check us out at<br />