Catch 22 screenplay


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Catch 22 screenplay

  1. 1. Catch 22EXT. high street day.Establishing shot of DANIEL walking down the high street, in the center of the shot he canbe seen minding his own business, the crowd is hectic around him and the scene isoverwhelmed with people invading his space. Cut to:EXT. HIGH STREET day.P.O.V shot of DANIEL looking down at his phone texting, the action is interrupted by anunknown character who violently forces a mysterious bag into DANIELS chest, pushing himback a little. Cut to:EXT. HIGH STREET day.DANIEL has become confused and shocked upon this event and due cause makes DANIELdrop his phone. Cut to:EXT. HIGH STREET day.CUT TO close up of phone hitting the floor in slow motion and breaking apart, this will showto the audience the effect of a stranger bursting into his life unexpectedly. Cut to:EXT. HIGH STREET day. Mysterious character Just take it and walk, dont run. Daniel What?! Who are you? What?The mysterious character instantly merges into the crowd and is gone. Cut to:EXT. HIGH STREET DAY.
  2. 2. after recollecting himself, DANIEL examines the bag and feels inside the bag, there is aquick zoom to his expression from the side, to show the audience DANIEL is overwhelmedwith confusion and anxiety, DANIEL looks up and around before making a swift exit. cut to:EXT.alley day.DANIEL enters a grimy alley, takes cover behind some bins. shaking DANIEL opens thebag, creeps his hand and extracts a fistful of money and is ecstatic in shock as well as beingburdened by a gripping feeling of confusion. DANIEL looks about and inspects the area thenmakes an exit. Cut to:EXT. Gmex Metro station day.DANIEL can be seen clutching the bag cautiously he is observant of his surroundings anduneasy about the situation, he is questioning himself what to do with the money. Cut to:EXT. GMEX METRO STATION car park Day.there is an extreme long shot of DANIEL walking from the tram stop there is a tracking shotof him moving through a video camera inside a car. Cut to:INT. car in carpark day.SIMON and RYAN are sat in a car in the car park keeping a lookout for DANIEL they arerecording DANIEL using a video camera to watch him SIMON There’s the mark. RYAN How do you wanna do this? SIMON were gonna grab him....and then were gonna bag him, got it? RYAN I dont know, he looks....kinda young
  3. 3. SIMON Do I have to remind you how much money we owe, there not gonna care where the money comes from, as long as we get it, I’m not missing Hollyoaks over this. so let’s do this shit. Cut to:EXT. GMEX METRO STATION CAR PARK DAY.SIMON and RYAN simultaneously exit the car and they both casually walk over to DANIELat the lift. cut to DANIEL be curious of the two characters entering his proximity, DANIEL ispressing the lift button rapidly, the doors open and he presses the close door button furiously,the lift doors shut on the assailants. SIMON Go, go get him ill get the car!Ryan sprints towards the stairs and descends them energetically racing against the lift,SIMON runs towards the car starts it and speeds off. Cut to:INT. lift day.DANIEL is extremely confused and frightened, frantic and eager to escape the lift he pacesup and down striking the lift doors, examining the lift`s window and controls bashing thebuttons. Cut to:EXT. GMEX METRO STATION CAR PARK stairs day.RYAN is sprinting down the stairs, desperate to beat DANIEL to the ground floor, he ispanting for air, racing down the stairs grabbing onto the railings as he jumps down the stairs. Cut to:ext castlefield ground day.DANIEL bursts out of the lift diving over a wall but is taken down by RYAN, the twowrestle and grapple over the bag, throwing punches as DANIEL struggles to escape,DANIEL reaches out for a rock and strikes RYAN in the face, he recoils in pain holding hisface and DANIEL responds by pushing RYAN violently over the wall. Cut to:EXT CASTLEFIELD GROUND DAY.
  4. 4. SIMON is racing through the streets of Manchester eager to discover DANIELSwhereabouts, he scourers the outside world hectically whilst he steers violently. Cut to:ext castlefield ground day.DANIEL after momentarily escaping RYANS grapple he sprints towards the exit but isoverwhelmed with obstacles and the pressure of RYAN catching up. Cut to:EXT. castlefield ground day.SIMON catches up to the heat of the chase and spots DANIEL, he comes up alongsideDANIEL stopping him from escaping before pulling aggressively to a halt, SIMON clambersout of the stopped car and continues the chase on foot. Cut to:EXT CASTLEFIELD GROUND DAY.DANIEL is gasping and panting for air holding his chest from exhaustion, he pushes onjumping and diving over rocks and scenery avoiding capture from the two assailants. Cut to:ext. castlefield hill day.P.O.V shot of DANIEL quick panning right and seeing SIMON has cut him off from the rightand is unable to escape that way, in consequence he is forced to ascend the hill. Cut to:ext. castlefield hill day.steady cam of DANIEL sprinting up the hill from the side, DANIEL climbs the hill to begreeted with a wall and significant drop, without hesitation he jumps from the height, hits thefloor clambers to his feet and carries on sprinting shouting an outburst of pain from the drop. Cut to:ext. Castlefield park day.quick pan P.O.V shot of DANIEL looking round to his right establishing SIMON is rightbehind him followed by RYAN to his left established through a quick pan to the left followedby a steady cam dashing towards the park and ascending the ditches. Cut to:
  5. 5. EXT. CASTLEFIELD PARK DAY.crab shot of DANIEL being chased up and down by RYAN right behind him, as they descendthey disappear from shot of the camera and then pop back into shot as they come back up. Cut to:EXT. CASTLEFIELD CANAL DAY.P.O.V steady cam shot of RYAN chasing DANIEL from behind, dashing down the slippyslope next to the stairs. Cut to:EXT. CASTLEFIELD CANAL DAY.establishing shot of the three characters running on the steps in unison, RYAN at the bottomDANIEL pinned in the middle and SIMON at the top of the stairs they all sprint to the left ofthe camera, running on the stairs. Cut to:EXT. CASTLEFIELD CANAL DAY.long shot of SIMON sprinting towards the stairs, jumping down the stairs and then dash pastthe camera.cut to:EXT. CASTLEFIELD CANAL DAY.P.O.V shot of SIMON looking down at DANIEL fleeing on the stairs quick panning from thestairs he is running on then quick pan looking down at RYAN chasing DANIEL from thebottom of the stairs. Cut to:EXT. CASTLEFIELD CANAL DAY.P.O.V shot of RYAN looking up at the back of DANIEL on the middle stairs, quick panlooking up at SIMON. Cut to:EXT. CASTLEFIELD CANAL DAY.RYAN is panting for air inches away from grasp of DANIEL and the bag forcing DANIEL torun down a side street, SIMON sees this and attempts to cut off DANIEL by jumping overrailings at the top of the stairs.
  6. 6. Cut to:ext. castlefield side street day.RYAN is pursuing furiously and DANIEL are giving all he has got to escape his attackers,his expression gives the impression of exhaustion and a futile feeling of escape is near. Cut to:EXT. CASTLEFIELD SIDE STREET DAY.SIMON lands in front of DANIEL and attempts to grapple him, missing by an inch, SIMONsprings to his feet and continues the chase, the trio weave in and out of obstacles all on theirfinal remains of stamina left, all are succumbed to exhaustion. Cut to:EXT. CASTLEFIELD SIDE STREET DAY.DANIEL is herded into a an entry to an apartment building, the entrance is narrow andclaustrophobic, he reaches for the door, pulling frantically on the door, discovering itslocked, DANIEL is overwhelmed with a sense of defeat, his facial expression fades and heslowly turns around to face his fate before a moments time he is greeted by RYAN andSIMON. they approach him from a low angle shot. Fade to black.