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Hawaiian Monk Seals researched by Joseph Squillace
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Hawaiian Monk Seals researched by Joseph Squillace

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  • 1. Hawaiian Monkseals By Joseph Squillace
  • 2. • This animal looks very cute and too cute to be endangered .• They look like a sea dog with their whiskers and their pretty black eyes
  • 3. • The Hawaiian Monk seal can be found in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
  • 4. • Habitat.• They spend most of their time in the water, but also on beaches so they can rest and raise their children.
  • 5. • They eat spiny lobsters, flat fish, small reef fish and octopus
  • 6. • They are mainly nocturnal. During the day they pretty much lie around on the beach. They hunt for food at night.
  • 7. • It has only one newborn every 13 months – sad• The babies are called pups – cute 
  • 8. • Why are they endangered?• They are endangered because of all the hunters and because humans built a military base.
  • 9. • I have one thing to say about the hunters they should be banned
  • 10. • How many are left?• There are 1100 left that is really really sad 
  • 11. • What is being done to help them?• They are removing rubbish from their habitat. They are studying them. They are keeping their habitat safe and educating people like I am doing now.
  • 12. My solution• They should find an abandoned island and move all the seals there and put up a sign saying ‘Do not enter. Hawaiian monk seal sanctuary’
  • 13. • Thanks for watching • And please don’t become a Monk seal hunter hunter