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One ring to rule them all    telephone fundraising
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One ring to rule them all telephone fundraising


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Published in: News & Politics

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  • “No Standing” guarantee – but in return you have to promise to stay awakeSales isnt giving what dont want - showing how you can give what they want - fortunately everyone wants to make the world a better place.
  • About me & Total Fundraising (one and only advertise)Selling time share - freds dead
  • More charities use ‘International Treks’ than Telephone fundraiseEither nobody doing it or misinterpreting ‘telephone giving’ – welcome calling for me is a fundraising call.
  • ‘Integrable’ is a word – not integratableDonors think in terms of on or off.
  • All roads lead to pledge – take details and confirm in writing (recording recommended but not required)
  • NOT A SCRIPT!Telephone Preference Service (TPS)The Telecommunications (Data Protection and Privacy) Regulations 1999Paperless Direct DebitPCI Compliance – depends on system
  • Contactable is no, but still positive – helps attrition and cleans data, allows you to update/get feedbackAverage increase = 63% - average person we call giving €12/€13 and will increase to €21How often? After 6 months and every 6 months if you have a reason to call anywaKFC can ask you to increase the size of the order every time you go – because it tastes so nice.
  • Again nearly half of nos said they’d think about it.“Do you mind if I ask why you cancelled?”Sooner rather than laterDonors think ON or OFFCircumstances change, bank errors (5 out of 28), didn’t know could reduce/pauseCan’t afford – donate less?
  • Mystery shopping is so evil. Nobody is perfect.Deleted loads of her nameDoes the declarationGoes on to say that the amount she was giving was a bit of a stretch for some people.Gets OK checks details, gets bank detailsConfirms back everything, reads declaration/legal
  • About half of nos said to call back or to send information – so maybe?
  • Similar thoughts to other forms of fundraising:Match gift amount based on donor historyFundraising targets – specific amountsMatch corporate givingJen Shang on Philanthropic PsychologyAsking how many friends you have, trigger words (like ‘caring’ ‘helpful’)Positive information
  • Story of buying computer games – the regret immediately sinks in after buying or not buying.Play bad welcome call – inspired? Combat the negativity and fear that seeps in.Irish Cancer Society’s thank you dayMarriage Equality calling every 2 weeksDonor Journey
  • JohnstonRing in anticipation of next event$131.42 = €91.55 = £78.26Fundraisers are like donors – it’s on or off.
  • Also charity forgot to take CVS number, but asked for £10 upwards – lovely.Create a one-sheeter for every staff member that takes a call.
  • Anyone willing to match it?
  • Why we’re doing it?Start asking – set yourself a goal…10 people a day? Get 1.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Telephone Fundraising One Ring To Rule Them All Simon Scriver Total Fundraising @TotalFR
    • 2. About Me Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 3. Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 4. Telephone Campaigns Relatively Cheap Personal Easy To Launch Scalable Easy To Stop Instantly Adaptable Integrable Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver But people hate getting calls and won’t give their bank details…
    • 5. Telephone Campaigns Upgrades Reactivations Conversions Donor Care & Thank You One-off Appeals Fundraiser Management Inbound Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 6. Call Structure Are You Allowed To Call? (TPS, Data Protection, Paperless DD, PCI Compliance) Build Rapport Thank You Feedback Update Details By the way…ask for money Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 7. Upgrades Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 8. Reactivations 19% 54% 27% Yes No No Contact Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 9. Reactivations Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 10. Conversions 8% 25% 67% Yes No No Contact Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 11. Donor Response Spectrum Regular DD Donors Lapsed Donors Other Regular Donors One-Off Donors People Who Value You Volunteers Fundraisers Random Strangers Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 12. Influencing Donors “We had another member who contributed $_______” $111.91 $115.00 $110.00 $105.00 $96.98 $100.00 $95.00 $90.00 $86.58 $87.44 $85.00 $80.00 Control $75 $180 Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver $300
    • 13. Donor Care & Thank You Affirmation Validation Feedbackation Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 14. Fundraiser Management Online Event Registrants that received a phone call raised $131.42 more than a registrant who did NOT receive a call Courtesy of Mike Johnston Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 15. Inbound Good morning [charity] Could I make a donation please? Yes certainly. Just let me put you through to that department please. Morning, Fundraising. [NAME] speaking. Hiya, could I make a donation please? Yes just hang on two seconds. [SILENCE FOR 33 SECONDS} Hi. Sorry for the wait. We're just trying to find the right number to put you through to someone. Is that OK? Yep. Thanks, cheers. [SILENCE FOR 6 SECONDS] Was it an on-line donation you wanted to make? Um... Or was it just a cheque? card. Yeh, that's the number we're just going to find for you. 2 seconds. Sorry for the wait. [SILENCE FOR 50 SECONDS] Sorry for the wait can I give you a ring back if you give me your contact details?'s grand I'll just call back later. No, sure I can give you a ring back. It's no bother. I'm waiting for this number. No it's alright. Oh hang on! I just got it here! Hang on 2 seconds sorry. Yep, would you be able to give this number a ring? These people will be able to take your payment over the phone now. 0800... Let me just get a pen. Actually I'll just write it on the computer. OK go ahead. [GIVES NUMBER] Does that number work from the Republic of Ireland? I'm not sure. OK I'll give it a try. Thanks bye.
    • 16. Inbound
    • 17. What Next?  Corporate Fundraising  Cold Recruitment – Supporters & Surveys  Gift Aid  Be Compliant  Mystery Shop  Test It  Keep Doing It  Remember Why You’re Doing It Telephone Fundraising - Simon Scriver
    • 18. Simon Scriver +353 (1) 884 8002 @TotalFR