Introduction to Vijeo Citect


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An introduction to the capabilities and configuration of Schneider Electric's SCADA offering, Vijeo Citect

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  • Introduction to Vijeo Citect

    1. 1. An Introduction to Vijeo CitectSimon RookeTeam Manager, SCADA and MES Global Support
    2. 2. An Introduction to Vijeo Citect● Capabilities of Vijeo Citect● Overview of configuration environment● Graphics (pages, animations)● Communication to PLCs● Variable tags● Alarms● Trends● Reports● Cicode● Multi-language projects● Resources on the webSchneider Electric 2
    3. 3. Capabilities of Vijeo Citect● Vijeo Citect is used in many industries. ● WWW (Water and Wastewater) ● MMM (Mining, Minerals, Metals) ● F&B (Food and Beverage) ● Manufacturing ● Oil and Gas ● Pulp and Paper...Schneider Electric 3
    4. 4. Capabilities of Vijeo Citect● SCADA Supervisory Control And Data AcquisistionKey point is ‘Supervisory’ – the plant should still be able to run on PLC control only● Since v6.10, the SCADA product has been released under ‘dual-brand strategy’ of Vijeo Citect and CitectSCADA in order to be both a Schneider-branded product and also maintain a familiar name for existing loyal customer base. The software is essentially identical.Schneider Electric 4
    5. 5. Configuration Environment● Three windows...● Citect Explorer – for browsing projects and project itemsSchneider Electric 5
    6. 6. Configuration Environment● Citect Explorer – ...and also for creation of new projects, plus backup and restore of existing ones.Schneider Electric 6
    7. 7. Configuration Environment● Citect Explorer – ...and for running the Computer Setup WizardSchneider Electric 7
    8. 8. Configuration Environment● Citect Project Editor – for accessing and editing project configuration (non- graphical)Schneider Electric 8
    9. 9. Configuration Environment● Citect Project Editor – ...and for packing and compiling the project after changes● Packing removes deleted records● Compiling takes the information from project configuration .dbf (dBase3) files and copies it to files .rdb (runtime date base files) for the runtime to use.Schneider Electric 9
    10. 10. Configuration Environment● Citect Graphics Builder – for creating and editing graphical elements such as templates, pages, symbols, geniesSchneider Electric 10
    11. 11. Configuration Environment● A lot of settings, including those adjusted by the ‘Computer Setup Wizard’ are in the citect.ini file. Edit it with the ‘Computer Setup Editor’ or a text editor - C:ProgramDataSchneider ElectricVijeo Citect 7.20Configcitect.iniSchneider Electric 11
    12. 12. Graphics● Create a new page with Graphics Builder ‘File’ | ’New’● Many templates are available to base your page on (or you can create your own templates!)Schneider Electric 12
    13. 13. Graphics● On your new page, add a numeric object and select the tag for it to displaySchneider Electric 13
    14. 14. Graphics● For your object, go to the ‘Input’ | ‘Keyboard Commands’ tab to add the ability to write a value to the tagSchneider Electric 14
    15. 15. Graphics● Save the page and compile the project● At runtime you will be able to read the value of and write a new value to your tagSchneider Electric 15
    16. 16. Communication to PLCs● Easiest way to configure communications to PLCs is to use the Express I/O Device Setup wizard● This wizard can be used for many protocols/devicesSchneider Electric 16
    17. 17. Communication to PLCs● For example, select ‘Schneider Electric’ > ‘OPC Factory Server’ > ‘OFSOPC’Schneider Electric 17
    18. 18. Communication to PLCs● You will be prompted to enter the i/o device address. In the case of OFSOPC this is the PLC alias as shown in OFSSchneider Electric 18
    19. 19. Communication to PLCs● The process is similar for other protocols. For example, to connect with an M340 with Modbus TCP, you will be prompted to enter the PLC’s IP Address● The ‘Protocol Help’ button will take you to the Driver Help for the protocol in useSchneider Electric 19
    20. 20. Communication to PLCs● Driver Help is an essential reference for checking or changing configuration, adjusting driver parameters, troubleshooting, etcSchneider Electric 20
    21. 21. Communication to PLCs● To troubleshoot a PLC connection, check if the device is offline. Or is it online but writes and/or reads with some or all tags are not working? Check that it is online by 1. Opening the kernel for the i/o server (requires ‘Kernel on Menu’ option enabled in Computer Setup Wizard) 2. Opening the i/o devices (unit) window and scrolling (page down) to the i/o device of interest - check ‘unit status’Schneider Electric 21
    22. 22. Communication to PLCs● Check the driver error and verify its meaning in the Vijeo Citect Help or Driver Help. This may give you more detail on the problem. • For errors codes 0x01 to 0x22: see Vijeo Citect Help: Technical Reference > Vijeo Citect Reference Information > Error Messages > Protocol-Specific Errors. • For errors codes > 0x22: check the Driver Help (for the protocol in use), the SCADA Knowledgebase and device documentation.Schneider Electric 22
    23. 23. Variable tags● You can add variable tags manually with the form. (Check Driver Help for the protocol in use for data types and addressing details.)● You can add tags automatically by enabling the linked option in the Express I/O Device Setup wizard or using Citect Explorer ‘Tools’ | ‘Import tags’.Schneider Electric 23
    24. 24. Alarms● Vijeo Citect includes several types of alarms to suit different data types and requirementsSchneider Electric 24
    25. 25. Alarms● Current ‘active’ alarms (on and/or unacknowledged) are shown the the ‘Active Alarm’ pageSchneider Electric 25
    26. 26. Alarms● A history of alarms is shown in the ‘Alarm Summary’ page, whose length in either time or number of entries is configurableSchneider Electric 26
    27. 27. Trends● Add trends using the formSchneider Electric 27
    28. 28. Trends● Trends are displayed at runtime in the Process AnalystSchneider Electric 28
    29. 29. Trends● You can also export trend data to CSV or DBF files using ● Functions TrnExportCSV and TrnExportDBF ● The TrendReader tool on the ToolboxSchneider Electric 29
    30. 30. Reports● Vijeo Citect can create reports that include snapshots of data at the time the report is run. The report can ● overwrite each time ● append continuously to a single file ● be written to a new file each time or at set intervals● Reports can be any one of several file types ● DBF ● Plain text ● Rich text ● HTMLSchneider Electric 30
    31. 31. Reports● Reports are configured in the reports form and using a report format fileSchneider Electric 31
    32. 32. Reports● The output format of the report is configured in a system device.● Consult the Vijeo Citect Help for information on configuring reports, format files and system devices.Schneider Electric 32
    33. 33. Reports● An HTML report...Schneider Electric 33
    34. 34. Cicode● Cicode functions are detailed in the Vijeo Citect Help● They can be run in ‘command’ or ‘expression’ fieldsSchneider Electric 34
    35. 35. Cicode● If the function is being used to perform some action, it would normally be used in a ‘command’ field, such as in the touch command of a button.Schneider Electric 35
    36. 36. Cicode● If the function is being used to return some value, it would normally be used in an ‘expression’ field, such as in the display value expression for a text objectSchneider Electric 36
    37. 37. Cicode● Many built-in functions are written in the Cicode Editor. You can also use this to write your own.Schneider Electric 37
    38. 38. Cicode● The Vijeo Citect Help includes an extensive section on cicodeSchneider Electric 38
    39. 39. Multi-language projects● To mark text for translation, use the syntax @(text)Schneider Electric 39
    40. 40. Multi-language projects● After compilation, a DBF file for the language includes all text marked for translation. This is then edited by the user to include the translated text● At runtime, the displayed language can be changed using the function SetLanguage()● See multi-language section of the Vijeo Citect Help for full detailsSchneider Electric 40
    41. 41. Vijeo Citect Resources on the WebSign up to for:● Support● Product information and downloads● Training and certificationBrowse and search the Vijeo Citect Web Help at for:● User Guides● Feature and component technical references● Driver and Utilities HelpSchneider Electric 41
    42. 42. Vijeo Citect Resources on the WebJoin the Schneider Electric SCADA and MES LinkedIn group at for:● Product information● News● Community discussionsSchneider Electric 42