Simon rickett explains the key factors of sales and marketing


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Simon Rickett presents the key factors of sales and marketing. Check out this presentation by Simon Rickett

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Simon rickett explains the key factors of sales and marketing

  1. 1. Key Factors of Sales andMarketing by SimonRickett
  2. 2. • Inside the buyers mind?Business owners are unable to consistently createmarketing materials which sellThe complex and sometimes infuriating task ofgetting potential buyers to respond to marketingand then turning that response into a sale is whattoday is all aboutBecome Activ online today!
  3. 3. • They are asking themselves three key questions?1 - Why should I be interested in YOU?2 – What do I get if I take the plunge?3 – Who’s already used the product?Become Activ online today!What does a buyer look for?
  4. 4. 1 – Why you?We’re experts, we really care and we give you a personal service? WRONG RESPONSETell them what you are offering over and above your competition to make them want tobeing a relationship with you. RIGHT RESPONSE2 – What do I get?Here is a list of the products we provide? WRONG RESPONSETell them if they decide to work with you what they can expect, what results they will receiveand how you will deliver the product to them. RIGHT RESPONSEBecome Activ online today!What do these 3 things tell us?
  5. 5. 3 – Who’s had it before?We’ve been in business for years and we’ve got nice offices. WRONG RESPONSEGive them the social proof from delighted clients and customers saying that you deliver whatyou say you’re going to deliver and you keep your promises. RIGHT RESPONSEBecome Activ online today!What do these 3 things tell us?
  6. 6. • What is the objective of marketing?Is it to sell our products / services?Is it to introduce our products and services?- People browse before they buy.- Think of the last thing you bought? Did you buy it straight away without browsing atanything else?- People want to be courted. Courting can take a day, week, month or even a year.People won’t buy until they TRUST YOUSo if people like to browse before they buy, your MARKETING needs to accommodatethis behaviourBecome Activ online today!
  7. 7. • What must you do to accommodate people’s browsingbehaviour?- Firstly capture their details- Secondly communicate with them regularly, ensuring every time youcommunicate with them you provide them with a reason that BENEFITS THEM- Thirdly keep communicating with them until THEY ARE READY TO BUYHow do you collect / capture data?How do you use this data?Become Activ online today!
  8. 8. • People are attracted to those that give themlots of useful informationDuring the buying process you must give your buyers lots of information.They will get excited by the fact you spend more time with them and give them lots of information, as they feel they aremaking an informed decision and spending their money wisely.WHAT DOES THIS TELL US?Our competitors are constantly under informing prospective buyers. By providing more useful information than the NEXTGUY, you’re making it easier for people to SAY YES TO YOU. The more information you provide that BENEFITS THEM, willincrease the chances of a call to action quickly. This could include:- Explanation of how your product works in detail and how it differs from the competition- Give them regular tips and advice in relation to your industryBecome Activ online today!
  9. 9. • People prefer to do business with an expertproviderPeople want to do business with those who inform them! However they are even more attracted to do business with anexpert.Do you consider yourself an expert? You HAVE to present yourself as an expert (mindset) to stand any chance of getting asale.Experts are people who provide a certain type of information. This could include, special reports, white papers and minicourses.WHAT DOES THIS TELL US?By displaying yourself as an expert you are again separating yourself from the competition. It is important you maintain thisposition in your clients mind throughout the process. AN EXPERT IS A SAFER OPTION IN THE EYES OF A CLIENT.EXPERT STATUS IN THE EYES OF YOUR CLIENT WILL ENSUREBUYERS CHOOSE YOU TIME AND TIME AGAINBecome Activ online today!
  10. 10. • People like to do business with people whokeep their wordVery few businesses follow up people correctly (Performark, research company in the USA)Of 10,000 enquiries- 22% never received info- 45% received info 65 days later- 12% took more than 120 days to receive info- 85% were never contactedWHAT DOES THIS TELL US?You need to make contact with anyone who enquires with your client QUICKLY. If email doesn’t work, call them, if callingthem doesn’t work, send them a letter, if a letter doesn’t work text them, if non of this works offer them something forfree.Your competitors are very unlikely to be following up leads correctlyWhen you speak to a client, you must have a pre-planned sales process in place to move your client to the next steplogically – What is YOUR SALES PROCESS for getting links?Become Activ online today!
  11. 11. • 7 positive contacts before someone buysDoes your sales process have 7 positive contacts in it?What do you want to share with a buyer at each stage?This process could include:- Emails- Sales calls- Letters- Faxes- Face to face – personal presentations- You need to automate / plan it so that you know it’s going to happen every timeBecome Activ online today!
  12. 12.
  13. 13. • Make sure your contact points are ALLpositiveBuyers do not buy immediately, nut just contacting them isn’t enough to get them to buyfrom you.The key is to ADD VALUE every time you make contact. Put yourself in the shoes of yourcustomer – what would you want to hear?If you kept getting really cool stuff come through, via the post and email that lights your firethen your sales will come flying in!Become Activ online today!
  14. 14. By having POSITIVE contacts what does this tellyou?Consider the 7 step sales diagram. It tells you that not only do most people buy after the 5thcontact it tells you that most of your competitors have given up.By leaving a positive impression each time, it keeps YOU infused to keep going and continueto close the saleIf you leave a negative impression and interest drops – what happens? (next slide)By carefully planning your sales process and keeping more people in it will result in moresales – THE MORE PERSISTENT YOU ARE THE MORE LINKS YOU WILL GETBecome Activ online today!
  15. 15. Become Activ online today!
  16. 16. Buyers are creatures of convenienceWhen we buy, we prefer to take the easy option. Therefore…The more competitive a market the easier you need to make it for your prospective client tobusiness with you.For example, consider the process of buying a car?Previously you could only ever book a test drive if you wore smart clothes and were polite. Ifyou were lucky they might show you a brochureNow – you can book a test drive online, download brochures, even build your own car!Consider how the process has changed…Become Activ online today!
  17. 17. Buyers point of viewBe very aware of the buying process from the BUYERS POINT OF VIEW.If you don’t consider all avenues and media / technology that make it easier for yourprospect to do business with you you’re probably losing business to those that haveBecome Activ online today!
  18. 18. Buyers want what they can’t haveA very powerful behaviour trait is the fear of loss.Once you have created value in your sales process – consider this!There are not many people in the world who are not bothered about missing out onsomething they truly value. Use this to your advantage to get people buying what you haveto offerWHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU?When offering your product – do two things1- PILE ON THE VALUE (EXCITING, QUICKLY)2 - LIMIT THE AVAILABILITYBecome Activ online today!
  19. 19. Buyers like to stick with what they knowResistance to change is a massive part of a buyers behaviour patters. This can work for you or against you.People like to do what they have always done – security blanket syndrome – step out of the box!Not many people will say “lets go and try something new”. Therefore the things we are use to will always be top of our listsWHAT DOES THIS TELL US?To get a buyer to try something new requires allot of thought and problem solving.Making the assumption and usually fatal mistake that someone will give you a try is going to put you out of businessTo shake that apple from the tress you need to make it IRRESISTABLE – strong guarantees - free trial for a week. If the productlives up to what you said your refunds will be outweighed by the extra revenue you generate. The more you think and act onthis assumption, the more you’ll find buyers giving you a tryBecome Activ online today!
  20. 20. Buyers care more about what they get ratherthan what they spendSomething amazing about buyers behaviour is how buyers love to spend money when they think are getting a deal!How many times have you come home with the BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY? How great does it feel when you manage toreduce the price off something?WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU?When buyers look at the cost of goods / services they are not actually thinking about the price! Instead they are thinking abouthow much they are going to save or gain when they put their hand in their pocket. i.e HOW MUCH VALUE FOR MONEY ARETHEY GETTING?Therefore in your marketing you have to have deals where it will be hard to say no to. Show normal price against the offerprice. Add bonuses, free gifts! Remember the better the deal the more they’ll spend. Add perceived valueBecome Activ online today!
  21. 21. Buyers are less trusting than ever beforeBuyers are more sceptical and much less trusting nowadays about trying something new. Why? Our societyis full of corruption, lies and deceit therefore this effects us all due to the society we live in. Buyers do notbelieve you and your message in isolation.WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU?Trust is the the most important factor of any sales process. You need to have loads of testimonials, andsocial proof. This doesn’t mean names on a piece of paper, this means:- Press releases- Testimonials – videos and audio- Contact numbers of your customers- The more you reduce the barrier to entry and make your buyers think..‘well if all these people are writing, saying good things about this company it must be ok’Become Activ online today!
  22. 22. If they don’t buy from you they will buy fromsomeone elseOne thing is certain in the sales process, when a potential customer starts the buying processthey will buy! Question is will it be from you or someone else?This means you have to be constantly in the mind of your prospect. If they don’t know you existor you let them start looking at something else you haven’t got a chance!Buyers might not know of you now, but you need to ensure you are in the correct places theyare looking. You must market yourself where your buyers areWhere do you want to be advertised? How is your advertising going to position you above yourcompetition?Become Activ online today!
  23. 23. Who will the customer buy from?The business that communicates the value and benefit – EVERY TIME!Not the cheapest! Business owners often make the mistake of thinking that price is the mainissue in the mind of their prospects. For some people it is, this has increased in the recession,however huge majority of people buy on VALUEOf course value and price are completely dependent upon each other. Added value is thedifference between the price someone pays for the product and what they are getting overand above the priceIf you don’t add value to your proposition you are giving your competitors your businessHow can value you be added to what you are offering?Become Activ online today!
  24. 24. Buyers like to do business with those that treatthem wellThis technique will ensure your customers buy from you time and time again. As long as youtreat your customers like your closest friends your clients will buy from you time and timeagain.Don’t neglect them, keep in contact with them, keep educating them, keep offering new andexciting products. Each contact you have has to be a POSITIVE AND FANTASTIC ONE AND THEYWILL BUY FROM YOU CONSTANTLYIt is easier to generate revenue from existing customers! Every interaction needs to be metwith huge satisfactionBecome Activ online today!
  25. 25. • Approaching organisations to get linksWhen approaching businesses the key thing to remember is “People Buy People” therefore itis essential that you are confident, enthusiastic and positive about your product.There are many ways of approaching businesses such as;NetworkingContacting by phoneContacting by emailDirectly visiting the businessFace to face contact is always preferable and we have found this type of approach is verysuccessful.Become Activ online today!