Couples Making Love Positions Everyone Ought To Know
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Couples Making Love Positions Everyone Ought To Know






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Couples Making Love Positions Everyone Ought To Know Couples Making Love Positions Everyone Ought To Know Document Transcript

  • Couples Making Love Positions Everyone Ought To KnowOut of the many thousands of newlyweds making love positions, they all may be grouped in 6 basiccategories, learning the many different versions can keep the spark alight in your love life. In thisarticle i will cover the six diverse groups and go into fine detail on some of the actual jobs themselves.Starting with the 6-8 category groups, we have:- Man on Top- female on Top- Side place- Man from back again- Standing and sitting down Face to Face Positions- combination PositionsNow that we have the categories out of the way, lets go into fine detail on some of the individual jobsthemselves. Starting with the Man by back category the first selections in this position and probablyby far the most well known is doggy style. Have I have heard over and over from females that thiscould be the only position that they can achieve an orgasm. I will fill you in on a secret, why this is.The doggy style position could be the easiest position to allow the man to stimulate the womans g-spot with his penis. The position is achieved with the woman doggystyle , and the man entering fromthe back, variations of this range from the woman kneeling on the floor with your ex chest resting onthe mattress , or the woman lying for my child stomach with the man on top.Next lets cover a lot of the positions in the sitting as well as standing face to face category. That is auseful position if the mens has weak erections, which is versatile, being able to be carried out on theedge of a tub , on a chair, or on the floor , the options are countless.This position is also good for guys who are a bit larger than typical , because in most cases it doesnot permit the male to penetrate deep into the vagina. This position is reached by the woman sittingwith bent legs on the edge of a small chair or bar stool , the man gets on his knees facing the womanamong her legs, the woman also can choose to wrap her legs around the mans back. Some sort ofvariation to this is the guy sitting in the chair with all the woman in his lap experiencing him.Lastly lets speak about the Standing couples having sexual intercourse positions, this can be adifficult place to master, but it is advantageous mainly because it allows the couples to create lovewithout getting entirely naked. This is a great place for quick sex, which often guys usually love.This position is achieved by simply both partners standing face to face, slanting the bodies back a bit.Yet another option on this position could be the man stands holding the girl hips or buttocks, as thewoman grasps his body with her legs and thighs and leg. These positions work well having sexualintercourse in a swimming pool or river.Lastly we will cover a number of positions that fall into the particular cross positions category. Theparticular positions in this group contain the couple bodies being place across each other to anscope. The first option in this category is for the woman to then lie on her back, legs misshapen at theknees, and legs spread. The man is among her legs on his knees.
  • The variation to the is the woman lies on your bed with her legs lifted upwards , with her back on theedge of the bed. The man stays on his knees in front of the womans. The benefits of these positionsis that the penis has a better prospects for rubbing the clitoris. Lets face it no clitoral excitement , nofemale orgasm, then one unhappy making tips