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Increasing your Klout
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Increasing your Klout


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A simple presentation explaining what Klout is and how to improve your Klout score by increasing your online influence. Written by Simon McDermott (@simonmc and @kloutbait)

A simple presentation explaining what Klout is and how to improve your Klout score by increasing your online influence. Written by Simon McDermott (@simonmc and @kloutbait)

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How to increase your
  • 2. What is Klout?
    • Klout, with your permission,
    • accesses your Twitter, Facebook
    • and LinkedIn information to
    • assess the influence you have
    • online
    • Scores range from 1-100
    • 20-40 is a reasonable score, 40 or above are well networked people, 70 or above is for very active, celebrities etc.
  • 3. Why is it important?
    • Klout negotiates deals with advertisers who then offer
    • free stuff to influential people
      • E.g. Spotify, Disney
    • Klout is a “currency” that retailers and employers may use, to see who is influential online
    • Klout is partnering with services like Foursquare , so best deals may come with a good score
  • 4. What impacts the score
    • No. of followers talking with you
      • Respond or like Facebook posts
      • @reply you or Re-tweet your tweets
    • Activity levels
      • Users notice a drop in score when they go on holiday
    • Interaction with influencers
      • Klout scores do best when you are conversing with people with high Klout scores and they respond
    *Obviously President Obama is more influential, Klout rewards engagement
  • 5. How to increase your score?
    • Step 1:
      • Content strategy
        • Pick the topics you love and know most about
        • Focus on tweeting these topics and use hashtags i.e. #bedandbreakfast #ecology #tourism
        • Being known for a niche improves likelihood of re-tweet and likes. You will also get content forwarded to you which you can then share.
        • In Facebook, simple is best, posting pictures or small updates often create most interaction
          • Facebook is normally more personal that twitter and your content will reflect that
  • 6. How to increase your score?
    • Step 2:
      • Influencer strategy
        • Who is most influential in your network
        • Seesmic has Klout scores per tweet or Tweepi (premium) enables you to sort followers by Klout
        • Engage in conversation with the influential (scores over 40)
        • Be real...Don’t talk just to have a better Klout score...
  • 7. How to increase your score?
    • Step 3:
      • Get outside and get networking
        • The best way to get higher Klout is to get a better network i.e. Get business cards
        • What events are in your neighbourhood that have good online connections
          • i.e. Social media events, speaking occasions, trade shows
        • Justin Bieber and Obama didn’t get a high Klout score from behind a PC (I’m guessing they don’t know it exists...)
  • 8. How to increase your score?
    • Step 4:
      • Time and reflection
        • Be patient and be realistic
          • My 800 LinkedIn connections took 7 years,
          • 1,200 followers to 1,300 followers took one year
          • I don’t try and increase Facebook friends to have a higher Klout (that’s crazy)
        • A score of 40+ will be in top 50% comfortably and maintaining a score over 60-70 is a lot of work, make sure it is worth it!!!
  • 9. Going forward
    • Check out
    • Follow @kloutbait on Twitter
    • Personal coaching
      • If you want a one hour session and a one page plan to increase your online influence contact us at [email_address] , cost starts at $199 for individuals and $999 for corporate clients
  • 10. Finally! Keep it in perspective ;)