Kantar health china credential deck 20110621


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Introduction to Kantar Healchare China

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Kantar health china credential deck 20110621

  1. 1. You know about that “Kantar Health”? A best kept secret now you should know…………….. 1
  2. 2. Kantar Health embraces the best legacies in the healthcaremarket research and consulting world…… © Copyright 2011 KantarHealth 2
  3. 3. It is not simply “from PINK to BLACK”, we see a rebirth of aagency with unparalleled resources and expertise Consulting for Digital Life pharmaceutical and life Epidemiology experts science industry Largest panel of disease population Consumer Insights Robust forecastingAdvanced analytics Innovation Out of box solutions Oncology experts © Copyright 2011 KantarHealth 3
  4. 4. Kantar Health is unique in horizontal collaborationopportunities, empowered by a web of group companies Insights Communication/PR Digital © Copyright 2011 KantarHealth 4
  5. 5. The development of China business for Kantar Health focuson market research and stakeholder management in 2011 Payer Corporate Development / Sales Medical Pricing Market Research Affairs Commercial Planning & Reimb Ops & HEOR Licensing & Business Development Kantar Health Lines of Business New Product Development (NPD) Stakeholder Management (SHM) Centres of Excellence Brand & Communication (B&C) Safety and Outcomes (TPO) Opportunity Assessment Market Access Forecasting Example: Advanced Methods © Copyright 2011 KantarHealth 5
  6. 6. Kantar Health has a suite of frameworks representing our bestthinking on addressing common marketing problems withresearch Market Competitive Dynamics Events Tracking Message Assessment Recall Demand Driver & Brand Optimization Connections Segmentation Market Structure Message Optimization Positioning Pricing Pre- Phase Brand Patent Clinical II -III Launch Development Expiry Phase I Clinical Trials and Growth 6
  7. 7. Kantar Health takes flight on wings of best team and beinglead in innovation and digital solutions TEAM DIGITAL RESOURCE INNOVATION 7
  8. 8. Building a high caliber team 8
  9. 9. A team of 20 experienced market research professionals isalready in place Shanghai (9) General Manager Beijing (7) 4 Research 3 Research Directors/ Managers Directors/Managers 5 Research Executives 4 Research Executives National Fieldwork Manager Fieldwork department 9
  10. 10. Calibrate unparalleled resources 10
  11. 11. We drive the efforts to connect client needs to a web ofsolutions, experiences, expertise and collaborations 11
  12. 12. Take a lead in digital world 12
  13. 13. TNS Digital Life project lays a foundation to understand customers in a new digital age INFLUENCERS The internet is an integral part of my life. I’m young and a big mobile internet user and generally access everywhere, all of the time. I’m a blogger, and a passionate social networker. I’m also a big online shopper, even via my mobile. I want to make sure as many people as possible hear my online voice. COMMUNICATIORS I just love talking and expressing myself, whether that’s face to face, on a fixed line, mobile or on social networking sites, instant messaging or just emailing people. I really want to express myself in the online world in the way that I can’t in the offline one. I tend to be a smart phone user and I’m connecting online from my mobile, at home, at work or at college. KNOWLEDGE-SEEKERS I use the internet to gain knowledge, information and to educate myself about the world. I’m not a big user of social networks but I do want to hear from like-minded people especially to help me make purchase decisions. I’m very interested in the latest thing. NETWORKERS The internet is important for me to establish and maintain relationships. I have a busy life whether it’s my profession or managing the home. I use things like social networking to keep in touch with people I wouldn’t have time to otherwise. I’m a big home internet home user and I’m very open to talking to brands and looking for promotions. That said I’m not really the kind of person to voice my opinions online. ASRPIRERS I’m looking to create a personal space online. I’m very new to the Internet and I’m accessing via mobile and internet cafes but mostly from home. I’m not doing a great deal at the moment online but I’m desperate to do more of everything, especially from a mobile device. FUNCTIONALS The internet is a functional tool, I don’t want to express myself online. I like emailing, checking the news, sport & weather but also online shopping. I’m really not interested in running my social life online and I am worried about data privacy and security. I am older and have been using the internet for a long time. 13Digital Lifestyles – Digital Life Global Report 2010Base: All respondents, n=48804
  14. 14. Take advantage of innovations 14
  15. 15. Future View™ Online Safari™Eye-tracking NeedScope™ + Innovation Driving Insights – Conversion Model™ Primary approaches toBio-sensing maximize brand andheadsets customer insights Co-creation: Social Media, AdEval™ Super Communities, Groups / ClickStream Incubator
  16. 16. Proprietary Agency of Record Online Studies Panels Relationship Innovation Driving Cost Savings/Value - PMR approaches and redefining relationshipsNational Healthand ScienceSurvey Research Social Media, Instrument Communities, Repository ClickStream
  17. 17. 17