Case Study: A UK Fund Manager’s Journey to Using Social Media

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This is the story I presented at the Global Fixed Income Institute's meeting in Amsterdam in March 2013, of how a UK based Fund Management business started its journey in social media through small …

This is the story I presented at the Global Fixed Income Institute's meeting in Amsterdam in March 2013, of how a UK based Fund Management business started its journey in social media through small steps.

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  • This is a quick scene setting slide, establishing that my experience with a London based Fund Manager isn’t different from any fund manager.It is important before embarking on the social media journey to understand what you want to achieve as this will also drive your metrics for success.o What were the triggers which caused the Manager to develop the use of social media for marketing their investment products?o What was the process of developing the project: who needed to be involved in the decision?; What did it take to convince them?; How long did the decision take to make?o What was the budget and resource commitment involved?
  • This is an important change is any kind of professional selling over the past 10 years and the institutional market is no different.Buyers are more informed as they start the sales process because they can access so much more information before speaking to their advisors or any vendor.o Is social media now a sine qua non for marketing investment products, or can investment firms still do without it?
  • o What platform was chosen (obviously Mallowstreet) and why?
  • The Mallow Street site has come along way in 3 years. I will update the exact usage figures closer to the presentation.The site is a combination of Lined In , You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, dedicated to the UK, Ireland and Netherlands pension industry with members from fund managers, investment consultants actuaries, the regulator and professional bodies, and of course representatives of pensions schemes.
  • The Fund Manager didnot start using social media through Mallow Street without first assessing what needs to change and what needs to be implemented in order to ensure active participation on the site started and continued.I will talk through each of these steps and how we addressed them.o How many people were (are)involved in the project?o What internal training needs were encountered?o Was there internal resistance? How did this manifest itself?
  • Thee results speak for themselves and were all exclusively attributed to Mallow Street alone.The Fund Manager hassince moved on to develop Linked In presence, but there other good practice examples we can discuss around this slide.o What have been the results of marketing through social media?o Can you measure directly how much new business came to the firm as a result of social media? i.e. can you accurately assess the ROI?
  • These are the 3 min lessons that stand out, and are possibly the 3 hardest things for a fund manager to achieve.o Is social media now a sine qua non for marketing investment products, or can investment firms still do without it?
  • I will be happy to answer further questions after the event.


  • 1. Global Fixed Income InstituteCASE STUDY: A UK FUNDMANAGER’S JOURNEY TOUSING SOCIAL MEDIA.Amsterdam, March 2013SIMON J. RYAN@simonjryan Commercial in Confidence
  • 2. Contents 1. The situation 2. Why use social media 3. 4. The project 5. The outcome 6. The lessons Amsterdam, 22 March 2013 2 Commercial in Confidence
  • 3. The Situation• How do we deliver value to clients’ beyond performance? • How can we maintain a continuous dialogue and demonstrate our value? • How do we disintermediate the client relationship?• Communications decisions driven by compliance Amsterdam, 22 March 2013 3 Commercial in Confidence
  • 4. Source: CEB Marketing Leadership Council, March 2011Why Use Social MediaThe average client is… 60% …of the way through the purchase decision before engaging advisors Amsterdam, 22 March 2013 4 Commercial in Confidence
  • 5. Then Search Secure Blogs/Vlogs Networking Video Diaries Private Discussions Contact Surveys Management Thought PiecesOnline Discussions MessagingInvestment Solutions & Research Amsterdam, 22 March 2013 5 Commercial in Confidence
  • 6. Today Currently 3,000 Users 690+ Pension Schemes £1,170 Bn Assets Back then 350 Users 200 Pension Schemes £250 Bn Assets Amsterdam, 22 March 2013 6 Commercial in Confidence
  • 7. Source: VariousThe Project Deal with compliance Change the policy and process to allow and accommodate social media Listen Understand what your audience is speaking about and is important to them Plan Develop your view of the conversation and plan your content new skills Develop the Help everyone develop the writing and engaging skills Monitor engagement Look at activity and topics and intervene to facilitate engagement 7 Amsterdam, 22 March 2013 Commercial in Confidence
  • 8. The Outcome• Generated some Kudos from early mover advantage• Peaked at 12 users averaging 50 followers and an hour per week• A third of Mallowstreet users followed a member of the Manager’s team• Consultancy Relations team generated massive increase in contacts and engagement • Especially from previously difficult to reach organisations• Established a customer insight feedback loop , fed back Amsterdam, 22 March 2013 8 Commercial in Confidence
  • 9. The Lessons Compliance has to accept it will carry out post publish reviews and speed up sign off of new social media posts Content is at the heart of social media, but has to be delivered in a consumable way according to what the crowd is talking about. Social media has to become part of the daily routine for those engaging Amsterdam, 22 March 2013 unless you have an experienced 9 Commercial in Confidence
  • 10. Thank you Simon J. Ryan Social Advisors Ltd. Mobile +447 446 119 778 E Mail Twitter @simonjryan Web, 22 March 2013 10 Commercial in Confidence
  • 11. Content Get found Stand out matters Become Get liked referred & trusted Be Get even remembere Measure better dAmsterdam, 22 March 2013 11 Commercial in Confidence