Employing Social Media For Customer Service 14 May 2013
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Employing Social Media For Customer Service 14 May 2013



79% of complaints posted on social media are ignored by brands. Are you in the 21%?

79% of complaints posted on social media are ignored by brands. Are you in the 21%?



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  • Key Messages:Our messages are viral. They always have been and they always will be.
  • Key MessageHundreds of millions of users and growing – not a fad.Key Messages:1 – Since you entered the room, you will have seen the figures on the growth of social media2 – Social Media is not an emerging technology or opportunity – it is here, but it is still growing3 – Thus pilot 1 – what can we learn when we listen and engage through social media
  • I will be happy to answer further questions after the event.

Employing Social Media For Customer Service 14 May 2013 Employing Social Media For Customer Service 14 May 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • EMPLOYING SOCIAL MEDIAIN CUSTOMER SERVICEFinancial Services Social Media LondonConference.Tuesday 14 May 2013SIMON J. RYANFormerly Global Customer Marketing Manager - Aviva andAviva Investors@simonjryan
  • Our RealityCapability to MeasureThe Economic BenefitCapability to EngageWhat You Can DoAgendaFSSM, London 14 May 2013 2 @simonjryan
  • Trust is more valuable than goldBrands have to be experiential to be realEveryone, and I mean everyone has lesstime than moneyConsumers have no time to sit on hold89% of consumers began doing businesswith a competitor followingOur RealityFSSM, London 14 May 2013 3 @simonjryanSource: Oracle 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report, January 2012
  • FSSM, London 14 May 2013 4“Nothing influences people more than arecommendation from a trusted friend”MarkZuckerberg
  • 41%… of consumers who use social media are actuallyinfluenced by positive and negative commentsabout brands and companies on social media sites.Source: YouGov, April 2012Our RealityFSSM, London 14 May 2013 5 @simonjryan
  • 79%… of consumers sharing poor experiences onlinewere ignored.Our RealityFSSM, London 14 May 2013 6 @simonjryanSource: Oracle 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report, January 2012
  • 60%…of the way through the purchase decision beforeengaging a providerThe average customer is…Source: CEB Marketing Leadership Council, March 2011Our RealityFSSM, London 14 May 2013 7 @simonjryan
  • The number of people that choose tocommunicate using social media aremeasured in the 100s of millionsFSSM, London 14 May 2013 8 @simonjryan
  • million users1,110FSSM, London 14 May 2013 9 @simonjryan
  • million users500FSSM, London 14 May 2013 10 @simonjryan
  • million users1,000FSSM, London 14 May 2013 11 @simonjryan
  • million users200FSSM, London 14 May 2013 12 @simonjryan
  • million users190FSSM, London 14 May 2013 13 @simonjryan
  • million users17233FSSM, London 14 May 2013 14 @simonjryan
  • 700300100FSSM, London 14 May 2013 15 @simonjryan
  • FSSM, London 14 May 2013 16 @simonjryanSo we learned to monitor andreportQuantity ofconversationsNature ofconversations
  • www.edfenergy.com/energy-of-the-nationCapability to ExplainFSSM, London 14 May 2013 17 @simonjryan
  • Capability to Produce Insightwww.metro.co.uk/olympics/907250-twitters-olympic-mood-beamed-to-world-from-edf-energy-london-eyeFSSM, London 14 May 2013 18 @simonjryan
  • Negative sentiment hasmost influence on salesNeutral messages carry brandmessages– effective for reaching earlyadoptersPositive feelings are persuasive forbrands with have high recognitionFSSM, London 14 May 2013 19 @simonjryanSource: A dynamic model of the effect of online communications on firm sales Garrett P. Sonnier , Leigh McAlister , and Oliver J. RutzMarketing Science June 2011 mksc.1110.0642
  • We can estimate the impact onsalesCapability to PredictFSSM, London 14 May 2013 20 @simonjryan
  • Beyond this you have theopportunity tolisten to, talk with and support yourcustomers but also their networksandany potential customerCustomers can’t always tell you what they want, buthey can tell you what’s wrongFSSM, London 14 May 2013 21 @simonjryan
  • MonitorEngageRespondEscalateInsightDigitalResponseUnitCapability toCustomerServiceFSSM, London 14 May 2013 22 @simonjryan
  • Useful Metrics88%IssuesResolved25%F/UCustomerAdvocacyPost1,000*DRUServiceEngagements78%CustomersResponded* ExampleVolume780 687 172Reach can be x 500each post!FSSM, London 14 May 2013 23 @simonjryan
  • • People talk about brands and what they say affectssales• Social media enables consumers views to reachbeyond their immediate networks• Having an increased effect on sales• Social media allows us to track, measure andengage with what is being said• This information can predict earnings…earnings driveConclusionFSSM, London 14 May 2013 24 @simonjryan
  • You have an incentive to get involvedin the social media processActionPositively manage anything leading tonegativesituations in social mediaCombine your social media insightwith all the other data you havecollected into a single view of thosetopicsFSSM, London 14 May 2013 25 @simonjryan
  • ThankyouSimon J. RyanSocial Advisors Ltd.E Mail simon@socialadvisors.co.ukTwitter @simonjryanWeb www.socialadvisors.co.ukTelephone +44 20 3086 8396Further ReadingHow to Deal with Detractors onFacebook8 Steps To get The Most FromSocial Media MonitoringThe 6 Fundamentals of EnterpriseSocial MediaSource for Social Media User DataFSSM, London 14 May 2013 26 @simonjryan
  • Get foundBecomeliked& trustedStand outGetreferredBerememberedGet evenbetterMeasureContentMattersFSSM, London 14 May 2013 27 @simonjryan