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Getting your first 10,000 users - Ideas for Startups - Barcamp 2010
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Getting your first 10,000 users - Ideas for Startups - Barcamp 2010


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Getting your first 10,000 users - thoughts and ideas from our experience with

Getting your first 10,000 users - thoughts and ideas from our experience with

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Getting your first 10,000 users [email_address]
  • 2. About us Virtual World - Download Frenzoo – Web Based
    • Easy & simple
    • Play anywhere
    • Can distribute
  • 3. You made it beyond family & friends Enough to get accurate metrics & feedback Can do A/B testing and iterate faster First network effect & community So, why 10,000?
  • 4. Amazing product at launch Tell a few friends … few days later… 10,000 users! Ideal world
  • 5. Assume a 33% conversion rate How to drive 30,000 visitors to your site/app? 1/ SEO and organic search 2/ Press coverage 3/ Paid acquisition 4/ Word of mouth, user viral Real World
  • 6. Research your keywords & competition Check total search volume (eg Google Adwords tool) Develop “share worthy” content & links Start in advance of launch eg- expert blog Do you have the time? 1/ SEO and Organic Search
  • 7. Tech Crunch!?! Dangerous – are you ready for that traffic? Is that traffic relevant to you? Is effort worth it? Pros – great kickstart when you’re ready, great for SEO Note - Smallers bloggers can be early adopters, give great feedback 2/ Press Coverage
  • 8. Test keywords and call to action Excellent way to research market & get users Efficient use of time Targeted traffic, validate your app is useful Can start cheap eg 0.5 HKD a click (long tail) 3/ Paid Acquisition
  • 9.
    • What is it that will entice users to share? eg
      • Dropbox – extra space
      • Frenzoo – extra coins to buy things
      • Farmville – more neighbours to help you
    • Or… awesome factor? Brand? Eg-
    • Be aware – usually people don’t actively share
    • Being on FB/distribution platform makes it easier
    4/ Word of Mouth / Viral
  • 10. How they got to the site? What they are expecting? (entry poll) What was their behaviour on the site? (metrics, real time tracking, a/b test) Why are they leaving? (exit poll) Final note Once they are on your site, gather all you can
  • 11.
    • [email_address]
    • We’re hiring
    • Web programmer
    • Database programmer
    • UI designer
    Go for it! Thanks!